STOS Chapter 75 (Isekai shoukan wa nidome desu)

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Second Summon Volume 4

On the human continent

Chapter 75





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The god of creation is one among a group of absolute existences.

The one who is the god who had created this world and who governs “creation”.

Without her, there would be no development and there would be no decline either.

If such god as she were to go mad, then there would no longer be any means for her to be stopped.

Gods hold power that would not shame its name and refer to those who exist in a different dimension.

Therefore, the act of bringing down the god of creation <Creasyl>, who had descended to this world now, was impossible for them, beings of lower dimensions.

They could do nothing but be merely frightened by that mighty power.




I reflexively lost strength in my knees.

This woman is bad news.

She was dyed pure white, starting from the angel’s raiment like thing she is wearing, her skin and all the way to the tips of her hair.

I could not feel anything from the blue eyes that was attached to just that single color.

No thirst for blood, no anger, no other emotions, nothing.

That’s out of this world and frightening.

Run away, run away, is my instinct shouting to me.

With the current me out of magic power, it’s clear I won’t be able to win against this woman.

Even so――――――――Only those guys have to.


“Elka! Glain and Tia too, hand over all of your magic power!”

“Gh! Yes!”




The three who quickly read my intentions rushed over and poured magic power in me.

But, this isn’t enough.


“Roa, Shironeko and Mineko, I’m asking you too!”

“I don’t really understand but… leave it to me!”

“Roger desu”



The three beastmen too came filling my magic power the same way.

I’ve restored a lot of it.

With this I should be able to hold it out for a little time.


“Brad! Get Desas and Levia! I’m counting on you for curing the two, Yuuhi!”


“Okay Yuki-kun!”


Brad quickly moved and separated, carrying the two who were stabbed with a knife in the abdomen.

Yuuhi rushed over there and immediately began their cure.


“And so… everyone leave until you’re quite far away. This girl’s… on a different dimension.”


I can’t feel anything from this woman, no magic power, no ambition to overpower others.

If it’s just that, then she’ll just be seen like she’s weak.

But that’s not it.

Not feeling magic power is impossible.

Living things should have magic power as long as they breath in this world.

Then… what is she?

Even if I glare like this, she isn’t moving at all.

It feels uncanny, but I’m also grateful.

In the meantime everyone else finished taking refuge.

Who is here is just me, Touma and the white “something”――――――――――――


“Hum… you grasp mine existence, youngster?”

“Gh… just a little yeah.”


Honestly speaking I can feel the woman’s existence just a little bit.

Can I call it her presence… If it’s Yuuhi and the others, then they won’t notice her even if she approach them from the back I guess.

If it’s me then I can barely tell whether I know or not.

Either way, anything’s fine except for this place.


“So you can grasp the presence of a god… What an odd man――――――――――hm?”


That time, black chains came out from the pit of her stomach and spread to the whole body.

The being whose body was entangled, was soon completely bound.

Is that, Touma’s?


“God of creation <Creasyl>…! By my curse, obey me!”


The collapsed Touma extended his hand towards the woman.

Is it this? The reason he said he couldn’t use <Cursed magic> before.

It was a curse that was put together in an absurdly complex way.

If I get hit by that, then even I’ll become helpless you know?


“Human… do not be conceited.”


However, he couldn’t hold onto her with that.

Just by exerting some strength, the curse chance broke in pieces.

This is… they’re on a too completely different scale.


“It didn’t work after all…”

“Will the mere creature inferior to even insects… disappear here and now?”


That woman pointed her hands towards Touma.

Seeing that, I immediately release a small fire ball to her face.

Without trying to avoid it, she took it in her face just like that.

She shouldn’t get any damage from that, but it’s a chance now that her field of vision isn’t working by the smoke of the fire.

I kick the ground with all my strength, carry Touma and take distance.

I can’t possibly part with her now.


“Setsu… why are you…”

“It’s because I’m… helpless against that woman alone”


I pour half of the magic power I got from Elka and the others into Touma.


“It looks like that woman can’t stand us. And so, she’ll bump us off at this rate.

Even if I wanna stop her, I probably can’t win alone”


If that’s the case, then there’s only one thing to do.


“Lend me your strength, Touma――――――――――――――――it’s a joint struggle”


I can only make the guy who can fight together with me… into an ally.


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