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Chapter 42.5 Staff of legends



[Ah, Onii-chan, I’ve prepared a staff for Sakura-chan as a reward, so…]


I got a call from Sakuya regarding the reward. She said she has been blessed with the opportunity to get her hands on a legendary class staff, so it seems she intends to reward me for the time I went to rescue the village near the border.


[Even so, you did well in getting your hands on something like a legendary item. It’s not even something that would kind of drop down around here……]


[That’s also true, but I feel that that rescue doesn’t merit getting a legendary item……]


Sakura’s right. Sure, rewards are necessary, but it doesn’t mean I want rewards that exceed the amount. Although we went to the rescue, it is a village from another country; I wasn’t expecting a reward from Sakuya that much.


[Oh~, about that. There’s no need to worry on that part regarding that staff, or rather……]

[What do you mean by that?]


Sakuya puts it in an evasive way. It’s unusual for the relatively articulate Sakuya.


[In short. I asked Alta-san and obtained it myself. That’s why, it didn’t cost money.]





[Uga~! I can’t think of any rewards for Onii-chan!]


I shout while tearing off my hair. I’m in my own room after finishing my official businesses, so nobody should have heard me. But then again, it’s also a fact that I’ve displayed the blunder of being taken over by a demon, thanks to the room being made too soundproof.


As of now, Alta-san is watching over me 24 hours a day, so I don’t have that much to worry about though……


[That’s right! Alta-san! Isn’t there anything!? Anything that may make Onii-chan happy!]


In a sense, it is not exaggerated to say that Alta-san is Onii-chan’s alter ego, so he should have an idea what may make Onii-chan happy.


A : There is something that is exactly right for it. It is a legendary weapon.


[Seriously!? Do we have something like that? Where?]


According to Alta-san, it can look at the whole map of this vast royal capital and it can easily do things like search for things that are sold at a lower price than its original value, or more commonly known as a “bargain”. It seems to have ordered maids in Onii-chan’s mansion and from time to time, made them collect those “Bargains”. By the way, Onii-chan knows about it, but he doesn’t really care much about it.


He said he had it report slaves with unusual skills or something, but it seems he has this tendency to not show that much interest in unusual things like weapons and tools. Of course, it looks like it’s a different story if it’s something that fits very much to his objectives…… Like rice and such.


[That will be just right. If Onii-chan isn’t interested in things, then I will have to follow-up on that area and show my appeal as a useful woman!]


If you want to call me a convenient woman then you can call me one. I have debts of gratitude and the weakness of being in love, so there’s no such thing as being called a convenient woman. If I’m honest about it, there’s also the part that my debts to him are too big and I don’t know what I should do about it.


[Huh? But if it’s a legendary like “bargain”, then the maids would already be collecting it, aren’t they?]


A: It is something the maids can’t put their hand on. Having said that, I have been thinking about whether or not it is worth causing trouble to master over that sort of trifling matter .


[Aah, and it would be just right if I am there.]


A: If worst comes to worst, I would let Lusia do the somewhat unreasonable.


[Lusia can obtain it? What kind of item is it?]


Perhaps, it’s something you can’t obtain if you don’t have the position of a noble or something.


A: One of the gifts from Cheria, princess of the Kingdom of Gashus. It will take some trouble to put Lusia back as a knight.


[I don’t want you to call becoming a knight of our country as something like trouble though……]


She will be quite downgraded if I were to compare it with Onii-chan, so seeing it like that isn’t even unreasonable though. It looks like even Gorudo, the leader of the knight’s order couldn’t catch up with Onii-chan’s movement at all…… The leader Gorudo is troublesome too. Ever since the matter with Romarie, he has been devoting himself to training and it looks like he hasn’t really been putting effort in his official duties. *sigh*, Onii-chan, it’s because you have an uncommonly large influence that just by moving a little……


Oh, the one called princess Cheria of the kingdom of Gashus is a sheltered girl who has arrived a short while ago as an envoy of commerce from the kingdom of Gashus, a small state belonging to the neighboring country the Atto union. The girl herself isn’t that well-informed regarding commerce though, so she has come only as a representative at most.


I certainly do remember that I have accepted gifts at the time the princess arrived here. I’ve gone through the list, but the items didn’t feel important. The reason for the gifts is basically food support from Kastal (us), though they exaggeratedly call it commerce. They aren’t really a wealthy country, and their food self-sufficiency rate isn’t so high either. It’s a country within the Atto union bordering Kastal, so it means it’s a country which Kastal has been looking after since olden times. While it sounds conceited, they’re quite down below us position wise.


This time, having the princess come along can be simply said to have the meaning of “Continue your support from hereon. Oh, I am also giving you one of my daughters.” It’s like they’re telling us to please accommodate them in various things through trade in exchange for letting princess Cheria marry one of our country’s nobles. The gifts are, to sum it up, an “extra of an extra”, so I didn’t consider they had anything important from the very beginning.


If you ask me why they’re doing this, it’s that there’s the inside story that our Kastal’s food support to Gashus kingdom has sharply decreased recently and with them thinking this is bad, they have come to curry our country’s favor. ……Romaria knew about it. That woman, even though she properly handled domestic policies, she seems to have been intentionally destroying support and friendly relations with foreign countries. She had been strengthening our country’s military strength to pepare for war with Eludia, but it sounds like she planned to rather have the surrounding countries weaken.


Let me be honest with you. It is terribly bothersome. How much trouble have I gone through because of that……? My debt towards Onii-chan went up like a joke too……


I went off-topic, but at any rate it appears that a legendary weapon was among the things gifted by the princess. 


[There really was something like that? Hmm…]


I can’t recall. I do feel like there were some weapons, but I feel that all of them were hopeless. Most of them are counterfeits, or should I say unverifiable weapons with some proud origins. They’re like items which they could avoid responsibility of with “I didn’t know it was a counterfeit” even if anyone says anything about it. They’re nothing but things that makes me want to say “Are you taking me for a fool,” but those are the best the other side could do so there’s nothing I can say.


A: It is the “Staff that was used by a sage”.


[Oh, there it is. That sort of weapon. I thought it was a forgery like always and ignored it. Or actually, it’s written in the notes that it’s currently disabled though?]


A: Replenishing the MP becomes necessary with special weapons. Average magic users don’t hold the necessary MP to replenish it, so it actually becomes “disabled”.


I see, you could actually, but because no one can use it, it was treated as an “unusable item”. If it’s like that then it isn’t even strange that it’s given to me by some chance.


[Okay~, if it’s like that then I can take it without being complained about by anyone. Since it’s most likely going to be properly placed in the treasury and properly added to the inventory. Oh, I wonder if I should just have a talk with princess Cheria? There is conveniently a tea party tomorrow……]


For now, I have taken the staff in question under my custody through the minister who is managing the treasury. Since it will be trouble if it’s handed over to somebody by some chance.


The next day, the tea party with princess Cheria is held on schedule. Isn’t it a trade negotiation you ask? Negotiations will take place on another day with the official contact. It’s because we agreed with the direction to return the amount of food support to how it was before. If anything, the tea party with princess Cheria has the bigger aspect in deciding the household she would marry in.


Unfortunately, hardly any men are born in the Kastalian royal family. Actually, all of the royalty besides me were annihilated in the first place, thanks to Romarie. That’s why it should result in us having her marry to one of my retainers whose successor is close her age. ……Wait a minute, wouldn’t presenting princess Cheria as a present for Onii-chan be acceptable, I wonder? If I can get married to Onii-chan, then I won’t mind how many wives and mistresses he will have. How should I put it, Onii-chan isn’t a person at a level where I could take on my own. If that is the case, then how about I add princess Cheria as an extra and do a so-called queen and princess bundle? I don’t know it is true or not but I there’s also a rumor (Mio-chan talk) that Onii-chan is collecting women from royal families (Excluding Eludia)…… Fortunately, princess Cheria is quite beautiful, so even Onii-chan wouldn’t say no. Yep, let’s discuss it with that in consideration for a moment.


[Hmm, this year’s climate has been stable, so we will be able harvest the same amount of crops like every year noja.]


[Oh my, that is a wonderful thing. Food from Kastal is immensely popular even in our country after all.]


With my best formal speech I advance the tea party, or perhaps I should say idle talk with princess Cheria. Well, it doesn’t mean negotiations aren’t included at all though. Like the contents right now somewhat imply “Our food is stable, so there are no problems in our support” “Then, we hope to have the same amount of support as every year” or something similar.


[By the way, there is an item among this time’s gifts that an acquaintance of mine had once said he desires noja. You would not mind if I yield it to a third person would you?]


In a sense I start talking about this time’s subject. What should I do if I’m told I can’t? Should I let her marry an ugly fat noble with many shady incidents……? Just kidding, such people have been purged by Onii-chan recently so there aren’t any of them here. At the very least not in the capital city……


[Of course, I don’t mind. It is because the receiver has the freedom to do what they like with the things they received. …..That aside, I am more surprised of the fact there is something your acquaintance wants among those gift……]


Ah, she is conscious of it.


[Yes, well, there are always an amount of people with strange tastes within this world after all……]


[That is so, isn’t it?]


After that, we have fun having idle chatter (containing negotiations) for a while and I finally begin talking about another subject.


[And so, the nobles of mine country……]


[I beg your forgiveness Your Majesty!]


Princess Cheria covers my line with an apology while she lowers her head. What in the world is this about?


[I do understand that I have to be the wife of a noble of this country! But could I not beg for your leniency on that!?]


[What is the meaning of this? They wrote to me in the official message to please decide on the family their daughter will marry, you understand that noja?]



What is she saying so suddenly, this princess. She up and ruined the premise of this time’s negotiation, you know…… They even wrote an official letter and I thought the person herself understood this much, but……


Look there, the maid who is accompanying the princess or something has her mouth open wide. Oh, the person in charge of negotiations standing nearby collapses. That’s right, it may not be clearly stated, but the premise of the negotiation is the princess’ marriage, and if the princess refuses that here, then we will have to do the negotiations all over again. Not to mention they will be at a much more disadvantageous position than before after all……


[I do understand. However, no I surely……, I have found a gentleman I like, so……]




Oops, it can’t be helped then I guess. I didn’t make it a case to marry into someone like nobles in order to be tied together with that person……


Eh? Aren’t I letting her off so easily you ask? I can’t help it you know. This thing called love is something that overcomes all feelings, that’s why…… The position as one of the royal family or the current state of the country, such things are equally powerless in front of a maiden in love. Even I actually want to throw away my position as the queen and marry Onii-chan……


I can’t possibly say princess Cheria is without any blame, but it feels like I have some room to take extenuating circumstances into consideration. Or rather, who is the other person? Someone I know?


[Hmm, what sort of person is that other person noja?]


I am super curious. I have the initiative in this negotiations after all. I won’t allow something like being asked and not answering after all.


[Ple-Please don’t tell anybody else.]


She said and then whispers his name to me……


[He is a B rank adventurer gentleman called Cloud-sama.]


It was more than a follower ! So it’s Cloud-kun! He is one of Onii-chan’s slaves and is acting as adventurer in Kastal. He said he’s planning on making him an S rank adventurer or so it seems. I’ve also talked with him every now and then when I’m having dinner at Onii-chan’s estate.


Eh? Why am I having dinner at Onii-chan’s estate you ask? It’s obviously because the food is more delicious than the cooking of the royal castle right? Because the cooking from Onii-chan’s estate has gotten quite high ratings even in the royal castle, so high that chefs in the royal castle want be apprenticed to maids of his estate……


Which reminds me, I’m sure I’ve heard about it. A story of adventurers undergoing B rank examination rescuing princess Cheria from a group of monsters. Yep, it matches with the timing of Cloud-kun and others becoming B rank. From what I heard from Koko-chan and Sicily-chan, Cloud-kun seems absurdly popular. Princess Cheria must have fallen in love with him at that time.


[Hmm, I have heard of him. He is a newcomer adventurer who is active in this capital recently, is he not?]


I aim to give a third party remark to the end. I really can’t say he is my private acquaintance.


[That’s right! He is very cool, gentlemanly and strong on top of that!]


She strongly says while her eyes are sparkling.


[Ah, my apologies…… To have become enthusiastic in this situation……]


So she immediately recalled her current position; she becomes embarrassingly small.


[There is one thing I would like to ask, but are you and that adventurer called Cloud already in love with each other?]


I haven’t heard of anything like that so it is probably wrong, but I have to confirm it just in case……


[No, he is my unrequited love……]


[Despite him being an unrequited love, you are throwing the decision among countries into the wastebasket? Despite the fact that you will not know what will happen from hereon?]


[T-That is……]


She must be aware what unreasonable things she is saying. She is at a loss for words. That said, I’m also a maiden in love. It can’t be helped so let’s throw in a lifeboat. If the person in question is Cloud-kun, then it will make it easier for us to do things.


[Princess Cheria, you do understand your marriage is one of the premises in this time’s negotiation, do you not?]


[……Yes, I do.]


[The royal family does not have any men, so you will be marrying down to a noble noja.]




[The treatment of S rank adventurers are close to that of a noble. Depending on the situation, they will be more important than a noble noja.]


[……I’m sorry I don’t follow?]


Princess Cheria didn’t know that? She is tilting her head.


[Three years. I will wait only three years. If, during that time, this Cloud person becomes an S rank adventurer and you are by his side, then I shall sweep this matter under the carpet noja. Until then, we will conduct our commerce with the same conditions as if you married into mine country. If that is not the case, then at that time I shall have you forcibly wed to someone I tell you to noja.]


[T-That is……]


This is my compromise. The three years means Cloud-kun’s coming of age (15 years old). The S rank adventurer means the realization of Onii-chan’s goal. If princess Cheria were to let go of Cloud-kun in the meantime, then it’ll mean that I shall freely use her.


I know that it’s different from princess Cheria’s original role. Originally it should have been a marriage with the expectation that the noble who princess Cheria marries with would seek benefits in Gashus kingdom. A queen-like thing to do should be to give a beautiful bride to a noble and act in order to increase my unifying power. A rank adventurers may receive treatment proportionate to a noble, but they aren’t nobles and they aren’t concerned with politics either. Either choice will fall short to my intentions.


If you think about my decision as queen regnant, this would be wrong. But, I’m a queen as well as a maiden in love. Realizing the wish of a maiden in love, love between different social standings, becomes hope for me. That’s why, this time I will support princess Cheria even if it’s a failure as a queen. Ah, I’m not supporting her love directly. That is something she will do herself, so……


[Thank you very much……]


Princess Cheria bows deeply.


[Mhm, however I will not alter the time limit of three years noja. Don’t forget it even a little. And the matter after that too noja.]


[Of course. You have my gratitude for those generous words, Your majesty.]


Well, if princess Cheria’s love doesn’t go well, then it doesn’t go well, I will just attack Onii-chan with my usual bundle, I won’t lose out either way.




[That is all.]


I listen to Sakuya’s explanation and have one thing on my mind.


[The second half is practically a girl’s talk with princess Cheria, the staff didn’t come up at all, did it? In the first place, isn’t the explanation quite a little?]




[The information regarding the staff were only “A gift from a foreign country’s princess who has come to marry” “A genuine item that was thought to be a counterfeit” and “I have gained permission to hand it over from the princess”, right?]


[It’s as you say…… W-Well, it doesn’t matter how I obtained it does it!? Here, I’m giving this to Sakura-chan, okay!? It is legendary class after all!]


Sakuya pushes the staff on me like she’s glossing it over. It is a staff made of metal with a length of 1.5 meters. There is a stone inserted at the tip, it doesn’t seem to be a jewel but a meteorite.


Star Staff – Stardust

Classification : Long Staff

Rarity : Legendary

Note : Strengthens by recharging it with MP, shoots magic by using the recharged MP, strengthens light magic, strengthens dark magic.

Charge rate : 0%


[Well, if you say you’re giving it to me, then I’ll take it though……]


[Sakuya-chan, Thank you~]


[You’re welcome. If I get more lucky finds in my hands, I will gift it to you, okay?]


Sakuya says and she goes back. …… After all, she came back here and went home after eating dinner.


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