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Chapter 12

The Hero Praises




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“My head hurts…”

“You drank too much. Restrain yourself next time”



The next day after meeting Leona and the other.

Isvel and I have been walking in town towards the dungeon.

Even though Isvel said she will capture the dungeon in high spirits from now on, she looks unwell.

Her physical condition seems to be very poor due to hangover.

Unfortunately, though I’m a former Hero, I don’t happen to have a black magic for fixing a hangover.


“Are you going to be fine riding a carriage after this?”

“Carriage? We are not going on foot?”

“Yeah. It’s decided that we ride a carriage to the dungeon in any situation in order to have a grasp at the people who are diving into it.”


As a general rule, any traffic beside carriages are unauthorized.

By doing so, it will be easier to have a grasp of the people who will not come back.

Moreover by grasping the people who are inside, it will be easier to go and call for people who can deal with incidents when by any chance one occurs outside the dungeon.

Because of such reasons, unauthorized entry to the dungeon by not riding a carriage is banned.


“Uegh… was it like that?”

“If you feel sick then say it right away, okay?”

“Right… if I feel sick, then please kick me out”

“I won’t be going that far, okay?”


What an extreme girl.

While conversing about such things, we arrived at the town outskirts where carriages heading for the dungeon are lined up.


“Ten people can ride on one carriage! Please stand in a line in front of each carriage and wait!”


A town government official-ish person is guiding the adventurers who have gathered.

Because there is quite the number of people, he looks very busy.


“Are all of these people here aiming to get rich quickly?”

“You could say that. Meaning they’re rivals.”

“It means we just need to find the treasure faster than these people right!”

“That’s what we need to do. Well, there will be less people the lower the floor we go to, so I think we will be able to obtain treasure easily sooner or later though”


According to prior investigation, this dungeon seems to have up to hundred floors and its capture has advanced to the seventieth floor.

It sounds like the capture progressed smoothly up until as far as the sixtieth floor, but the degree of difficulty jumps up from there to the seventieth floor and it seems to be dangerous enough for even A rank adventurers to lose their life if they play it poorly.


“Nowadays they say the capture is difficult enough that they would be heading in the right direction if they are able to capture a floor every year.”

“If that is the case, then if we go and capture floors lower than the seventieth floor, then we can take as many treasure as we can without anyone getting in our way, is what you mean right!?”

“That’s how it will be, yes”


It’s just that we only have to be careful when we return to the seventieth floor from the seventy first floor.

It’ll be a big problem if people would come up from a floor no one has set foot on.

There are as close to zero people on the seventieth floor in the first place so it doesn’t look like it’s something to be really worried about, but you cannot be too careful.


“Alright! Shall we not go then in that case!”

“Yeah. Oh, that one seems the fastest. There’s overwhelmingly less people than the other lines.”


I luckily discover a carriage where hardly any people are lined up and so I head there with Isvel.

Everywhere there are ten and more people lining up, but there were only about five there.

The carriage probably just got here.

I notice many adventurers throwing glances towards us as we head to the less crowded line.


“ … Aren’t we being watched?”

“Perhaps there is some special rule for this queue.”


If that is the case then I should be told something when I tried to get in line.

Not being told anything yet probably means there should be no problem.


Once we stood at the end of the line, the people who were lined up from the start glared at us.

There were five of them.

All of them are clad in silver armor and I can feel composed and dignified pressure from them.


“Quite the startling guts you have, to ride the same carriage I am riding”


No, there was another person inside, I just couldn’t see him because of this armored army corps.

It’s a silver haired man who was clad in equipment which was a step more extravagant ――more specifically more ornamented―― than the surrounding people.

Handsome looks and he’s wearing a one handed sword that has pointlessly extravagant ornaments applied to, just like his armor.


“You two! That you would ride the same carriage as Lord Silvar Aegister, sovereign to whom us gentlemen of the ‘Order of the Silver Wings’ obey, there is a limit to rudeness!”

“It is fine, do not get so heated, my retainer”

“Yes Sir”


… I wonder what it is we’re being shown.

For the time being, what I do know is that these people are clan members and that they don’t seem to be really bright.


“Now that I look at that woman there, she is quite the quality goods is she not? I shall permit you to stand near me. Now, come closer.”

“Mh? Why should I?”

“Why? This me is telling you to come. Are further reasons necessary?”



Stop it Isvel.

Even if you look at me with those eyes that are saying “I don’t understand what this man is saying, so explain,” I won’t be able to answer.


“I, I don’t have any reasons to approach you though…”

“Irrelevant. If I, the king tells you to come, then you will come. If I tell you to do something, then you do will it. Such is who is called a retainer”

“I am not your retainer though!?”


He seems to be quite the eccentric man.

As if he’s not on the same page.

We will end up riding the carriage together with these people if it goes on.

Before it is too late, let’s change queue――


“Thank you for waiting! Please board until ten of you are in!”

“Hum, so you have finally come. Now then, let us go”


The man called Silvar was surrounded by his bodyguards and approached the carriage.

I felt some kind of sense of discomfort in that spectacle.

For some reason the number of people is increasing.

And when I noticed, Isvel disappeared from near me.


“Here, you should watch your step. Oh woman who will become my wife”

“Eh? Eh?”


Before I was aware of it, Isvel was held around the shoulder by Silvar.

That Isvel, she’s probably confused being approached in that manner.

Even so, that man.

Looks like he aimed for an opening in me and Isvel’s senses.

He’s no ordinary fool.

An A rank like Leona… or further if I’m too careless.


“Coachman, seven people have boarded. Leave that man over there to the next carriage”

“Am I, am I allowed to?”

“I am saying it is fine. Besides, there will be no more room left if the seven of us is here with our equipment. That man is a hindrance.”


This is bad, I’m going to be left behind.

That man, he really is planning on taking Isvel.


“Really, so Al cannot board because there are too many people?”


When I try to approach it in order to recover at least Isvel, the person in question opened her mouth.

And the next moment, together with a dull sound, Silvar’s body revolved in the air.

While the surroundings were dumbfounded, I hold down my head.

Isvel proudly opened her mouth while still in her posture after kicking up Silvar with her foot.


“With this I have freed space for one person!”


And there was one here who isn’t thinking.

How did she plan on getting over this now that she’s done this in front of a large group of people, I wonder.

She likely have decided that I will be doing the explanation and justification.

But right now I have some words that I have to speak out before that.


“Nice, Vel”

“It is, isn’t it!”


I praised her for kicking up this creepy man’s face.



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