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Chapter 76

Inferior Creatures




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“I don’t have any rights… to veto right?”

“Of course you don’t, you idiot. Right now your life is mine. Go work like a horse as much as you can”


I pull up Touma and I’ll fill him with half of the magic power I got.

With him receiving magic power, <Sword Thrill> activated as well and the wounds on his whole body were healed.


“Well… I guess it’s not bad if I’m going to be worked hard by you”


Touma lined up with me.

A strange sense of security filled my heart.

Oh I see, I’ve forgotten it for a long time.

So this is the feeling of fighting together with someone.


“I’m relying on ya, gofer”

“I hope you can take back at least that nickname!”


I unsheathe the jet black greatsword Kuromaru that I put away in the magic bag.

Touma also took out his sacred sword and kicked the ground at the same time as me.


“Inferior creatures… do not try to appear clever”


When the smokes covering her face disappeared, the god of creation <Creasyl> or something watched us dreadfully expressionless.

My feet unintentionally froze.

Even though I don’t feel the strength or intensity, what is this dreadfulness?

Is this what a god is?

But that has nothing to do with me.

If this woman says she’s going to bump off my companions then I can just bump her off first.

I’ll protect them like that, now and from now on too.




I strongly step on the ground and push my body forward again.

At the same time I raise Kuromaru overhead and strike Creasyl ――――――――――――is what was supposed to have happened.


“Hum, it has gotten cracks, but it is a fine sword. However the user on the other hand”


What is?

What happened?

It clearly feels out of place.

Why is that woman holding my arm and Kuromaru?

Why is my arm gone from the elbow?




Violent pain came attacking me due to my right arm being torn off.

I unintentionally crumbled down to my knees.


“You are a hindrance. Disappear from my sight”



An impact to my chest.

My bones made sounds of breaking and my body went flying with a force that blew me away dozens of meters.




Touma caught me.

But he couldn’t kill off the momentum either, and so both of us rolled on the ground.


“Gah… hah…”


I was probably kicked.

I couldn’t see it at all, but it felt like I just barely grasped the mere instant her feet moved.

It must’ve been a harmless kick to her.

But to us it’s nearly a fatal wound.

My ribs and lungs got damaged.

I finally regenerated including my arm, but I couldn’t even take a breath until then.

If you don’t have regeneration powers as much as us, then you won’t be able to endure even one attack like just now.

What should I do, what can I do to beat someone like that?


“How dare you… hurt my Setsu…”

“Hey wait!”


Touma walked towards Creasyl with a terrible expression.

I also went after him in a hurry.

Also I’m not yours.


“The one who can hurt Setsu is only me! I’m going! Setsu! I’m going to kill her!”

“Your logic is strange, but… well, I agree with killing her! You shithead!”


I strongly kick the grounds again.

This time I gather magic power in my eyes and reinforce my eyesight.

If I can see even a little bit, then I can cope with it.

I’m already not thinking about pacing myself anymore.

My few remaining magic powers, to my whole body.

I go with the plan to take her down before I take my next breath.


“But first! Gimme back that sword!”


I come close in order to snatch away Kuromaru.

Creasyl was expressionless like always, but she leaked out a single “Hoh”.




When I stretch my hands towards Kuromaru in her hand, she also stretched her hand this way.

This time even my heart could end up being taken out.

But, I can see it now.

It’s quick, but I can still see it.

I twist my body and dodge the hand.

Wrapping it up just like that, I cling onto the arm that was holding Kuromaru.


“Give it back!”


And then strike my fist towards her wrist.

Her strength weakened a just a little.

After snatching away Kuromaru like that and jumped back once, I jump again


“Making light of me…!”


Creasyl sent only a gaze this way and her body was still pointing forward.

I unleash a thrust with all my strength there, but my sword stopped the instant I hit her skin.


“So tough…”

“Are you already done?”

“Not yet!”


Touma came attacking from the other side.

Creasyl stopped his sacred sword with her body.

I match that timing and drive my sword one more time.

But, Creasyl did not move.


“You insects seem to be lacking in your brains. You thought I would move from just that?”

“Yeah… You won’t move I guess. But!”


An elementary level fire magic <Smoke>.

Touma poured that on Creasyl in his spare time.

It’s just a smokescreen, but with this her field of vision is blocked.

If her vision is turned useless for even a moment then her response will be delayed.


“Setsu! Let’s do it!”



““<Flying blade – Sever>!””


We drive our strongest <Flying Blade> at a super point blank range.

It was an attack with nearly all our magic power poured into.

If this is no good, then I won’t have any skills that can accomplish anything until my sacred sword <Gluttony> becomes hungry.

We quickly jump back and take distance.

There we can finally take a breath.


“Huff… Huff… we got a hit didn’t we…”



There was a dull feel, but there should be a hit for sure.

There was also some feeling of cutting flesh.

It’d be nice if there’s even a little damage――――――――――


“――――――――――I am surprised, you insects”



Creasyl appeared from within the smoke.

On both her shoulders were certainly wounds, though shallow.

However there’s no blood flowing out.

Light particles gathered and in the blink of an eye they were healed.


“To think that this me would be injured. It seems I have looked down on you a little. Now then, shall I as well use a little of my strength?”


You weren’t using strength with that?

Don’t say something ridiculous, you bitch.


“And that was the best we could do!”

“She’s coming!”


Creasyl’s hand was pointed towards us.




We took evasive movements to the sides.

And then a thunderous roar resounded at the place we were standing just a moment ago.

I rolled over again from the wind pressure that sprang forth.


“Something! Something fell down and… gh!”


When I somehow recovered my balance and stood up, I immediately understood just what fell there.

It was a gigantic pike.

Its height should be close to a skyscraper I guess.

The tip is sunk into the ground and it stretched all the way up in the sky.

I would be bound to the world of the dead in one attack if I didn’t dodge it.


“Touma! You alive!?”



So that guy’s fine… I’m not hurt either, but it honestly came from my heart.

This woman is able to drop this down in an instant.

She may be able to let pikes of this scale drop down like rain if she were to make a serious effort in it.

We’ll have no chance in winning if it’s like that.

Everyone will disappear.


“Now, how far will you insects endure this――――――――――hm?”


That moment, I saw that woman’s arm dropping on the ground.

Just like the time an object that was attached with glue coming off, that tough of a woman’s body crumbled down.


“ … As I thought, blood is lacking. I can not squarely do a single arm swing with a young girl’s life”


… I’m not sure about this, but is this a chance?


“It cannot be helped. I shall collect the lives of those two beings.”



Creasyl determined her purpose on something.

At the end of that gaze should be Desas and the others.

Even an idiot would know what she’s aiming for.

Creasyl lightly kicked the ground.

She was fast despite that.

But I have to stop her.

If I don’t stop her, they they’ll be killed.


“You think I’ll let youuuu!?”


I ran in order to get in her way.

Maybe this was a miracle, but when I thought I could not possibly make it, I was able to cleanly stand in front of her.


“Gh! You insect…”



For the first time I’ve seen her surprised face.

But I don’t care about something like that now.

Without hesitating, I hit Creasyl with Kuromaru.


“ … you are somewhat dangerous, insect. Disappear here and die”

“Wha… Kuro… maru…”


Kuromaru, who hit Creasyl’s shoulder, cleanly broke at the center.

While the broken pieces danced in the air, her hand extended towards me.




Light completely filled my field of vision.

And then――――――――――――――my consciousness disappeared.


『Troublesome are you not… damned brat』


What I heard at the end, was the voice of a girl I’ve never heard of.


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  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    This reminds me of some people I know when I was younger. A large girl beating up bullies for bullying a smallish boy. Saying thing like only she’s allowed to bully him. My friends that still live in the same area told me she ended up happily married to that boy.
    Hopefully that’s not the case here. I really don’t want Touma to have a happy ending.

  2. Jesus christ this is nother other then garbage now. Well it was garbage when he tied 5 murdering bandits TO A FUCKING TREE AND LEFT THEM THERE….. but somehow i never gave up on giving it my time, and here i am lying in my bad hating myself for reading this thing…
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    Meh noone to be mad at but myself…
    Fuck you author and fuck me aswell i guess…
    Chinese do kill a lot … japanese kill none… can for the love of god chinese and japanese make a baby so we can have a dope ass novel for once in our lives…
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