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Chapter 3

The Hero reencounters the demon lord



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I paid fifty gold coins to purchase a transfer magic stone and then immediately departed from the city.

A transfer magic stone where you can instantly move to a faraway place is by no means cheap.

Even so, it’s a good bargain for me who has three thousand gold coins.

Time is money.

I’m prioritizing travel time above all else.


After I left the city and went to a forest with no signs of life, I broke the magic stone.

It lets me bring up a clear scenery of a location inside my mind and then it determines the place of destination.

It is a village that’s living quietly in the mountain recesses that I’ve visited only once.

I was wrapped up in the light and then I was instantly transferred to the place that was exactly how I imagined.


“It’s here…”


Being transferred to the village outskirts, I confirm there was nobody around me and then I head towards the village entrance.

The village is enclosed by a wooden fence and monster warding magic stones are spread here and there.

At the entrance stood a guard-like man and he was being vigilant towards me who is approaching him.


“A traveler?”

“No I’m not. I’ve come to migrate to this place”

“Wishing to migrate I see. Do you have something that works as a identification?”


I take out something I picked quite a long time ago called an adventurer’s card and then show it to the man.

An adventurer is an occupation where they make a living diving through labyrinths and hunting monsters.

I’m glad I registered just in case for the sake of earning income while I was hunting monsters with my Hero job.

What’s mentioned in here goes from name to age, rank as adventurer and criminal records.

It’s not possible to falsify it, so it’s ideal as identification.


“Adel, 22 years old … no criminal history I see. Can I take you coming expressly to this village as you being someone hoping for something?”

“Yes. I’m someone hoping to retire”


This village is the sole village for retirement that’s not open to public.

If you wish for retirement, then you can take a part of the grounds of the mountain that’s on the on one side of the village.

Naturally, they will get money and you will get stuck taking part in the villages’ work, but in exchange the people in the village will never sell the people out who wants to retire to the outside.

I’ve normally come in contact with the village, but once you go outside you will be treated as an unrelated person.

By being that thorough, they secure new residents.


“If it’s retirement, then the price for a plot of land is five hundred gold coins. Can you pay?”

“Yes I can. And while I’m at it, I’d like to build a house too”

“In that case it’ll be a total of fifteen hundred coins”


――It’s cheaper than I guessed, but would that be fine?

No, if it has a wall and roof and can keep out the rain and wind in the worst case, then anything is fine with me.

I take out fifteen hundred gold coins from my magic bag and handed it over.


“Good, let’s have you start right away then. First, go greet the village head.”

“Thank you very much”

“Lastly, my name’s Dian. I’m the village guard. There may be times where I will have you take part in hunting monsters seeing that you’re a former adventurer. Let’s get along from now on then.” ( ディアン;Dian)

“Yes, I look forward to working with you sir”

“We’re already village comrades, no need to be polite.”

“Well then… Once again. I’m Adel, nice to meet you.”

“Yeah. Welcome, to the village of the end”


I exchange handshakes with Dian and then enter the village.

The village was lively; various people were coming and going, holding produce and farm tools.

I exchanged greetings with a few people, but I haven’t encountered people who is aware of my true nature.

In order for my current location to not be known by the demons, neither my name nor appearance was made public.

My existence and activity propagated, but the ones who know my real appearance are only the higher ups of the empire.

Still, it doesn’t mean that I am completely hidden, so danger would follow me around in a large city.

I’m glad I discovered the existence of this village by chance.


After a little while I finally reach the front of a house.

The house of the village head should be here, but…


“Oh? Are you a new resident?”

“Yes. I’m hoping to retire here.”

“Is that so, is that so. You got a lot of things happening despite being this young eh?”


Who called out to me was an old person with a cane.

――With a glance I notice that this old man is not an ordinary person

He’s a soldier, no doubt about it.

You can consider him having the abilities of a magician class in the Hero party.

I felt that much magic power.


“Sorry in being late in saying this. I am the head of this village, Adler. Nice to be meeting you”

“I’m Adel. Nice to meet you sir”

“I’m very grateful that a young man has come… Now then, I’ll guide you to your plot right away”

“Alright, thank you very much”


Adler began walking towards the mountain that is at the back of the village.

When I walked behind him, I witnessed several houses hidden in the mountains.

Perhaps each of them are retiring just like me.

There seems to be people who are beginning to work outside, but I was a little surprised seeing certain people.


“Surprised aren’t you? There are demons and demihumans here”

“You accept any kinds of races don’t you?”

“As long as they have identification papers and money that is. The identification papers are for our trust and the money is, though there’s also the land and construction price, half of it is our hush money from you all”


I see, it means they will absolutely not spread rumors of your existence to the outside because they received that money.

You can have confidence in money above all else.

In whatever kind of land, that seems to be commonplace.


“――Oh, we are here. Your land is here my boy”


The place Adler guided me was far and wide in itself and flat despite being in the mountains.

The place that can become cultivated land was maintained and it’ll be perfect if there’s a house here.


“I will ask again, but you have paid money didn’t you?”

“Yes I did. I paid it to Dian”

“In that case shall I build a house here too then?”


I was surprised by Adler’s words, but I was also surprised of the fact his magic power poured out in that instant.

He’s trying to invoke black magic, but I’ve never experienced the flow of this magic power.


“――Wood House”


When he proclaimed the name of the black magic, a change occurred on the plot of land that should have been empty.

Suddenly, several trees and shrubs began to grow and that constructed a single shape.

In a few seconds a brand new bungalow was made.


“Phew… Something like this I suppose”

“Mr Adler… You’re――No, prying into things isn’t allowed right?”

“That’s right. The people who have been in this village from the beginning are utterly ignorant and will not get involved with the people with retirement wishes anymore than necessary. This is law. I will not get involved with your situation either. Doing so is frankly self-centered”


I’m curious as to what kind of person Adler is, but in order to live here it’s forbidden to pry into things.

If I can live peacefully then that will be fine, even for me.

I won’t wish for more.


“I’ve taken the liberty to put in some simple furniture. If you’re fine with old ones, I’ll have a bed delivered to you afterwards”

“That would help me. I’d like a bed too, so could I receive it?”

“Alright then. I’ll hand over some crop seeds later on. Because you’ll basically be bartering if there’s something you want in this village… That or labor I guess. With your youthfulness, you may be able to work as a guard or a soldier”

“Work like Dian?”

“That’s right. We had another mercenary, but he’s aged and retired. Right now Dian is in charge of it alone, but I would’ve liked someone to take his place before the burden on him becomes bigger.”

“If that’s how it is then let me cooperate in this too. I do have confidence in my skills after all.”

“Ooh, I’m grateful for that. I will tell that to Dian as well.”


“Now okay then” muttering these words, Adler began descending the mountain.


“First, check the inside of your house. Doing your greetings to the villagers later is fine”

“ … Thank you for everything”

“Hrm. You can rely on me if you have any troubles. In the worst case I will just listen to your story if it isn’t in the dead of night. Also――Properly heal what’s inside that robe of yours okay?”


Leaving those words behind, Adler left.

Being left behind, I decided to enter the house for now.


“Who is he really, that elderly man”


The interior of the house is too beautiful and is shaped like processed lumber.

The desk, chairs, shelves and storage.

All in all, the design is not bad.


“Well… it’s fine”


I sit on the chair and briefly drop down the luggage I brought.

And then I take off the robe I have on.

My body has a deep lacerated wound from my shoulder to stomach.

This was inflicted by the demon lord.

Red flesh can be seen, but the bleeding stopped.

A Hero’s body is sturdy; I won’t die as long as my head isn’t blown off and my heart isn’t penetrated.

The bleeding will immediately stop and broken bones will immediately get attached.

Although there were times I resented my undying body, I won’t even need a body this reliable if I’m going to be living an ordinary life.


“Alright, it’s my fresh start”


Not a Hero, but an ordinary Adel is here.

My life as a common man begins in this place.


What was likely to threaten such common life was an event five days from here.


“Adel, can I ask you to do something for a bit?

“What’s wrong? Dian”


Several days passed since coming here. I’ve finally grown accustomed to life.

I succeeded in cultivating my land and nowadays I’m raising several crops.  

It’s exactly five days today.

When I went out of my house thinking “shall I work on the field today too?” I was caught by Dian.


Today my daughter has gotten ill, you see. I’ll be going to pick up medicine in the forest, but I’d like to ask you to protect the village in the meantime”

“You have a daughter right?”

“An adorable seven year old daughter. And so, can I leave it to you?”


He clasped his hands and asked me, but my answer has already been decided from the beginning.

I’ve had talks about being a village mercenary with the village head Adler too.


“Sure. I just have to stand at the village entrance today for a day right?”

“Thanksies. If a chap comes with hopes of migration, then please take the money after having them identify themselves. Five hundred gold coins for a plot of land, thousand for a house.”

“Got it. You go for the sake of your daughter right away, alright?”


After telling Dian so, he once again gave me his thanks and headed towards outside the village.

Today I was going to try expanding my field, but plenty enough crops have grown now.

I shouldn’t have to tend to it for a while.

I’d like to take on guard jobs sooner or later, so I ought to exert myself and win their trust with this opportunity.


I also descend the mountains and head for the village entrance.

It’s been only five days, but I was able to get a general understanding on the village layout and such.

The result of that is that I’m finally able to reach the entrance without losing my way.


“If I remember correctly, I have to bring out equipment from the storehouse”


The building near the entrance has become a storehouse.

When I opened and entered it, I see many unused farm tools, carpets and the like.

Among them, a number of swords can be found sitting against the wall.

Close to it are equipments like breastplates and it seems they have a complete set in this place.


“It’s a little loose, but… Well, it’s fine I guess”


The size of the worn out breastplate didn’t quite fit me when I tried putting it on.

I ended up thinking poorly of my body, that can’t possibly be called muscular.

Properly speaking it’s a matter of life and death, but it’s not like an intense battle is going to wait for me.

This should be fine for today. I borrow one sword at the end, put it on my waist and head to the entrance.


 ――Nothing to do.


I’ve tried standing at the entrance for a while, but there’s too much free time.

I’m just standing and there’s nothing to do.

So Dian does this every day?

It’s a pain that’s different from farmwork and the like.


“How should I deal with this――”


So I kill time for a while by doing something like practice swinging.

When around an hour lapsed like that, I notice a presence approaching from outside the village.

At the same time, sweat ran through my back.

They hid it as much as they could, but I can completely distinguish it.

I know the reaction of this magic power.


The being that came closer was a petite woman.

On her head grew horns which were symbols of the demon race and her waist-long silver hair was swaying.

I knew it, she’s that woman I know of.


“Excuse me…  I have heard this land shelters people with hopes of retirement, but could that be true? Excuse me for not saying this earlier. I am called Demon lord Isvel. I hope to retire――――!? Y-you!” ( イスベル; isuberu)


“The Hero!?”

“The Demon lord!?”

““Why are you in a place like this!?””


The voice of me and the girl resounded.

We mutually revealed our hostility, stood ready and glared at each other.


““Did you chase after me all the way to this place!?””

In less than a week, my common life of retirement is about to be threatened.




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