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Vol 10 Idle talk 2

[11-0] Third offline camp, the appointed day part 2


April 12th.

The day of the third offline camp.

One man, no, username Clothes group member A had come to Sanu outlet mall together with a woman.

In order to have her select some clothes.

In order to have her select a bag and shoes.


The footwear that the man wanted was one from a famous brand in desert boots. He was going to purchase a regular desert boots after all.

He followed the woman’s advice, which is that they work with both casual and jackets, and though it is somewhat expensive, one could wear it with relatively no fashion.

After purchasing the boots, the man immediately put it on and went to the next store to purchase the bag and clothes.

The three years old brandless sneakers replaced the purchased desert boots in its box.


Where he went next was a select shop that catered to college students. Here existed select shop outlet stores as well.

Sano wouldn’t be far from where you live, Fumiya-kun. If you know the stores, then you won’t lose your way when you come here on your own, right? Here you would have the full selection available too. He followed such advice from the woman. Well, the man should not have any objections either however.


“Fumiya-kun, how about it? Can I open it?”

“Ah, Kanako-san. Yes, it’s fine now”

“Excuse~ me then. Yup, it’s just like I thought! It suits you extremely well, Fumiya-kun!”


What the man caught sight of after coming out of the dressing room was the woman smiling happily from the bottom of her heart seeing his appearance.


Two years ago.

The man freed himself from social withdrawal, wore clothes he had available and purchased clothes.

When the man tried on the full set and opened the curtains, he was greeted with the woman’s smile.


Two years ago.

The man thought of that smile as dazzling.

That it was the smile of a person living in a cheerful place.

Whether that smile was for someone like himself.

It was since that time that he began to become curious.


And now.

The man freed himself from social withdrawal, began to move on his own, earned money by working, took care of his clothes and hair, and gained little confidence in himself.

She saw the delightful smile of the woman who helped him.


And now.

The woman selected the man’s clothes with the information she studied and her fashion sense she cultivated over a span of ten years.

She saw the slightly bashful smile of the man who gained a little confidence.


It may have been that moment.

That the man woman fell in love.


“How is it, dear customers?”


Well, that magic-like moment was quickly broken by the boorish employee however.

Apparel employees were not all capable people like the woman.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


This is Charlie. Echo, ETNE, how is the target’s situation? Over”

“Eh, ah, yeah. This is Echo. The target is… kind of looking happy, over”

“This is ETNE! We may have seen something amazing just now! Over”

“This is MEAT. Hey ETNE, what you you mean? Did something happen while Charlie and I were enjoying some frappuccino from a super famous coffee chain from the USA? Actually, ordering is troublesome”

“This is Echo. Somehow, these two may really hit it off well…”

“This is ETNE! I saw what’s probably the moment people fell in love! It’s already that; if you end up seeing something like this, then you could only think I hope they die or go explode and such. I feel it hard even from a place away from the store, you know! No, I don’t mean erotically, okay?”

“Ooh, fuck! This is MEAT! Damn, damn it! I’ve wanted to see iiiiiiiit!”

“This is Charlie. Calm down MEAT, it’s good news. Then, how about the Snake group withdraw?”

“This is Echo. I guess, it should be fine now”

“This is MEAT! Damn, that guy, I’m gonna fire a barrage of questions at him in the offline camp!”

“A magical moment, huh? So it’s real. I would’ve wanted to see it for sure”

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


“Kanako-san, thanks for today”

“It’s fine, I had fun too”


Having finished shopping, the two were sitting in the cafe where Cool NEET and Anonymous MEAT were sitting until some time ago.

“We walked a lot, so how about we go back after having some rest?” was Kanako’s invitation.

On a side note, there were no obscene meaning in the ‘Rest’ that she said there.

She was just talking about sitting in a cafe.


“But still, Fumiya-kun… Yup, you’ve gotten attractive!”

“No way, someone like me is… but it’s thanks to you, Kanako-san. Really, thank you very much”

“Fumiya-kun, it’s bothering me a little, but… you don’t have to use polite expression with me, you know?”

“Eh, ah, okay. But, I’m not really used to it… I haven’t talked to women much either”

“Is that so… How about practising it with me then!?”


Kanako asked as if peering into him.

On a side note, the ‘practising with me’ had no indecent meaning.

It was just about trying to talk to a woman without polite expression.


“Uh… I-, I will do my best”

“Look, again adding polite expressions!”

“Okay, I’ll try, okay?”

“Hey, why are you asking me?”


The two showed a smile and exchanged a trifling conversation.

Apparently the distance between the two had gotten shorter.

Both emotionally and physically.


“So you’re 25 years old, Fumiya-kun… There’s still a long way for you isn’t it”

“Really? But I’m a freeter and a junior high school graduate because I dropped out of senior high school…”

“I don’t know how you think about it, Fumiya-kun, but… I don’t think it’s too late to fail and get back on your feet from there, no matter how old you are”


“You know, I… I left Tokyo as a high school graduate, entered the apparel business world I liked, married and immediately gave birth to a child. I was doing well”

“Is that so… it’s a world where I have nothing to do with I guess”

“But my husband began to lose his temper. He was the domestic violence kind of guy” 


Kanako looked down even though she was maintaining a tone as if it was nothing.

Fumiya bit on his molars.

He was an unexpectedly pure man.


“Just because our daughter was there he endured it though. You know, when that girl turned three, she told me”

“What did she tell you?”

“Oh dear, why are you crying? Hinako said she’ll go ‘pain, pain, fly away~’ for me”

“ …She’s a gentle girl, isn’t he?”

“Yup. But I didn’t think it was good like this at this rate. To make my daughter worried, you know. And so, for my child’s sake, I divorced at the age of 26, changed my workplace and residency and began one more time. Well, it’s a story you often hear”

“…Kanako-san, you’re strong”

“Fufu, thanks. Hey, again with your politeness! Well, I must say it had been quite difficult, you know?”

“I think it’s amazing. Far more than me”

“Nuh-uh. I had my parents and my child. That’s why I got back on my feet. Fumiya-kun, you were alone right?”

“I am… No, I have them too. Friends, I guess? Also my mom”


While having some distant look, Fumiya recalled those days.

He did not know if he could call them friends.

Even so, it was true that Yuuji, Clothes group member B and the bulletin board residents inspired him to get back on his feet. Also his mom.


“I see. But I think you had it more difficult than me after all. That’s why I thought you’re amazing. And I wonder how it will turn out from here on”

“How…? But, a job that I can do is…”

“That’s what you’re saying. Fumiya-kun, you know, I don’t know how long ago it is, but… would the you from that time have believed it if he was told that he would get back to his feet a few years later, like the current you?”

“That’d be impossible! No, he would definitely not have believed it”

“Right? That’s why you won’t know what’s in the future”

“Oh, I see. Yeah, that’s right…”

“Yup. You’re taking a step forward like this too. I’m looking forward to how you will turn out from now on. Also, I…”

“Also, I? What is it, Kanako-san?”

“I think it would be nice if I could help you”


Kanako smiled embarrassed.

Endou Fumiya, age 25.

For the second time in two hours. He fell in love.


“Now, how about we go soon! If we leave now, I’ll be able to get back home before my daughter comes back from school!”

“…eh, ah, yes, what is it?”

“Geez! You didn’t hear me? Look, we’re going, Fumiya-kun! Ah, where should I drop you off?”


Fumiya looked absent-minded at the smile and words of Kanako.

Taking Fumiya by hand, Kanako stood up.


And stayed like that, without letting go of that hand.


Endou Fumiya, age 25.

Username, Clothes group member A.

The first date in his life had never been more successful.



The man did not notice it yet.

That today was not finished with this.


After this, the man would head to the third offline camp.

The residents were lying in wait there, ready with the Snake group’s information.

The moment the man arrives in the forest park, a long, long interrogation time would begin.


But then again, there were some sinful residents who were not at all interested in it.



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