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Chapter 64

The Hero and company attacks


We were inside Gidara’s barrier that was affixed into a back alley, so that we can build up a plan.

This is made by space magic, so we’re defended against people’s gazes, sound and rain from outside.

Even Gidara, whose magic circuit was approaching its limit, seems to be able to handle this level of magic like breathing.

As expected of the man who has supported the demon lord army for many years.


“Let us think about our strategy… though I say that, I honestly do not have any elaborate one”

“Which means?”

“First of all, I cannot read the situation on the other side well. I do know to some extent the soldiers currently remaining in the demon lord castle, but we lack too much insight into the existence of other foreign beings mixed in with them”


So answered Gidara my question.

He’s right that it’s highly likely that there are still several foreign beings from the fact that Luke was there.

I can agree that there’s no point in creating countermeasures if that’s the case.


“How about we think about our invasion route from the structure of the demon lord castle? Seeing that we don’t know their military strength, I thought we could improve our situation if we take advantage of the terrain”

“I agree with that. You all, I will be telling you the rough structure of the castle, so hammer it into your head here”


We nodded, and then Gidara drew up a simple floor plan in the air using space magic.

Though I’ve once gone in, it is very large when I look at it this way.


“If you look here this way, it would look like there is quite a distance to the high throne room, but the floors beneath are mostly residential quarters for the soldiers. We should be able to break through there easily, but the problem would be――――”

“Here, isn’t it?”


I pointed at the middle floors of the demon lord castle.


“You did invade here after all. Exactly. This place is structured to be advantageous to the defending side even without traps, as a countermeasure to invaders. Naturally the other side could use this place to protect themselves”

“But they can’t kill us if they’re merely protecting, can they? Even if they’re stalling for time…”

“The limit in this battle is until Isvel is executed in front of the populace. If she were executed, then I doubt we will be heard no matter how much we accuse Sadore to be evil”

“… That’s right. Sorry for interrupting”

“I don’t mind. After all, I cleared up our specific objective with this”

“It would be nice if we could manage to get in their way and create a situation where that girl regains her strength again, wouldn’t it?”

“Yes it would. If we do so, we should be able to contain the situation once the other captains return”


With those words, Gidara pointed to the top floor.


“Based on Sadore’s character who now has the throne of the whole country within his reach, he should be here. The problem would be Isvel’s location though…”

“Sir Gidara, what about the prison?”

“ …Yes, that would be most likely. At the very least it is likely that she will be imprisoned until tomorrow”


Rescuing Isvel while defeating Sadore means that we will have to go both upstairs and downstairs.

Luke should be near Sadore, so first we would have to thwart them starting from ipstairs.


“Hm… Well”

“What is it, Hero?”

“How about we break up into two groups? To go upstairs and downstairs you see”

“Hum, meaning?”

“The reason we don’t have any leeway here is because Isvel’s execution day has been decided. If we are able to secure her first, then we will be able to wait for the rest of the demon lord army to come back if worst come to worst”

“I see what you mean. It means that the group going upstairs will be holding out until her rescue, is it not?”

“That’s how it will be. Next would be the distribution, but――”


When I looked at everyone while saying that, Eleira raised her hand.


“In that case, I would be the most suitable. I may fall behind to Leona, but I have confidence in my mobility and I know the structure of the castle quite well”

“Alright. Then we’ll leave the rescuing to Eleira. The other group will go full out in causing a disturbance in the floors upstairs. If we do so, it should make it easier for Eleira to move”


Everyone here nodded to my words.

It seems it’s safe to say it’s unanimous.


“And finally, I want to say this, but… if you run into Luke, flee without keeping him company. I don’t want to say it like this, but we can’t win with just the people here. I think you will be able to buy time if we are with two or more us. Retreat during that time and recover your position”


Silvar and Leona looked somewhat dissatisfied, but pretty much nodded.

Gidara and Eleira meekly nodded, perhaps because they knew well the fright of the sacred sword.


“Good――――then, let’s go”


“All of you! Stop!”


The large gate at the entrance of the demon lord castle.

The demon soldiers guarding it blocked the way in front of us.


“Step back!”



Leona and Eleira, who were going in first, blew them all away.

Of course they did not kill them due to holding back.

After all, they just couldn’t oppose them.


“Kuh! But there’s no technique to destroy this gate――”


A soldier’s still calm voice hit my ears.

Ignoring that voice, I unsheathed Echsdarc.


“Let’s do this!”

‘Leave it to me!’


I leaped in front of Leona and Eleira and I greatly swung Echsdarc.

The magic power I poured in was not much at all.

However, if it’s now where I’m not thinking of adjusting it――.


“Black blade!”


The jet-black sword very easily cut up the large gate.

The gate that was horizontally cut along with the walls around it collapsed with a thunderous roar.


“Do not mind the disturbances and such anymore! Act violently and flashily!”

“Don’t let them go to Sir Sadore!”


When we leaped into the castle, numerous soldiers were lying in wait.

It would be difficult to go up while holding back with this.


“I will take care of this place. You quickly head to the floors upstairs”

“Silvar… Alright. I’ll leave this to you!”


Not killing them and not letting them kill.

The most suitable for that would be none other than Silvar.

We ran past them until the staircase in front of us and ran up without looking back.


“After them!”

“I won’t let you go after them though”


The soldiers who tried to chase after us stopped their tracks.

With this, the threat behind us is gone for now.


“I wonder if Eleira slipped in successfully”


Eleira took advantage of the confusion and headed to the basement.

I doubt they have noticed her yet, but――I’m a little worried.


“She should be alright. What is more important is what is in front of us”

“Yeah, that’s right. There is someone with an unbelievable amount of magic powers here above…”


We fixed our eyes on our road and merely ran.

We headed for the upper floors, the place where Sadore and the others must be at.

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