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Chapter 71

 The Hero breaks through


‘Milord, is it truly safe for you?’

“It means that my burden will get that much lighter if we take him down immediately. You don’t have to think about unnecessary things”

‘… Well, if milord says so, then I will obey though’

“Let’s go”



I set up Echsdarc under my arm and rushed towards Sadore.


“St- stay away from me!”


When Sadore swung his arm, threads just like before were shot.

However, if you’ve already seen it several times, then dealing with it is simple.

Due to having captured the faint magic power, I was able to ward it off with my whole body without using Echsdarc. 




I once again got close and swung Echsdarc sideways.

Sadore stopped that with one arm.

What reckless action are you――or so I thought, but on a closer look there were threads wrapped around his arm.

Its strength itself rivaled that of steel; it splendidly killed off the momentum of Echsdarc’s blade.

Still, it’s easy to understand how much Echsdarc surpasses it though, seeing that the blade dug into his flesh.



“I respect your techniques itself. It did stop my blow like this after all”



I pulled away Echsdarc and swung again.

And she cut off Sadore’s arm, at the place where I had put a cut in.


“Gyaaah! My arm! My arm is…Gh!”

“You don’t have to make such a ruckus, do you?”


I turn the revolving arm of Sadore into pieces before it fell on the ground.

It’s about this guy.

If I leave it behind, it would be easy for him to connect it with threads


“Don’t get… conceited!”


Sadore, though sweating cold sweat, unleashed a technique where he fired slash of threads.

I cut off the threads I can’t dodge with Echsdarc while I jumped back and took distance.


“I understood that you’ve been hiding your strength! But I am the same!”


While shouting, Sadore opened his arm wide.

At his chest was a vivid blue magic stone embedded.


“I’ve received this from Sir Luke you see, saying I’ve been granted Indigo! It’s actually the first time I’m using this, but… this should be sufficient to bring you down!”


The magic stone on Sadore’s chest emitted light.

This guy would also earn tremendous power like how it is with those of the rainbow association until now.


“――there’s no way I can let you do so, now can I”



I threw Echsdarc at him.

Echsdarc changed her trajectory with her own strength and splendidly sewed Sadore’s feet to the ground.

The instant Sadore was distracted by that, I instantly shortened our distance again.


“I don’t always use Echsdarc as is just because I put in strength in it, you know”

“Wait! Sto――――”

“Good bye”


I drive my magic clad fist into the part with the magic stone.

My fist broke the magic stone and continued to pierce through his chest.


“Gah… ah… I…should’ve been … the demon lord”





I pulled out my arm, and pulled out Echsdarc before Sadore collapsed.

While looking down on Sadore as he lay on the floor, I sheathed Echsdarc.


‘Doing something like throwing me, there had not been any people who had used me in such a way’

“I’m sorry. It was for the sake of winning”

‘ …Well that is fine. More importantly, is your body alright?’

“――――Yeah, it seems fine”


There was a pain like muscle pain, probably because I used magic power, but not so much that it would hinder me.

I may be able to fight a little more if this was the decisive battle.


“We’re going back. Eleira’s in danger”



After taking a glance at the dead Sadore, I went back to the door I entered.

The door had returned to normal, but I destroyed it by thrusting my magic clad fist.

I ended up using some magic power again, but it’s a small burden compared to destroying it by using Echsdarc.


“Oh dear, that demon got killed, isn’t it”

“So weak~”


Who awaited me was a man and woman.

Each of them wore an orange robe and violet robe respectively.

It was the two man group who I left Gidara to fight with before I entered this place.


“Well, if we’re talking about weak, then this one was mostly that way too though”


When I unsheathed Echsdarc, Violette slightly poked that which was lying down at her feet.

That was Gidara with a fist-sized hole in his chest.


“No… Gida…ra…”

“He was no challenge at all. The sage or something doesn’t amount to anything, does he? All he did was dirty my hand”

“He was really weak~!”


I was aware that simmering anger was welling up in me, but feelings of despair controlled my emotions more than that.

While Gidara had weakened, he was by no means weak.

And these two easily defeated him.

Looking at the situation with no traces of battle around them, the battle must have been an instant event.

The current me don’t know whether I can say that was actually a match though――――


“Now then, while you’re here, won’t you play with us? You’re what they call a Hero, so you will entertain us, wouldn’t you?”



I set up Echsdarc again.

It’s clear that I’m at a disadvantage, but I would just die in vain if I don’t fight, even if I were to exceed my limits.


“Well then, please entertain us, even if for a little while”


Violette disappeared from my sight.

She was too quick.

That was the first impression I had.

And then the next impression I had was――――


“Gh! It’s heavy!)


I stopped Violette’s sword hand, who was in front of my eyes when I noticed, with Echsdarc.

There was also the fact that my stance was bad, but I was still easily and quickly sent flying.

I killed off my momentum by thrusting Echsdarc to the floor, but I created an opening

However, for some reason Violette did not begin her pursuit.


“Quite the light man. Wouldn’t you entertain me a little more?”

“… So it’s just playing after all. It’s common in a world where you either live or die”

“It’d be a loss if you don’t enjoy anything after all. Human life and all are just amusement either way”

“You’re my most difficult opponent…”


I stood up using Echsdarc as support.

This type of person has no such thing as fear during battle.

That’s why they won’t hesitate to do anything.

They would come to sacrifice their life to take my life without taking into consideration that they would hurt themselves.

That sort of thoughts are absolutely frightening, so I don’t want to fight those people.


(Could Eleira still be safe… even though I have to go down quickly)


I’m racing against time.

If I were to go all out, then I would manage to take the two down.

Seeing that the wall called Luke is standing in the way eventually, I can’t afford to go all out, but――


“Let’s enjoy ourselves more and more! After all, we have plenty of time!”


Violette leaped at me.

This isn’t the time to grumble about it.

The moment I was determined to resolve myself to fight against her, suddenly a magic circle expanded at my feet.


“There’s no… need to accompany… them”


The owner of that magic circle was the collapsed Gidara.


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