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Chapter 68

Sky god’s attack



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“ … How overwhelming.”


So Levia muttered in regards to the spectacle spread before her eyes.


“Is that all human? Hey, try standing up.”



Gaia had her knees on the floor of the throne room.

She glared at Desastre looking down at her in front of her, but her body was numb and could not move.


“Even telling the current you to stand up is harsh is it… Someone who could receive my lightning and move decently does not… Ah, there is Setsu for one.”

“He is an exception you know.”

“I suppose that is true as well. Cough! Someone who could receive my lightning and move decently does not exist.”


Due to her correcting herself she had lost some of her majesty, but what she said was true.

In reality, Gaia who received lightning to her body immediately after the battle started could not fight properly.

If one were to speak what she could do at best――――――――


“Don’t… get carried away!”


She could do nothing other than producing rocks with <Earth Magic> like this and release them towards Desastre.

Human-sized rocks appeared in mid-air and flew at high speed by Gaia’s magic.

Those completely caught Desastre’s position.


“That does not work”


However, such simple attacks could not pass through the demon king.

*crackle crackle* Her whole body began to discharge electricity and a transparent membrane like substance expanded around her.

The membrane emitted electricity and discharged the instant a rock touched it.

Gaia turned her eyes away from the excessive light, but the rocks lost their energy in the meantime and fell on the floor without hitting Desastre.


“<Thunder Veil> … it’s an impenetrable magic that turns physics ineffective you see? Shallow attacks won’t be able to crush it you know.”



Gaia groaned towards Levia’s words.

Since a while ago she had done several of these shots, but the attacks showed not even some signs of piercing it.


“In that case then this! <Stone Hammer>!”

“Gh! …Oh.”


Desastre looked above her head and raised a voice of admiration.

What appeared above her head was a gigantic stone hammer.

She could see that the floor of the room would disappear if it hits like that.


“If you can stop this, then you will be crushed by its mass like that!”

“<Thunder Veil> certainly can’t defend against that… but.”


The stone hammer collided with Desastre’s <Thunder Veil>.

Once again it emitted electrical discharge.

And by that, the hammer stopped its movement instantly.



“Look! Get crushed by it like that!”

“ …”


In accordance to its mass, the hammer began falling down.

Just before she was crushed, Desastre smiled sneeringly.


“The concept is not bad, but… you won’t reach me with this.”


Desastre caught the stone mass with one hand.

Together with heavy sound, the stone completely stopped its movement.


“No way…”

“Did you think that I, the demon king, could not even do hand to hand combat?”


Even if there were people who challenged she who was also called the ruler of demons and was close to reaching her, there were none who could actually reach her.

Even if she could not reach the beast king with simple physical ability, Desastre had enough strength to fight normally with him when she is strengthened by magic power.


“<Thunder Lance>”


Desastre released a spear of lightning from the hand that was holding the stone and broke through the lump of rock.

Seeing the wreckages of her own magic scattered about nearby, Gaia reflexively bit her lips.


“Now then… is it my turn to attack now?”


Desastre’s golden hair became an even deeper in color and sounds of crackling was raised.

And then she calmly pointed one hand towards Gaia.


“<Thunder Serpent>”


Released from that hand was a disorderly moving lightning.

It moved freely through the air and on the ground and moved towards Gaia.


“Ugh! <Wall Guardian>!( 土壁の巨兵ウォールガーディアン; earth wall giant soldier) ”


Gaia deployed magic at once. It created a large Golem made of soil before her eyes.

The lightning hit it from the front and sides and vanished together with a thunderous sound.


“Ooh, you handled that well…. But, how about this?”


Desastre pointed that hand towards the sky.


Allow me to return the favor! <Thunderbolt>! ”



Gaia noticed a large thundercloud had appeared above her head.

And then she also noticed she would no longer be on time to fire some magic.


“You will die if you don’t avoid it.”


From the thunder clouds which continued to make thunderous sounds, an extra large thunderbolt was released.

A thunderous shock and impact resounded in the room.

That impact was so fierce that Levia, who had been watching at a distance, reflexively averted her eyes.



“… I thought… it was a direct hit.”

“Haa… haa…”


Even so, Gaia was alive.


“Hrm, so you undid the numbness just before it and managed to evade it on time. You are rather difficult to deal with.”


Gaia reflexively clicked her tongue from Desastre who made just a somewhat disappointed face.

Although her barely avoiding it was good, her whole body was quite hurt by the thunderbolt’s explosion-like impact she received nearby.


“Haah… Even though I may be fighting that Setsu or something person… To think I have to use it in this place… *sigh*, how difficult.”

“… What did you want to say?”

“That I’ll go serious for a bit too!


The quality of magic power Gaia possesed changed.

The refined magic was larger than the time she handled earth magic, and also hotter.


“It looks like there’s a kid who can use similar magic to mine among the summoned Heroes, but… I have to show him the original user you know.”


From the under her feet, something simmering and boiling oozed out.

That something burned away the carpet that was spread out on the floor in the blink of an eye and threw up the room temperature.


“… Lava is it”

“Correct~! My magic was unique, but its ability isn’t that different from Unique magic, you better not be careless.”


While saying so, Gaia released a lump of lava with one hand.


“It’s futile.”


Naturally that was defended by the <Thunder Veil>.

However, Gaia already unleashed a new technique.


“I can at least know something of this level isn’t good! That’s why… I do this!”

“Ugh… Again doing something bothersome…”


Reflected before Desastre’s eyes was a scene of a wall of dark red lava drawing near her.

No, it was not a wall.


“<Magma Wave>! How about it? You can’t avoid it right?”



Certainly as Gaia had said, there was nowhere to escape to.

The tidal wave of lava reached to the high ceiling of the throne room and was completely closed from one wall to the other.


(Levia behind me should be able to do something about it with water. So the problem is I… as expected even <Thunder Veil> can’t defend this mass)


Desastre was calm.

Trembling was simply unfitting for a ruler, but it was as if she was a different person from the frail self when Setsu disappeared.


(It would be difficult to escape. In that case…)

“Hey, are you alright?”

“Worry not Levia, you worry about yourself.”


Desastre glared at the tidal wave of magma approaching before her eyes and spoke a certain magic.






That time, Gaia who was on the opposite side of the wave, was half convinced of her victory.

At the very least this attack would deal damage to her enemy.

If that was the case, then even the demon king should have trouble fighting.


(Now then… How will it turn out?)


So she thought that time.

Suddenly a portion of the magma wave bursted open.

Lacking time to be surprised, Gaia noticed an impact from her flank.


“――――――――Unpreparedness is one’s greatest enemy.”



Her whole body clad in electricity, Desastre was there, sinking her fist in Gaia’s flank.

Unable to understand what happened, she was blown away to the side like that and rolled on the ground.


“What… is…?”


Gaia rolled until she struck the wall and while she clung onto the wall she somehow stood up.

She understood the fact she was sent flying from the place she stood moments ago and Desastre was standing at this moment.

The problem was, how did she break through the magma wave?

The magma wave struck on the floor about this time, melting the stone floor.

She would still understand if she was approached after the magma wave disappeared just like now.

However, Gaia heard the sound of something bursting open.

…Upon closer look, Desastre was full of burns all over her body.

With the sound from before and seeing her body, Gaia somehow guessed it.


“You can’t mean… You broke through that with all your strength?”

“Quick-witted aren’t you. That is right. It was unexpectedly thick, I was surprised you see. I thought I was in danger for a moment”


Desastre broke through the lava wave with magic that would transform her body to lightning for just a moment.

The sound of explosion before was the sound of that moment.

However the wave was thicker than she thought, and what caused her to be frightened must be the fact <Electrification> was about to expire.


(… This is bad. My ribs are broken)


Conversely, Gaia was made to stand in a predicament by Desastre’s attack.

Unlike the other black robes, Gaia did not receive any body modification.

That was because she was a being called the Earth God and because Touma expressly brought her along from another location.

Being called an Earth God meant she was by far stronger than ordinary human beings, but if her wound recovery is not quick, then she would not have many internal organs and neither would her skin be durable.

And above all, she could not use recovery magic.

If she could not overcome this situation and join her allies, then she could never recover her bone fractures.


As for Desastre, she had already healed most of her wounds.

Demons originally had high vitality and their healing ability is even higher.

If it is minor injuries then it would be cured in several seconds.


(In order to beat that person… I can only settle it with one attack)


Gaia had plainly reached her limit in this offense and defense.

She was feigning appearance, but the damage on her broken ribs were considerable.

On top of that, the pain that was eating into her body recalled her certain events and was driving her into a corner even mentally.


(Geez… don’t make me remember what I don’t want to)


Gaia fervently shook her head, but she was unable to clear away just those memories in any way.




The girl was born in an ordinary household.

Back in those days the strength as an earth god was hidden inside her body and as such she spent a peaceful and good life is what even the current Gaia thought.

That time she spent her time like usual as well… was what she thought.


“Hey! Pack her in right away!”


“Hmm! Hmm!”


Gaia who was sunbathing in the garden of her house was brought to a horse carriage by the hands of men who suddenly appeared and was abducted with vain struggle. The destination where she was taken to was… the slave market.


“Re-, return me to where my mom is!”

“Right, what shall we do with the aforementioned slave?”

“Ah… deliver that one to the <Terran Company>. They’re doing human subject research or something over there right? They may need those you know”


Gaia complained towards the slave dealer who abducted her.

Even if she continued to be ignored, until her voice went hoarse, until just before she was sold, she continued to shout with hoarse voice.


And then, right before she was sold, one of the slave dealer’s associates finally responded to her.


“Do you want to go home that much?”

“O-, of course!”

“Kukuku… you’re also a pitiful brat. You don’t have a home to go back to. You see, you――――――――were sold by your real parents.”



Gaia’s house was, at a glance, a regular house.

However, the country’s taxes increased and the family finance was in dire straits.

It was doubtful whether they could even eat tomorrow.

And there, both parents――――――――sold her own daughter, Gaia.


After she being bought by a noble, Gaia recalled the time she was kidnapped while laying on the bed in order to become the pervert noble’s plaything.

That time, her parents were watching her from inside the house.

She merely thought they would watch over her.

She saw them, that’s why she thought they would immediately search for her even if she were to be kidnapped.


“But… it was wrong.”


Murmured the little slave girl, dressed in underwear on top of a high-grade bed.

Those eyes were not eyes watching over their child, those were eyes to ascertain their child was properly abducted.


“It would’ve been fine… if they just die.”


Spontaneously a curse left her mouth.

At that time, her heart was already controlled by hatred.



“Listen to what I say! You slave!”

“Sor- sorry! Don’t do anything painful!”

“If you don’t want me to do it, then move like I told you! Who do you think is feeding you!”


The noble who bought Gaia kicked her stomach.

It made bone breaking sound.


“Ow… It hurts…”

“Hmph! I’ll enjoy myself in the night just like always. I’m looking forward to it.”


Leaving those words, the noble left.

Gaia moved to the corner of the room while crying and put herself on the wall in order to take even a little comfortable posture.

No longer was there any place on her body that hadn’t been injured.

She must also have a fever, since she felt dizzy as well.


“Just die… everyone… just die…”


Until the noble came back in the evening, Gaia single mindedly continued to murmur like she was cursing them.


Spending such living, several years passed.

And then on a certain day after several years――――――――――――


“Ple-please stop! It was wrong of me, so!”

“Even when I told you to stop… you never stopped for me did you?”

“It really was wrong of m――――――――”


The sound of something being crushed reverberated across the neighborhood.


“ … This is fine right? Master Touma.”

“Yep, good work there.”


Gaia destroyed the head of the noble who thoroughly turned her into his plaything with her fist clad in stone.

With Touma, who suddenly appeared in front of her, destroying the slave contract and teaching her the way to use her power, Gaia had finally once again gained her freedom.


“I feel guilty of saying something like this just when you’re free again, but… I need you. Will you cooperate with me?”

“Of course! You’re my hero Master Touma! If it’s for you I’ll do anything!”

“Really… Thank you.”


Touma embraced Gaia.

With just that, her heart felt fulfilled.

She loved this man who saved her and needed her.



“For the sake of Master Touma… I can’t lose.”


Gaia slowly pushed out her hands in front of her chest.

Ignoring the pain on her bones, she poured all of the magic she currently has into her hands.


“Can you defend this I wonder? Miss Demon King.”

“… Hoh, try me human.”

She concentrated all of her magic powers into her palms.

Towards the accumulation of enough magic power to shake the earth, Desastre reflexively shuddered.


(To think she possessed this much magic power…)


She grew excited.

Desastre finally deemed Gaia a formidable enemy.


“Come at me… I will break everything.”



Gaia firmly stepped on her feet.


And then――――――――――


“<Gaia Cannon>!”


What was fired was a current of lava.

That which was scaled to swallow a person in the blink of an eye approached Desastre while melting the floor.

That much heat and power did this attack possess.


“Go die!”

“It’s not a bad attack… however.”


Before anyone was aware of it, Desastre was holding a bow.

<Tonnerre Arco>(天神の魔弓トネールアルコ; Sky god’s magic bow) ――――――――――――This bow was a special weapon that was constantly stored in a personal airspace that she created with magic.


“Frankly, it is a let down.”


An arrow made of lightning was drawn by Desastre’s hand.

The magic stone embedded beautiful mould of a bow bent and raised a chafing sound.


“――――――――――――<Zeus Ira Velos>” (雷神一矢ゼウス・イラ・ヴェロス;Thunder god’s arrow)


The arrow was released.

The lava burst open.

The arrow that advanced straight through the center of the lava course, repelled all of it, pierced Gaia’s stomach and broke open the wall behind her.


“Ga… hah… no, no way…”

“The fact that you made me use this bow is something you can be proud of.”


Gaia, while throwing up blood, moved back staggeringly. However no longer was there a wall for her to push her back on.




Gaia missed her footing and was thrown outside from the broken wall.

Desastre saw that silently with her own eyes and turned around.

Behind her stood Levia, watching slightly regretfully towards the opening Gaia fell through.


“ … Did she die?”

“Perhaps, I suppose. This room is on a higher floor than one would expect. Without any magic power, she will hardly escape harm.”



Levia briefly stayed silent and continued to look at the opening Gaia fell through.


“Goodbye… my little sister”




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