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Vol 10 Chapter 10

 Bulletin board 

Yuuji, reporting the fact that he would likely obtain large amounts of money


[It’s soon spring!] I kind of got to another world when I went out of my home after 10 years part 45 [Camping season]


This is the thread where you can enjoy the information, images and videos [Yuuji] uploaded from another world!

Questions like “Is this really another world? How did he make them?” 

go to the verification thread. 

Yuuji and co are simply advancing in pioneering.

There’s too little movements so nothing to do!

Finally, spring is finally approaching.

Now, all of you!

It’s the third offline camp soon!

Reproduction is forbidden!


[From Gunji law office]

In the case that images/videos that are uploaded in this thread are used without permission, in any media or circumstances, I will take legal actions.

For information and inquiries, please contact Gunji Law Office.



The NEET posting >>950 opens the next thread.

132 : Anonymous NEET



He’s improving ain’t he!

So, have you decided where to go?


133 : Anonymous ETNE

The Snake team have all been decided!


134 : Anonymous NEET


You’re gonna get exposed before you infiltrate, Snake


135 : Anonymous NEET


What about the live broadcasting?

There’s live broadcasting right?


136 : Clothes group member A


No, not yet…

Where should we go?


137 : Anonymous NEET


Well, you have

karaoke and a big TV

you can go leisurely…


138 : Sakura’s friend


Stop it!

Can’t you just go shopping for clothes?

I think it would be easy to invite her that way


139 : Former talented salesman


That’s true


Since the clothes she recommended before were good,

would she choose them again for him?


140 : Anonymous NEET


Of course she would


141 : NEET Unicorn


I saw Clothes group member A being taken to 

her store and contributing to her sales!

Women are dirty!


142 : Anonymous NEET


You’re too paranoid!

Take a break already


143 : Infra worker


Why not?

Well, since they’re going out on a break,

let’s include things he would want to buy from a category

that they don’t sell so that they won’t go to the store 

that woman is working


144 : Anonymous NEET


You fool!

Don’t underestimate a chain that stands firm in lifewear!

They sell shoes and bags too, you know!


145 : Clothes group member B

Well she’s a fashion conscious-ish girl,

so won’t she recommend a different shop after all?

They don’t have… those shoes and bags right?


146 : Anonymous MEAT



The guy who bought the recommended set

is advancing!


147 : Camera Ossan


It’s moving isn’t it….

By the way, would it be better to carry a telephoto lens?


148 : Anonymous NEET


What kinda photo do you plan on taking with that long lens?


149 : In charge of verification thread videos


It’s a bird, a bird

he’s taking photos of birds on the campsite


150 : Clothes group member A

You guys…


I’ve sent it!

I told her to please pick clothes with me again!

I said I plan to buy not just clothes but also shoes and bags!

I added those!


151 : Anonymous ETNE

Oooh, my Hero!


152 : Anonymous MEAT

It’ll be pathetic if he ends up dying!


It’ll be fine even if you fail your shopping date

we’ll resurrect you in the offline-camp 

where we meet afterwards


153 : Dr Acorn


So you’re assuming he’s getting smashed up!?


I’ll entertain her with my special cooking


154 : Anonymous NEET




155: Anonymous NEET

It’s that right?

You’d have these conversations in the olden days right?


156 : NEET Unicorn

I don’t approve of things like the one time divorcee El*s-tan 

(TL: not too sure about this: バツイチのエル○スたんとか認めんぞ!


157 : I love big breasts


You don’t understand a middle-aged woman’s sex appeal

You middle-aged men be silent!


158 : Sakura’s friend


Middle-aged woman… you say…?



This is bad!

All hands evacuate!


160 : Yuuji

Everyone, please listen


this is bad

I may get hold of a lot of money


161 : Anonymous NEET



162 : Anonymous NEET

Yuuji-san- I mean, Yuuji-sama

Is it more than that 50m on your bank account?


163 : Anonymous NEET


Yuuji, were you involved in some crime…


164 : Anonymous NEET


What’s wrong?

Have you finally sold the images and videos etc?


165 : Yuuji


First please spare me the details


I have no way to use this here

and the people over there are thinking about how to use it right now


166 : Cool NEET

I’ve heard the story from Yuuji

I’m in the middle of a strategy meeting with

Well-informed NEET and Gunji-san in how to use the money

We’re thinking about conveying some of it on the offline camp


167 : My hobby is cosplay


That lineup, you don’t mean…

Are you going to contribute back to this world!?


168 : Anonymous MEAT

Invest in heavy equipment

The irrigation ditch and construction looks to be over quickly!


169 : Anonymous NEET


Aren’t you just getting tired of the plain pioneering talk!?


170 : Anonymous NEET

The plain pioneering is enjoyable too

But I want to see it at least at twice the speed


171 : Well-informed NEET

168 made me recall it

Come to think of it Yuuji,

Never mind drawing in the irrigation ditch from the river,

are you constructing a drainage channel?

That and have you measured its level?


172 : Anonymous NEET

The level of the irrigation ditch…?


173 : Anonymous ETNE

Irrigation ditch Lvl 1   Playing in the water in a sand pit

Irrigation ditch Lvl 2   Playing in the water in a sandy beach

Irrigation ditch Lvl 3   Agricultural irrigation water

Irrigation ditch Lvl 4   Rome-style waterworks

Irrigation ditch Lvl 5   Tonegawa’s Tousen

Irrigation ditch Lvl 99 Suez Canal


174 : Anonymous NEET


There’s a terrible disparity between the levels, you know!

Not to mention they ain’t even irrigation ditches!

Don’t make it impossible NEET…


175 : Anonymous NEET

Level=water level

In short, he must be thinking about the high and low of the irrigation ditch

If there’s no slope, the water won’t flow of course


176 : Anonymous NEET



177 : Anonymous NEET



178 : Anonymous NEET

Everyone, please watch

There’s the disorderly crowd over here


179 : Anonymous NEET



180 : Yuuji

It’s approximately the same height

The, the last part we could go with, you know, with magic!

I wonder…  if that will work out somehow… 


For now we’re able to manage it with the water from my house!

The portion for the second pioneer group seems doable too!

Until the next one…



The details haven’t been decided, but

that’s going to be my plan!


181 : Anonymous NEET

Or rather, how do you measure

an irrigation ditch of an era without electronic devices?


182 : Anonymous NEET

An irrigation ditch that’s made during the Edo Period is

running near my house

It’s one of those Minuma Era irrigation water


… How did they seriously measure it?


183 : Anonymous NEET

Well, you just walk don’t you?

… What about the difference in level?


184 : Anonymous NEET

Once in a while a cheat-like person appeared in 

Japanese history didn’t it?

Could they be using trippers?


185 : Well-informed NEET


Don’t worry

It’s the same in world history


Measuring technology has existed since ancient Egypt

Yuuji, study the workable methods for now

It’s not impossible to correct the slope,

so first go dig up to the river

Don’t let the water flow through it yet


186 : Anonymous NEET


I’m unreliable, but

I have money so I’ll give some


It’s a fine risk isn’t it, Yuuji!

I mean, Yuuji-sama!


187 : Anonymous NEET



Doesn’t this guy feel like going back?


188 : Kemona Lv. MAX


Didn’t we conclude that he can earn as much as he likes

with his physical ability and his interpretation cheat!?


Yuuji, the beastkins are coming too when you go back, right?

Plenty of different races too, right?




Nonononono, if that works, then 

bring along the elves along with their village!


190 : YES Lolita NO Touch

Yuuji-san, no, Yuuji-sama


191 : Overwhelmingly dog person

Alice-chan run!

I so want to meet Kotarou… 


192 : Anonymous NEET


Let’s marry if you come back

A high-rise condominium in the city center would be nice for our love nest!

Ah, I don’t mind it if you live in Utsunomiya either, you know Yuuji-san?


193 Anonymous MEAT

Yuuji, run away!


194 : Well-informed NEET

I think I can announce a summary in the offline-camp

regarding the help that Yuuji wished for

At that time you may get consulted in various things


195 : Anonymous NEET


I wonder if I should go this year…


196 : Anonymous NEET

It really is far even if I get support

in our traveling expenses, isn’t it…

Plane, bullet train, you have to push through a crowd of people either way…


197 Cool NEET

There’s a number limit in staying at House Yuuji, but

Next time we could possibly do our offline camp at

a different place too


198 : Anonymous NEET



199 : Anonymous ETNE


Wouldn’t that be a normal camp already…


200 : Anonymous NEET

Gathering to camp and do BBQ etc

With this we’re all normies too, I guess!


201 : Clothes group member B


We- well, there may be people like us too!

We’d be incredibly easygoing if we think gathering is at the same level as that


202 : Infra worker


203 : Anonymous NEET


Winners should leave!


204 : Clothes group member A

She replied…

We decided to go shopping!

What should I do

What should I do


205 : Anonymous MEAT


I’m looking forward to Snake!


206 Anonymous NEET



I think you can smile you know


207 : Anonymous NEET

Go explode!


208 : Former talented salesman


Calm down!

There’s still time!

Don’t put your hands on the manual!


209 : YES Lolita NO Touch


There’s something I want to ask, but…

Did she mention that her daughter is coming along?


210 : Anonymous NEET

I got goosebumps

This is pretty much horror already

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  1. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    Just use the money to buy all the online manga you want. Video games take up storage space, so that wouldn’t really work out in the long run. Even then, there would still be way too much money for him to use, in which case I would like to see what Gunji and Cool NEET would come up with.

  2. What about use the money to develop a life simulator game? Setting in medieval times so modern people will develop a society from scratch using only the available tools of that era. Yuuji then would have more people to consult with without arise suspicions and eventually the platform could become a meeting point for users that deal in construction, architetture, etc.

    Thanks for the chapter.

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