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Chapter 11

The demon lord rubs breast


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“Z- ziz, ib you dun egsplaim”

“Oops, this isn’t good. That’s right isn’t it!”


Thanks to Toragule stopping Leona for me, I managed to get released from her hug.

I didn’t think I would come to thank you you know, Toragule.


“Y-you! Don’t come close to Al anymore! You can’t okay!?”


Isvel went between me and Leona.

How reliable, Demon lord.


“Now now, it’s not like I was going to eat him you know”

“You’re lying! You were trying to eat him. Mainly sexually!”


Hey, what do you think you’re shouting, Isvel?


“How rude! I will not eat him yet! I assure you I am of the faction who follow the steps!”


Not yet? What do you mean, not yet?

I am feeling the chill and so I take several steps away from Leona.


“Al is necessary for me to live! I will not give him to you!”

“Ah, so you’re my rival then? I don’t know who you are, but I will go for broke if it’s a fight, you know?”

“Just what I wish for! I will absolutely not give you Al!”

“Heh! There is no such thing that I, the great Leona can’t snatch away!”


The women’s gazes were scattering sparks.

Actually, is Isvel even aware she’s been saying fairly embarrassing things?


“Ve-Vel! Stop for a bit! I’d like to hear what she wants to say first alright!”

“What! Are you this woman’s ally Al!? So men are about breasts after all!? Are her breasts fine!?”


Isvel instantly went around behind Leona and then grabbed her breasts tightly.

No, don’t go showing a speed similar to Leona back then like it was a matter of course…


“Ju- just where do you think you’re touching me!”

“Your breasts!”


That is correct.


“Here! What do you think, Al!? You like these too don’t you!?”

“Well, I do like it, but…”


I can’t lie.

That is why I said it while staring straight at the two.

I don’t want to say anything wrong in a setting like this.

As a man, and as a man among men.


“So you’re also for breasts! I would have even let you rub my breast if you tell me! Were you enticed by the breasts of this kind of woman earlier!?”

“I am not particularly enticed by them you know!?”


It wasn’t that I was charmed by Leona’s breasts and body that I stopped Isvel, I stopped her because the conversation simply won’t progress.

Or actually, I’d like her talk to me about the breast thing later once more.


“Wai-, alright already, get away from her for once!”

“Gaah! This damn breast woman!”

“Look who is talking! Also your character is changing, you know!”


I pinion Isvel and tear her off of Leona.

This Isvel woman, she smells terribly of alcohol.

I see, so she became intoxicated which is why her speech and conduct turned strange.


“You, you helped me”

“You too, please stop it with the excessively strange speech! We couldn’t continue the conversation at all!”

“Alright, alright…”


This time we separate ourselves from Leona.

Once I take a certain distance, Isvel finally calmed down.


“Fuuuh! Fuuuh!”


No, she’s completely not calmed down.

Are you a cat?


“F- first of all… Can I call you Al and Vel?”

“Yes you can. I’m Adel and this one is Vel”

“Good good. Then I will go straight at the main question”


Leona called Toragule and received some kind of rounded paper.


“Please accept this”


She threw that our way.

When I opened it and looked, I see it was a quest collaboration appeal from “Greed Tiger”.

“Gather at the guild the morning after five days” was written on it.


“That day, won’t you come to the guild as well for us? In order to handle the large quest easily now, we’re gathering strong allies, you see?”

“In other words, it means up until now was a test in ability?”

“Well, that’s how it is. I’ll inform you of the details on the appointed day. It’s a bother to keep explaining them one by one, so I decided to do a briefing in one go on that day.”

“I see…”

“Well… You don’t have to come and you can go back after listening too. It’s originally a commission that came flowing to our clan after all.”


In short it means a supporter.

Guessing from the conversation, it must be something even Leona is feeling anxious going against it.

I’m not reluctant in the participation itself.

It’s just, it is a fact that I won’t know until the appointed day.


“――Alright. I’ve decided to show my face, but I will think about cooperating or not after listening”

“That’s plenty for us! Or rather it doesn’t have to be on that day in particular you know? If it’s you Al then you can come to my place after all! I’d rather you come!”

“Allow me to decline tha… -!?”


Because Leona said something unnecessary, Isvel’s expression turned furious.

First I have to leave this place.


“Isn’t it about time we call it a night!? We plan to dive a dungeon tomorrow!”

“Oh, dungeon huh? Meaning you two are also aiming to get rich quick. Well, I guess you’ve got a shot as long as you’re there Al”

“I’ll try to go as far as I can you see”

“I look forward to the tales of your journey. Now then, let’s break up before the ogre begins to act violently I guess!”


Getting cold sweat seeing Isvel’s state, Leona took Toragule and disappeared into the night street.

Confirming that there is nothing besides us, I finally release Isvel.


“Kuh… That big breasted bitch…”

“I’m telling you, look who’s talking…”

“My impression after rubbing them, that woman’s breasts are larger by a few centimeters! And I even had confidence in my breasts!”


Isvel brought her own breast towards me while shouting.

This is too tempting to the eyes.

I avert my eyes and begin walking in order to return to the bar.


“Mh, to think you ignored them”

“You’re too drunk you know, Isvel. Don’t do things like misleading men… too much”

“Wait, there’s some hidden meaning just now”


That’s because I’m a man, though a Hero.

I’m even holding thorough expectations at a part of Isabel’s statement.

It’s not like my eyes can’t help but stealthily move towards her breast, right?


“ … If I’m like this, then won’t you leave me and go to that woman’s place?”


Suddenly I heard a faint voice.

I reflexively turn around and see Isvel standing there with a frightened expression on her face.


“Don’t separate from me too much. The one I can really rely on is only you”

“ …”


While I wasn’t looking, before I was aware of it, Isvel held the sleeves of my clothes.

It seems she really became extremely honest thanks to the alcohol.

Conversing with the demon lord, quarreling with her, praising her; who could have imagined us having this sort of relationship?


For this reason, I came to want to know her better.


What kind of life did she have in the demon lord castle, why is she this attached to me――

It seems like I would like to step up to Isvel.


(But, me asking about it is against the rules)


Not interfering too much with other people is a rule of the village we have come to live in.

I wish the time would come that someday Isvel would talk about them with me.

When that time comes, I will talk about the things I came to experience.


“I will at the very least not get separated from you while we’re acting as adventurers in this city. I promise”

“――*nods* nhn, right now that’s… fine…”



Isvel suddenly fell in while she was talking.

I support her body and came to hear a peaceful sleeper’s breathing from her mouth.


“So once you’re relieved, sleepiness attacks you is it…? This makes her an ordinary girl, just like how she appears to be”


――No, perhaps she may really be an ordinary girl.

An ordinary girl, made to possess excessive power.


“Let’s return to the inn then”


I carry Isvel and return to the inn.

This night, I feel like I got closer to Isvel, just a mere bit.


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