Hiki-NEET Vol 10 Idle talk 4

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Vol 10 Idle talk 4


[11-0] Third offline camp, the appointed day part 4

[Main thread] Holding the third Yuuji related thread community offline camp part 2 [verification thread community]

1 : Anonymous ETNE

This is the live broadcasting thread for the offline meeting for the threads related to Yuuji!

Keep idle chat or Yuuji’s latest information on the main thread and whether they’re true or not on the verification thread!

Reproduction is not allowed, okay!?

Live broadcast venue


Main thread:

[It’s soon spring!] I kind of got to another world when I went out of my home after 10 years part 45 [Camping season]

Verification thread:

[What about the mystery barrier?] “Did he go to another world along with his house?” Verification thread part 18 [what about language?]

The collection of images and videos Yuuji uploaded:


[From Gunji law office]

In the case that the images/videos that are uploaded in this thread are used without permission, in any media or any circumstances, I will take legal actions.

For information and inquiries, please contact Gunji Law Office.



167 : Anonymous NEET

How nice

I should’ve gone too

168 : Anonymous NEET @Shelter



You can go the next time

It’s fun you know!

169 : Anonymous NEET


Excuse me…

that @Shelter doesn’t hold any persuasiveness though…

170 : Anonymous NEET


We- well, it’s just for the atmosphere, right?

171 : Citizen of the tested land

It’s impossible for me I guess

You see, this is the tested land

172 : Anonymous ETNE



whether you can go or not!

173 : Anonymous NEET

It’s still fine if it’s from the tested land to Utsunomiya

I’m from Higo-su

Higo Mokkusu-su

174 : Anonymous NEET


…What if I go,

it’s either Kumamoto airport-Haneda- train or bus

or getting off in Fukuoka

It’s too high of a hurdle

175 : Citizen 2 of the tested land


Oh, found  someone from Hokkaido!

It’s as crowded as Sapporo station, right?

If that’s still impossible, then how about going with the ferry from Tomakomai(苫小牧)?

I feel like going next year with the ferry, so how about I pick you up by car?

176 : Anonymous NEET

It’s irrelevant, but I googled

it’s 18 hours from Tomakokai to Oarai (大洗)…

As I expected, it’s too tough to try!

177 : Citizen 1 of the tested land



Then, I wonder if should I go…

By the way, about meeting each other…

Won’t you come to 興部?

178 : Anonymous NEET

…A name I’ve never heard appeared!


179 : Anonymous NEET


Ain’t that Koube?

180 : Citizen 2 of the tested land

I’m in 喜茂別 though…

… Aah dammit, let’s go!

181 : Anonymous NEET

Hey, another strange place name came up

Is the tested land trying to test our kanji reading?

182 : Anonymous NEET




By the way, when I googled it, it says it’s 334 km, 5 hours

183 : Anonymous NEET


They’re testing us too much ey..

Going to meet him, is he sane…

184 : Anonymous ETNE

Everyone, thanks for waiting!

Cool NEET’s mark off has started!

185 : Anonymous NEET @ Shelter

Oooh, at last the event!

186 : Anonymous NEET


It’s full of events if you go outside though!?

187 : Anonymous NEET

I’ve been waiting!

Just looking at the faces of the residents and all

was agonizing as expected!

188 : Anonymous NEET

And then the talk about Clothes group member A’s love interest!

Get cursed!

189 : Anonymous NEET @ Offline Camp

And the matter that Cool NEET is an intelligent Cool type handsome guy

Also the glasses like I thought

190 : Anonymous NEET

Must kill handsome guys, have no mercy!

191 : Anonymous NEET

Don’t you think that guy’s specs are too high…

192 : Anonymous NEET @Offline camp

Yuuji appeared!

193 : Anonymous NEET

The image has changed!

We can see it too!

194 : YES Lolita NO touch


195 : Anonymous NEET

Riese-chan so cuute!

196 : Anonymous NEET

Wasn’t there anything strange right now?

197 : Anonymous NEET

Don’t post it from the venue!

I will exempt the live broadcasting group and the refuge group!

198 : Anonymous NEET

Subtitles are coming under Yuuji

are they typing in realtime?

Or rather, the video production team is being pointlessly elaborate

199 : Anonymous NEET


We do have the money after all!

Yuuji’s money that is!

200 : Anonymous NEET

Alice-chan is rubbing her eyes sleepily

So cute

201 : Anonymous NEET

I’ve awakened to something wrong!

No wait, this is most likely the desire to protect!

202 : Yuuji

This is Arisu

Good evening

203 : Anonymous NEET

204 : Anonymous NEET


204 : Anonymous NEET


206 : Anonymous NEET

Alice-chan is pressing the keys with her index fingers

It can’t be helped if the perverts increase.

So kana input, huh?

207  : Anonymous NEET


Oh God, send me to the other world!

208 : Anonymous NEET


Seeing that and being able to analyse it calmly

Do you have a heart of stone or something!?

209 : Anonymous NEET

Commemorative post(kakiko)

210 : Anonymous NEET

Commemorative Papico

211 : Anonymous NEET


So we have the dear old uncles now too?

212 : Yuuji


213 : Anonymous NEET

I can’t anymore

I’m dying by moe

Everyone, I’m leaving you with the rest…

214 : Anonymous NEET

Verification Group!

The method to go to the other world ASAP!

215 : Anonymous NEET @ Offline camp

Do you all believe it?

The actual place isn’t getting that excited you know?

No, some people are going insane though

216 : Anonymous NEET


Well, the majority are NEETs and shut-in NEETs

It must be like that

It’s at the level where even we are breaking into a grin

217 : Anonymous NEET



I’m shouting though?

218 : Anonymous ETNE

So in this timing, cheers to Yuuji’s chat greetings!

Why now…

219 : Anonymous NEET

As expected of Yuuji

220 : Anonymous NEET


The video at the actual place is too shoort!

221 : Well-informed NEET


But Yuuji is watching the footage of the offline camp

That’s the main part

222 : Anonymous NEET


Next time, secure a two-way live broadcast!

Also prepare a monitor at the venue!

223 : Anonymous NEET


Who is this guy…

Admin, please!

224 : Anonymous ETNE

There’s an announcement by Cool NEET!

They established a company that will manage the copyright

of the images and videos Yuuji produced and Yuuji’s right to use them!

A public company Cerisier he said

Their representative is Sakura-san!

225 : Anonymous NEET


[Sad news] Yuuji, unable to become the company president

226 : Anonymous NEET

Eh? Won’t we be unable to see the images and videos then?

What about those up until now?

What about those from the future?

227 : Anonymous MEAT

Following that, an announcement on changing 

locations of the bulletin board!

Just the admin and the URL is changing

They’re basically going with a similar feeling and impression he said!

It’s starting effective tomorrow april 13th 6 pm!

228 : Anonymous NEET


You mean a site managed by that company?

229 : Anonymous NEET

You know what…

Well, it’s fine if we just move though…

230 : Anonymous NEET

Well, that’s how it goes when 

they go with such big movements

231 : This is Gunji

I am posting this from a borrowed laptop

  • By Yuuji’s intention, there will be no problems in enjoying Yuuji’s images and footages in private
  • Also, he plans to keep uploading in the future
  • We decline all publications such as the media and the internet
  • If you do discover that they are published, please contact Gunji law office

Gunji law office



We also accept contacts to our new company

The contact address will be established on the website

232 : Anonymous ETNE

Next they announced the establishment of an NPO! 

It seems they’ll be in charge of the offline camp and such! 

He said they’ll be holding it in Utsunomiya and another place at the same time next year! 

For real!!? 

233 :Citizen 1 of the testes land

Yes, come to the north, the north! 

234 : Anonymous NEET


It should be western Japan! 

235 : Anonymous NEET

Then, we pick the place inbetween and go to Gunma! 

236 : Anonymous NEET


That wouldn’t change anything, does it!? 

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □

“Ookay, the time for formalities are over! Everyone! We’re going to do the campfire now!” 


After announcing the establishment of the company and NPO as well as the change in location where Yuuji would post. 

Anonymous ETNE snatched up the mic and so announced it to the gathered offline camp participants. 

Incidentally, Cool NEET spoke in front of the screen, but it did not mean that all of the offline camp participants were gathered near it. While it was natural for the shelter group, there were also people facing the laptop and people viewing their smartphones inside, unmoved. There seems to be people who were completely terrible at group behavior. 

By Anonymous ETNE’s leadership, the participants moved to the lake shore campfire in succession.

Of course there were people who did not participate and stayed behind. But there was no one who would say anything against that. Everyone had similar circumstances. Those who had overcome it, those who were still on the way. Well, there were also brave warriors who did not care at all though. In any event, there were only people who were disconnected from the so-called normal. Which was something comfortable.

Anonymous MEAT took a guitar that he brought from somewhere in his hands. He must have planned to be the BGM; he connected the guitar to the amplifier, strung it and sung. It was good.

As if stirred up by the music, Anonymous ETNE ignited the campfire. If Alice was here, then she surely would have ignited it with magic and turn it into a large show.

Soon, the fire became larger. 

The participants stared at the brilliantly bursting flames. 

There was BGM, but there were no singing or dancing in particular it seems. 

While listening to the music, the participants silently gazed at the flames of the campfire. It was charming.

However, everyone showed a relaxed expression. They seem to be enjoying the sensation of this gentle atmosphere in their own way.

Clothes group member A too was viewing the campfire.

The day that was very very long to him had finally met its end.

That time, a hand was put on his shoulders with a pat. Clothes group member A turned his head.

Who was there was Gunji.


“Gunji-san, is there something the matter?”

“I have been trained under my teacher, you see. I can basically be in charge of both criminal matters and civil affairs. We are a small law office, so we are in charge of all sorts of things in Utsunomiya”

“Really… So, is there something the matter?”

“I have various connections. Please consult with me freely if there is anything”

“Eh? Ah, Gunji-san, could you mean…”

“Yes. I have seen the bulletin board. There are cases where one would have some questions after a divorce. Sometimes one would have questions after some time has passed instead of immediately after the divorce is effective”

“… Gunji-san”

“Please consult with me even with trivial things. I will support you”


At the end, Gunji pat Clothes group member A’s shoulder again and left. He was a reliable person. Except, he was carrying a big rucksack on his shoulder in his usual suit, even in the offline camp. He stuck out like a sore thumb.


Thus, the third offline camp/BBQ group met its end.

Afterwards, the people who wished to go to the other world rode on a minibus to Yuuji’s house site. Those who did not wish to go to the other world remained in this place and camped.

Incidentally, Clothes group member A was in the camp group who did not wish to go to the other world.

Gunji, who called out to Clothes group member A at the end, gallantly joined with the Yuuji house site group. As the person in charge of being the representative of Yuuji’s house due to Sakura being absent. Him walking in the lead would show his determination as the representative. It did not mean he wished to go to the other world more than anyone else. Surely.


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6 thoughts on “Hiki-NEET Vol 10 Idle talk 4

  1. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    I wonder why Gunji came to meet Clothes Group Member A in particular. He was the one that fell in love with Sakura’s friend, right? Does Gunji know that, or does he view him as a friend now?

      1. I didn’t imply that Gunji liked Sakura’s friend. I was asking if Clothes Group Member A was the one that fell in love. Did Gunji come to meet him because he was aware that Member A was in love or because Gunji now views him as a friend?

        1. I think a bit of both. He’s also aware that he doesn’t know much about real life and the woman he’s in love with is a divorcee. And, well he’s a lawyer so he has more knowledge in this.

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