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Chapter 77

God of Destruction




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“Gh… hnn? … Where am I…”


I spur on my body to stand up as it’s complaining about the pain.

What entered my field of vision in the beginning was the sunlight filtering through many trees.

Looks like I’m inside a forest somewhere for some reason.


(The pain on my body ain’t going away at all… did I run out of magic power?)


When I try touching all over my body, I didn’t find even a single wound.

But maybe the damage remained; it hurts as if something had run into me.


“ … That’s right! I――――――――”


I suddenly recall everything that happened to me.

I got defeated by that goddess called Creasyl or something.

The broken Kuromaru was left in my hand and that made me realize that’s the truth even when I hate it.

It was my complete defeat.


“God… dammit!”


I spontaneously hit the ground with my arms.

I’m worried about those guys.

That I’m alive is a miracle itself, but there’s no meaning if I lose even one of them.

I have to go.

I have to return to that place right away and protect those guys――――――――――


“Just when I thought you have woken up at last, where do you think you are going, stupid man?”



A voice I don’t remember hearing of called out to me when I stood up.

No, that’s not it. I’ve heard of this voice somewhere.

That’s right, the time I got showered by the light released from Creasyl’s hand――――――――


“What are you being stupefied about! This way!”


When I was taken aback and then turned around, I saw a single kid leaning against a tree there.

Flowy black hair and jet black eyes with no highlights.

She’s the spitting image of that woman, except for the body and color.

Her looks and all, if I’m told they’re twins then I’d likely believe it.

Except, a black t-shirt and shorts from top to bottom, I’m honestly doubting her taste.


“What is it? Do you have complaints over my garments?”

“Gh! You… don’t read my mi――――――――”

“It is showing on your face, you stupid man!”



My head got hit, ow――――――――――――it hurts?


“I may have overused my strength and have become short, but I am a god despite my appearance! It is simple for me to do something like erasing you alone!”

“Gh! A god… I see! So you’re that woman’s ally then!?”


I promptly ready my broken Kuromaru towards the shouting little girl.

I know it’s already useless, but I can bear an attack even for a moment.

It’s the worst situation, but I’m going to survive no matter what it takes.

I’ll kill this girl.

I’ll kill this girl and survive.


Wait… why am I thinking about killing her?


… I see, so it’s because they’re not “people”.

If it’s “gods” then I should be able to kill them.


“I’ll kill you!”

“Wait wait wait! Wait I am telling you!”


I reflexively stopped my hand just before the broken Kuromaru touched her.

What is this girl, she’s feeling unreasonably frightened you know…?


“I am the god of destruction <Destroia>! The one who act as the opposite of that god of creation <Creasyl>! I have tried threatening you my boy*, but I do not feel like fighting you! That’s why, lower your sword okaaay!?”



When I try putting Kuromaru closer, she went “Hiih!” and covered her face.

Okaaay… This kind of girl act as the opposite of that Creasyl?


“ … Take it easy with the jokes, okay brat?”

“It was no joke! What a rude brat! I am already tens of thousands of years――――”

“Shut up”

“Hiih! I’m sorry!”


When I put Kuromaru closer again, this girl became frighteningly docile.

For argument’s sake even if she was a god, then I wonder if it’s fine for an undignified person like her.


“E- even though I saved you my boy… could you not at least show me some gratitude *grumble grumble*”

“ … hey, tell me that story in full detail.”



Hae? My ass.

This girl actually said something now that I can’t overlook.

She saved me?


“Fu… fu fu fu! Have you become interested in hearing my story!? In that case let me present you! Why you, my boy, are in an unknown plot of land! And why I am this adorable, I shall――――――――”

“Shut up, hurry up and talk”

“Ugh… you will be damned like that you understand!? I am God you understand!?”


Hum, is her face contorting and being close to tears her au naturel?

Wait, this isn’t the time to be doing something like this. I have to quickly get information out of her.


“So what is it about? I’m in a real hurry”

“I- I understand that, alright… I’m thinking about telling you what you’re most curious about from the beginning. If I were to say it in a sentence, then every one of your companions are safe, my boy. Not a single person have died.”


I reflexively crumbled down from my knees.

I’m so glad, they were saved.

If they’re alive now then I won’t ask for any more than that.


“Everything is due to my――――――”

“And then?”

“ … Someday you really will be struck with retribution, my boy”


Shut up, it’s because I met a dangerous god that came and attacked like that.

It’s more unreasonable to show respect you know.


“Well fine, I shall explain from the beginning. First, it’s about that god of creation <Creasyl>, but she was the partner who created this world with me.”

“ … it’s suddenly grand, the hell”

“We are gods after all. Well, the creation of the world was doing favorable. She creates all things, I destroy the excess objects. We developed the world this way.”

“ …”

“And then on a certain day, without any notice, “people” appeared. I did not particularly care about that level of happening, but she did not seem to approve of it… Well, she began a massacre of the “people”.”


What a terrible story.


“What, did she not like them that much?”

“It looks like she could not approve of things to spread in the world beside those she had created. Even that was too much for me and so I stopped her. I could not kill a god, so I reluctantly applied a seal on her.”

“ …So, that was broken just then… you say”

“Just then? What are you saying? Three days have passed since you were defeated by her, you know?”

“ …huh?”


Three days…? I’ve been sleeping for three days…?

Considering all that, neither my magic power nor wounds have been healed.

It’s not something I can possibly believe.


“Banish, that you have received, is a <Divine skill> that can be used by any gods. Its effect is erasing the target from this world. You should have originally disappeared after receiving that. So I, who was revived at the same time Creasyl’s seal was broken, came in to your rescue. With me negating her Banish and hurling you towards a remote place, I saved you.”

“… And how is that related to me sleeping for three days?”


When I ask that, the god of destruction or something turned away and began to speak with an awkward look.


“We- weeell~… To tell the truth I thought about coming to save you stylishly and sealing Creasyl again you see and… erm… I bungled and I wasn’t able to offset Banish and… it took away most of my powers and your magic power… The result is I failed the divine skill I thought about using, transfered you away and your body has become unable to use magic…you see”


I’m amazed beyond words.

I see, it’s no wonder I couldn’t refine magic power.



“You’re fucking kidding meeee!”

“Hiih! It was my fault! I’m sorry!”

“I’m grateful for being saved, but you know! I can’t fight that woman like this can I!?”

“I- I will return your magic power with my remaining divine power! Be patient for a while!”

“Aargh! Fuck man!”


Then… I won’t be able to fight decently for a while?

Damn it… what is this, and I thought I could take it easy after going through the trouble to end the troublesome war…

But I’m also a little relieved.

Even if I fight Creasyl now, I can make an excuse.

It’ll end without me being held responsible for it.

I became unbearably disgusted of me who end up thinking like that and strongly clenched my fist.


“ … Creasyl went to a certain place to fully regain her powers. She must have felt a sense of crisis to the fact I appeared… Without touching your companions, she is stabilizing her powers in a certain place at the dead center between the three continents. That place is isolated and none can approach it.”

“Then… if it’s now”

“It’s impossible. Because she should have spread a strong barrier. You can not tear it down and even I, with this body, can not tear it down.”


…So there’s nothing we can do about it?

Is that really so? I wonder if we really can’t do anything.

Can’t we do anything until the woman regains her powers…


“――――――――Let us go, drooling youngster”

“Aah!? Where to!?”

“I don’t know where. But, if you have the time to be hesitant here, then look if there’s anything we can do. You are in perfectly good health, will you not do at least that?”

“ …Tch”


A grumbling sound didn’t come out either.

It’s vexing, but this pipsqueak has a point, I’m just giving up on that.

Shall I move then, now.

That person should most likely be distracted too.

If those guys are safe then linking up with them for now should be good I guess.

I don’t want to waste time.


“Your magic power should return slowly when I am with you. I am guessing that it will take around two to three months until she returns to her heydays… she is not one with the personality to make compromises, so I think you could likely use the three months freely.”

“Three months huh… I can do anything right?”

“Yes, you can do anything. If you put your mind to it.”

“ … Very good”


This ain’t the time to become timid I guess.

What about her being a god? I’ll do something about her, this time too.

I’m absolutely going to make her regret starting a fight with me. 


“By the way, what is your name?”

“It’s Setsu. Nice to meet you, Stroh”

“Mhm, Nice to――――――――wait what do you mean, Stroh?”

“Destroia, Stroh from the middle. It’s a good name right? Since it’s also easy to call you with”

“ … You do not seem to have any naming sense do you”


TL Note *Destroia/Stroh at first address Setsu with  お前さん(omaesan) which could be translated normally as you, but also “my dear” like between wife and husband or an older person speaking intimately to someone that’s on a lower…level? Age? etc. So I went for my boy, since I figured it makes sense for older men/women to say that to younger men they get along with. Tell me if you have a better suggestion please.


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  1. A goddess loli appeared! Even though she is a goddess of destruction, she even has a very cowardly personality huh. Although this creates a nice gap moe with that arrogant attitude she showed at the beginning, right?
    Thanks for the chapter

  2. I feel as though I am just free falling through this novel now, nothing makes a lick of sense and as i’m trying to come to terms with the thing I just saw it has already zoomed past me and i’m now hitting terminal velocity and it is all just blurring together.

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