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Chapter 69

The former Hero and the demon swordswoman


“Guh… Kahah”

“Phew, I suppose I was somewhat careless”


Eleira was blown away all the way to the stairs she had descended from.

Due to the attack that was like being full body hit by an iron ball, she had received damage so severe that there were no longer any place on her body left unhurt.

She tried to stand up somehow, but she would end up going on her knees immediately if she had not used her sword as a support.


“The sacred sword Savers is equipped with an ability to rescue the master when they draw near a critical situation. If you approach carelessly, then this is what would happen”


What attacked Eleira was a magic shockwave of light.

Its purpose was to keep enemies away and ward off attacks rather than directly inflicting damage.

However, this did not apply when receiving it at close range.

Eleira received this much damage, because she was in point-blank range where her sword tip could reach him.


“Now then, killing you would be simple, but I’d like to kill you in front of Adel if I’m given the choice. And so, first let me restrain you”



Luke slowly approached Eleira.

While looking at the approaching Luke, Eleira closed her eyes, in understanding of her fate――――was not why she did so.

She closed her eyes so that he would not realize her intentions.

That she had begun accumulating strength in her feet in order to do a strong kick to the ground


“Now, let me have you lie down slowly――”

“――I can’t do that”


The floor burst open.

Something passed beside Luke.

That something was none other than Eleira.

Demon style sword art – Defensive step, Quiet Dragon.

She was quiet, like a dragon waiting for the moment to move.

It was a technique where one would perfectly seize an enemy’s opening by pretending to be powerless.

The more one is injured, the higher this technique’s skill would be.

Precisely because Eleira was nearly dying, Luke showed an opening.


“Why you!”


However, Eleira used this technique not to try and take Luke down.

Savers would just once again send Eleira flying if she were to start her attack.

What Eleira aimed for was the door inside.

It was the door of the dungeon where Isvel should be imprisoned


(I’ll reach it!)


Even if Luke tried to stop her, he would not make it due to being caught off guard.

With the moment she gained from kicking the floor, Eleira broke through the dungeon gate and rolled in.


“Milady Isvel!”


Looking around her from inside the fluttering dust, Eleira called out the name of the demon lord who was her original objective.

However, no matter how much she looked around, Isvel was nowhere to be seen.

What was there were two giant magic stones.

Each magic stone had a person inside.

The young man and woman were enshrined as if they were imprisoned inside the magic stone.


“What is …this. Did the castle basement have this kind of――”

“So you’ve seen it”


From behind the dumbfounded Eleira, Luke too entered this room.

After staring at her with a cold expression, he pointed his gaze towards the people inside.


“Allow me to teach you a pleasant memory to take to the afterlife. Their names are Gee and Biv. You don’t know, do you? That these two are Heroes who had been erased from history”

“Gh! He…roes…?

“That’s right. They were supposed to defeat the demon lord and become a great person. But the country I am in deemed them as a threat and performed their seal. And this is how they did it. You see, I want to undo their seal”

“Wh- why… What does undoing their seal after all this time have to do with your deeds?”

“To undo their seals I require the heart of the demon lord. In order to obtain that, I expressly joined hands with Sadore. Under the agreement that he would hand over the heart of the demon lord when he assumes the position of demon lord, that is”


The heart of the demon lord could not be used by human beings.

In the first place, it was an item that could not be used by anyone but the demon lord of that generation.

In order for other people to make use of the heart of the demon lord, one would need to be elected as the new demon lord or have the demon lord themselves hand it over.


“I was their friend. That’s why I have taken actions to save those friends of mine. Do you understand me?”

“Gh! Please don’t joke around!”

“Woah there”


Eleira was exasperated to Luke’s words and swung her sword sideways.

With her exhausted body understandably unable to display proper performance, that attack was easily dodged.


“No matter what goal you have, capturing milady Isvel and seizing the country are no deeds I can forgive at all!”

“How sad, I’m sad. Well, it doesn’t change the fact I will kill you either way though”


Luke held aloft Savers with a blank expression.

The magic power encircling the sacred sword excessively distorted the air.


How about I introduce myself once more for your final moments? I am Luke Roy”


Eleira held her sword to try defend against Luke’s attack, but she herself did not think she could defend against it at all.

She just thought that this would be better than be defeated without any resistance at all.


“To tell you the truth, I too am one who has been erased from history――――a former Hero”


Savers was swung down on Eleira――――


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