Vol 10 Epilogue

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Vol 10 Epilogue


“Ooh, ooh…”

“Amazing, it’s amazing…”


Two men raised voices of admiration inside a dim tent.

A woman who attracted their attention puffed up her chest and expressed her pride.

And a man and woman beside her nodded in satisfaction.


The day where the final blizzard covered the forest, informing them of the end of the winter.

Finally, Kevin’s requested dress had been complete.


“Tha- that’s right, a picture! I have to take a picture! Ah, Mrs Yurshelle, can I bring Alice and Riese with me too? The two acted like they wanted to see it too”

“Yes, that’s fine! But make it quick, okay! She must be getting cold in a dress after all”


After finally calming down, Yuuji called out to the female seamster Yurshelle who was leading the dress manufacturing. 

Due to having to walk from the house to the tent that was affixed in the yard in the middle of a blizzard, he had not brought along the Alice and Riese girl duo. He seems to have decided to lead them here while he fetched his camera.

On a side note, Kotarou declined the inspection. I want to see, I want to see, but I can’t, I won’t be able to resist the fluttering, she thought and hesitated. She was a persevering woman who could control her desires. She was a dog though.


“Celine, you’re really lovely… I, I…”

“Geez, what are you crying for! Not to mention, look, this is the dress for Mr Kevin’s sweetheart you know. Please make mine when it turns spring, okay!?”


Deeply moved along with Yuuji, the former adventurers party leader Blaise shed tears. It was a man’s weeping.

Even though the former adventurers party’s archer Celine earned the appearance of such Blaise, she cunningly pleaded for her own dress.

Nevertheless, this was a pioneer land where strong women have gathered. Well, gutsy moms were an indispensable part in rural areas.


“Fu- fuwaa! Sister Celine, you’re sooo pretty! ‘It’s great, great! Right, Riese-chan?’ “

“You are, pretty. Yup, Alice-chan! ‘Even so, this is the first time I’ve seen this shape. It may accidentally become popular if we teach everyone from the village. Oh I see, the skirt part is made of layered fabric and the shape and silhouette is made lovely…’ “


Riese and Alice, entering the tent while holding each other’s hands, admired Celine and the dress in amazement.

Thanks to their winter study group, Alice and Riese seemed to have remembered the elven and local language respectively, though imperfect. As one would expect of a child’s absorption power.

Incidentally, the two were struggling with the Japanese language. Never mind the talking, reading and writing seemed difficult to them. They were struggling on the same point. They were the kanji.


Riese, while agreeing with Alice, muttered in elven language.

She hardly did it when conversing with the pioneer citizens while relying on Yuuji’s interpretation, but looking at Yuuji’s eccentric behavior and pondering like this was her usual state. 


After accepting Riese to the pioneer land, Alice and Riese had spent their time like they were sisters. Because they were close in age. Because they were both girls. Because they were living in the same room. They had a different race and speak different languages, but there must be some communication in some respects.

As the winter approached its end the two girls, Alice and Riese, reached a point where they always acted together. As if they guessed their separation was approaching.


The pioneer land that was snowed in, where movements to and from the city was made impossible.


The irrigation ditch that was started by Yuuji, Alice, Riese and Kotarou went favorably. They had already finished digging out by magic towards the place they could go in a one day trip. There was about a third more until the river. Well, the drainage ditch and the slope problem would seem to come after this though.


Having shelved the construction of the irrigation ditch briefly, Yuuji and co began the establishment of the third protective wall making use of the gate of Yuuji’s house and the wooden stumps.

They had not cut down the trees inside yet, but their actions were aiming to secure space and strengthen their defense capabilities first. It was not an expensive gate, but it was still made of metal from modern Japan. The installation was still halfway to enclose the pioneer land, but if it were to be completed, it would be sturdy enough that goblins or orcs could no longer do anything.


And a dry moat was dug around with earth magic by Alice and Riese who had become bored due to having interrupted the irrigation ditch construction. A width of four meter and depth of four meter. This had already surrounded the entire pioneer land in front of the area where the third protective wall was planned to be constructed. The animal trail was left as is, but it was already at level where a bridge would be necessary to cross over anywhere with the exception of that place. 

“We accidentally overdid it a little” was what Riese said. It appears that this elven girl too had been greatly corrupted by Yuuji and Alice. No, she seemed to have been corrupted by the thoughts of the bulletin board residents behind Yuuji.

It goes without saying that there was an unhelpful post that said “She’s cute so we’ll allow it! Well, the waterway can be managed later anyways. Cute is justice.


The lumbering that the four man former adventurers party were mainly responsible for was doing favorable as well. All trees inside the wooden fence that had been playing a large role in the goblin and orc invasion had been cut down.

The planned plots for the houses, smithy, seamsters workshop and field had been secured. They expect to start the construction of the houses once the second pioneer group and woodworker Thomas’s master’s group would be here.


The beastkin family passed their winter busily, living not in the apartment building, but in a tent with just the family.

The dogkin Marcel, who was Yuuji’s slave, and his son Mark were focused on cultivation.

His wife, the catkin Nina, focused on hunting and preserved food production. It appears that Nina had mastered the art of smoking food under Yuuji’s guidance. We can sell the recipe to Mr Kevin again, she thought and revealed a smiling face. The day the slave Marcel buys back himself seems to be drawing closer. 


The fourth year since Yuuji had come to the other world, the fourth winter.

The roughly three months of winter had ended without any problems.

One could say that for Yuuji, it was a winter where he never worked as hard as ever before.

In any case.

Seven households, comprising of fifteen people, a dog and seven feathered chickens, seems to be able to safely welcome spring. 



Four years have passed since Yuuji had come to the other world, and now the fifth year.

Once the snow melts away, the pioneer land would greet the second pioneer group.

In their schedule were a group of seamster and farmworker immigrants. In addition, a smithy preparations team and the master of the woodworkers and his group was planned to be coming temporarily


And then.

The elf in the capital would come to the pioneer land or in Premie city.

Or Riese would go meet him in the royal capital.

In any event, the time for their farewell with the elven girl Riese who they had protected for the winter was approaching.



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