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Vol 8 Chapter 8

Yuuji, harvesting crops and welcoming his first tax collector




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The autumn of year four since Yuuji came to another world.

The pioneer land has gone out to greet the time of harvest.


It is harvest work for Yuuji and Alice, the beastkin family, the former adventurers party and the seamstress couple, a total of eleven people.

The couple, who were hired by Kevin company as seamstresses, are assisting farm work only during this time.

Woodworker Thomas and his two assistants did not do farm work but devoted themselves in constructing houses. It was a building of nothing but large rooms, but finally the completion of a simple quarters/assembly hall was in sight.

As a result of people having gathered at the agricultural land, Kotarou would be in charge of the area around the fence and outside the pioneer land. She is a capable woman, but as one would have expected she could not help in farmwork. Since her arms are legs.


“Heave-ho! Aah, if these many people do this then it’ll be over quickly right?”

“That is so, isn’t it Master Yuuji. The field is still small after all”


Yuuji revealed those words after breathing out from having reached the first stage of the farmwork. Answering him was Yuuji’s slave, the dogkin Marcel. Beside him, Marcel’s son Mark was earnestly swinging a sickle with his tiny hands. Sometimes he would take a glance towards Alice who was next to him. He seems to be appealing as a capable boy.


“But Master Yuuji, the people have increased, so next year we will make the field much bigger!”


Marcel declared with a smiling face. He is Yuuji’s slave, but in fact he is the one who is possessing knowledge in farmwork. He naturally took command, but the pioneers including the former adventurers was following him obediently. It seems they have no problems if they’re commanded by a knowledgeable person even when he has the position of a slave.


Wheat, potatoes and several vegetables he would tentatively want to grow.

Just as Marcel had judged in spring, the harvested amount would seem to be enough that around six people could cross a winter. It is still a trivial amount, but it was a remarkable progress compared to the time when Yuuji created the field on his own.


Once the harvesting finished, it would soon be Alice’s ninth birthday.

The next time Kevin comes to the pioneer land, he should have cloth for the jeans and overalls that were proposed as the first step for clothing and accessories.

The duo adventurer group ‘Dusk Wind’ who have appeared for the goblins and orcs investigation is scheduled to return soon to report to Yuuji.

The small amount of time until they welcome winter was likely a restless time.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


“Heey, Mr Yuuji!”


The next day after finishing the harvest.

Kevin visited Yuuji and Alice who were preparing something at the space lining the stumps in front of the gate of the house, and Kotarou was under them.

Incidentally, the construction of the ditch Yuuji and co were going lately went slowly and wasn’t progressing. There is still a long, long way to go until the river.


Kevin brought along a man in addition to the usual group of three adventurers. Huh, where have I seen him before…Yuuji pondered.

Alice, who was beside him, went “Ah! It’s Mr Magistrate! Good afternoon!” and cheerfully greeted him. It appears Alice has the better memory. As expected of a wise, very soon to be nine year old child. The thirty three year old middle-aged man seems to have remembered his face as well though.


“Good afternoon young lady and pioneer leader Yuuji. This time I am here for the pioneer inspection as a tax collector, not as a magistrate.”


The slight man around his forties who had combed down his black hair behind him, informed him expressionlessly of his visit.

The magistrate of the city of Premie, Raymond Kanthar.

The magistrate himself appeared as the tax collector.


“Hmm… A fence, watering-place and simple houses. The field is small, but isn’t this excellent since this is your first year as pioneer group? It seems like we can collect taxes without problems once the four year preferential treatment ends”


The magistrate nodded as he briefly looked around the pioneer land with Yuuji’s guidance. Kevin was beside him as support, but the pioneer leader is Yuuji. It seems he managed to finish the guidance, though shoddily.

But, the magistrate behaved as if Yuuji’s house didn’t enter his eyes. Even when Yuuji introduced it in front of the gate by saying “Ah, here’s me, Alice and Kotarou’s house”, “Is that so” was all he voiced.

Is he not interested in anything but the agricultural land and the amount of harvest? That is not the case. He is a tax collector, though magistrate of Premie city. Of course the feudal lord’s wife and the magistrate should have noticed Yuuji is a visitor from afar. To begin with, having the magistrate himself visit the pioneer land in its first year as a tax collector is impossible in fact.


“Which reminds me Mr Yuuji, what have you been doing in front of the house just then?”

“Oh you mean that! We finished our first year’s harvest as a pioneer group, so I thought about doing a harvest festival, though it’ll be modest”


Yuuji showed a smile and responded to Kevin. Another significance was included to the harvest festival: the Alice’s ninth year birthday party. But Alice was next to Yuuji. It seems he is keeping it a secret from Alice.


“Hum. Then, I shall participate as well. Sir Kevin, can you provide alcohol? If so, then allow me to carry the alcohol expenses”


The magistrate announced his participation while still expressionless. When he confirmed that Kevin is carrying alcohol, though few, he declared it would be his treat. He is generous. Well, I cannot return immediately so all I can do is participate though. Even if he was a mere magistrate, he seems to want to create a favorable connection with Yuuji and Kevin.


In any case.

As a pioneer land, there will be no problems with the payment of taxes after their fourth year. Listening to Yuuji, it would seem that the tax rates would not be that terrible. There is no problem, Kevin nodded like he was giving a seal of approval.

Yuuji was being tense when I listen with the tax collector, but it appears he has safely cleared the first visit. Nevertheless the magistrate said that every year from now on, the he himself will be interacting with him as a tax collector. It is evidently a special measure for having found out the fact he is a visitor from afar, but I could not hope for one who has an understanding of the circumstances to be the tax collector. While the tax yield is being raised that is.


Fourth autumn since Yuuji came to another world, and the first autumn as a pioneer group.

In the autumn that is packed with unusual plans considering it is Yuuji, Yuuji cleared the first barrier which was the first tax collector’s inspection.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □



The residents of the pioneer land, Kevin, Kevin’s escorts which is the usual adventurer trio and the magistrate surrounded a large bonfire and each of them had a wooden cup in their hand. In those cups were wine that Kevin had been carrying. The amount was no more than around two cups per person and yet it was a reward that they seldom were able to drink in the pioneer land which is separated from the city. Dogkin Mark and Alice were given fruit juice created with the juicer in Yuuji’s house. This was a feast in the otherworld where distribution wasn’t as developed as the modern era. What was given to Kotarou was meat on a bone. She is a woman who would pick result over name. She did not throw away her name though. No, it may be better to throw it away due to it being a male name.


“Eerr, and so. We have finished our first harvest as a pioneer group! To the everyone’s hard work, a toast!”


Yuuji, who was standing, lead a seemingly authentic toast, although with difficulty and his face becoming red from nervousness. Pioneer leader-like.

Accordingly, the residents drank up the wine in the cup in one gulp. In this other world, chugging the first cup without taking a breath seems to be mainstream. Dangerous.


When Kevin shrewdly finished his second cup in succession, Yuuji once again stood up. This time he was not red faced from nervousness, but instead grinning awfully broadly.


“Alice! To you who have been a good girl this one year, everyone prepared a present to celebrate you becoming nine years old!”


Yuuji loudly announced. Alice had her eyes open and looked blankly. It appears the surprise was a success.


“Here you go” Yuuji handed over a tiny box. The eyes of Alice was glittering and sparkling, having received the small box that was wrapped with wrapping paper and ribbon that Yuuji’s mother had left behind. Why did the living creature called mother keep wrapping paper in reserve? But, the wrapping paper who was thought to be useless seems to be helpful as well in the other world.


Alice carefully removed the wrapping. Surely the mundane wrapping paper and cheap-looking ribbon would become her treasure.

When she stripped off the wrapping paper, she could see a tiny wooden box. This is something made by the woodworker Thomas.

Alice gently opened the lid.

What was inside was a rose corsage.

The one providing the cloth was Yuuji and the one who actually sewed it were the two seamstresses. Incidentally, the ones who thought of the present and taught him how to make it were the residents of the bulletin board.

Though they were professional seamstresses, it was something they made for the first time with limited cloth. It was a weak corsage with no wires in it, but it was still a present made while thinking of Alice.


“Uwaa, uwaa” with a face full of smiles, Alice revealed joy that could not be put into words.


In connection to that, the former party, the beastkin family and Kotarou altogether stood in front of Alice.

What they held out was a muffler made of fox pelt.

Hearing they would give presents for Alice’s birthday in the harvest festival, Kotarou enthusiastically searched in the forest. She took along the former adventurer party and brought it down. The ones who tanned the pelt and made it into a muffler was the beastkin family and the two seamstresses.


“Th- tha- thank you!”


Alice’s tear glands seems to have broken down from the two presents. Tears of joy ran through Alice’s face.

Look now, you’re already nine years old so don’t cry, Kotarou licked Alice’s face. It was inevitable that the scent of a beast permeated Alice’s licked face. She is behaving like her older sister, but she is a dog.


The group was bustling with blessings and gratitude.

Two people calmly watched such group.

One person had intentions to prepare something for little Alice and the eyes of a merchant saying that is likely to sell well too.

One person moved his eyes from the group to Kevin and was filled with anticipation that the tax yields are likely to rise again.


Autumn of the pioneer group’s first year.

Alice turned nine.

She is at an age where she is no longer a little girl, but can be called a primary schoolgirl.

But then again, it did not seem she’s been removed yet from being an object of worship for the bulletin board residents.


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