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37 Crisis





The man’s spear rebounded along with his arm.

The fact that it was repelled by my blow and didn’t separate from his hand was unexpected, but it doesn’t change the fact that there’s an opening.

I send him flying with a kick in his defenseless abdomen and he rolled on the sea whose water level has fallen due to Levia stopping the fight.


“Wh- what nonsensical superhuman strength……”


“I get that often. Actually, do you even have time to rest?”


In no time I fire a <Flying blade> towards the man who stood up gasping.





The man held his spear horizontally to receive that blade where I held back my strength moderately, but he couldn’t stop the attack and was forced to fall back with the soil stuck on his feet and all.

That spear of his is pretty good.

There doesn’t seem like there were any weapons that could catch my flying blade right from the front.

And the man is also quite a powerful guy.

If levia fights him like that, then she’ll probably be defeated along with the mutt.



“Ain’t doing half bad, you. What’s your name?”


“Haah……haah……tch, it’s Saiga” (サイガ;saiga)


“Hmm……I’m……Well, you already know me even if I don’t tell you.”



Shironeko also knew of me, so I guess all of these guys know me too.

They’re the subordinates of that shitty hero after all.


“So, what’re you gonna do now Saiga? It’s not like I won’t overlook this if you take that black dog with you and pull back though.”


But of course I’ll have them leave behind information and just punish them a little so they won’t easily attack us after this.



“If you allow me to say……gh!”


“Leave it, Kuroinu! It’s different if the two of us are in top form, but we’re gonna fall together in this situation……”



Looks like the situation is clear on Saiga’s side.

As for Kuroinu’s side……yeah.

Those eyes are those who have completely pledged her allegiance towards that guy.

Now that I think about it, I remember there were many of those guys like her at the time I was in Destinea.

Especially that princess had it the worst.

These kinds of people would use any tricks up their sleeve to accomplish their commands.


(It’s going to look troublesome in the distant future I guess……I was thinking about sending them back beaten the hell out of, including a declaration of war towards Touma, but……how about I just beat the hell out of them and imprison them?)



Such disturbing thoughts crosses my mind.

But letting those guys loose who would probably do anything if ordered, even suicide bombing is, well……



“Saiga!? We haven’t accomplished our orders yet, you understand!? Withdrawing despite that is……”


“Are ya stupid!? Ain’t we just talking about pulling back once!?”


“We will be keeping our liege waiting in that case! I have to erase those useless sisters here now……”



Useless sisters means……Shironeko and her sister I guess.

It means Kuroinu’s target isn’t me but those two, but personally I feel she could postpone the useless sisters thing.

I bet decent information wasn’t given to the woman who was only threatened with her sister as hostage either way, so there’s little risk that information will be passed on to us.


“Well, if you’re going for it then I’ll be your opponent though……what’s it gonna be?”



I thrust Kuromaru and show a sharp look towards the two.

Kuroinu shivered once and stepped back and I hear a gasping sound from Saiga.

It seems like they ended up getting quite the cold feet.



“Wa- wait……I’m pulling back. Let me pull back. We ain’t fighting you no more.”


“What, is that so? In that case, answer me some questions a bit. I am overlooking this after all, you see.”



I say it while stressing the overlooking part.

I’m gonna let them feel some humiliation as much as possible.





“I’m telling you, lay it off, girl! Wha- what is it you wanna hear?”



Saiga held down Kuroinu who lost her cool and was about to spring at me.

Aren’t you glad you stopped her?

I was really planning to take one of her arms if she really sprung at me.



“First off, I want to know your aims. What is Touma aiming for?”

“That, that person’s aim is to erase the demons and beastmen from this world.”




The hell is that about?

I just got told something so outrageous I now regret asking it quite lightly, you know that?



“Wha- what is he doing that for?”


“That person told me it was for your sake……annihilating the races who have seduced you Setsu and living together with you in a world with no nuisances left or something like that……”


“……That rotten yandere bastard……”



For that reason he’s going to bump off two of the three large races?

He’s going off somewhere like always……


(What to do……Now that it comes to this, I’m getting worried about Desastre and the others in the demon continent. If I do this badly, then the bunch of black robes could go and attack them while I’m here in the beastmen continent……that’s why our side will face danger if I let them go. Is there no choice but to believe in the strength of Desastre and the others and hope they will get through this?)



By no means is there any proof that they will attack immediately, but sooner or later the problem will stand in our way I guess.

I have to contact Eruka’s group somehow and ask them for some cooperation in――――――



“……Keh! Don’t ya go showing us an opening! <Transfer stone>!”

“W-! What!?”



The moment I turned away my attention with my thoughts, Saiga took out a shining stone from his bosom and crushed it.

The moment it broke, lights hit the two of them and their bodies flashed.

<Transfer stone> is, like its name implies, a stone with transfer magic entrapped within.

If you break it, you can warp to a place you have in mind which is similar to the transfer magic.



“Tch! So you were carrying that kind of thing”


“Hah! What a slack! Finally, let me tell ya something good! While you guys were carelessly paying attention towards us like this, the gangs on the human continent are already starting to attack the demon continent!”




“It’s about time for their attack to start! We’re going to their place, see ya!”





The smugly smiling Saiga disappeared along with the light and the figure of Kuroinu behind him was also gone.

All that was remaining on the ground where the water is completely pulled away were those footprints of theirs.

What I’ve done is get taken by surprise and letting them go in the end and such.

I think hard about what that guy had said at the end.


(Right now……wait, that’s a bit too fast you know? Is what he said true……? If it is then that’s bad……I’m not sure I can be in time on foot. It’ll take more than half a day if I get on Levia and I’m sure things will get in our way before we get on land. Even if I scatter about those hindrances, it’ll also take time to get to Evil Barrow from there……)



It’s hopeless if I only look at the situation.

The chances are big that I won’t make it in time even if Desastre and the others fight bravely.

Shall I borrow the transfer magic circle from the beast king? No, I’ll be completely spent on magic power if I do that.


“What to do……Seriously, what should I do……”



I keep puzzling it over in my head which is unlike me.

Fuck……So I really have no choice other than the transfer magic circle.

I guess the problem with magic power will work out somehow if I just drink a potion.


“Levia! Let’s go until the beast king for a bit and――――――wait, what’s wrong?”



Even though I called out to her, Levia was looking towards the distant ocean without saying anything.

She’s been silent since a while ago, could it be because she’s been staring at the sea the whole time?



“Hey Levia……”

“Sorry Setsu. I don’t think I can go with you to the beast king’s place.”


Levia muttered so without looking this way.


“I’m――――――thinking about going off on my own for a while.”




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TL Note: That’s what she said, but the next two chapters is on another person’s perspective, namely his classmates.


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