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35 Sea God VS Black Dog








Kuroinu avoided the arm swung by the Seagod by leaping back.




(This, this is nonsense……!)



Having her balance broken because of the wind generated by that gigantic arm, Kuroinu fell down shamefully, dirtying her body with the muddy soil.


No, it is already difficult to call that muddy.


The clear ocean water has already filled up to the knee, to the point it felt like walking is tough.



“Look at you! Trying to challenge I, the Sea god Levia at that level is laughable!”


“Tch……Don’t underestimate me! <Water art・Prison>!”



Kuroinu stood up, put her hands in the water and poured magic power into it.


Upon doing so, the water around Levia rose up and in an instant the prison completely enclosed her.


“Special magic power is kneaded in my <Ninjutsu>. Opposing it with magic won’t be that simple you see.”




“And then――――――<Lightning Art・Sting>!”



A lightning spear materialized crackling and charged in Kuroinu’s hand.


As she kicked the bottom ground within the rising water level and leaped up, she threw that spear towards Levia.



“I have heard that ocean water conducts electric shocks easily! With this it’s over even for you, Sea god!”


“……I’m being underestimated aren’t I.”



Not even showing any concerns over the approaching spear, Levia took a swing with the arm which didn’t change into a strange shape.


In doing so, the water prison broke its shape without even the slightest resistance and started enveloping the girl’s surroundings in a vortex.


“Ocean water is like a part of me. I don’t even need to use something like magic in order to manipulate it.”



Coiling like a vortex, the ocean water moved and spread itself to catch the spear.


The spear assaulting from the opposite side lost its power to that thick layer of water and became static inside the water.



“Wha-……but if there is even a little water, then the electric current should――――――”


“Didn’t I just tell you that the ocean water moves the way I want?”



Levia’s surrounding was……filled with dried ground.

As if giving the impression of being fenced, the water couldn’t penetrate that parched land.



“If you take away the water that’s muddied from the ocean water, it would dry, wouldn’t it?”




“Look, this time you are the one in danger aren’t you?”





Kuroinu had realized.


The fact that the spear was emitting electricity even at that present time.


And…… the fact the current will also be flowing in the ocean water under her feet.


“This is bad……! <Flame art・Giant Cannon>!”



An enormous furiously blazing sphere was dropped onto the ocean water from Kuroinu’s hand.


The water vapor wrapped up the woman together with the sound of evaporating water.


Her field of vision was blocked, but when she relied on intuition and stretched out her legs, her feet would touch the ground and she would be able to successfully leap in mid-air once again.



“Ooh……You dried the ground with fire didn’t you? You handled that well, despite digging your grave with your own technique.”


”What are you making that calm looking face for!?”



Despite losing her cool, Kuroinu concentrated and threw a kunai.


Not long ago she lost her cool due to Levia’s strength being beyond her imagination and ended up releasing single attacks like she was being strangled, but Kuroinu originally possessed some composure due to her occupation that is called a ninja and had gradually been regaining her pace.





As she knocked away the approaching kunai by manipulating the water, Levia turned her gaze towards Kuroinu.


However, the woman had already vanished from midair.





She reflexively knocked away several kunais that suddenly came swooping down beside her with her arm that had returned to her original form.


Subsequently, a kunai flew from a different direction and Levia twisted her body to dodge it.


Again from another direction and then again from another direction came Kunais flying towards her.


However, Kuroinu’s figure was nowhere to be seen and she could only hear the slight sound of kicking the water.


“Tch! Quite the shrewd one aren’t you!”


Levia dodged in the beginning, but she grew impatient from the exchange of kunais that didn’t show any indication of ending at all, mowing down all of them at once with her dragon arm.



“How careless of you!”





Kuroinu leaped into the opening that was created from the stiffness caused by the instant after she finished swinging her arm.


Levia was surprised by the girl who was thrusting her kunai towards her defenseless body, further delaying her response.


However, was that, as expected, an aspect of the Sea god?

Before she could think she moved by instinct, keeping her still human arm in front of her body in order to defend against it.


If there were any lacking aspects in this response, then it would be the one where her dragon arm still hadn’t sprung back――――――





Deeply stuck into the place closer to her wrist than her elbow, the kunai moved forward without stopping, reaching Levia’s flank.


If it weren’t for the guarding with her arm, how many of her internal organs would it have damaged?


In that respect, it could be said that her guard was useful just for the fact she was able to stop no more than its tip.



“So you could even defend against this……however!”





Kuroinu twisted the stabbed kunai with all her strength.


Each time blood gushed out of her arm and an even larger amount of red liquid was streaming from the flank under that arm.

If she had her dragon form, then she would have been able to let this degree of injury end with a mere bruise.  


However, that is different when in a human form.


Nearly losing her consciousness due to the intense pain emitted by her arm and flank, Levia strenuously gritted her teeth and endured it.



“Not admitting defeat are you……ngh! In that case, I’ll go even dee――――――”


“Don’t you get…… carried away!”





Enduring the pain, Levia swung down her dragon arm.


Unable to bear it, Kuroinu released the kunai from her hand and took evasive action, but because of the force of the downswing that was unleashed from a sense of desperation, she was greatly blown away to the back.



“Now you’ve done it, you mutt……ugh”


“You’re saying quite a lot of rude things aren’t you?”


“The one who is rude is you though……I am a god you know?”



Levia pulled out the pierced kunai while bearing the pain and tossed it aside.


And then she manipulates the ocean water at her feet, applying it to her wounds.


Upon doing so, bubbles spurted out of her wounds and those openings started to gradually shrunk.


“……Aren’t you being troublesome, adding regeneration obstruction there.”



The girl who boasted absolute strength in the ocean could cure the injuries she received on her body just by submerging herself in ocean water.


Although that does not reach <Perfect Heal>, her self healing ability rivaled those of the undead type monsters.


Even if she possessed such miraculous self healing ability, it could not overcome the regeneration obstruction.


Seeing her own body whose best effort was only to stop the blood at best, Levia breathed a sigh.



“At any rate, you are quite fast aren’t you? I could barely follow you with my eyes.”


“I am surprised you were able to follow me you know. High speed movement is my specialty you see.”



Said Kuroinu as she stood on top of water.


It appeared that her shoes had some sort of secret, but Levia didn’t seem to have realized that.



“So you can also do that?”


“An ability to adapt that is worthy of a ninja is necessary, so yes.”


“I don’t know well this thing you call a ninja, but……for now it is my turn isn’t it?”


“W-! What!?”



From the surface of the sea Kuroinu was standing on, water that was wriggling like tentacles coiled around her ankles.


Even if she tried to separate from that location, the water coiled around her didn’t move as if it became like glue.


“Violent dogs will be tied on a leash……And then here, drink this.”



Levia calmly put up her dragon arm to the sky.


Upon doing so, the water on the ground started to gather just above Kuroinu, producing a gigantic water sphere.


“This is……I am in trouble.”



Kuroinu showed a face of resignation to the ruthless size of that water sphere.


The water restraining her legs showed absolutely no signs of loosening and there was no time left to take evasive actions anymore if it were to loosen――――――


“――――――<Sea Fall>”



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