BFTG-NT Extra Chapter 2 Mio’s situation

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Tl: SpecterZe

ED: Torianna

TLC: Madpinger

Extra Chapter 2 Mio’s situation (TLC:This title is not a spoiler :p)

I was in a room, but I don’t know when I woke up.

Eh? Wasn’t I ran over by a truck? Perhaps I survived, and I’m in the hospital right now? (TL:Spec: Truck-sama again?)(TLC: Truck-sama works for the grim reaper?)

When I look around, I know I’m wrong. This room is clearly not a hospital room.  It’s also obviously not a Japanese room, and the people around here are obviously not Japanese.

I had a bad constitution, so I read a lot of books. It didn’t take much time for me to realize the situation I’m in.

Yeah, I have been reincarnated.

I know that just by checking my own body. My hands… are small. My body… is small, too. My current appearance is that of a one-year-old baby.  I suddenly realize something.  This isn’t good.  It seems I’m in an earlier era than my previous life.

Next is my surroundings. My house is quite worn down, and it doesn’t look like my family is rich. It seems both my parents are here. My father looks so-so, but my mother is a very beautiful woman. I really hope I will look like my mother.

From the looks of it, the letters and language are completely Japanese. It might be a language cheat that’s translating them on its own, but that possibility is low. My parents called me Mio, so that is my name.

Reincarnated people are usually the protagonist of the story. In worst case, they are still the main character. In most cases, they will have unique skill(s) or cheat(s).
In short, I want to have a cheat, too. I still can’t do many things with this appearance, so let’s try it after I become older.

After I became three years old, I could walk and talk normally. I was able to do that since the beginning, but I decided not to do it early because it is unnatural.

I keep the matter of me being a reincarnated person a secret from my family. It is natural because, in the worst case scenario, they would think I took over their child’s body, if I wasn’t careful.

My appearance is the same as my previous life: I have jet-black hair and eyes. It seems I inherited my jet-black hair from my father and my eyes from my mother. I look totally different from my previous self, but I’m glad I still have jet-black hair and iris. As a three-year-old child, it is hard to say if my appearance is good or not.

Well then, let’s confirm my cheat carefully.

First of all, magic. This is a fantasy world where it is natural to have magic. Well, my talent is… Nope, I don’t know how to use magic, at all. I don’t have any books related to that. Even if I want to use magic, I must, regretfully, postpone that.

Next is physical strength. I tried to apply the knowledge of martial arts techniques from my previous world to improve myself. Of course, I don’t have any knowledge about it. Even so, by nature, the potential of my physical ability is quite high.

When I think about it calmly, the body of three-year-old child doesn’t move that well. There are such considerably young protagonists in stories, but it seems I’m not one of them. Damn it! This body is heavy, and it is hard to balance my body while moving around.

Well, I seems I have no cheats in those aspects. But I have modern Japanese knowledge as a cheat. I will make use of that knowledge and rise in this world. Fortunately, I have a lot of knowledge — thanks to my frail body.

However, I discovered a problem. There was something I didn’t take into consideration. I don’t have any knowledge about technology or engineering, at all. Uh… It is unreasonable for three-year-old child to rise suddenly…

After I became eight years old, I was helping my family. I’m proud of my cooking — primarily because of knowledge from my previous world. I grew up with my appearance resembling my mothers. It seems I’m going to be a beautiful woman just like my mother. I’m honestly happy. The chance of me become the protagonist was raised.

I start looking for my cheat power again.

Although I read some books about magic in the village chief’s house and practiced it, it seemed I can’t use magic. Damn it!

The same is true with regards to my physical strength. It wasn’t much different from other eight-year-old children in the neighborhood. This totally crushed my hope of having a cheat. In the end, I had to go back to the cheat of having modern knowledge.

I decided to reveal the first bit of modern knowledge I have. It is mayonnaise. I can’t suddenly make something dangerous, so I chose something that is easy to make with ingredients that are easy to obtain. Of course, I first confirmed that there is no mayonnaise in this world.

By the way, I didn’t plan to earn a large sum of money from this alone. I planned to teach this recipe for a low fee. Making mayonnaise was the first step for other people to recognize my talent. For that reason, I had little-to-no advantage by not monopolizing it.

I succeeded in gathering all the ingredients with help from various people. Fresh ones, of course.

Egg, vinegar and oil. Actually, there are other ingredients for flavor, but they were hard to get. That made me realize how great the convenience store is.

Well then, I actually made mayonnaise. Since I was worried about the hygiene, I gave a warning before letting other people taste it. Uh… It didn’t seem to have a problem.

As a result, it was distributed to everybody in town… and it become popular.

Before I knew it, the amount of mayonnaise I made in one day was completely gone.
As a result, mayonnaise lovers showed up.

A few days later, I was arrested by the guard.

Eh… Why? How? Did you say all the people who ate mayonnaise died? No, that’s impossible! Didn’t I use fresh ingredients? Did they eat too much of the mayonnaise? D-Didn’t you do an investigation because a lot of people are dead? No, they investigated properly. That’s right.  Where are my father and mother? Eh, They’re gone? Was I be abandoned? That’s ridiculous.

So that is why I was branded as a criminal slave. All too suddenly.

Why is this happening? I had already warned everybody who I taught how to make mayonnaise to use fresh ingredients and not to eat too much of it. Why didn’t they listen to my warning? I don’t know.

Was the mayonnaise really a poison? Hmm… It might be possible. This is a different world. The modern knowledge I have might not be useful… I was careless. I should have inspected this before. It’s too late to do anything about it right now…

But it’s all right. If I’m a protagonist, I will overcome this. Fortunately, my appearance isn’t bad. I will be purchased immediately when sold as a slave. This is a battle. It’s to0o early to give up.

But my hope was crushed after I heard the story while I was in the carriage.

First, a criminal slave who was charged with poisoning is not popular. Even if that criminal slave has a good appearance, they are rarely sold, and most of them usually end up in the mines.  I was that kind of slave. I’m not going to be sold like this…

Second (which was actually more fatal), there was the news about the hero-summoning ceremony that was held in the capital. In this world, there was a summoning ceremony in the past. Most of them were Japanese students. Why do I know that? Because you can see a lot of people who have black hair and black eyes for more than ten generations. Well… Why is it a problem? Hmm… It made me think I’m not a hero. At this point, the possibility of me being a hero is very low.

In the case of a hero, they will overcome this. The hope that has been supporting me was destroyed after I heard that. I realized that I’m just a mob character…

I arrived at the slave market. I was put in a hidden, dirty room with no intention of being sold.

Please let me have a chance to present myself before I am sent to the mine.

This place has a bad environment and bad food… Enough to break a person’s mind. The day of impending doom that kept me from sleeping continued to approach. The only time I could sleep was when I fainted from lack of sleep.

Sometimes customers came. A fat, old noble took a quick look at me, but he lost interest as soon as he heard the story from the slave dealer. A criminal slave who had a background with poison is really unpopular.

By the way, it is prohibited for slaves in this room to promote themselves. It is natural that you won’t hear the story from their side. But that didn’t mean I couldn’t. We couldn’t promote ourselves because of the slave mark prohibiting us from doing so. Of course, if I violate the order once, he will use the slave crest to give me actual pain.

In short, it meant that I could only promote myself a few times after I was brought here.

Of course, I didn’t do that, primarily because it is impossible for me to deny the fact that I was a “criminal slave who dealt with poison” with just one remark.

I might be sent to the mine soon. My doom is approaching.

The next day, a customer came to this room while I was thinking. At that moment, I realized that this person is a protagonist. While I’m not a female protagonist, I might be a candidate for the heroine or just a sub character…

He has black hair and black eyes just like me, and his Japanese face and school-uniform-like clothes made me realize he is a hero.

I think: My only chance to survive is to be bought by this person.

I think: I can catch this person’s interest with just a short remark.

I think: I can promote myself to this person.

This is bad. This tone is no good. Stop it. A female protagonist’s tone isn’t for a heroine candidate. I have to change it.. down below my conscious level. You must never return to the former tone. All right, this is good.

Next is to promote myself. Fortunately, as reincarnated person, I can use the fact I was Japanese — just like him — to appeal to him more. I never said this to anyone, but I have to do it in this situation.

But how should I tell him? Just saying, “I’m a reincarnated person,” is no good. It is unlikely that he will understand it. It might be better for me to say something only Japanese people know…

All right, let’s do it…

[Please! Buy me! High school student like onii-san!]

A high school student. It isn’t a concept of this world. It might draw that onii-san’s interest.

[Shopkeeper, what was that girl guilty of? Her appearance doesn’t look bad, so she might be a criminal slave, right?]

The slave dealer answered the onii-san’s question. Great! First stage has been cleared.

[Yes. This girl became a criminal slave because she poisoned the food in her village. This is why I didn’t recommend her as a slave for cooking.]

Uwa~~~~. His purpose is to find someone who can cook. I’m confident. I’m really confident! I was here because the food I made turned bad, and it was treated as poison.

Eh, Onii-san lost his interest. This is bad. This is really bad! I must catch his interest. But, how? What should I do? There is nothing I could use to promote myself. No~~, I will be sent to mine for sure if I don’t do something.

[Wait! I didn’t do that! I…]

[You can’t promote yourself here. Behave!]

The slave dealer ordered the slave crest to give me pain. It hurt. My voice becomes hoarse.

[I didn’t…know…that mayonnaise…was…poison.]

I managed to talk somehow, but it wasn’t an appeal. This was all I could say, so I guess I’m just a mob character, after all.

[Shopkeeper, let her talk.]

Why? Why did you change your mind?

[Is it okay?]

Stupid slave dealer. Don’t say something unnecessary. Oops! My bad.
Slaver dealer. Please stop it. Please don’t say something unnecessary to onii-san.

[Yeah, I don’t mind.]

The slave dealer releases my punishment. I pay attention to Onii-san while gasping for breath.

[Ha, ha,…Is it okay?]

[Yeah, let’s hear about that in detail.]

I didn’t realize it at first, but I got another chance to clear my name about mayonnaise. I decide not to tell him that I’m a reincarnated person. No, he asked that question, but it doesn’t look like he will care whether or not I tell him…

I will die in the mine like a mob character if I miss this chance. I’m going to make him buy me by all means.

[Thank you very much. Please buy me. I will be sent to mine if I stay like this. I will do anything. I will listen to your orders. I can cook. I can help. So, please…]

As a result of my desperation, I succeed… somehow. He also bought a badly wounded beast girl, too.

My intuition was right. After hearing his story, I realized that Master really is a protagonist. This person has a genuine cheat. He is a protagonist, for real.

This world is too harsh for a mob character. For me to live in this world, I have no choice but to become a heroine. Since Master is surrounded by a lot of girls, being a harem member is fine, too. However, I still want to be the main heroine, if possible.

Being a mob character is already unpleasant.


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 *A litle Rant*

I’ll use this occasion (the completion of V1) to give my thanks to SpecterZe and Torianna.  Without these two (and, of course, my own efforts *cough*), we might not have been able to read this WN.  I look forward to continue working with them both to bring all our readers (myself included) more.  Last but not least as the cliche goes,  I’ll be thanking all of our readers without whom, I would lack the motivation to do anything.  **No, really!  If there were not numbers ticking up on the view counter, I’d lose all my motivation:p

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  1. Thanks for the chapter and hopefully you won’t stop translating this novel. For now, this MC is a Rare kind in the anime/manga/novel world. Ruthless toward his enemies and Decisive which is Very Rare for a Japanese Novel.
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    1. Ah, I checked it earlier and it wasn’t, you’ve been busy. I’ll get it added to the queue. Editor-chan said she’d have c18 out later this week, I’ll see if she’ll toss 19 on in with it, time permitting since it’s ready ^.^

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