BFGT-NT Chapter 39

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Chapter 39 The ruins & the vampire


There is a race called ‘vampire’ in this world. More accurately, there are monsters called ‘vampire’. They suck blood from humans and are weak against sunlight. Or rather, they will burn to death under the sunlight. Neither garlic nor crosses seems to work against them. Lastly, driving a stake through the heart would kill most of the living things.


You won’t be turned into a vampire after having your blood sucked, you will just die. Their appearance is hardly any different from typical vampires in other stories. 


Even if their intelligence is on par with humans, they are considered monsters for some reason. If I say that, then dragonewts like Dora being included there is also a mystery though……



Their statuses are high too. Unless you are high rank adventurer, most encounters with any of them will end up in you being killed. Incidentally, they can use magic too. Their forte is <Dark Magic> and <Illusion Magic (New)>. I want those.



Receptionist-san asks me while lowering her head.



[I beg of you! Please accept this request!]


[Please tell me the reason first. We can discuss afterwards……]



She explains while looking kind of uneasy.



[You know the people of this country don’t really do much adventurer’s activity, do you?]


[Yeah, the dungeon is the mainstay in this country, so people would eventually flow towards that side, right?]

[Yes, but not just that. There is an old unspoken rule in this country that explorers should not accept adventurer’s requests. There is also a reason for it, which seems to be that even the most of well-known explorers are likely to die when they accept adventurer’s requests.]


I amazingly happen to know why. <Dungeon Adaptation>……is the reason! Dungeon adaptation compensates explorers when they act inside the dungeon. So in short, it must’ve started from the situation where those explorers accepted adventurer’s requests outside the dungeon; they lost their compensation, their senses went haywire and then they end up dying.


[Thanks to that, the explorers do their utmost to avoid accepting adventurer’s requests. Fortunately, there were hardly any difficult requests. But if a high rank request suddenly shows up just like this time, no one would be willing to accept it. The fact dungeon’s items don’t work also also encourages this action……]


[But, are we just C rank adventurer? Is the rank difference fine?]


[Ugh……, you are right. To recommend this high-rank request like this is an unworthy act for a receptionist. Sorry……]



Receptionist-san is seriously downhearted.

First, the problem is the request at a level up to above your rank can be accepted with permission from the guild. Of course, they don’t seem to be recklessly giving permission since giving permission to expressly do a request above their suitable rank is equally sending them to an early death……



[By the way, what’s the damage like?]

[Err, there are people who witnessed it going down the ruins located west of the city. No damage is done at the moment, but we cannot leave it as it is. But such high rank request never appeared before, so I don’t know what I should do……]


[Witnessed……? The Vampire?]



Vampires normally act in the night. Discovering a flying vampire in the dark sky isn’t anything ordinary, you know.



[Yes, that is why it is very likely to be a mutated species. It must have overcome the daylight.]



By the way, the way of thinking about mutated species itself is relatively common even in this world. Of course, it doesn’t mean we clearly understand them up to their details……



[I see, if it overcomes the daylight, then it will greatly change even the way to fight it.]


[Yeah, so this request is a B rank request that is close to A rank. You can say it is B+ rank.]



It isn’t though.



[By the way, the opponent is a monster after all. What will happen if I tame it? It won’t be subjugated, but……]


[Ehh, are you planning to tame it?]


[Depends on situation.]



Because this is a fantasy world. I want to seize the chance to tame every important monster. It’s also a mutated species…… There is a high chance I will tame it if it is female-type or an old butler-type. If it’s a pretentious ikemen then instant☆kill I guess.


[In that case, the guild will pay half of the request fee after conducting a safety check. The danger will surely remain after all. Also, crimes committed by a monster follower will also result in the same offense for its master. Of course, the crimes from before being tamed don’t count though…… Personal identifcation can be done even before taming them and they will also be disposed of when the damage it has caused is large.”



Well, there’s no way they would be acquitted just because we tamed it. That’s reasonable……



[Understood. Then let us accept that request.]


[Is that really okay? You are surely confident about your strength, but vampire’s are pretty strong.]


[Yeah, we will manage it somehow.]


[……Sorry, I’m a little anxious about this. Thank you in advance. Ah, please hand me your guild card since the special treatment is on me.]


[Yeah. Wait, I went on on my own so everyone……]



Before I finished my sentence, everybody hands overtheir guild card to receptionist-san.



[Well, Jin-kun usually acts on a whim after all.]


[I know right. A good wife supports her husband without saying anything right?]


[No, I’m thankful, but I don’t have a wife.]


[Oh the disappointment……]



Mio slumps to the ground. And Dora gets on her back. It’s the completion of the Mio human chair.



[Eh? Why are you sitting on me?]





Dora tilts her head. It doesn’t seem like she was thinking of anything in particular.



Levaing Mio and Dora as is, I turn back towards receptionist-san.



[Everybody agrees to accept it, so I leave the procedure to you.]





A moment later, receptionist-san calls us and hands over our guild cards and sheet of paper.



[Procedure is finished. Here, your guild card and a sheet of paper with the details written on it. ……I’m sorry to trouble you all……]


[Well, we intended to act as an adventurer anyway, we are going to start dungeon exploration in two days so it was just right.


[Thanks for your consideration. Please take care.]



We decided to leave the adventurers guild and immediately head to the ruins where the vampier is in. While checking the papers handed over to us, I determine the general direction with Map and make the carriage run.



[I’m glad there was a request that is just right, right?]


[Yeah, and it is a vampire. One of the king’s roads of fantasy; if it is woman or old butler type, it will be a taming candidate.]


[Well, it’s the usual.]


[Ah, if it is old butler type, then let me tame it! We already got a base in our hands, so isn’t this it about time?]


[You are right. It is about time for Mio to start taming I guess.]


[Yes~! Come, old butler~! Call me “Ojou-sama”~!]





I feel that calling Dora a princess is more right. She is an imperial princess after all.


About half a day with the carriage to the ruins, we see a small village nearby. This village is unusual in this country since it’s a village without a dungeon entrance. I’m thinking about advancing by carriage until that village today and then exterminating or taming the vampire tomorrow.



I got a report from Alta after about three hours in the carriage.



A: There are no people in the village we are heading towards. The ruins in question has a large amount of deceased. The only living there is one vampire and one human woman there.



The Map just shifted I guess. It looks like that village and the ruins are in the adjacent area.



[Are you kidding me……]


[Jin-sama, what happened?]



I tell everyone the contents of Alta’s report.



[Does that mean that the village we are heading towards now was attacked?]


[Probably…… We should best hurry then.]



As I said, I glance at Maria. She stops the carriage and follows me. We’re planning to head to the ruins with the usual <Flash Step> + “Warp” rapid movement combo.


A: It seems fine not to be rushing it that much. From my observation, it doesn’t look like the remaining woman is being meddled with. We may not be able to make a detour, but I don’t think it is necessary to hurry and take the burden on your MP.



So it means that we may not have much time, but not so little to have to contest every second of a minute.



[Alta said that woman is fine for now, so we can advance as it is now.]


[Understood. Then I let the carriage run as is.]



Maria says and she returns to the driver seat and once again drives the carriage like before.



Please show me the status of the vampire.



A: Okay. Help yourself.



LV 52

Sex : Male

Age : 129

Race : Vampire

Skill : <Dark Magic LV7> <Illusion Magic LV4> <Body Reinforcement LV7> <Nightvision LV6> <Fly LV5> <Bloodsuck LV7> <Daywalk LV7>



……This, isn’t around B+ rank right?



A: A rank at very least, he could be considered S rank too, depending on the situation.



Perhaps, the <Daywalker> skill allows him to overcome sunlight weakness. Even if his name is quite gentle, it’s a dangerous skill.



That said, it doesn’t change what we’re doing and I don’t plan on losing either.

The village we planned on going seems to be annihilated, so I guess we’ll be heading towards the ruins as is. Timewise it’ll become a night battle, but the reason I want to fight him during the day is also because I’m expecting a status down, not having that aspect doesn’t have that much effect either way……


When thinking about this, Mio spoke one line…….



[Ah, speaking of which, if it is a mass murderer, then he will be disposed of even after he is tamed……]





Completely forgot about that. ……Thus, me and Mio’s ambition of taming a vampire crumbled away.



<<Dora is not a bad dragonewt, you know?>>



No, Dora, I don’t think you’ve done anything so you’re fine.. Midori is safe too. Tamo-san is….unable to transform into a human, so that’s probably fine.


We let the carriage continue to move and we arrived at ruins around the time the sun had sunk. It is more accurate to call it a ghost town than a ruin. There are mostly rotten houses remaining. It doesn’t feel like we can say it’s been several years since people were no longer here. For now, we use “Portal” to return the carriage. I don’t want to to leave them here as is.



[Wow, this place is ominous~]


[Mio-chan, your face is so pale, are you going to be okay from here on?]



Maria is worrying about Mio who is sticking close to me.



[Honestly, this is awful. I want to go to our base obediently if possible……]


[What happened with the good wife?]


[“A wise mother keeps way from danger” goes the proverb.]


[It’s “A wise man” right?]


[Come to think of it Sakura, are you fine here?]



When I brought up the subject with Sakura, I see that the highlight in her eyes vanished. Ahh, this is bad.


[I know that humans are much scarier than something like ghosts when you are locked up at school at night. I’ve also been locked up in a toilet at the graveyard during my test of courage. I was in the toilet so I didn’t have to worry about leaking and so I felt at ease.]



So it really was a trauma switch…… Dora flies and pats her head. So cute.


Looks like Sakura also got healed by hugging Dora closely. So cute.



[Ugh, this is seriously bad. I may be leaking my “nectar”.]


[No, we haven’t found out Midori’s nectar production method, got it?]



I deny Mio’s joke with all my strength. More accurately I will “absolutely not let her find out”



[If it’s really intense, then I’m fine if you go back to base though?]


[Ugh~, I’m really troubled with this…… Alright, I will endure it until I’m at my limits! But, I don’t know when I’ll disappear, so please don’t count me as fighting power!]


[Don’t know if declaring you’re not fighting can be considered brave……]


[I’ve prepared “Clean”!]



Declaring that is not good you know. As a maiden that is……



A western-style building came into view after advancing for a while. This should be the ruin in question. No, a western-style building…… Speaking of appropriate, this is too appropriate don’t you think……


A dim, western-style building where crows are singing. The main gate is in a state where the iron latticed door has come off. Honestly, it it felt like it was converted from fantasy to horror. Keywords like “taking shelter from the rain” and “a lost child” coming up helps I guess……


We can’t see anything through the windows. I can see it with the map, but it has a basement.



[N-No good. It is impossible.]


Upon saying that, Mio uses “Portal” and returns to our base. Since it really looked bad, she used “Clean” before going back. Don’t say it’s impossible…… Now that I think about it, Dora isn’t scared of anything either right?



<<I can see so it’s not scary you know~>>



I see, Dora-chan can see. I get it. Yeah, I got it.



For now we decided to enter the western-style building with the five of us, excluding Mio.






Wooden door opens with the appropriate sound effects. If this was horror, you won’t be able to open it after closing it, so I open and close the door several times just in case. ……Good, we are still residents of a fantasy.



[What are you doing?]


[Err, verifying the genre.]





There are no light sources inside the western-style building, so I light a lantern. Magic is also good, but I prefer mood makers.

The interior is also tattered like the exterior; the stairs to the second floor has been partially broken and the door to the rooms are also broken. There is a set of bifurcated stairs around the center of the entranceway and at the end it splits off into two flights going left and right, each of them connecting to the second floor. There is also a large portrait like thing at the point the staircase splits off but naturally it has been rotted away, becoming a picture of a ghost which I can’t see its original figure of and such.



I check the door one more time. Good, it opens. This isn’t a horror.


On the other side of the stairs to the second floor are stairs that would continue down the basement. This stairs was originally locked by a metal door but right now it has been destroyed and dropped nearby. The wall surrounding the stairs is excessively thick, making you wonder if it was a place that was originally forbidden to enter.


The stairs leads to the basement in a spiral. We head down the basement like that. Wait, basement? Isn’t there supposed to be a dungeon under the ground in this country?



A: Yes, it is a dungeon. This residence’s basement is connected with the dungeon. The confirmed result is that this place doesn’t connect to any other place. Monsters don’t seem to appear and it should also be called a hidden area.



Was it used for something?



A: It is used for dungeon item experiments so to speak.



It looks like we are about to reach the bottom layer as I was talking about those things with Alta.



<<We’re about to reach the bottom. Prepare for battle.>>


<< << <<Yes>> >> >>




We arrive at the bottom. There it became a rather wide cave and its walls seem to be shining faintly on the whole. I see, I was was wondering what happened with the dungeon’s light source, but the wall itself is shining I guess. By the way, the walls are stacked in brick-like blocks.



A: Fragments don’t shine when cut from the wall.



It’s only shining as a wall at the end, so I can’t make use of it like a flashlight……


We advance towards the interior. Looking at the map, the vampire doesn’t seem to be moving from the most inner part. The kidnapped woman and most of the dead villagers are nearby as well.



[Good grief, boorish guests have come around in a magnificent day that ought to be a celebration I see. I shall not pursue you if you leave at once. Return if you do not want to die.]



There is a voice resounding inside the cave. A young man’s voice. I couldn’t understand the relationship between vampire’s apparent age and actual age, I wonder if 129 years old is still young or not.



A: That is still young.



Things that look like corpses of the villagers can be seen here and there after we advanced until the inner part. The enemy is in front of us, so I can’t confirm it unprepared, but I dare say it’s certain.


When we could see the walls of the innermost part of the cave, the appearance of the vampire is finally revealed.



[Good grief, even though I have gone out of my way to warn you, foolish people.]



The vampire appears to be in his late 20s, and his face is also well ordered. It’s on the same level as Gilbert…… Damn, just die. His hair is blond and it’s a little long for a man, he’s got a light perm and is extended to his shoulders.


A coffin is standing erect next to him. It seems that the surviving woman is in there. There are lot of dead villagers, especially around that area.



[My bad eh. A subjugation request came up.]


[I see, so you say you’re adventurers? This country merely looks underground and are supposed to be inclined to leave surface threats as is however.]



Does he means he acted because he knew that much? I knew it, his intelligence is high. Or rather, there’s no difference between talking to him and talking to people I guess.



[We aren’t adventurers from this country you see.]


[If that is the case then I can understand. However, why today of all days? My long-awaited wedding has been ruined.]


[Wedding? The kidnapped villager you mean?]


[Oh? To think you already know this much. That’s right, I have finally found it. A girl suitable to become my bride.]



Upon saying so, the vampire opens the coffin.

What is inside is a beautiful blond woman. But just that is not enough to present that woman. If we want to present her more accurately, then she is a beautiful blonde “busty” woman. Right, busty, no I can say gigantic breasted. She dressed in a thin black dress that exposes her cleavage. No, I grandly emphasize it’s just not pushed out. I don’t happen to have the technique in hand to measure a woman’s bust, but I still know. They are by far bigger than our biggest military strength Sera. Blonde hair and enormous breasts. In other words, it means she’s upwards compatible with Sera.



[Master, you’re not thinking about anything strange are you?]





How did she even find out……Oh, my sight was alternating between Sera’s breasts and that woman’s breasts.



[It seems you’re also a man of culture I see! That’s right, this almost overflowing BODY! So wonderful! Certainly suitable to walk beside me! Fuhahahaha!]



The highly excited vampire breathed out such a line while laughing. Looks like he’s a huge breast loving pervert. (Spec: (º﹃º) )



[No, if that’s what you’re looking then look for one of your own kind……]


[Hahahaha….., no, those women are just too haughty and hard to handle. Their breasts are also moderate either way…… If that is the case then I prefer to lift up even an inferior human being, you see.]



Not sure if it was because he recalled some bad memories, but he said something important while suddenly letting down his excitement.



[Lift up?]


[Yes, lift up. In this way!]



Upon saying so, he takes out a dagger from his pocket and stabbs the woman’s chest.







Magic Sword – Blood Heart

Classification: One-handed sword, Cursed

Rarity: Artifact

Note: Human who was stabbed by this will turn into a vampire. In order to do so, many human blood and one drop of blood of a vampire is necessary.

Once produced by a vampire who loved a human in order to transform himself into a human. However, what was finished was a magic sword possessing the exact opposite effect. It is unclear what happened to the vampire and human afterwards.



We never imagined he was going to hurt her since it’s his bride we’re talking about, so we ended up allowing him to attack the woman. Rather, it doesn’t seem to be an attack as far as I can read from the magic sword’s description……

The stabbed woman is shouting and writhing in pain. On a closer look, her fangs are growing and her eyes are becoming unnaturally red. I don’t know her original eye color but her white sclera becomes blood shot.



[Human……, can change into monster too? Is something like that possible?]



A: It is more or less possible. But not by natural means.



[Please do not use such diminutive phrasings, I’m sublimating her from an inferior human being to an ennobling existense called a vampire you see.]





The screaming woman swings her hand. Her hand strikes the vampire near her. Uhm, at his abdomen……






She settles it with a clean belly punch and the vampire is vigorously blown away like that. He comes flying towards our direction at a high speed.

The instant I thought about avoiding him, Maria appeared in front of my eyes , brandishes her Treasure sword – Eternal Darkness and vertically bisects Georg. In that instant, Georg’s HP became 0. His bisected halves naturally flew all the way behind us as is.






Vampire’s skills moves towards me.



[Jin-sama, I have subjugated the vampire. Our request is accomplished with this.]



Maria says so like it was something trivial.


He may have had various backbone and the like…… I couldn’t conceal my feelings of pity for the vampire who ended up dying without even a proper battle scene.





Oops, the woman is still here. The last vampire remains have come out completely. Will she turn back to normal if I remove that dagger?


A: That is impossible. Once stabbed, it won’t turn her back just with removing the dagger. There is even the possibility that she will transform into an incomplete monster by pulling it out midway.


So you mean to say we can’t touch it with this situation……?

The fact that her physical strength has risen by quite a lot is clear when you look at the vampire just then, so we decided to take some distance just in case. After over five minutes of writhing and screaming, the woman she suddenly stops moving.



A: It is over.



[It looks like it’s over I guess……]



LV 40

Sex: Female

Age: 18

Race: Vampire

Skill: <Dark Magic LV6> <Illusion Magic LV3> <Body Reinforcement LV6> <Nightvision LV5> <Flight LV4> <Bloodsuck LV6>


She was a originally an ordinary low level woman, but having transformed into a vampire changed her level and skills. She’s kind of inferior than Georg in every aspect, but she has inherited practicaly all of his skills. That’s why, well, if it turns out that way when you’re taken by surprise……


She gets up while later, looking this way. But I can’t see any traces of intellect from Mira’s eyes. Her eyes are simply put, like a beast. And the way she’s looking at us is completely like how one sees its prey.






……What’s up with her I wonder. She is obviously not sane, right…… Or rather, What sort of state is she in right now?


A: Unable to endure the transformation of her body because of the vampire transformation, her mind is in a state of breaking down/degeneration. It is likely feasible to turn her back human with <Magic Creation> but it should be impossible to do the same with her mind.


I talked it with with Sakura before, but her <Magic Creation> can recover any physical damage and even resurrect the dead if all the conditions are met. But creation of magic that affects the part relating the mind seems to be difficult to do. No, it seems it’s hardly possible.


Resurrecting the deceased also produces memory loss as time lapses and magic doesn’t seem to be able to heal what’s related to that memory loss either.



In short, it means that we can’t turn her back to normal even if we’re able to turn her back human.



A: Ah, I’m digressing, but she can be tamed.



Eh? Vampire transformation, would that transform even that part?

The one saying this is me who is owning slaves, but taming a former human is quite awful isn’t it? But, I can’t think of any ways to make her obedient other than killing her or taming her. Alright, she should become become obedient when I show her the difference in strength and tame her. ……and perhaps, there might be a way we just don’t know about that would restore her to her previous state after all.



A: ……



[That vampire girl, she looks like a former human, but I seem to be able to tame her.]


[Is something like that possible? It is different from enslaving them right?]


[Yeah, it looks like the vampire transformation completely transformed her into a monster.]



Sakura asks wonderingly.



[And so master. Will you be taming that vampire?]


[Yeah, that’s my intention.]


[Well then, we shall leave that to you.]



When Sera says so, the other kids also steps back. At that stage, Mira comes assailing at me.





I cut the claw off of Mira who leaped and appeared before me with my sword. It doesn’t look like it caused her any damage with just that. Her nail grows back without a moment’s delay. But I throw a <Monster Taming> formation at her in the meantime. Now I can keep giving her damage with <Show mercy>.


When I think of such plans, Batlike wings grows from Mira’s back. Well that’s, she is a vampire and she also has <Flight> skill, so she should be able to fly in the sky. But this place is underground. There is more or less about five meters until the ceiling, but should be less effective than outside.





……I was wrong. She isn’t going to use it to gain superiority by flying, but as a booster to boost her dashing power in combat. Her speed increased, so I avoid her in a hurry. To tell you the truth, <Show mercy> doesn’t work well when using a sword. That is natural. It’s because you will bisect her with a sword, and show mercy doesn’t do anything either.


I put spirit sword – incomplete away since I’m scared that she would end up in two if she’s struck by my sword. I feel that I’ve been using my fists more than my sword lately. This is the world of swords and magic, so I have to give the sword a favorable treatment……


After Mira was avoided by me, she keeps on going and heads towards Sakura and others. Your opponent is me, you know? So I use “Warp” and move between Mira and Sakura’s group. Mira who had surprise stuck on her face comes swinging her claw as is. I grab her arm before her claw reached me and throw her on the ground like with a shoulder throw.





Mira raises a screamlike voice as her body crashes into the ground. Her HP seems to have decreased by 30% now. With one of my hands clutching her, I strike the face-up Mira once on the abdomen. HP decreased by another 20%. I pull her still clutched arm and throw her back to where she was. She tries to get up while staggering about.



I use this gap to talk with everyone.



[Sorry everyone. Even though everyone went out of the way to come here, it ended up with only Maria and I fighting her.]


[No, it is fine because this isn’t any different from the usual. It’s not like I particularly like battles, so I have no problems if you are fine, Jin-kun.]



Originally, I’ve given Sakura skills as a mean of self-defense, so it’s not like I want make her an essential member in combat after all.



[Nevertheless, I haven’t used any magic skills at all.]


[Yeah, she seems to be in some sort of excited state and it looks like she’s not going to do anything other than a battle of strength.]


[I can’t call it anything but reckless, doing something like challenging Jin-kun in strength……]


[……I guess so. Oops, it looks like she got up, so see you in a bit.]



Mira stands up and glares this way. But it doesn’t look like she’s going to attack immediately. Is she on guard now as expected? This time I shall rush at her. Target is her abdomen, so a belly punch.

However, Mira spreads her wing at that place and flies into the air. Is she going to finally going to attack me from above this time? ……I was wrong. She’s only looking at our situation from the air. There’s clearly a tinge of fear mixed in those eyes of her. Hey, don’t become frightened and calm right after I assessed your excited state. Doesn’t this seem like it was outside my expectations……



When you think about it calmly, not one Mira’s attacks had reached me, and each hit she received was big damage, so becoming frightened and on guard is justified.



……Wouldn’t my means of attacks become limited when it’s flying? Magic, throws, warp, skill taking,……oh, there’s quite a lot. Okay, now let’s use this one this time.


I approach close to below Mira, squats down and then I jump up high like that. That’s right, it’s time for the debut of <Jump> skill in this country. I’ve obtained it from the horn rabbit and it has always been in the skill column, but it was a skill I have no use for because of the essential <Body Reinforcment> was enough.

The effect is “jump higher”, “jump farther”, that’s all. Just <Body Reinforcement> alone is actually enough. That’s why I’m using it now though…… To be honest I can jump as far as I can when my status is shot up. If I forcefully bring up an advantage then it’s the fact that I don’t really put much strength into it since I jump with a skill.



I decided to quickly do an axe kick against the surprised Mira who was trying to escape. Mira falls down like that. Her HP ended with 10% remaining including the fall. As for me, I land safely.


The fallen down Mira is looking up this way. Her eyes are no longer that of a beast but eyes of small frightened animal who have accepted the fact that I won.




> You have tamed a vampire.

> Please give the vampire a name.



So even if I defeat a named monster, I can give them a name huh.



A: Yes. The name the monster had before naming it basically becomes invalid.



I don’t really get it. Does Dora also have a name before? Let’s ask her next time.


For now, just Mira is good enough.


The moment after taming Mira was successful, she faces up and shows her belly. I had said her eyes are like a beast, but isn’t she pretty much a beast!?



[I seem to have tamed her without problems.]


[Well, you can tell when you look at her appearance.]



There’s vampire who chose a submissive pose in front of us after all.



> Give & Take has become LV5

> New ability is unlocked.

<Give & Take>

Range of ability becomes 30m and speed of taking is 10 times faster than LV4. It is possible to take abilities from multiple opponents in range simultaneously. A range of 100m and 100 times the speed is possible once a day.



> Avatar has become LV2

> New ability is unlocked.

<Avatar LV2>

Conservation and protection of mind/memory has become possible. Restoration is possible depending on the conditions.




Shindo Jin


Skill: <Martial Art LV10 up> <Slave Art LV6 up>

Equipment: None


Kinoshita Sakura


Skill: <Fire Magic LV7 up> <Water Magic LV7 up> <Wind Magic LV7 up> <Earth Magic LV7 up> <Lightning Magic LV7 up> <Ice Magic LV7 up> <Dark Magic LV7 up> <Recovery Magic LV7 up> <MP Regeneration LV4 up>

Equipment: Mithril Wand




Skill: <Draconic Magic LV5 up>

Equipment: Mithril staff, Mithril Round Shield





Equipment: Mithril Bow




Skill: <Magic Sword LV2 up> <Holy Sword LV2 up>

Equipment: Treasure sword – Ethernal Darkness




Skill: <HP Regeneration LV6 up>

Equipment: Guardian’s Greatsword, Guardian’s Tower Shield



<Fire Magic LV4 up> <Water Magic LV4 up> <Wind Magic LV4 up> <Earth Magic LV4 up> <Lightning Magic LV4 up> <Ice Magic LV4 up> <Dark Magic LV4 up> <Recovery Magic LV4 up> <Search LV3 up>





36 thoughts on “BFGT-NT Chapter 39

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  2. “It seems you’re also a man of culture” Damn quote.

    Seeing Mio characteristic is just like Arisa from Death March with less pervesion.

    Jin skill is just like GM(Game Master)

    1. nahh… i think they’re both on the same perversion level, probably they really become sister if they both meet up

  3. Conservation and protection of mind/memory has become possible. Restoration is possible depending on the conditions.

    Hurray for easy mode!

  4. to think that vampire is also a gentleman of culture himself… i tip my fedora for you sir, but a lass… you have to die for tainting the milk tank with your dagger

    1. It’s not so much tainting, since she’s effectively going to stay young for a long, long time. Plus Jin’s OP timing on special power level up makes her all the better.

      1. still, to attack the ‘milk jugs’ using dagger and not using ‘gentlemens massage’ its a blasphemy 😛

  5. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Sure, other creatures are usually killed too if you stab them on the heart with a wooden stake, but it’s common in many stories that nothing else but that and sunlight can kill vampires.

  6. Thanks for the update. Just like pokemon you gotta cathch all the import that pokemon no matter what I always do it.

    1. There’s a simple explanation for that: lack of human resources. Not everyone is willing or able to spend hours upon hours to either translate japanese into english or edit several thousand words into properly formulated english that is also in line with the raw.(ie. recheck the raw vs translation). It’s very taxing on your mind or even your eyes if you’re not used to using either of the languages or just doing any of this work and sometimes you’d just rather relax with something else like games or actually reading other people’s work. Remember that we’re doing this without asking for anything; no donations, no ad click requests and whatnot. This in turn means that we’ll be doing translations and editing whenever we have the time and motivation for it.

      We’ll be trying to get some editors in our midst so hopefully we’ll keep a decent speed once they’re in.

      1. And every chapter is also stupid long. These is actually the last chapter that I read in the raw and I left it about half way, because japanese can be really situational sometimes.

  7. I used to translate for 6 – 8 hours per day at the beginning of this kind of business. A simple hobby turned obsession.

    End up got burned from mistake. And I have nothing left except suicidal tendency and extreme depression. Also make me extreme sensitive with negative comment too.


  8. thank you for your hard work.
    ‘Conservation and protection of mind/memory has become possible. Restoration is possible depending on the conditions.’
    it means he can restore vampire’s mind/memories or revived selfish half elf girl’s memories too, right ?

  9. Some more tiny bits to correct:
    “caused is large.”” -> {caused is large.]}
    “hands overtheir guild” -> {hands over their guild}
    “The stairs leads” -> {The stairs lead}/{The stair leads}
    “and are supposed to” -> {and is supposed to}/{and they are supposed to}
    “many human blood” -> {a lot of human blood}
    “A:……。” -> delete
    “squats down” -> {squat down}

    Since this takes a lot of space, you should delete this comment afterwards.
    Thanks for the translation! Awesome as always! God bless you, take care, and have a great day!

  10. There is a lot I want to said:
    1)I wanted a vampire heroine, but this development shows author-sama is a fantastic genius.
    2)The vampire was pathetic, is this the so called “elite mob”?
    3)It’s finally here! The legendary Bakunyuu! Although I don’t dislike the loli harem, I am a man who love both kyonyuu and hinnyuu.
    4)As always, special power is more cheat than the hero summoning cheat.

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