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Chapter 67

Extremely simple conclusion


“Will that girl be alright?”

“She will be fine. Leona is strong. She’s always hiding an ace up her sleeve and she’s strong enough that even the me from the heydays wouldn’t want to go against her”

“Now that is promising”


We ran up the staircase without looking back.

We could hear the sounds of battle from below us already, indicating the fact that they were clashing quite violently.


“But still, this staircase is pretty long”

“That is because originally this is a staircase with several floors. There are as many floors as there are defending commanders, but now it looks like a stairwell”

“ …It feels overwhelming”

“Yes, it does. We should be up the stairs soon”

“Is the demon lord’s throne here ahead?”

“No, There’s a long corridor that is suited for battles, as our last stand to intercept the enemy who had broken through here. You should have gone through it as well once”

“Oh that”


I had memories of this within this year and yet I don’t remember much of it due to the interior design having changed this much in form.

If I recall, it feels like the last keeper up ahead was the third unit commander.


“Look, we are at the corridors soon!”



Ahead, where we ran up towards.

The instant we took the final steps, I felt magic power that sent shivers to my spine.

Yes, it’s the one that I had been feeling the whole time even at the lower floors.


“Oh dear, you’ve finally come haven’t you. Intruders”

“Uheeh, I got tired of waiting you know”

“Don’t go looking too slovenly, you! Starting now we’re going to have to entertain them, you know!? Listen to me! Orange!”

“Geeze, you’re so noisy Violette. I know, it’s master Roy’s command”


A violet robed woman and an orange robed youth.

The identity of the powerful magic power were undoubtedly these two.

So the rainbow association has something to do with this like I thought.


“You… who are you”

“I am one of the seven colored sages obeying master Roy(Luke), I am called Violette”

“Similarly, I’m Orange”

“So you’re assassins from the human side then… this is troublesome”


The amount of magic power the two had was so vast that it is incomparable to the so-called seven colored sages I’ve met so far.

I have doubts on whether or not we can win with the current me or Isvel without the heart of the demon lord.


“Gidara, we have to cooperate and somehow――”

“No, you go on ahead. I will be in charge of this place”

“Eh, no… it’s not like you don’t understand these people’s powers, is it?”


No matter how much Gidara had mastered black magic, he should understand how hard it is to say those words.

If he fights on his own despite it being an even match by fighting together, I doubt whether he could get away or not.


“What are you saying? There are a much more dangerous lot up here, you know? We will not win from them first of all by surviving this place with the two of us. The end result would be us being trampled down”

“Even so――”

“Do not forget. Our number one objective is Isvel’s rescue. I only need to earn time. Their appearance was unexpected, so we have to deal with it by adapting ourselves to the situation”


While saying that, Gidara stepped in front of me.


“Oh dear, so the old man is going against us alone?”

“It would feel bad if I could not go against you young ones. However, I don’t feel like losing against you young ones yet”

“You’re holding out aren’t you. But we were told by master Roy not to let anyone pass”


Violette and Orange entered their battle-ready state.

A sense of intimidation unimaginable from their blank expression assailed us, freezing my feet for a moment.


“Oh Hero, I will stop their movements temporarily”


“Run past them during that time. If you go all out, then that alone should be plenty of time”

“ … It looks like it’s useless to stop you”

“Of course it is. Besides, even I have thought of a way to escape”

“Alright――――I leave it to you”


I made sure to force my magic power through my feet to strengthen it.

Even if I used more magic power than usual, it can’t be helped on this occasion.

Running through here is the most important.


“I’m sorry, but we too have our objectives. I will have you let us pass! Freeze!”



Glass-like plates encircled Violette and Orange’s body.

That cage that turned into a rectangle in the blink of an eye nearly completely obstructed their movements in less than a few seconds.


“Are you going to stop our movement with just this? If I put in some strength, then something like this is――”

“I did not consider stopping you with something like that, you know. But, it’s enough if it is for an instant”


“Go! Hero!”


The instant Violette clicked her tongue, I kicked the floor.

The floor burst open, and I headed to the door ahead of the corridor with the intense driving force I gained.

Thanks to Gidara, I got to the door without being stopped by anybody.


“ …So he broke through”

‘Oh geez, they got us there”

“*sigh*… Nothing to be done about that”


Air of tension flowed between the remaining Gidara and Violette and Orange that would make it difficult for ordinary people to breathe.


“We may be scolded by Master Roy later”

“I don’t want that. Unlike you Violette, I don’t like him to be angry at me”

“It doesn’t mean like I like being scolded either! It’s just that I get excited from Master Roy’s penetrating cold voice”


“How about I settle this starting with you before that old man?”

“I was joking okay~”


Violette sighed towards Orange laughing foolishly.

Gidara shed a cold sweat, seeing such state of theirs.


(These people… No openings even though they are fooling around this much)


Gidara’s many years of experience brought to his attention that he would receive a severe counterattack wherever he attacked from.

If it was him during his heydays, then he would be able to get around it skillfully, but the current him would have it difficult.

His fiercely damaged magic power circuit.

His quite diminished amount of magic power.

His black magic that had become riskier.

His physical ability that had already declined to an average human one.

He would not be able to win the battles he could win this way.


(――No other choice but to do it. Now that I have gone as far as telling him that I have a way to run away)


Gidara prepared his characteristic staff and fixed his gaze on the two.

It was not so unusual for him to overcome a losing battle.


“Oh my, aren’t you eager”

“*sigh*, this is troublesome”

“If that’s what you think, then let us finish this at once. This battle is fruitless if that Hero isn’t here”

“Oh really. Then let’s kill him”

“Yes, let’s do so”


――It didn’t mean that Gidara was negligent by any means.


Even when he sharpened his nerves and concentrate enough to shave away his lifespan even more, he was unable to catch their movements with his eyes.


“After all, it’s an easy task to do something like killing you”



He was not even able to notice them until he heard their voice from behind him.

Reflexively turning his head, Gidara looked at Violette’s arm piercing through his chest, dumbfoundedly.


“Look, simple isn’t it?”

Violette’s arm was pulled out.

While feeling his temperature dropping rapidly, Gidara slowly bent down onto the floor.



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