Hiki-NEET Vol 10 Idle talk 3

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Vol 10 Idle talk 3

[11-0] Third offline camp, the appointed day part 3


It took around forty minutes from JR Utsunomiya station by car. The forest park that was surrounded by a dam was crowded by people since dusk.

Their participants numbered sixty three. It was the offline meeting that had reserved a campsite and barbecue space 

They had secured the reception hall of the adjacent lodging facility as a passing-place for those who came but faltered. It was on a level of support where they expressly rented and brought in a low table and a small partitioning screen.

The NEETs knew a NEET’s state of mind the best. The reason they did not go with a private room was because they came here wanting to feel even a little bit of connection, was the shut-in NEET graduate’s sincere feelings.


Two large white cloth were spread at the grove of trees near the barbecue site. Set on the other side was a projector. It was a provisional screen. Projected there was already the offline camping’s live broadcast and the bulletin board in real time.

There is some cost in renting a large monitor, but it was bothersome to install it and manage it. In that case, was the well-informed NEET’s idea.

They could not see it clearly, but even so that was fine.

The people gathered here only yearned for a weak connection after all. In the first place, they were fearless warriors who brought their smartphone or notebook.


The wireless LAN and the outdoor electricity outlet for charging that Cool NEET had arranged and were limited to today were already fully used.

They gathered for the classic example of outdoors, the barbecue and camping, and yet it was quite indoors. At least converse with the people next to you. And not over the internet.

But that may be yet another good thing. 

Because it was centered on the NEETs and the socially withdrawn NEETs, gathering the adventures of a shut-in NEET for a story.


5 pm.

Without doing any end-of-class bow or toast in particular, the barbecue began in batches. That was inevitable. Those who liked group activities were scarce among the gathered sixty three.

The forest park campsite and barbecue site were already in chaos.


“How is it? Is it displayed?”

“Yeah, no problem. It’s still hard to see, but it should be displayed a bit more clearly when it goes dark”

“Okay! You can’t take pictures neatly if the spot you’re photographing isn’t bright, and you won’t be able to display things clearly on a screen if it isn’t dark… Damn it! That bastard Well-informed NEET, he has the nerve saying things without reserve while not knowing our hardships!”

“Like really… Thanks to that I wasn’t able to go to the Snake group…”

‘Ooh! I see, so you made it like a drive-in theater with cloth! Isn’t that a good idea!’


User name Camera Ossan and In charge of verification thread video.

They were the ones who had it most difficult in the third offline camp’s venue setup. What was requested from them in addition to preparing the equipment was a live broadcast and its projection to a screen. By the well-informed middle aged man’s useless knowledge, it was decided to project the video on a cloth screen instead of a large monitor.


Who approached the two and shouted in english along with grandiose gestures was a person from the american group, Lewis. He went out of his way to arrive in Japan for this day today as well. He was the most excited with the multi-storey building that claimed to be the ‘Akiba of Northern Kanto’. He seemed to have enjoyed it so much when he entered it the previous day that he went with the sightseeing group. 



There was a group at the campfire that was getting fired up before igniting it.

The bulletin board post streamed on the screen was already caught up on this one subject. Where was the other world.


“Hey, then what does that mean!? An interesting mail came from Kanako though, somehow saying thanks for the introduction!”

“That’s right, Clothes group member A! How much are you gonna break everyone’s hearts!”

“Uhm, somehow I was able to speak to her more naturally than I thought. Hehehe…”

“Hehehe, my ass! Damn it! Damn it!”

“Calm down you two. Well, isn’t that a good thing? Maybe we can make a couple through offline camping, you know?”

“Wait wait wait! Don’t be in a hurry you all! How about we listen to Clothes group member A first, okay? Look, let us hear it thoroughly please. We have a long night”

“Too bad! We have a long night, but you’re going to go home in the middle of it, right Infra worker! Serves the local winners right! Serves the local, winners right…”


Username Clothes group member A. The man who had had a success in his first date in his life.

Surrounding him was Emi with username Sakura’s friend, Anonymous ETNE, Anonymous MEAT, Clothes group member B, Former talented salesman, Infraworker and a few anonymous people.

They were the group with relatively high communication ability among the sixty three that had gathered. With the exception of Clothes group member A, who was the center of the topic, and Clothes group member B.

The interrogation that had begun was a severe one.

He was requested to reenact the conversation, depict the scene of that time, let them hear what he thought about it and upload it to the bulletin board.

The interrogation that was mixed with blessings, resentment, envy, jealousy and support seemingly continued until Infraworker and Emi, the local group with a family, went home.

What was provided midway was not katsudon, but steak however. Since this was a barbecue.



A group that stuck out like a sore thumb was looking around the offline camp venue.

Username Cool NEET, Gunji and the attorney who was introduced by Gunji’s teacher.

As well as George and the elderly pro movie designer and scriptwriter couple who were Lewis’s friends from the american group. Yuuji’s sister Sakura had not come. Sakura was in the middle of her pregnancy at any rate. She participated from the PC.

The american group’s translator was apparently prepared by the attorney who teamed up with Gunji. It was, in a sense, his area of expertise. 


“This is the first time we have gathered like this… They are the people who have been supporting Yuuji through the internet”

‘That’s right, these people! He was sent to the other world by himself, no wait, by himself and his dog, and received support through the internet. A combination of fantasy and modern era, it’s quite the wonderful story, isn’t it!?’

‘Hey there, calm down. The translator gentleman will be troubled if you talk that fast, don’t you think?’


The seven including the translator went around the offline camp venue.

The gathered residents felt a little drawn back from the group who had the scent of business somewhere.

The translator who was requested to translate for the elderly couple in various locations too felt somewhat drawn back. I don’t want to tell them that, he thought several times. Pitiful.


He was asked about a certain group in front of them.


‘Oh dear, what could those people be eating? Things that are often eaten in Japan?’

“Ah, that…”


User name: Prof Acorn.

He was frying the acorns he gathered in a frying pan that was prepared and offered them with skin and shell peeled. Served on two straw dishes were preserved grasshoppers and fried hornet larva. 

It appears that this man had made various things complicated.

“You won’t die from starvation immediately if you’re able to eat the things around here,” he insisted and made the anonymous ones, who have gathered to look at the scary food, eat. What age did he think he was living in?

On a side note, everyone who had participated in the second offline camp had distanced themselves from him. They knew he would do it this time as well either way. It was baptism for the new participants. It was his kindness as far as Prof Acorn was concerned.


For some reason, they spoke to a certain group that was getting excited.


‘Eh? Oh dear, just when I thought I want to see that girl, she was in a place like this. What could you be speaking about?’

“Aah, geeze, I told you that’s not what I mean! He, please translate it!’


Username My hobby is Cosplay, YES Loli NO Touch and I LIKE ELVES.

Who exchanged a conversation with such intense people was one person from the american group; the female fashion designer.

Each of them brought design sketches and exchanged a heated argument with a sketchbook in hand.

Originally it was My hobby is Cosplay, the loli bastard and the fashion designer showing each other Alice’s clothing design, but since they were unable to communicate with japanese english, I LIKE ELVES was dragged into it. 

Incidentally, he could speak english reasonably. He studied english with enthusiasm, saying he would at least take an eastern european or nordic beauty as his bride because there were no elves and his love for elves made it worse. Studying minor languages is expensive and besides, look, wouldn’t you want an education where you can at least speak english? Elves kind of have an image of an intelligent being too, so I LIKE ELVES said. He was undoubtedly an idiot.


But, there was another person with a username in this place. A woman who was silently drawing something with a sketchbook in hand.


“It’s done! I think something like this is good for Alice-chan’s clothes!”


The design image that was held up high with full of confidence was greeted with silence.

Username Artist.

The picture that the rare genius drew was apparently not understood by the american either.


The group, who was separated from the group who was exchanging a heated discussion about little girls clothes, once again approached a group who had become passionate for some reason.


‘What, what are they talking about? Could it be that? Ways to defeat enemies, new weapons or the development of the village?’


The scriptwriter timidly asked translator.

It appears that she noticed that the residents were peculiar people.


“Uhm… Do you really want to hear it?”


Username NEET Unicorn, I love huge breasts and several anonymous people.

What they were talking about was their sexual preferences.

What they were debating now was about virginity.

The unicorn of legends were said to be ferocious and would become obedient when embraced by a virgin’s bust. Having only taken the name of a creature of legends, the NEET Unicorn complicated things.

On the other hand, I love huge breasts declared stealing huge breasted married women to be the ideal. He played too many 18+ games.

The group unfolded an outspoken dispute, dragging along the anonymous.

It was unreasonable for the translator to abandon his professional duty and not translate.

Incidentally, everyone who were exchanging the heated debate were virgins. 


Having the highlights translated to them in the end, the american group looked Cool NEET and Gunji in the eyes and went to the next group in silence.

Let sleeping dogs lie.


‘Oh? It’s quiet over there, isn’t it?’


At the end of the elderly woman’s line of sight were the men who were quietly immersing themselves in their work while surrounded by charcoal fire.


User name Well-informed NEET and the anonymous people with low communicative power. 

The mysterious therapy of Well-informed NEET where he baked baumkuchen with Clothes group member A and B in the second offline camp seemed to be held this time as well. 

He put on the frying pan on the charcoal fire and thinly spread the dripped liquid. He thoroughly heated it on low fire and flip it over. When both sides were baked, he then put on a dish first to cool it down.

A man who was waiting scooped cream with a spatula from a bowl that was cooled in shaved ice, and spread on it. He then put a cooled wrap on it. Every one of them repeated the same work in a flow. Layers piled up gradually.

It was a Mille crepe. 

The men created mille crepe with heart and soul, fixing their eyes intently on the charcoal fire, paying attention to the temperature. Is this a factory?

But, comrades with circumstances similar to their own, the fixed work and quiet time were certainly healing the men’s hearts it seems.


“Please don’t talk to them if possible,” following such request from Cool NEET, the elderly american husband and wife and George and the others walked through the offline camp venue.


‘Oh? Oh oh! Could that be Kotarou! No, that can’t be possible!’


What the scriptwriter woman witnessed as they approached the next group was a dog.


Username Overwhelmingly dog person, Kemona Lv.MAX and several anonymous people.

Overwhelmingly dog person placed the dogs from the pet shop he was managing under his friend’s care and participated in the offline camp while bringing just one dog. Due to the group being divided in the Yuuji former house site, who wished to go to the other world, and the forest park group, he was able to participate without restraint. This is a good chance, he thought, and brought a dog that resembled Kotarou. While being cautious to Kemona Lv.MAX.


“Huh, isn’t it a little small? Eh, it can’t jump any higher than this? But it’s cute so anything’s fine!” The anonymous raised such voices. The anonymous seemed to have actually experienced Kotarou’s abnormality by being in the presence of a genuine dog.

By the way, this dog was male. It was by chance. Overwhelmingly dog person did not intend to let it do a formal marriage interview with Kotarou in particular. It was by chance. That it was male. …… 


Having taken a general look around the state of the offline camp, Cool NEET, Gunji, the paired attorney, the translator and the elderly husband and wife from the american group returned to the screen.


All expected participants were present.

There were several anonymous people who took refuge in the reception hall of the lodging facility, but that too was within expectations. They had a temporary screen and live broadcast there for that reason. On a side note, the live broadcast was uploaded on the internet.

In order to perform their sole program with the third offline camp.


Well, Anonymous ETNE and MEAT scheduled an enthusiastic campfire after this.


To perform one of the only two programs in the third offline camp.


Cool NEET then took the mic in front of the two cloth screens.


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