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Vol 8 Chapter 7 Bulletin board chapter

Yuuji, reporting the fact modern days clothing and underwear are likely to be accepted




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[Urgently recruiting] I am kind of in another world when I went out of my home after 10 years part 40 [pattern makers! ]

1 : Anonymous MEAT

This is the thread where you can enjoy the information, images and videos [Yuuji] uploaded from another world!

Is this really another world? How did he make them? This is the thread to verify it.

Mr Kevin, the merchant of another world, has decided to put clothes and underwear on the market!

In other words, it means that Alice-chan, beastkins, elves and dwarves will wear the clothes we thought up!

Woohooo~ it’s a festival!

There is one thing we can say!

Urgently recruiting patternmakers!(tears of blood)

Ah, reproduction is not allowed okay!?

The NEET posting >>900 is to open the next thread!


30 : Anonymous NEET

It’s a bit late in asking this, but

What’s a patternmaker?


31 : Anonymous NEET


Guro warning

I never thought I would post guro warning

when seeing drawings of clothes…

Where’s this artist from?


32 : Well-informed NEET


Roughly said, a person who put designs on a paper patterns

Based on that they cut the cloth, sew it and create clothes.

Conversely, as long as we have a patternmaker

they could give some shape for us with a decent picture


33 : Anonymous NEET



Patternmaker, isn’t there any among our visitors!?


34 : YES Lolita NO Touch

I have a lot of reference data!

I will prepare a design too!


35 : Anonymous NEET


Police officer, it’s this guy!


36 : My hobby is cosplay



You’re deifying patternmakers too much, but…

I can do a little if it’s at a hobby level


37 : Anonymous ETNE




38 : I love huge breasts



Here, a reference image!



39 : Infraworker


“Reference image” won’t you just call it an erotic underwear image!?

That’s good, do more!


40 : Sakura’s friend

You guys, calm down a bit

Clothes and underwear from a man’s perspective won’t be popular you know?

Leave this to a girl


41 : Anonymous NEET

Uhuhuh, I see

There’s some truth to it

As expected of a gi… rl you say…?


42 : Anonymous NEET


Can’t the 30 yo girl with kids be silent for us?


43 : Anonymous MEAT

It’s that I guess

This thread increased recklessly right?


44 : Anonymous ETNE


It’s because Yuuji is reckless right!


45 : This is Sakura

Everyone’s perspective is too erotic!

Big bro, you understand right?


46 : Clothing group member B

Yuuji, you understand right?


47 : Anonymous NEET


It’s the same line and yet they have opposite meanings

The english (TL Actually japanese) language is such a curious language


48 : Artist

I made the second one!

I’d like Alice-chan wear something like this!



49 : Anonymous NEET

The artist ups it without reading the mood

And a guro image like usual


50 : Anonymous NEET


Then don’t draw her face if it’s like that!


51 : Anonymous MEAT

I accidentally saw it…

What is with this person’s guro images that could

appear in dreams and stir up one’s anxiety…

Are people’s imaginations so frightening?


52 : Anonymous ETNE

Calm down MEAT!

Your character is changing you know!

Come back!


53 : Kemona-Lv. MAX

By the way, where does the beastkin’s tail grow from?

Yuuji, I hope you would take reference picture and upload it

Never mind Marcel, so the catkin Nina and Mark-kun okay?


54 : Overwhelmingly dog person


If they’re human types, then it should be around the tailbone after all right?

We certainly are in need of reference pictures!


55 : Anonymous NEET


Oh yes, you need reference pictures

To think about beastkin clothes right?


56 : Infra worker


Shut up you perverts!

I can’t imagine anything but the figures of Yuuji lowering the beastkin’s trousers

with a camera in one hand while panting, you know!


57 : Anonymous NEET

Yu- Yuuji lowering Mark-kun’s pants huh

Do continue with that


58 : Anonymous NEET


We’re not continuing that!

Go back to your cave, pervert!

Do beastkin have multiple breasts though?


59 : Anonymous NEET



60 : Kemona- Lv.MAX


Quick, reference pics of their top and bottom!


61 : YES Lolita NO Touch

It’s done!

Our first step is this!

Alice-chan Magical Girl version!



62 : Anonymous ETNE

The lolicon bastard suddenly throws it in!

And as a result that picture is!?



63 : Anonymous NEET


Fuck, his level is too damn high


64 : Anonymous NEET

I just saw an awful waste of talent


65 : Anonymous NEET



66 : Anonymous NEET


Leave him

This pervert should eventually find one himself even if he takes out money


391 : Yuuji

I’m back everyone!

Good news!

Modern day underwear are appreciated even in the other world!

Ah, also the reactions were good for jeans and overalls

As we thought, sturdy trousers seem highly valued as work clothes


392 : Anonymous NEET



393 : Anonymous ETNE


It’s an invasion to the otherworld by eroticism!


394 : Sakura’s friend

But the underwear girls like

And the underwear boys like are different you know

Have you asked a girl’s opinion?

With the exception of Alice-chan


395 : Anonymous NEET


Her opinion is quite right!

… with the exception of calling herself a girl that is!


396 : Anonymous NEET


Leave her be already

I’m sure she’s making it a joke material

In truth she’s self-conscious about it



397 : YES Lolita NO Touch



If Alice-chan says OK then it’s OK though?


398 Anonymous NEET:


You stop replying to everything!


399 : Cool NEET


You’re right about that

Yuuji, win the female seamstress over to your side in advance


400 : Anonymous NEET


He’s saying it calmly like usual, but

This guy is also trying to spread the underwear


401 : Anonymous NEET

Come to think of it Yuuji

How did you convince Mr Kevin and the bachelor?


402 : Yuuji


I printed out photos

Ink and paper are treasure, but

I thought it can’t be helped this time!


403 : Anonymous ETNE


That’s right isn’t it, this time it can’t be helped right!

You really think I’m going to…

This time it can’t be helped right!


404 : Infra worker


I approve of this, Yuuji!

There are times when men’s gotta do what they gotta do!


405 : Anonymous NEET


There’s mom and sis home, but you know

They put free mail-ordered underwear catalogue in the living room

Even if he doesn’t use the precious ink and paper

If he looks for them, Yuuji should find some at home right?

There’s amazingly plenty of any kind on it too


406 : Anonymous NEET


You mean like C*****r or something!

You may be right!

… Pea** John is fine right?

It’s cheap and erotic right?


407 : Anonymous MEAT


Why do these guys know this so well I wonder


408 : Anonymous NEET


There’s no helping it really

Modern day underwear catalogue are amazing

Famous models appear in them too

We’re making progress


49 : Sakura’s friend


Dye Perverts!


410 : Anonymous NEET

It’s a pity you got rolled up in this 407


411 : Yuuji


Why didn’t I think of this!?

But there’s none in the living room so

if there is, then it would be in Sakura’s room so…


412 : Anonymous NEET


Wait Yuuji

To actually make them some day…

Wouldn’t it be better to have some samples?


413 : Anonymous ETNE

I agree

There’s a limit to photos, pattern papers and teaching them the way to make it

They won’t surpass the real thing right?


414 : Anonymous MEAT

And so those are eligible as samples?

We need to ascertain it right?

For the sake of making goods


415 : Anonymous NEET

There’s no doubt in this

As expected of you guys

And so, Yuuji

Go search for catalogues and samples

For the sake of making goods


416 : Anonymous NEET

Upload some photo’s too Yuuji

Because we have to confirm whether they make sense as a sample

For the sake of making goods


417 Anonymous NEET

By the way Yuuji

Until what age did Sakura-chan stay in your house?

As a reference to the samples for the sake of making goods you know


418 : Infra worker


You guys…

It was a magnificent cooperation!

Go and pass away Yuuji!


419 : This is Sakura

Big bro…

You understand it right?

I did tell you that I will expose something again if you do something strange right?


420 : Anonymous NEET

Sakura-chan’s appearance at the best timing!


421 : Anonymous NEET

But hey

Yuuji uploads it and Sakura-chan exposes Yuuji’s secrets

Isn’t this just delicious for us?


422 : Anonymous NEET


That inventiveness



423 : Anonymous NEET


You’re right!

This is a win-win situation right!?


424 : Anonymous ETNE

Okay, Yuuji!

Pass away without reserve!


425 : Anonymous MEAT

I’ll pick up your bones Yuuji!

For Kotarou’s snack that is


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