Hiki-NEET Vol 7 Idle talk 6

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Vol 7 Idle talk 6

7-18 Yuuji’s sister Sakura, having a talk with George and his friend Lewis


The 7-18 means that this idle talk happened around the time of volume 7 Chapter 18 (it doesn’t exist but you know)



‘I’m home~. Huh? Has someone come over?’


Los Angeles, USA.

Speaking voices entered the ears of Sakura who returned home from attending the gym on her day off.


‘George? Huh? Is he in his room?’


Even though it’s not often for him to leave his luggage in the living room and to go to his room even when a friend comes over, this is unusual. While thinking so, Sakura headed to George’s room.

It seemed his friend and CG developer Lewis had come to his room.

Together with a 27 inch large monitor integrated PC.


‘Eh? Hello, George and Mr Lewis? What is that PC?’


Two PCs lined up on George’s office desk. With a 27 inch monitor, it was a popular model for developers. They were wholly identical, but before Sakura went out there was certainly supposed to be only one that George was using.


‘Aah Mrs Sakura, welcome home! I’ve come to visit! Oh this one? I’ve bought it! More importantly, please look! This photo! Mr. Yuuji is uploading new photos after returning from the city! The disordered townscape and the therianthrope models and fashion! It’s amazing! No really, my power of imagination still has long ways to go, I guess! You really can’t make light of the other world!’


The excited Lewis talked to Sakura like a machine gun. Hesitating where she should retort to, Sakura demanded assistance from George with her eyes.


‘Hey Sakura, look at this. It’s amazing, this disorder. Even the color scheme, they’re just doing whatever they like without any uniformity and yet it has balance when you see the whole picture. Does light green add up to purple? It’s insane, right!? But it’s beautiful!’


It appeared she was unable to gain assistance from George.


‘So? What happened, you two?’

‘What happened you say. In order to talk about your brother Mr. Yuuji and to look at his photos, I also prepared my PC! The two of us are also checking the BBS you know! Oh right, if you’re here then you can even translate it for us can’t you!? Ah, won’t you teach me the Japanese language? The translation software isn’t very easy to understand you see… No really, aren’t our circumstances here the best!?’

‘Mr. Lewis… What about work?’

“Oh… Mrs. Sakura. Are you telling me to work and miss this hot topic? Please drop the jokes that’s as dull as the germans, okay!?’


Apparently this man left his job and spent all his time on Yuuji. Quite the free spirit. However, if one had Lewis’ skills, tastes and achievements, then one would have room for re-employment once they were inclined for work. He had many admirers. In spite of him being a nerd, a moody and free person who was also hard to handle.


*sigh* Sakura grandly sighed, renewing her mood. She seemed to have given up on Lewis. And thus it was ten years since Sakura came to the US. She had gotten familiar with the American’s prided national jokes. The know-how to cope with that is but one. Which was to ignore it.


‘George… You’re fine right?’


Sakura began to ask George, her husband and associated partner. If he were to tell her he was resigning, then it would be a crisis to the family finances. Her family will also be in a crisis.


‘I’m fine Sakura. … By the way, what does this mean? I get they’re trying to decide on  the village’s name, but even the names everyone had been proposing was translated. It’s hard to understand.’


George who was touching his smartphone looked up and answered Sakura that he was fine. It was uncertain whether or not he had heard the conversation.

‘What is this, I’ve never heard of a ‘fine’ this uneasy. Get a grip, geez, you’re not an Italian’ Sakura murmured in complaints. She was using a national joke while she was unaware. Sakura had been completely Americanized.


‘Err, this is Yuuji village. Kotarou village, Alice-chan village. You know Nihon, Fujiyama, Samurai and Ninja right?’


George’s own room. Two 27 inch PCs were lined up. One was displaying the BBS in English by using a translation tool and the other in raw Japanese.

While pointing on the monitor, Sakura explained the details written on the BBS. This woman was, for no special reason, in high spirits.

The eyes shone of the two men who heard Sakura’s words.


‘Sa- samurai! Ninja! … Mrs. Sakura. As a matter of fact, they’re in Japan even now right? Uh, they pretend to be ordinary people but in fact they were Samurai and such? O- or, Ninja or something… No you don’t mean you…?’


The two men stared at Sakura with eyes brimming with expectation.


‘They aren’t! And I’m not one either, okay!? Mr Lewis, why are you trying to look at my back! I don’t have a shell there, okay!? And that’s something different from the ninja’s of Japan, okay!?’


The turtles were ninja’s but not a ninja. Sakura seemed to have been firmly trained on American comics by her husband George.


‘Really, geez. Secret informations like ninja’s are generally important, so there’s no way they would appear on the surface, you know? Even right now they might be hiding silently though.’


It seems Sakura had been greatly corrupted by the fantasy ninja as well.


‘Ah, they’re asking for our surname. That can certainly be nice. It’s Houjou! and post.”


Sakura ignored the two men, who held their breath and watched attentively, and posted on the bulletin board. George and Lewis stared jealously at Sakura who could do accurate communication in realtime.


‘Alright, Lewis. How about we think of something too! And then have Sakura post it!’

‘Oh that’s nice… Okay, then it’s that I guess. How about Yuuji Of The Dead?’

‘Ooh! Indeed those guys look like they could appear! No, wouldn’t The Walking Yuuji since the latest one be good?’


It seems like they wanted zombies to appear by any means.

But its meaning was already lost.

It became Yuuji who is dead and Yuuji who is walking.

And yet, is English their native language? Sakura stared at the two getting excited with a look of amazement.


‘No, here we add the fact it’s a otherworld fantasy and… how about Castle Rock?’

‘It’s magnificent, magnificent I tell you George! Let’s go with that!’


Let’s go with that, no we won’t.

It was the name of a city that the author of the international best-seller used for his story’s setting.

An uncommon trouble was guaranteed to occur no matter how one thinks about it.


‘No, please wait George. Arkham is also good isn’t it?’


Good isn’t it, no it isn’t.

It was the name of the city the author, who created a cosmic horror trend that continued even in the present days, used as his setting.

A difficult to describe something was guaranteed to come along no matter how one thinks about it.


‘Geez you two. If you’re going to think about one, then think about it seriously. Isn’t Innsmouth good?’


Why are you joining the ride?

While saying something or the other, Sakura seems to have gotten interested in it.


‘Uhmm… It didn’t really have good reactions. I don’t really understand the senses of japanese people.’


The names they took from zombies that were posted by Sakura were not popular by the residents of the bulletin board either. Of course they weren’t. It was because the residents took it as a joke.


‘Isn’t it fine, Houjou village!? Sakura village is a bit embarrassing though…’


Blushing a little, Sakura murmured in a tiny voice out of embarrassment. It was as if it was the facial expression of a girl. She was 32 years old though.


‘Sakura village… In that case, how about Cerisier village?’

‘Cerisier… That’s the cherry tree in french I think?’

‘Oh, George’


Disregarding the words of Lewis who checked its meaning, their gazes became intertwined.

The time, when George and Sakura were friends once. That french language inspired the two to become conscious of each other.

Incidentally, George’s words of proposal was ‘I’d like you to marry me. I will make you bloom, forever.’ (TLN: And then they exploded. The end.)

The cherry tree was the origin of Sakura’s name and the flower was the origin of George’s family name Flores. By marrying him, the words Sakura Flores would take on the meaning of cherry flower.

It was sickly sweet enough for one to vomit sugar. George was a romanticist. I wish he would die.


Receiving George’s feverish eyes, the two stood up and quietly got close. Lewis was ignored. The two were completely in their own world.


‘You know George… Going to another world and all that… I’d like to give up on that.’

‘Eh? Why would you Sakura? Didn’t you want to meet Mr. Yuuji?’


The two locked eyes with each other at point-blank range.


‘I do want to meet my big bro. But you know, more than that… I want a child of you and I George.’


Her head coming together with George’s chest, Sakura softly whispered with wet eyes.

George wrapped his hands around Sakura’s back in silence and slowly began to walk to the bedroom.


‘Excuse me, you two… err, uhm.. The-then, I should go back about now! I’ll come again!’


The words of Lewis, who had unusually read the mood, no longer seemed to enter the ears of the two either.


‘Fuck man, fuck’ Lewis headed towards the car while wildly shouting slangs in a tiny voice.

Incidentally he was single.


That evening, Lewis disappeared in the neon city.


The next day, he seems to have appeared at George and Sakura’s house with a refreshed look however.

What place he went to and what he had done with who last night was uncertain.



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