BFTG-NT Chapter 34.5

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Chapter 34.5 



—Sakura’s perspective—


When I have free time, I usually read a book in <Room>. It is a personal <Room>, and there’s only one room per person. By the way, newcomer slaves and recently-joined members, Lusia and Sakuya, don’t have one yet.


Since I can set this place to be soundproof, it is the best place to read books calmly. What is about my room in my former world? I don’t want to recall it.


My room is filled with books. With braids and eye glasses, I’m exactly like a book committee member, and my love for reading doesn’t go against this image. When I read a book, I can ignore the painful reality for a while. But in reality, I wasn’t a book committee member. I actually want to become one, but I feel sorry for other members who have to take care of an incompetent person like me.


I don’t need to worry anymore in this world. Besides, Jin-kun is here to protect me. Therefore, I don’t really need books, but I still have my old habit. By the time I noticed, my room was filled with a lot of books.





I take a deep breath after I finish reading “Monster’s Ecology”. I’m an indiscriminate reader, but in the former world, I liked fantasy the most. Because it is the farthest from reality, it was great for escaping it. But now, I just smile awkwardly as I’m in the real fantasy world right now.



I never thought the hero who shone brightly in the story would be as disgusting as this, either. Oh, Maria is different.






While I was choosing the book I’m going to read next, there is a knock on the door. So I head to the door.



[Who’s there?]


[Ah, Sakura-san, I’m Sakuya.]



It seems the queen of this country is my guest.



[I’m going to open the door now.]


When I open the door, I see that Sakuya is wearing the white dress that Jin-kun gave her. I’m a little envious of her. No, I don’t envy her because she got it as a present.  Instead, I envy her because she can wear a pure and innocent, white dress so naturally.



[Sorry for disturbing you.]


[Is there something wrong?]



Since Sakuya-san and I don’t have much contact with each other, I don’t know the reason for her visit.


So I offer Sakuya-san a chair.



[Thank you. Actually, I have something to consult, Sakura-san…]





Sakuya-san’s tone is less formal when she talks with Jin-kun, but it’s very formal when she talks with anybody else. It isn’t for me to say, but I think she opened her heart to Jin-kun to a greater than ordinary degree.



[Yes. About onii-chan’s subordinate.]


[Eh? Oh… I’m the only subordinate.  All of the other people are either slaves or are following monsters.]



That is our common point.



[Yes. So, what kind of demands does onii-chan want from subordinates?]


[Are you worried?]


It would be a lie if she didn’t become worried after becoming his subordinate so suddenly. It is natural to feel reluctance when a boy of the same age has full authority over one. However, at the same time, I want some kind of bond with Jin-kun, too.


Until now… Nobody has been willing to protect me. I still remember the impression I had when Jin-kun said that for the first time. But now that we have more companions during our trip, I still get the feeling that I might be thrown away, too. When Jin-kun’s special power was revealed, I thought it was a chance. A chance to obtain the bond that is called “subordinate”. It’s a stronger bond that just being a travel companion. That kind of warped feeling doesn’t disappear, after all.



[No, I’m not worried. How should I put it? I hope to become subordinate on my own… I can feel relief only with onii-chan’s protection.]



I understand her feelings. I don’t know if it is the effect of <Engage Link> or not, but it gives me peace of mind when I have this bond with Jin-kun.



[I mean, I want you to teach me what onii-chan wants from a subordinate? As for me, what can I do? What should I expect?]


What Jin-kun wants? Honesty, I don’t know either. Jin-kun wants me to create magic for him, but he never forces me to do it. Besides, due to problems with my imagination, I can’t make any attack magic, at all. Jin-kun’s attitude didn’t change at all after he became aware of these problems.



[I don’t know what Jin-kun wants from us, either. All I can do for him is create magic…]


[No, I think that is a great contribution.]


[Not at all. This special power is useful, but it also has a lot of flaws…]



I know a lot of flaws, so I feel that it is unpleasant. Because I need Jin-kun’s help to use it, I feel that I’m nothing but a bothersome woman…



[Honestly, I don’t think Jin-kun is troubled by that.]



First, the problem about food has been fixed by <Inventory>. About our fighting power right now… I could say that we can conquer a country should we want to do so.



[I don’t think anyone will help me if I’m not useful. I just do what I’m asked to do.]



I make magic. Sakuya might have her authority. He said having a country isn’t necessary, but having a lot of authority in hand is convenient.



[You are right. It is like that, after all.]



It seems she came here with the same thought as me.



[Isn’t the fact that Sakuya-san is a queen the most convenient for Jin-kun?]


[Yeah, I think so. However, the favors I return for onii-chan’s kindness seem to be so miserable…]



I couldn’t tell whether it is positive or negative, either.



[But the only thing I can do is to start becoming a queen and ruling this country properly.]


[I think that is good, especially since Jin-kun really likes this country.]


[Thank you. Your advice has lifted a lot of weight from my mind.]


[That’s great.]



After that, we have a long, enjoyable conversation. Since other people tend to see us as their superiors, she might become a friend around the same age and sex. Dora-chan is more like a pet…



Unfortunately, our friendly talk couldn’t include topic of our favorite people. Well, from the sound of it, that topic will just sour the mood…



After that, I talk with Sakuya-chan about sweets that haven’t been eaten yet, an interesting book, and lots of interesting things in this country.




[See you again later, Sakura-chan.]


[Yes, please come here to talk again, Sakuya-chan.]



Since it is quite late, I will stay here for the rest of the day. I don’t need to read a book anymore today since I can spend my time much happier than before.



I never thought I would be protected and have a friend of the same sex like this.


Although I hate Eludia and those heroes, I still like this world a lot, primarily because it is giving me a chance to find happiness.

~fin Sakura and Sakuya

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    1. Love to read books doesn’t mean good imagination from the books she read. It’s just like someone like to do something but it doesn’t mean that they can do that something good, they could just suck as it but still like to do. And in this case, the same with Sakura, she like to read books to forget about reality and immense in the world of books. But outside the world of that book, she can only face her own reality and can’t imagine anything else, so her imagination obviously aren’t good.

    2. No, it was a mental block. She only had issue with offensive magics specifically. Something like fire-oriented spell for example, I guess she can’t stomach imagining the target, especially humanoid-type, being burnt to crisp.
      She was fine with constructing other absurd support-type spell. Heck, don’t you agree Revival is kinda absurd?

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  2. Two sad little wimps who want protection. If you really cared about Jin you’d work to not trouble him or need protection. These two aren’t growing, they’re regressing.

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