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Chapter 66

The terrifying dolls


(I’ve chosen really troublesome opponents!)


Leona dodged Pallet and Campus’s attacks with quite grandiose movements.

There was a reason she was forced to take this much unnecessary movements despite winning overwhelmingly in speed.





Whenever she dodged Campus’s attacks, her joints would suddenly bend to a direction it originally would not bend to.

Due to that, the sword’s trajectory would change and put scratches on Leona’s cheeks.

That was the reason why Leona had no choice but to dodge in a grand way.

There was the fact that they called themselves dolls; their movements were far beyond human limits.

Their joints and such should have already been broken, yet they began to attacking using that instead.

It was the first time even for Leona, an adventurer with much experience, to fight this type of enemy.




The moment she dodge Pallet’s attack, Leona grabbed the arm that she lunged with just then, and broke it by striking her knee on it.


(If I hit the parts that aren’t joints, then it should be unusable as expected!)


She destroyed it and withdrew immediately.

Having separated from between the two, Leona first put her breathing in order for.


“My arm is broken, Campus”

“Oh dear me, this is terrible, brother. You won’t be able to dance like this”

“That is terrible. But would it be alright because I can grip my sword?”

“I’m sure it will be alright, brother. That’s right! Let’s cut that beast’s arm and exchange it!”

“Good thinking, Campus. It will smell of beasts for a while, but I will get used to it before long”


Pallet and Campus’s incoherent conversation would seem to drive Leona crazy.

By no means was her ability inferior.

Rather, she did not feel like she would lose two on one.

That said, the immeasurable insanity included in those movements and words made Leona shiver.

Perhaps lacking spirit, Leona’s own movements were worse than usual.



“Gh… huh”


It was sudden.

Leona felt an unbearable sense of fatigue and suffocation, and reflexively went on her knees.

Her hands and feet felt strangely numb and she had a hard time standing.


“Ah, it finally showed effect, Campus”

“Yes it did, brother. She was a tenacious beast”

“What did… you do…?”


The two showed a creepy smile as they slowly approached her.


“Various poison has been spread on our swords”

“Even if we don’t stab you deeply, it will cause things like dizziness, hemorrhage, fever and neuroparalysis just by being scratched several times. I don’t think you will be able to fight properly anymore though”

“Tch… You kids are completely troublesome, aren’t you”


Immediately after saying it, Leona coughed and threw up blood.

She was so dizzy that she could not stand straight, and her vision warped.


“Ahah! She is tottering, brother!”

“Yes she is, Campus. What’s left is some small effort”


The two flickered their sword and approached Leona.

Leona tried to separate herself from the two, but her legs were hard to control and so they could not move.

No matter how much insanity the two were filled in, they were not naive enough to miss that chance.





She barely avoided Campus’s attack, but she could not dodge Pallet’s attack that was swung to where she was dodging towards.

The blade that stretched to her flank deeply gouged out her flesh.

Leona’s face warped in pain.


“Hahah! We hit her! We hit her!”


Leona mustered her strength and separated even farther from the two, but she was unable to bear the impact of the landing and tumbled to the floor.

She no longer even knew whether or not she was breathing if she did not focus on it.


“Huff… Huff… I’m beat, really… it’ll be my loss at this rate”

“Will you surrender? Will you? We’ll kill you even if you do though”


With maddened expressions, the two laughed in a shrill voice.

Ignoring such voices, Leona strongly struck her chest with her fist.


“Beast Beat”


Her heart rate jumped up.

It was a technique that accelerates the blood flow and increases one’s physical ability in one go.


(My physical ability has gone up, so I can manage to move, but… I guess I have four minutes)


She should have been able to move sufficiently in this state if she was her usual, but her current physical strength was at most half.


“She is struggling in vain, brother”

“I suppose so. We may be scolded by Master Sadore soon, so shall we kill her already?”

“That would be fine! Let’s kill her already!”


Pallet and Kampus leaped at Leona with some time difference in order to shower attacks on her.

――――This action was their cause of defeat.

That they were making light of her ability despite noticing that it had risen. 

And that they had gone to attack in a situation where they would’ve won if they waited.

They committed an error at the very end.




First, Pallet suddenly disappeared from Campus’s field of vision.

What she only barely captured was that Leona disappeared in pursuit of something.


“Thanks for attacking in a scattered way”


Leona kicked Pallet horizontally.

Leona swiftly shortened her distance to him, whose understanding had yet to catch up to him, and grabbed the tumbling Pallet in eagle grip.


“I’m really glad that you’re stupid”



For the first time, Pallet’s face warped in fear.

Sound of Pallet’s head cracking could be heard, and Leona’s war cry resounded in order to drown out that.




Leona slammed Pallet’s head on the floor with all her strength.

The stone floor broke flashy and Pallet’s grey matter scattered around.

However, Pallet swung his sword while bent down to the floor.

His brains should have been crushed and yet he still moved.


“As I would expect from a doll I guess”


In his vision-less state, he could not hit the current Leona even if he attacked.

Leona forcibly cut off his arm holding the sword that was swinging and missing, with her hand used like a sword.

She then continued to unleash her fist three times in the blink of an eye and destroyed Pallet’s remaining limbs.


“If he can move even if his brain is broken, then I’ve got no longer any choice but to break him completely, you see”


When she struck her fist to break his spinal cord at the end, Pallet stopped moving after convulsing for a bit.


“Brother! Brotheer!”

“You’re next”

“How dare you! How dare you! You beast!”


While raising a piercing cry, Campus leaped at Leona.

Leona fixed her eyes on that, seemingly sad.


“Not even two minutes have passed though…”


Leona raised one leg high.

That was the Beast’s merciless iron hammer.

She swung down the iron hammer on Campus, who’s chasing in front of her eyes.


“――Beast leg – Divine punishment!”


Leona’s fully powered axe kick slammed Campus’s head to the floor.

An impact that shook the demon lord castle ran and like Pallet, Campus’s head was crushed into tiny fragments.


“They were really boring opponents”


Leona looked down on Campus with a blank expression.

For a moment, only the sound of her breaking a doll’s body resounded in the room.



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