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Chapter 10

The Hero Requests




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“Can you come outside for me for a bit? Got somethin’ to say”

“… We have nothing to say”

“Don’t say that, we’ll finish it real quick――okay?”


The woman who called herself Leona put one gold coin on the table.

It seems she wanted to say she would treat us if we follow her.


I try taking a sidelong glance at Isvel and see she was looking at Leona with a face that’s not even hiding her vigilance.

That isn’t surprise.

This woman is no doubt strong.

Even if she doesn’t reach me or Isvel, she would definitely be the strongest class among the adventurers.

As one would expect of a rank A clan master.


“How about it?”



I can’t read this woman’s intention.

If it goes reasonably, then getting even with us who made her henchmen pay for it should be her purpose.

However, there is no malice in her eyes.

She is either an expert in concealing it, or――


“――Fine. We’ll follow you”

“Oh, you do get me. I like men who don’t make the conversation strangely complicated.”


Leona, while showing a smile, handed over the gold coin from just then to a nearby shop assistant and told him to keep the change.

And then, confirming that she left the bar first, I too leave my seat.


“Mh… I’m a little late in saying this, but are you going to do what she told you? I feel like it is better to silence her with force though”

“… I don’t really like using force. If we can’t settle this without this though, then it can’t be helped.”


I put my hands on the cheap quality sword that I have put on my back.

I have always been fighting for the sake of protecting lives, so I don’t want to injure the people, who I took great trouble protecting, to the best of my abilities.

At the very least I don’t want to waste what I have worked on.


“Mh, well if you say so, then I will just follow along though…”

“What’s wrong? You’re being awfully obedient”

“It is vexing, but if I was on my own then it would have been very difficult to live in this world. I wouldn’t even have been able to enjoy myself with alcohol and a meal at a bar, just like this… Besides, you also listened to my selfishness, so I know I have no rights to complain.”

“… It’s fine I’m telling you”

“It’s problem of feelings”


When Isvel drank up the water remaining on the table, she lined up next to me.


“Alright, shall we go then!? When the times comes, leave it to me. You may be late in dealing with it after all!”

“… Yeah, I’ll leave it to you that time”


Isvel left the bar in high and proud spirits.

What a very reliable smile the demon lord is showing…


“Oh, you’ve come”


Leona was waiting in front of the bar.


“Come with me please”


The two of us followed her and arrived at the back of the bar.

Once arrived, there was a figure of one more person beside us.


“This guy is Toragule, the one who meddled with you. My bad eh? This is a man who would immediately gets on his high horse you see”


Who was there was, like Leona said, Toragule.

However, his face was too swollen that he now looks like a different person.

The injury I caused is certainly there, but he was bearing injuries on top of that.


Leona was it? Did you do this?”

“Yes I did. Well, it’s his punishment. Bringing down the reputation of Greed Tiger with an oppressive attitude isn’t something I can forgive after all. Hey, apologize!”


Leona kicked out Toragule towards us.

While staggering, Toragule went towards us and bowed.


“Ah am vewy sowwy”


His face is already too swollen so he couldn’t pronounce it decently.

He is too pitiful, but this seems to be the Greed Tiger’s way of doing things.


“A guy like this is still a fellow clan member after all. Will you forgive him with this? I myself will apologize, so if there are any demands then let me hear it as much as possible. I’m truly sorry for today’s matter”


Like that, Leona and Toragule bowed their heads next to each other.

Isvel was surprised and her eyes went round from their sudden apology.

I am also honestly surprised.

To think that the small Toragule and even the clan master lowered their heads――


“It’s, it’s fine already. It isn’t like we are demanding anything in particular and if it doesn’t happen again in the future then that’s fine I’d say…”

“… I’m glad you are tolerant people. Hey Toragule! One more apology!”

“Ah am vewy sowwy!”


Toragule once again bowed his head.

I was a little surprised, but first off this is case closed then――――


“And so, there is one more thing I want to ask”

“… What is it?”


While having a bad feeling about this, I ask with only the intention to listen to it once.


“It’s not such a complicated topic. Won’t you――”


The next moment, Leona disappeared from in front of me.


“fight with me for a little while?”


I immediately draw my sword and stop Leona’s claws that were unleashed from right behind me.


“Gh! What are you trying to do!”

“You stopped it surprisingly easily didn’t you. I guess I can go a little more seriously!”


Leona separated from me once and then disappeared just like before.

As a matter of fact, it was not like she disappeared.

She is just moving too fast for normal people to see.

It’s a speed even I can see barely with my eyes.

Just like I expected, she seems to be an opponent I can’t let my guard down on.



“You stay back! I’m fine!”


I have Isvel step back and then I ready my sword and the next attack.

Leona suddenly attacked, but I didn’t even feel hostility in the attacks themselves.

There is probably some reason to this.

She should have an innocent motive of testing out our abilities.


“Here I go!”


Leona, who continued her high speed movement, thrusted herself straight ahead.

As far as I can see from Leona’s actions and words, she is by no means slow in her head.

Her last attack was defended against, which is why she should have come to understand that I will defend this as well.

In other words――


“Phantom beast steps!”( 幻獣歩; genjuuho)


The high speed moving Leona blurred before my eyes.

Due to her figure being blurred, Leona appeared to be several people.


“That one huh!”



I aim my sword to my right and once again stopped the characteristic nails of beastkins.

The instant I stopped them, Leona’s figures became one and turned into just one person in front of me.

I knew it, the after-image… was a feint type.


“I’m beat… to think it was seen through at first sight”

“My eyes are good”

“They’re too good, you know”


Leona tried to separate from me.

However, I can’t let that happen.

I can already see the depth of her speed.

Any more than this will be unproductive.



“I’ve caught you now”


I caught Leona’s arm as she tried to separate from me.

If it is just seizing her, then I can cope up until a certain level of speed, regardless of her leg speed.

And then I put my sword on her neck while she hasn’t calmed down.


“It’s over”



Leona, whose situation turned into a perfect checkmate, was in a daze.

I waited a little, thinking she has some sort of plan, but there were no signs of her moving.

On the contrary, she started blushing and quivering.


“Wha- what’s wrong?”



“I’ve fallen in love!”


The instant I was taken aback, Leona pushed my sword aside and embraced me.

The inside of my head went pure white from the soft sensation hitting my body.


“For the first time in my life I have met a man who was able to catch me! You’re my first man you know!?”

“Wha- fi- first, release me!”

“No I will not release you! I’m not one to release my prey!”


It’s also because Leona is wearing clothes with high degree of exposure, but her warm and soft sensation was strongly transmitted.

It’s going to be bad at this rate.

My body is going to be ruled by worldly desires――


“Y-, y-y-y-y-y-y-you! What are you doing!?”


Isvel ran up to us while shouting and blushing like a peony.

I, at this time, thought something like this for the first time in my life.

To think that I would come to request it from the bottom of my heart.


‘Please help me, demon lord’ ―― that is.


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  1. So I was right, and she really was turned on by losing to a strong, worthy male. I’m actually glad it wasn’t drawn out with much drama (ie: having her try to harm him with her gang, only to get beaten up then pledge herself a slave to him or something).

    Here’s to hoping the Hero starts a family with the Demon Lord and a Beast girl soon while trying to live the slow life.

  2. Thanks for the chap~

    I hope they won’t drag the shuraba too long.
    It’s fine to polygamy you know? So just go for both. The problem is, I can’t see the demon lord and the vix– I mean, Leona would get along well.

    1. Really? I kinda get the feeling it’ll be the case of “eh? I don’t mind being the second wife so it’s fine.”

  3. Thanks for the Chapter!

    This hero is good at suppressing his worldly desires.
    Go fort yuusha! go for the Polygamy route.

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