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Chapter 65

The Dolls and the Beast


“You’re in the way!”


Leona’s fist outright blew away the packed soldiers.

Because we were going upstairs single-mindedly, we had bad footing.

It must be thanks to Leona, who excels in mobility, that we were able to walk around well even in this kind of situation.


“We’re almost on the middle floors! Don’t be caught off guard!”

“I know!”


When we went upstairs, there was a corridor stretched in front of us.

What we see in inside was a gigantic stone door.

It seems this size is necessary due to there being people with a body many times a human being among demons.


“I’m punching it! You’re fine with that right!?”

“It’s unavoidable! Please do!”


Leona instantly accelerated.

The momentum maintained, Leona thrusted her fist at the door.

Along with the sound of stone breaking, we tumbled into the other side of the door.


“This place is…”


There was just a spacious room.

All I could see was a ceiling that’s so high that I doubt we can reach it no matter what we do, and a staircase that would go on above in the far distance.


“This is odd…”

“What’s wrong, Gidara?”


Gidara looked around us and talked in a voice that exposed his wariness.


“This is a room that alters its terrain and landscape depending on the persion, in order to make it easier for the captains to fight. Depending on the situation, it sometimes branches to several floors”

“ … It’s an atrium no matter how we look at it though”

“That is what is odd. Because it has been a few decades since I’ve seen the ceiling here become this high”

“But doesn’t that mean that conversely there’s nobody――――no wait”

“Hum… There are”


The instant we caught the sound of moving fast with our ears, we separated in order to flee from this spot.

They were, if I’m not mistaken, Sadore’s subordinates; the man and woman called Pallet and Campus.


“Just as Master Sadore said, they really have come, Campus”

“Yes they have, brother”

“We have to kill them because they have come, isn’t it”

“Yes we do. Let us kill them all”


When the two took swords in both their hands, they approached us while loosely drooping their hands.

The status of these two were unlike those soldiers.

But they’re not the one.

The enormous magic power I felt was further up from here.

An overwhelming power that they did not even try to hide.

If we become extremely exhausted here, then we will be trampled down instantly.

In that case, we need someone to take charge of these two.


“Adel, I probably agree with what you’re thinking”

“Is that so… Then――”

“I’ll stay behind”


Said Leona, and stepped forward in order to protect us.


“You don’t have to ask me to do this. The only one who can bump these off quickly and catch up afterwards is me, right?”

“… That’s right”

“Then, leave it to me. In exchange, I’ll leave it to you to stall for time upstairs”


Gidara and I nodded, and ran off to the stairs inside the room.


“They’re trying to run away, brother”

“You mustn’t let them go, Campus. You have to make sure to kill them”



They had more instantaneous force than I guessed.

Instantly approaching our backs as we ran off, Pallet and Campus thrust their swords.


“You should already know that I won’t let you do that!”


The attacks of those two were repelled by Leona with even faster movement.

Fleeing away from the momentum, Pallet and Campus glared at Leona with an even more wary expression.


“Go quickly, okay!?”



Gidara and I managed to arrive at the staircase and continued to go upstairs.

Pallet and Campus won’t be chasing after us anymore.


“Now, how about we do this”


Having seen off the two, Leona once again confronted Pallet and Campus.


“Brother, this beast seems intent to defeat us”

“She doesn’t know her own position, does she? At any rate, if we don’t kill her quickly, we won’t have the time to kill the rest of the insects, so let’s kill her without delay”

“Understood, brother”


Setting up their swords again, the two shortened their distance to Leona again, little by little.

Those movements looked to be completely open for attacks, but Leona saw a different form.


(They are full of openings, but… in short it’s an offensive-while-defensive approach)


The two had high instantaneous force.

In other words, she would instantly suffer a counter if she were to challenge them poorly.

Even if Leona were able to kill one in one blow, the other would end up slaughtering her similarly in one blow.

There would be no meaning to challenge them this way.


“She is not coming to attack us, brother”

“So she isn’t a fool in spite of being a beast. It can’t be helped then, we will make the move”

“Okay, brother”


Perhaps having grown impatient from Leona who did not carelessly attack them, Pallet and Campus simultaneously leaped upon her.

Seeing that, Leona twisted her face into a grin.


“You’re the ones who are careless”


Leona vanished from Pallet and Campus’s vision.

While the two did not know what happened, an impact ran in Pallet’s body.



“First one down”


From right under Pallet, Leona’s fist ran into his body in an uppercut.

Leona, in contrast to the two who leapt at her, purposely slipped under them at high speed.

Because of that, the two lost sight of her and Pallet received a heavy blow like this.



“Now that you’ve become one person, you’re not scary anymore!”


Campus, now showing an angry look, leaped at Leona.

However, she was not frightening to her who surpass her at this point in time.

She lightly sidestepped Campus’s attack and drove her fist into her body.

The feelings of ribs breaking transmitted to Leona’s arm.

Leona then spoke to the two who had been blown away with little resistance and rolled to the same place.


“I don’t intend to rob you of your lives, but if you go any more than this, then I’ll break enough of you so that you can’t walk for the rest of your life. How about it you two, won’t you surrender?”


Leona asked the two.

The damage they bore is what she, the person who inflicted it, understood the best.

Both of them had their ribs broken and suffered great damage to their internal organs.

Demons live long by their sturdiness, but death would be unavoidable if man were to bear this damage.





The two demons laughed in a completely strange looks to Leona who asked that.


“We surrender? We surrender she says!”

“That is strange brother! What could this beast be saying!?”


Something strange occurred before Leona’s eyes.

The two demons who supposed to have received fatal wounds tried to stand up while their body quivered.

Those movements were like a doll hung on strings.

They harbored an uncanniness that they did not appear living and madness capable of ravishing one’s brain.


“ …You all, what are you?”

“We’re dolls you see. Master Sadore’s loyal dolls”

“It’s useless, no matter how much you break us. It’s useless. We won’t stop as long as you’re not broken”


The two, while making creepy movements, once again approached Leona.


“Tch… It’s gotten troublesome hasn’t it!?”


Her second round with the strange dolls has begun.



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