BFTG-NT Chapter 48

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Chapter 48 Vs Hero & Gift’s remains



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Kusakabe came into our sight. Sakura, Cattleya and I are in the back, wearing a hood. There is a chance he would run away if he sees our faces before we get close enough. Although Mio, Sera and Dora were in the audience room, it is unlikely for him to remember their faces so they’re not hiding them. A group where 6 people out of 11 are hiding their face is unnatural after all.


Kusakabe stands up and approaches us when he notices us. Honestly speaking, although we have many members, I thought of the possibility that he would be suspicious of a party that’s composed of nothing but beautiful girls, but he is approaching us as if he doesn’t mind it.


[Do you have some business with us?]

[Yes. There is something I want to ask you for a bit… From which town did you enter the dungeon?]


When Maria speaks, Kusakabe asks her while showing an ikemen-like smile. Proper manners dictate that you shouldn’t be too concerned with other explorers in the dungeon if there is no critical situation. Well, I wasn’t expecting him to have good manners though.


[From Lilia city, but… What are you going to do asking for that?]

[Err, I will be doing…]


A : Here he comes.


[This you know!]


At the same time as Alta’s warning, Kusakabe activates <Acceleration> and came slashing at her with the sword he took out from his item box.


[Naive aren’t you.]


Kusakabe’s sword had 3 times the usual speed, but the one in front of him, Maria’s <Body Reinforcement> level is 10. She naturally catches the sword drawing near with Treasured sword – Everlasting Darkness and adds a kick to Kusakabe’s defenseless stomach who stopped his movement from surprise.




Kusakabe lets out a nice voice and was blown away. Honestly speaking, this development is within my expectation. That’s why I put Maria and Sera to the front just in case and deployed Mio behind Dora. Breaking through Maria, Sera and Dora to aim for the rearguard should be impossible, even for him.


[Although this was within expectations, you are quite the petty man. To think you would come attack us while you yourself came talking to us …]


Even Sera had an amazed expression. Huh? But…


<<Come to think of it, there was a time Sera and the others met a thief in Kastal and killed him during the conversation didn’t you?>>

<<T-That was because the other party was a thief so it is fine!>>

<<That you would even confuse that with this is unexpected, but…>>

<<The one who came talking at that time was the other party, so…>>


Sera, Mio and Maria explained in turn. Well, I just wanted to try saying that though.


<<Mio-san had said it as well, but treating that the same as this is too much.>>

<<My bad then. It was just a joke.>>

<<Oh, the Hero is getting up.>>


We turn our eyes to look as we were told by Mio and we see Kusakabe trying to get up. His legs are trembling and shivering, but was Maria’s kick that effective? She was going quite easy on him and his HP barely went down too…


Cattleya walks towards Kusakabe. Once she appears in front of him, she takes off her hood and reveals her face with no makeup.


[It serves you right doesn’t it? But it isn’t enough to calm my anger.]

[Wha-, Why is princess Cattleya here!?]


Kusakabe reveals his shock.


[Why you say… Did you not think you would be pursued after you caused that much of an incident?]

[But being found out here this quick should be…]

[Yeah, that’s because I told her.]


I also take my hood off and approach until I’m in front of Kusakabe.


[You, you’re Shindou!? Why are you in a place like this!?]

[That is because I was requested to subjugate you by Cattleya, or rather the king.]



His mouth is flapping open and closed, looks like his brain couldn’t keep up with processing the successive information.


[The request we received from the king is your capture, or else your subjugation. In short, it means killing you. The chances of it ending with your capture is tentatively not 0, but a preemptive attack is an auto subjugation route. Too bad eh?]


That point will let Cattleya understand it too. To comply with our discussion, she promised to let it end with his capture without killing him if he obediently surrendered. Of course, I didn’t think the possibility of that to be 0%, but just nearly 0%. Conversely it’s because it’s nearly 0% that Cattleya accepted it though…


[Are you kidding me! You think I can bear being killed in a place like this by a dropout and an ugly princess!? You seem to have stopped my sword by some fluke just then, but that won’t happen if I get serious, okay!?]


Oh oh, he’s calling me a dropout. Well, he’s not wrong with me being a dropout ‘Hero-wise’ though. Ah, because he made fun of me, Maria is quietly letting her thirst for blood rise.

Leaving that aside, calling Cattleya who is covered in burns due to him ugly huh… You’re beyond saving… When I look at Cattleya, she is shaking in anger.


[Eat this!]


Kusakabe slashes towards Cattleya. Three times the movement speed is threatening for sure, but for Cattleya right now, she should be able to block it.


[That sort of attack will not hit me!]



Cattleya dodges the sword that Kusakabe swung down overhead, to a slope.

If I had to say it, then I would advise stopping the blow with a weapon though. His movement is quick so his next attack will come immediately after if you only dodge it…

Just like I thought, he released an upswing as a followup immediately from the posture after he swung down. This time she tries to block it with her sword, but she was a little late and her arm got a shallow cut.




While Cattleya was frowning a little, she swings her sword horizontally as an attack to return Kusakabe the favor, but at that time he had already put ten meters between them. Well, with this kind of gift, a hit & run tactic would be natural if one were to point that out.

The effective duration of <Acceleration> is 5 seconds. Kusakabe should be planning to separate himself well before his ability comes off and then letting the cooldown pass.


[Cattleya-sama, please don’t forget that we are here!]

[My apologies. I have gone too far ahead]


Cattleya says embarrassingly towards Maria’s warning. The one responding to that line was not only Cattleya.


[That’s unfair you know! Attacking one person with as many as 10 people!]

[Oh, don’t worry about that. The ones currently fighting you are only those four, we’re just observing the fight.]

[And you think I will believe that!? You coward!]


Kusakabe says something like that to me. Well, it’s certainly unfair when you point it out…


[This isn’t a “Duel” in the first place you know? It’s a ‘subjugation’ so it’s natural to attack with several people don’t you think?]

[Damn it! Don’t you try and say nothing but shit! I’m a Hero you know!? The ones being subjugated have always been the ones who got in the Heroes’ way, haven’t they!?]


Saying that, Kusakabe persistently uses <Acceleration> and comes slashing. Honestly, it is too repetitive. No if I have to say it, then it’s probably more correct to say that he can’t do anything else apart from that. With the reason that, in a meaning, it’s a sure win pattern, he hadn’t gone and used anything else but that and if that doesn’t work, I bet he would run away from his opponent.


Sera steps up and blocks his attack without any trouble. It’s going to be like this even if I say it’s his third time. It’s because Sera and Maria have especially good kinetic vision even if <Body Reinforcement> isn’t increased.

Sera pushes Kusakabe away with all her strength as is. Since Kusakabe lost his balance from being pushed by a greatshield, Cattleya slashes at him without a moment of delay. He can’t avoid it this time so she made a shallow cut on his left arm.


Kusakabe creates a gap from them like last time when she tried to follow it up.


[It hurts! Damn it! How!? How could you stop my attack!? It is 3 times the speed you know!? There’s no way you could have stopped it! Even though there’s nearly no one who could see everything even among the other Heroes!]


Kusakabe is yelling. Seems like he really didn’t use anything other than his sure win pattern. I honestly think I’m glad I didn’t participate in the fight. It’s too uninteresting. If I end up fighting someone like him, then I feel like I may end up unintentionally finishing him off.


[Well, it is certainly quick but it’s not at a speed where we can’t respond to it after all.]

[You really think there’s something stupid like that!? A dropout couldn’t possibly do something like that! You can’t possibly be this strong despite not even being a Hero! I’m sure you must have been cheating!]


Well, I can’t really deny that though.


[So, what will you say if I am cheating?]

[I, I’m sure the you will receive divine punishment from the Goddess! It’s impossible for a cheating bastard who opposes Heroes and Eludia to not receive punishment from the Goddess!]

[…Are you an idiot? If the goddess can do that, then why didn’t the demon lord receive divine punishment? Why would she make them do something like summoning Heroes and stuff from another world?]


[H- how should I know!? At any rate, don’t get in the goddess and the Heroes’…my way! Just obediently die and hand over that transfer stone! Dropouts shouldn’t be able to fight! You are going to die first!]


This time Kusakabe goes to slash at me who’s far away, but that didn’t turn out well. It’s because the arrow Mio fired is approaching Kusakabe. Kusakabe avoids it in a rush, but Mio only intended to keep him in check from the beginning and where he avoided towards was Maria who moved with <Flash Step>.


[Punishment to the insolent one aiming for Jin-sama!]


Maria says and deeply cuts at Kusakabe’s flank. She seems to have decided to give him a severe wound herself, thinking that it’s fine as long as she hands over the finishing blow to Cattleya. Well, me being aimed at should be the no 1 reason for her though.


[Ughhh! It huurts~~~!]


Kusakabe tries to take distance while shouting, but due to him avoiding Maria and the others and approaching me instead, he ended up being restricted in the direction he can take distance to.

Sera, who predicted where he would escape to, swings her weapon before he arrived. By avoiding that, Kusakabe gets surrounded by Cattleya, Maria and Sera. On top of that, <Acceleration> loses its effect in that timing.


[Damn it! Why am I looked at with those kind of eyes!? Wouldn’t I be able to make beautiful memories as a Hero if I came here!?]

[So you came to Estia for that stupid reason. I’m shocked beyond words.]

[Ah~, Cattleya. There’s no need to go out of your way to listen to that guy’s speech you know.]


[His gift has a time limit and cooldown. He’s just talking to us in order to kill away the cooldown time. So I suggest you attack him without listening to his rant.]

[So that was how it is. No wonder why I thought his speech was really long…]


Cattleya seems to understand it. It’s because he’s been speaking for a long time each time he crosses swords. It’s repetitive, so it isn’t hard to notice that.


[H-How did you…?]

[I don’t have an obligation to tell you that.]


I’m certain it is his <Conversational Skill> skill. In a sense you could call it a tactic that meshes well with his skill and gift, but honestly speaking, it’s worthless.


[Look, 10 seconds have already passed. What’re you going to do next?]



Being given the spoiler, he finally seems to have run out of cards to play. He just stays there groaning without making a move.


[H-Hey! Yo- you’re not really planning on killing me right!?]

[What are you saying this late…? I said we’re here to kill you from the beginning didn’t I?]

[B- but still, I’m a fellow student from the same school you know!? What are you going to say once we return to our former world!?]


Kusakebe cries out as if he recalled it. If we’re stopping for that kind of reason, then it would’ve been an argument to not come here to kill in the first place.


[Nothing? There’s no need to say anything either right? Since nobody knows what we’ve been doing on this side.]


It’s about whether or not we can return in the first place. I’m not thinking about something naive like returning together with the Heroes. Not that I feel like returning either.


[Beside, Cattleya will be the one to kill you, not me.]

[P-Princess Cattleya! Yo- you’re just kidding about killing me aren’t you!? I-it’s just a misunderstanding! The words “I love you” I said before were no lies!]


As a reaction to my word, Kusakabe immediately pleads with Cattleya.

Cattleya’s face is not showing any expression. She is extremely angry I guess.


[Jin-sama, would it be fine if I kill him already? Listening to this man’s nonsense forever is agonizing, so…]

[Sure, no problem. Do what you want, Cattleya.]


Having listened to the conversation between me and Cattleya, Kusakabe started looking pale. Cattleya approaches him step by step.


[Do- don’t come closer…]


Kusakabe says and he tries to use <Acceleration> and slipped through between Maria and Sera. Of course, they won’t allow him to do that.


[[Not a chance (wa)!]]


Sera puts her shield forward and when he stopped his movement for a moment, Maria kicks him away.




Maria must have aimed for it, but Kusakabe who was kicked away got exactly in front of Cattleya.


[This is the end!]


Cattleya stabs her sword in the stomach of Kusakabe who lost his balance. Kusakabe collapses and Cattleya falls down from the momentum.



[Did she do it!?]


Stop it Mio. Don’t you raise a strange flag.


[D-Damn it… In a place like this…]


The flag is safely broken as the collapsed Kusakebe’s HP drops to 0 and his death is confirmed.


[It is over… Oniisama, I have avenged you.]


Cattleya feebly mutters while sitting down on the spot. Her  dark resolution has disappeared from her eyes and it doesn’t seem like anything is reflected there.


To be accurate, what killed Cattleya’s brother Julius was a volcano golem and not Kusakabe, but him sending her brother to his death means the same thing I guess.

Come to think of it, she hadn’t uttered even a single complaint towards the Volgano Golem. It’s probably because she understood that it’s a matter of course to be injured against a monster in the dungeon and she must have prepared herself for it. It’s a dungeon that includes some irregular events after all. But then again, it doesn’t look like she intends to pardon an irregular event like being betrayed by a teammate…


While I’m thinking about that, a white hazy thing rises up from Kusakabe’s corpse.


Name : Garbage  (祝福の残骸: Gift’s remains)

Note : Details unknown


When I try appraising it, I only understood the fact it’s called Garbage(Gift’s remains). Judging from its name, it should have something to do with gifts. I’ve snatched away the skills from Kusakabe’s corpse, but only his gift remained. But the gift has disappeared from Kusakabe’s status right now.


The garbage approaches Maria while flickering.


[W-What is this!?]


Maria instinctively distances herself with a backstep. When Maria separated from a certain distance, it approaches Cynthia this time.


[Cynthia! Step back!]

[Y-Yes nanodesu!]


I shout and Cynthia also distances herself from the garbage. It flickers on the spot for a while, but it suddenly starts to move and approaches Maria.


[Maria! Put it in <Inventory>!]



She put away the approaching Garbage in the <Inventory> before it touched her.

It doesn’t seem to be a living being, so we were able to safely put it in <Inventory>, but what in the world could it be?


A: I will analyze it.


Okay. I will leave it to you.


We should be able to learn something if I leave it to Alta.


[Phew, what was that just now?]


Maria, who had taken some distance, approaches us.


[I’ve decided to let Alta analyze it for the time being, but I can make a few predictions from the fact it’s heading towards Heroes.]

[It felt like it was searching for a new host wasn’t it?]


Mio seems to be thinking about something similar.


[That is probably the real form of the gift and when the Hero dies it would transfer to a different Hero, or something…]

[Would I be carrying a gift if I’m touched by that, I wonder… Honestly, I don’t want gifts and the like though…]

[I don’t want a gift either nodesu. Master might end up hating me too…]

[…I don’t want that I guess.]


The two Heroes don’t seem to sense any appeal from the gift either. Well, after seeing me and Sakura’s reaction and Kusakabe, they won’t be feeling even a fragment of appeal for it I guess.


<<I hate that misty like thingy~>>


<<I don’t know but I hate it~!>>


Dora doesn’t seem to like the garbage. Well, it’s not like I’m interested in it either though…

Let’s pat Dora and calm her down for now. By the way, if I pat dora I’ll also calm down. Since it looks like Sakura beside me also decided to pat Dora, I let her pat her too.


[Come to think of it, Sakura. How is it after seeing Kusakabe’s fight? Did it clear your mind? Or did your grudges increase?]


I ask Sakura the things I’ve been curious about. How must Sakura be feeling after seeing the Hero’s fight and death in practice?


[Let’s see… I thought I’d hate it when I saw it personally, but any more of my emotions didn’t really come out. Even when I saw him die, it didn’t change much from when thieves and such die.]


I’ve watched her while Kusakabe was fighting, but she certainly didn’t show any particular emotion. And it was the same with the scene of Kusakabe dying.


[I think it’s probably because I’m happy now. My feelings were close to grudges before, but now it feels like it has become just a bad memory.]

[Well, I’ve only heard bits and pieces, but I think it’s natural to resent them. If that decreased, or rather ended then I’ll be as happy as I can be you know.]


If you’re happy now, then painful events from the past would fade to a certain extent. Of course, it may not completely disappear.


[Thank you very much. This is also thanks to you travelling together with me, Jin-kun.]

[Hey, don’t worry about it. I’ve told you that many times over didn’t I?]



It looks like she had chats with Sakuya often when we were in Kastal and there should be other people with whom she could call friends. If Sakura’s negative emotions are reduced by travelling with me, then that’s something to be happy about.


We were surprised at the end by the garbage, but since we achieved our goal which is defeating the Hero, there aren’t many things I should do in this place anymore.


[Cattleya. What are you going to do with your arm and your burns?]


One of them is Cattleya’s treatment. Because it will be lots of trouble doing it outside with all the attention from the public. If we’re going to cure her, then it should be done stealthily inside the dungeon.


[…May I have them healed?]


Cattleya answers after thinking about it for a bit.


[You’re sure about that right?]



I cast “Revive” and cure Cattleya’s wounds. When the light from “Revival” fades, a girl was there with no traces of burns left anywhere, a girl so beautiful the eyes of everyone would chase after her whenever she walks on the road. No, it’s Cattleya though…

Originally Cattleya was a girl whose features appear somewhat childish despite being 15 years old and she, if pushed to say, holds a fragile impression. Her blue hair is grown a little below her shoulders and has a slight wavy hairstyle.

Naturally her arm is restored as well, she curiously clenches and unclenches her fist over and over.

Sakura hands her a mirror to let her check her face and such as well.


[I am really completely recovered… It is amazing…]

[We can’t hide this, so let’s go with us having used our treasured secret medicine.]

[Actually, we can even cure it with Midori’s secret medicine can’t we…]


Well, as Mio said, damage can be cured even with Midori-made secret medicine. It’s just that we can do it with ‘Revive’ so there’s hardly any advantages to go out of our way to make her produce it.


[Eh? Is that true?]

[…Well, I guess. Even without “Revive”, we have secret medicines that can cure it.]

[I have never heard of it before, but would that not be a fairy tale…]

[It’s true. More accurately, it’s called “Soma”, but I’ve confirmed that my subordinate dryad can make it you know.]

[Why do you possess two means of curing loss of limbs…? Just that alone will give you as much wealth and prestige as you like…]

[Well, I have no intention to do that though…]


I have no plans to do an official announcement of the scope of our powers, including ‘Revive’. However, ‘Revive’ is too useful, so propagating society by using some kind of cover could be alright. Well, it’s not a subject to talk about right now, so let’s leave that behind.


[I understand. Then, so we go with having used that Soma and a talk of compensation comes up, what will you do? Honesty, I don’t believe it will end with a sum of money I can pay personally, alright?]

[Oh, that’s simple. You can just say I fancied you, Cattleya. It’s not strange to use a valuable thing to someone they fancy right?]

[But, that is a proposal if you think about it normally. At the very least I believe the surrounding people will judge it that way…]


It sure won’t be strange if they take it that way. Because you wouldn’t go as far as using the valuable Soma to someone if they aren’t someone you like.


[And being healed means that I too should appear to have acknowledged that.]


Curing as much as can be cured and then feigning ignorance afterwards is quite difficult. If she does that, then no doubt she would appear as a wicked woman supported by men.


[That said, I have no intentions of being adopted into Estia’s royal family though.]

[Well, if you want to be a king, Sakuya-chan would immediately reply and make you king of Kastal if you tell her. Ah, the queen is the ruler so you may become a king consort though.]


As Sakura said, Sakuya declared she was “Currently accepting proposal at any time”. When I asked a nearby authority if something like that is fine, we got the OK. Are you fine with that, queendom?


[D-Don’t tell me, in addition to me, you have subdued even the queen of Kastal into one of your subordinates!?]

[Yeah, I haven’t told you that have I? That’s right, The queen of Kastal Sakuya-chan is Master’s faithful servant!]


Mio explains to the shocked Cattleya. But “Faithful servant” is also an exaggerated way of saying it. If you want to call anyone a “Faithful Servant” by any means, then Maria comes into mind. The runner up is Lusia. Ah, that’s not good. They’re basically nothing but believers…


[T-That far!]

[Of course, Sakuya-chan will listen to anything if it’s Master’s orders. On top of that there are two more royal family’s women made into subordinates you know? Dora-chan is also one of them.]


Being told this much, Cattleya’s eyes became dots. By the way, 2 people we were talking about are Dora and Yuria. But neither of them possess any authority right now though.


[E-Err, I am a princess, but I will not be installed on the throne. My younger brother is planned to be the next king. You can’t control Estia even if you make me your subordinate.]

[Well, I told you I have no intention to join nor control the royal family, get it? I haven’t given any orders even to Sakuya in relation to her country either…]

[That’s right! Master is only doing a collection of princess and queens after all!]

[Hey, don’t boldly say something that could hurt my reputation!]


I can’t deny that, but saying it boldly isn’t good either. In addition, in front of the person in question…


[I’ve never heard of a collection like that! …But Jin-sama is out of standard, so I guess he could do at least that much… Besides, if it means I will be protected Jin-sama who is far stronger than a Hero, then I should accept at least that much I suppose…]


Cattleya understood after being surprised. Well, in the end Sakuya is borrowing my (and Alta’s) strength after all. Protecting my subordinates is natural even for me…


[There is one thing I want to ask Cattleya.]

[What would that be?]

[How do you think you will be treated afterwards in the case you returned to the castle with your injuries healed? It was about the talk that you would disappear from the front stage because you had injuries wasn’t it?]


To be accurate, she talked about spending her life as a retired person for the two reasons which were her being injured and her killing the Hero. The Hero matters aside, it’s possible that she’s has reconsidered her plans seeing that we have healed her injuries.


[Right… I believe I have lost my issues of turning up for public service. But there is still the matter of having killed the Hero, so I think I will be recommended to retire.]

[Well, if it’s just protecting you from Eludia then it’s not much of a problem though…]

[Yes it’s about that, Jin-sama. I don’t believe it would change anything even if I retire or not since I have been placed under your protection. If they were to break through your protection, then I would meet the same end even if I retire…]


She’s got a surprisingly high opinion of me, hasn’t she?


[I guess so. So, Cattleya, what do you want to do?]

[Yes… I would like to stand on the front stage a little longer. No, I believe it is necessary to stand on the front stage. Oniisama died and the one who could become the heir would only be my younger brother. If under these circumstances even I retire, then all of the responsibilities of public service will end up gathering towards my father and younger brother. I think I should participate in public service and distribute the responsibilities for a while, until my younger brother comes to age at the very least.]


Since only the men have the right to succeed the throne in this country, the next king will be Cattleya’s younger brother. He is 12 years old now, so it means she wants to participate in public services for another three years.


[However, I am already your subordinate. If you say no, then I have no intentions of going against that.]

[I’m not planning on saying that you know. If you wish for it, then you can just participate in official duty as a princess just like you were until now.]

[Is it really okay?]

[Yeah, no problem. I’ve already told you that, but basically I’m not going to give orders that’s related to the country’s administration. As long as there’s no serious trouble…]

[I understand. Then, allow me to continue my public service just like I have been doing until now for only three years, until my younger brother comes of age.]


Cattleya said and she bows very deeply.


[Speaking of which, what should I do in regards to handling the proposal in the end?]


Oh, we’ve gone off-topic by a lot, but we were talking about that from the start.


[Let’s see… There’s too many things we can’t say if we were to explain it accurately after all. I guess we either make up some story or we just bull through it with “No comment”. Going out of our way to mak up a story is troublesome for me, so “No comment” is my suggestion.]

[Would it end with that?]

[Well, I guess they won’t agree to it. Then, have you come up with some story that’s just right?]

[…Let us push through it.]


It seems like Cattleya didn’t come up with any either.

And so, both of us settled for the policy of standing with “No Comment”, disregard any questioning. …Well, it’s a plan where we think them speculating on their own and spreading rumors is inevitable and give up on that.


After that, we decided to put Kusakabe’s corpse etc in <Inventory> and use this opportunity to harvest herbs that are growing en masse.


[Will you be letting Midori-chan eat this?]

[Yeah, she could cultivate them at any time due to <Cultivation> if she eats it.]


The effect of Midori’s <Cultivation> skill is to reproduce the plant she ate by consuming MP. We decided to take the opportunity to collect the dungeon plants, because they’re not in her cultivating repertoire.


<<Dora wants to eat them too~>>

[Well, most of the things here are basically mostly unappetizing you know?]

<<Dora don’t want it~>>


Dora loses her interest easily. Sera seems to have lost her interest by those words as well. …Did you also wanted to eat it?


Name : Mana leaf

Note : Medicinal plant that comprises of large amounts of MP. Can dramatically increase the effects of potions when mixed.


I tried going there because Alta approached me, but I found something good. With this the quality of the potions made by me will increase. Aiming for average store sold quality. …So futile.


We decided to return when we harvested for a while and threw in a good amount in <Inventory>.


I’m digressing, but the potion I made using mana leaves could achieve even 90% effect of store sold quality. 1 Mana leaf is at least 10,000g and with one you could make 5 potions. And 1 potion is around 2,000g… Yup, even if I sell this, it’s a complete deficit. Or rather, to think it’s 90% even with that…

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