Hiki-NEET Vol 8 Chapter 6

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Vol 8 Chapter 6

Yuuji, having a private talk with men




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“Heey, Mr Yuuji~!”

“Ah, Mr Kevin! Welcome back! Hm? Welcome back?”


The season was late summer.

It was a morning when Yuuji was about to take along Alice and Kotarou to depart in order to begin constructing the ditch this day as well.

Kevin seems to have returned, bringing along several unknown people. “No, should I say he came back or he came to the pioneer land?” Yuuji was confused however.


“You could say that couldn’t you? This is another base for me after all. I think welcome back is fine”


Kevin responded with a face full of smiles.

The man and woman who were burdened with large luggage withdrew behind him. Apparently they were immigrants who could do sewing.

It was two months since Yuuji and Kevin conversed about clothing in the village. Kevin seems to have brought capable people immediately.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


“Still, it has changed quite a lot while I wasn’t looking for a bit hasn’t it?”

“Yeah, that’s right you know!? We’ve connected the fence all around!”


At the space in front of the gate of Yuuji’s house, where stumps were placed in a somewhat open space and was turned into a simple meeting place, Yuuji and Kevin were deep in talks.

The man and woman who were brought along by Kevin immediately headed to their assigned tent and began unloading their luggage. Kevin employed the two as his company exclusive workers and he seems to be going to have them act as seamstresses and have them assist in farmwork in busy times.


“On top of that, I didn’t expect you to have made a watering place and reservoir you know?”


Kevin took a glimpse towards the watering place. Sitting next to Yuuji, Alice went “Uhuh”, proudly sticking forward her chest. Kevin immediately noticed her state and admired her, saying “Alice-chan’s magic eh? You’re amazing aren’t you?” Kotarou barked as if to say “Look there Yuuji, follow his example.”


“I say Alice’s magic is really amazing. Like, when I have her use the earth indenting magic several times, you can make a large hole in the blink of an eye. And then I only had Marcel and Mr Thomas build a place to put the portable water vessel”


Yuuji explained while stroking Alice’s head.


“Mr Yuuji… I think if you only indent the earth, then the water will soak into it and it won’t become a reservoir you know”


Kevin spoke reasonably.

“Eh?” Yuuji raised a voice of surprise and froze. Alice who was listening to the conversation of the two tilted her head, not understanding it perhaps.


“Eh? But, it’s already storing water you know?”


Yuuji and Alice were surprised to Kevin’s words and bore doubts. This time, Kevin tilted his head to the side.


“Is that, is that so… It’s because it wasn’t dug, but it was magic right? Even so…”


Kevin pondered while muttering so.

Kotarou was barking “Bow-wow”. “You’ll grow bald if you mind the minor details. Isn’t it fine to leave it as Alice’s magic being amazing?” is what she seemed to be saying. She was a broad minded woman. She, who did not mind the minor details, was bushy. Of course she is. She is a dog.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


The daytime has completely ended and the forest was wrapped in darkness.

At the back of Yuuji’s house, the northern side where the pioneering hasn’t grown wildly yet were three silhouettes being illuminated by a small open air fire.


“I had you two come here because there’s something I want you to see”


The bellwether of this meeting looked at the figures of the remaining two and began talking.

What was in his hand was several sheets of paper.


“First is this”


The man said and held out a sheet of paper.


Printed on it was a photograph of a brassiere and shorts.

Of course, a model was wearing it to make it easy to understand.



The bellwether of this meeting is Yuuji.

The ink and print sheets have now become treasures, but Yuuji used them freely to prepare the documents for this meeting. To Yuuji it was a very, very important meeting.


“This is… This is quite different from the jeans and overalls you proposed to us in the noon… Underwear for women, is it? It’s abundant with the high priced laces and… On top of that the top has quite the complex shape doesn’t it…”


One man looked at the print sheet and questioned Yuuji.

Another man saw the modern day brassiere and shorts he witnessed for the first time and gulpingly swallowed his saliva.


“Yes. So, they call this draping and it seems to be made along the bulge. I’m glad, seeing these reaction of yours means it’ll be well received. And so, look at this please.”


Continuing it, Yuuji took out another sheet of A4 paper.

Printed on it was the photograph of the brassiere the model was wearing.


“Ooh, a- amazing…”

“This is quite…”


The two bachelors revealed a voice of admiration. No, nailed to the photograph were three bachelors with Yuuji among them.

Yuuji, Kevin and the former adventurer party’s scout man.

This is a meeting Yuuji had organized in order to ascertain how the men of this world sees the modern day underwear for women.

By no means did it have an erotic purpose. It is for the sake of business. Erotic was secondary. They could obtain a new source of funds.


“Just like the photograph from before, this is also called a brassiere. This first sheet is called full cup and is the type that would beautifully maintain the shape of huge breasts. And then the second sheet is this. This is the type called half cup. Here, you see, it will gather and it would beautifully create a deep ravine”


“Oooh” The two leaked out a sigh of admiration towards Yuuji’s explanation.

Good, this works. Yuuji harbored such confidence and took out again a sheet of paper.


“This here, how is this one?”


“Oh my goodness!”


What was photographed on the paper in Yuuji’s hand was the “thong and garter” king combination.

In the forest of night resounded roars of delight of two men.


“Shh! Quiet! Everyone’ll notice us!”


Yuuji stopped the two in hot haste and restlessly took a peek around him.

No shadows of people to be seen. It appears that they were not noticed by anybody.


“O, oh, sorry…”

“Sorry Mr Yuuji. Nevertheless, this… The shape and appearance is certainly lovely, but… Uhm, isn’t that a little too sensational? Not to mention it seems elaborate for an ornament and it looks like it costs quite a great deal…”


Perhaps as expected of a merchant, Kevin expressed his opinion.

However, those were words Yuuji and the BBS residents also expected.


“Yes, I understand what you’re saying Mr Kevin. But, they can use the usual ones everyday. It’s just you know, like, the women could wear this at special times for women and such you know. And the men who witness that will be like, you know. That said, it’ll become expensive, so they’re basically intended for aristocrats you know. Also I might as well propose something like men gifting them to their sweetheart. I’d like to make the price so that they’ll somehow be able to be afford it if they’re prosperous even for a commoner.”


Hoh really, if that is the case Kevin nodded. He seems to have begun playing with an abacus inside his head.


“He- hey, in other words is it that? Like, if they go to a high grade store and undress, then they can, they can wear this too…?”


The last bachelor remaining in the former adventurer party asked Yuuji and Kevin. A serious facial expression and a sharp glint in the eye. Its intensity to say “I will not permit lies” was certainly that of a third rank adventurer.


Yuuji and Kevin nodded greatly to the former scout man’s question.


In silence, the three slowly exchanged glances.

Taking out both hands, the three firmly piled up their hands.


We three, though born on different days, ask the gods to let us die on the same day.

It will not become an oath of the peach garden, but an oath of the cherry tree.


No, in truth they did not think that far and they did not vow either however.


But from this day, Kevin Company’s clothing business accelerated towards commercialization.

Eroticism is the driving force of men.

Eroticism will save the world.


The bachelors put both their hands together and communicated in silence.

There were no shadows of people around them.

There were no shadows of people.

Nobody noticed them.



The shade of a tree in the dark forest.

From the towering tree was the shadow of a dog sticking out half of her face and quietly fixing her eyes towards the men.

It was Kotarou.


Before she was noticed by the three men, Kotarou quickly left that place in silence.

Kotarou greatly sighed and shook her head.

As if saying “Geez, men are really idiots aren’t they.”


That said, it was certain that once completed, the women of this world will have more options in underwear.

It seems welcoming to Kotarou who lived in modern day Japan. Hence she overlooked the three men.

But then again, even if the brassiere and shorts were completed, Kotarou will not wear it herself however. Since she is a dog.


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  2. As Alice so insightfully put it in chapter 2 part 8:

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