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Hi readers! Here it is, another bi-weekly chapter of Kanna. I also have a sad announcement to make. After long consideration, I have decided to drop Kanna. It’s mostly due to time constraints, what with me spending a little too much of my free time in novel translations (especially this one) and my interest in the novel has always been a bit so-so compared to my other project. The fact that this novel is both twice as long and counting and its grammar etc is harder to get also doesn’t help. I’ve also decided to keep the other novel project because the pace allows me to finish it in a reasonable period of time(a little less than 1.5 years, or earlier if I translate faster).

I did learn a lot of things while translating this novel so I’m glad I’ve picked this up despite the slow pace and short time.

So with this, I hereby allow anyone to start translating this. If free time allows me, I may sporadically translate a chapter if nobody has decided to pick it up, but don’t count on it too much. At least not until I finish my other project.

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Chapter 26 Ugly decoration



After finishing disposing the corpses, we headed towards Rand’s place. He lets the masked man sit with his back resting on a large stone at a place a little away from the carriage. Of course both his arms and feet are restricted with an ice lock I made. His face was covered, so I can’t see his facial expressions, but his hair is colored black like mine.



“Old man, you learned anything?”


“Oh is that you, Kanna. Looks like you finished disposing the goblins then. Thanks for helping out as well, milady.”


“A thanks is fine. More importantly, any progress?”


“Not so much. You can get your hands on the things they’re wearing almost anywhere and I don’t remember any of their faces. There doesn’t seem to be any direct relation between us and the assailants.”


Three corpses are lying beside the big rock. The faces of the masked men are already revealed, but I don’t recognize them either. It’s been around a month since I’ve come to the other world, but it’s a big problem in itself if it was a face I can recognize.



“I see. And the consciousness of the remaining survivor?”


“Still not yet. He did lose consciousness from the shock he received from a strong impact. It’s just not that he is bearing any terrible injuries with the exception of the blow on the body, so a little more and he should regain consciousness soon.”


“I’m sorry. I didn’t have the leisure to go easy on him.”


“That is asking for too much. I can settle with just apprehending him alive.”


While the two are talking together beside the survivor, I approach the three dead people. Real also followed behind me.


At that place, Agaht is examining the corpses on his knees.



“Thanks for the hard work.”


“…………Tch, it’s you bastard.”


My enjoyment already reached rock bottom.



“Sir Agaht, isn’t that attitude right after seeing someone’s face somewhat rude?”


“…………That was rude of me”


Agaht expressed his apology to the reproaching Real, but only with words. No, it really didn’t feel like apologizing, you know. He wasn’t facing this way and his words were also towards Real. My face is over here, you know that?


Well, I’m not planning to ask about his health, so without caring about Agaht’s attitude, I squat beside the corpse.


“First of all, amen.”


Though they are enemies I myself have killed, I may as well join my hands. I don’t expect doing that would reduce these guys’ penalties, but it will comfort only their feelings.


After finishing my silent prayer which is merely for form’s sake, I immediately observe the corpses.


I remove the mask and robe and also take off the light armor. He looks like regular townspeople if I just look at him. If the hole in his abdomen and chest weren’t there, then he would look like he is sleeping. The one who made these holes was me though. His body seems to be trained accordingly; his shoulders are wide and his arms are also thick




I trace the body’s physique with my line of sight and then a certain place felt out of place.


It’s the same sign I had at the time I felt the magic power. But, it’s still different from the 『Sign of magic power』 that you can feel as the existence of people. If anything, it resembles the movement of the magic power at the time Faima used a spell.


“…………Excuse me for a bit, here we go.” 


I apologize with a few words and “tear off” the clothes on the body. More accurately, first I tear off the clothes of the corpse opened by the hole in the abdomen.


“Wha-, hey you bastard! Do you intend to violate the deceased!?”


As usual, I ignore Agaht’s shouts like cancer.


More importantly, my attention is on the now naked dead body. Specifically the chest area of the corpse where the color of blood has faded away. As I had expected, something inappropriate for a human body has been living there.


Agaht who had his eyes on me hadn’t realized it, but Real spread her eyes and raised a soft voice



“Say Real. Does the current fashion has this kind of thing?”


“…………No, it doesn’t have an ugly decoration like this one.”


What is there is a gem that is releasing a glossy finish. It holds a beauty you can see at a glance that it’s manufactured by a craftsman’s hand, even the untrained eyes can judge that it’s holds value of a first class goods. I guess I could praise the craftsman’s skills, if that wasn’t “directly embedded” into the person’s skin.


Maybe he finally guessed the situation from Real and my stiff expression, but Agaht also shifted his eyes towards the corpse and became surprised after seeing the gem buried inside the body.



“This is-…………”


“Sir Agaht, so this really is.”


“…………Yes, it’s a measure for restraining the actions of fiendish criminals at the moment of imprisoning them. It’s because in the case we restraining a person with high fighting strength, they could escape through brute force from simple means. Besides physical restraints, we embed a gem with a particular spell loaded on their body. There are various effects, but in most situations it becomes a mechanism which runs acute pain through their body the moment they perform an offensive act above the physical restriction. If they get a harsher type, then they also have one that inflicts instant death the moment they carry out a specific behavior.”


“So in other words, it means these guys are criminals who carried out some kind of offense?”


“I can’t say that is necessarily so. However, I have no doubt these people bear some sort of restriction in their actions.”


It was a dangerous development from the start, but the smell of burning went up with that.



“Being forced to obey…………that situation is also possible, huh?”


“I don’t really want to think about that, I’d say.”


“That’s the worst case, damn it.”


If it’s true that they’re villains who aim for other people’s life as a living, then I won’t feel guilty even if I send them to their next life. It’ll be different if it’s the life of someone who have no other choice, but to do it.


A heavy 『something』 weighed on inside my stomach.


While I couldn’t move with that heaviness, Real and Agaht tore off the clothes of the remaining two and again, each of them have a gem embedded onto their body just like the one before.



“We can’t make any distinctions, but I have no doubts they’re all had the same treatment.”


“We can’t judge with just us. We have no choice but to ask Milady and Mr. Rand for directions. I dare say that the survivor should have the same thing done to him.”


We once again headed towards Rand and Faima and then talked about the gem put on their corpses. Both were also surprised, but they immediately cut up the survivor’s clothes and exposed his chest.


“…………Really, another『concealed』 one?”


For the love of, the last survivor is a 『woman』. The face that I can finally see is also a woman’s face, no doubt. Her physique, if I go with the real world-ish, is oriental. Her hair is black and also I would kind of believe it it if I’m told she’s japanese.


Also, on her exposed breasts is a thin white clothーーa.k.a. a sarashi wrapped around it, but what is inside it are two seemingly cramped mountains. Without a doubt they’re huge breasts.


“The inflation on huge breasts went up too much since coming to this world, you know that?”


No, speaking of being happy, I am very happy about it, but I’m not satisfied.


Setting aside the fact it’s the second one with huge concealed breasts, the problem is the gem embedded at her breasts. Should I say “as expected”? The thing has the same color and appearance as the three corpses. What’s different is the shape varied a little.



“Milady, can you decipher the equipped spell?”


“Just a moment, I will try.”


When Faima touched the gem with her fingertips, she closed her eyes and concentrated her senses. When she spent several minutes like that, she open her mouth while sweat spread on her forehead


“…………It’s the worst case. Behavior restriction, becoming dull in the sense of pain in the form of thought restriction. The end is a suicide act in a time limit. In addition to that there is also an array of various unpleasant spells.”


Separating her finger from the gem, Faima let out a deep sigh. The matter was too sinister, even with just the words I heard.



“A disposable measure, obligated to bury only the targets life without at all expecting to return alive. It is not an act from an average decent person.”


“…………Assassins are someone who have left the path of a person in the first place, but that really is”


Agaht pointed a look of pity towards the former-assailants. Real and Rand also poured similar sympathy towards the girl.



“And yet the most ill-natured above all is that it has a mechanism in which they would commit suicide the moment the person themselves judged they cannot realize their duties. She is still unconscious at the moment, so she isn’t caught in it though.”


“In other words, even if we try interrogating her after she regained her consciousness.”


“The spell would invoke before that, destroying her heart. It’s impossible I guess.”


“Damn, so we won’t be able to pull out information from her even if we do it this way?”


Rand groaned in frustration.



“…………When it comes to that, perhaps we should let her die before she regains consciousness, for her sake.”


“That…………may be for the best.”


Rather than dying while in despair of failing her duties, it would be more peaceful for her to die while she’s still unconscious. Faima silently nodded towards Agaht’s harsh answer. Regardless of how much the opponent is an assassin, there’s not that much grudge to thoughtlessly let them be tormented to death. I wonder if Rand and Real also agree with his words, they didn’t particularly put their word in.


ーーーーWell then, as for me.


“Faima. This gem, you can’t take it out?”


Faima answered my abrupt question, still while looking confused.



“Are you saying I didn’t think about it? This can’t be taken out as long as the person hasn’t died. If you forcibly try to take it out, then a spell will be invoked at that time.”


“In what way will Miss Big Hidden Tits exactly die? Does only her heart stop? Or will it stop by being destroyed?”


“…………? The method where the heart is destroyed I suppose.”


“I see. I guess it’s like that. Then the next question. If we take out the gem after we temporarily stop her heart, will the heart be destroyed?”


“The gem uses the person’s own magic power in order to invoke the spell, so the moment the heart stops, magic supply would stop as well. It shouldn’t be destroyed then.”


“So that means she’s judged as dead when her heart stops, right?”


“…………What do you want to say with that?”

“Never mind that, just answer please. If the spell judged that her heart stopped, then we can take out the gem without any problems, right?”


“I can’t say it for certain, but…………perhaps.”


“Then the last one. Faima, can you use lightning type magic?”


“…………I can’t use it.”


“That so. Our chances would’ve gone up with that if you could though.”


For the time being, I’ve completed the information I wanted to know. Now all’s left is pray to the heavens for fortune.  It’s troubling that the god I’m praying for isn’t here at a time like this. 『That』 is basically my enemy after all. I never tried passing my wishes whenever I prayed.


At the beginning I destroy the ice locks I made and release both assassin’s hands. Next I create an ice knife and cut off the sarashi that’s tightening the assassin’s chest. The two mountains that were forcibly compressed was released and shook with a boing. It’s a little stimulating scene if it was on a normal day, but I don’t have the leeway for that when I think of the 『gamble』 I’m about to do.



“Even I can’t approve of putting an unconscious person to shame as you would have expect.”


“My bad, but please say nothing. I’ll be putting a relatively serious wager now.”


Real, who was trying to restrain me, stopped her hand instead.



“There’s no fate other than to die no matter how it plays out. In that case, it shouldn’t be bad even if you’re 『unorthodoxly』 disconnected for just a little bit, don’t you think?”


“…………What are you trying to do?”


“I’ll explain afterwards. Well, please think of it as a godsend if I succeed.”


I change the assassin’s posture from leaning with her back on the rock to lying face up on the ground.


I then put my left hand on her left breastーーabove her heart. I feel the pulses of life under the soft feeling I’ve never felt before. I get the torrent that’s continuously sending blood circulation through the whole body within my palm.


That’s right, I forgot something.



“Old man. You know the method to revive a heartbeat?”


“…………No, I’ve never heard about that. In the first place, what is this 『hard beat』?”


Is that so, so this world is at that level I guess.


However, only one person changed their expression.


“Yo-you, could you be-”


So Faima noticed. I can judge that her level of knowledge is quite the thing in this world.


But time is precious right now.


It’ll be too late after this assassin opens her eyes. It’s because she’s out cold right now that I have a method I can try.


I give a pep talk to myself.


“The scenario of the mastermind, you see? I’m going to joyfully and thrillingly spoil it”


I house the ice spirits inside my left hand and pour it in the body of the assassin. I point it at the heart that is keeping her body alive and pour in a surge of extremely low temperature. It’s an image that creates a palm of cold wave. I create that and then softly wrap around the heart.



“Milady, what in the world does this man intend to do?”


“…………He intends to stop the woman’s heart with the extreme low temperature he creates with ice magic. And then, take out the gem the moment the heart has stopped.”


“How is that different from killing her normally?”


Neither Agaht nor Real could understand my actions. That’s justified. As far as the people in this world is concerned, stoppage of the heart=death after all.


But it’s different as far as Faima is concernedーーthe girl who knows what I’m trying to accomplish.



“…………The body of people you see, they won’t die just by simply having their heart stopped. Only when the heart stops, the blood flow through the body stops, fresh blood doesn’t go to the brains and the brain also stops will the person die.”


“What does that mean, Ms. Faima?”


“Don’t you understand? Even if the heart stops once, if the heart starts to move once again before the brain dies, then that person will come back to life, that is what that means!”




The shock of the three is transmitted from behind me, but I don’t have the leeway to respond to that.


I feel the heartbeat gradually weakening as the heart cools with low temperature. I gradually, gradually strengthen the cold temperature, gently stopping her heart. At the end it will take on a natural shape and extinguish the beats of life.


I put all my attention to my left hand. It’s because I have to make sure the moment the heart completely stops. If I make even a little mistake in the foundation, it’ll decrease the likelihood of resuscitating her by that much. It’ll also increase the time spent on resuscitating her. If we take more time, it will increase the time where blood stops flowing inside the brains, not to mention the dangers of brain disorders.


What I’m relying on is of course my increased 『perception』. Just before the torch of life goes out, I will pick out the borderline of whether the fire will go out or not a little after.


“Signal when the heart stops. I will take out the gem. The handling of the gem with magic spells embedded in it is outside my area of expertise, but I can handle it the most proper among us. I should be able to control it enough to protect it against an unlikely malfunction. Kanna, completely devote yourself in resuscitate the heart and lungs after that.”


I stop only to nod to Faima’s words. To be clear, I use my nerves on top of devotedly raising the intensity of ice. Because doing it badly and lowering the temperature too much would end up freezing the blood saved up inside the heart. Also if I cool off too much, the whole body temperature will go down that would make it difficult to resuscitate her as expected.



“Agaht, lend me your knife.”


“…………Please use this. I haven’t been negligent in maintenance, so there should be no problems in its sharpness.”


“Is that so. Rand, take out alcohol and clean cloth from the luggage in the carriage. When I scoop out the gem, I disinfect it and stop the wound with the cloth.”


“I understand. I will be right back.”


“Kanna. It will be fine anytime when Rand returns.”


Looks like Faima’s preparations are also in good order. Then I have to get the timing right.


And thenーーーーーーーー.


“-Ugh, Now!”


Almost at the same time as my cue, Faima stabbed the knife inside the flesh and gouged out the gem.



“The heart is-!?”


“…………It’s safe!”


The heart had stopped, but I confirm the sign that there’s no wound attached to it. And so, we completely took the gem outside the body.


My first wager was a success.


Next is the question whether the second wager would come out halfway with a bang.



“I will perform artificial respiration! You do the heart massage Kanna!”




With quick coordination, I kneel down and put both my hands on top of each other on the assassin’s left side of the chest and correct my posture so my elbows are straight. And then I repeatedly press on her chest with all my strength. When I repeat it around ten times, Faima sharply shouts.




I briefly stop stimulating the heart. Faima drew a big breath, then covered the woman’s lips and sent in the air accumulated in her lungs in one go. I guess when she’s done with that and then once again start stimulating her heart. And then after another ten repeats, Faima sent in oxygen through the mouth again.


While everyone is staying silent, only the sound of air sent in and the sound of my fighting spirit of moving the heart resounded in the surroundings. Faima and I wholeheartedly to revive the assassin.


Around two minutes of lifesaving action passed. To me they felt so tense like time had lapsed tenfold.


“…………*gasp*, gaha-!”


Within the palm of my hand I feel the beats of life have restarted. At the same time, the girl who had kept silent up until now returned signs of resurrection through her mouth.


“Resuscitation of heart and lungs…………is…………confirmed.”


Upon confirming the assassin’s breathing returning to normal, Faima and I feel exhausted and fell down face up.


And, right before my back met with the ground I was caught by someone. When I turned my face towards my back, I see that that Agaht caught my body for some reason.



“…………What’s with that face?”


“Well, it’s because I was caught by someone unexpected.”


“…………I just happened to be nearby, that’s all.”


Maybe I let my feelings show on my face, but Agaht showed an angry attitude looking at me who was showing an unexpected face. Except there was hardly any harsh mood.



“Can I ask you one thing?”




“How come you were that serious about that? You said resuscitation of heart and lungs or something, didn’t you. That time that was taking place, your face carried a so much seriousness that you were close to being dreadful. How come you could become this serious towards an unknown third party?”


“…………I told you didn’t I? That I would joyfully and thrillingly spoil the scenario of the mastermind. I wanted to break the fighting spirit of that shitty villain who I bet is looking down on us. This assassinーーor is it formerーーshould’ve wanted to live. If not, then she would’ve commited suicide the time such a gem that’s like the embodiment of livestock, embedded on her. I feel like wanting to let this woman live. And I knew the way to let this woman live.”


I speak of my own disposition.


“If there’s something I can do, something that’s wished for and a will to do so, then what’s left is to just pour all my effort into it.”


It’s because the things the incompetent I can do don’t amount to much. If that’s the case, then it’s natural to pour my all into those few 『possibilities』. If not, then I’ll end up becoming a genuine 『incompetent person』.


“…………with all your strength, the things you can do…………is it? So is that why you bastard went for that cowardly fighting style?”


What he’s talking about is the mock battles we do in training.


“Sorry, but I don’t happen to have the abilities to be able to do it fair and square. Well, it’s a matter of preference really.”


Being unpredictable and striking dumb an opponent of superior standing is, you may not think so, but it’s unusually enjoyable. It gives quite the pleasant feeling to see the face distort of the brute who was convinced he’s winning. It’s a little evil though.


Agaht curved his lips like an inverted V towards my words, but his facial expression is closer to that of a parent looking at a difficult child. No, you’re still in your early twenties, right?



“More importantly, while this girl was forced into it, she’s a criminal who aimed for the lady you know? Is it fine that we managed to keep her alive longer?


“…………if milady tries to do it, then we will support her with all our strength. Moreover, if she forgets her debt of gratitude and once again face her, then at that time we can attack her with all our strength.”


“…………Well, even I think it’ll be too much to take care of at that point.”


I don’t necessarily wish for a thanks for her debt, but even I don’t plan on forgiving her if she’s going to return as an enemy. 


“Kanna. Create some locks again please. It won’t end with just reflexively struggling at the time she regains consciousness after all.


Like I’ve been told, I once again put both hands of the former assassin into locks with ice. At this moment there’s nothing I can do to the cooling down of her arms and legs beside letting her endure it. It’s just a temporary peace of mind, but I coil some cloth between the flesh and the locks, blocking the chill.


“Now then, I’ll go on ahead and carry her into the carriage for now.”


Real covered the assassin’s exposed huge breasts with cloth, held up in her arms and headed to the carriage. Though she’s a woman, her retreating figure as she carries a person lightly(moreover in a princess carry) is cool.



“By the way, you too thanks for the helping out, Faima.

“…………I didn’t think that the medical books I’ve read out of curiosity were helpful in this sort of place. I don’t know what was useful in life.”


If I had to perform artificial respiration and cardiac massage by myself, then I’ll probably meet some difficulties one way or another and fail. The fact Faima had knowledge in emergency care was good. Thanks to that I could devote myself in doing only cardiac massage after all.



“But you know, the more I look at your magic, the more it looks abnormal. It doesn’t even let me feel magic at that time and that level of control is too strange. Out of common sense, I couldn’t express a conclusion like that.”

“It’s a trade secret.”


“It’s unfair to tell me to accept everything with just that word, you know. I’ll make you tell me, isn’t something I plan on telling you, but I’d like you to allow me at least some freedom of study.”


I didn’t plan on forbidding it that far. Please think about it as you please and shed light to it as you please.


“In the first place, the very idea itself of creating a cold wave with ice magic and stopping the heart with it is nearly impossible. Not to mention the question in relation to lightning magic. That was for letting the heart restart by applying a shock after the cardiac arrest, am I correct? Really, what train of thought do you have to hold to arrive at that answer.”


Again Faima became absorbed in her thoughts.


Just like she said, the idea in the first place is different from what you expect. As far as the majority of the residents of this world is concerned, magic should be a 『way to attack』. As far as I’m concerned on the other hand, magic and spirit arts are only one of the 『ways』


This thinking is based on the science culture of the real world where fire, electricity and on top of that even water are considered energy sources. Originally, even if they’re a symbol of power, a mystery of natural phenomenon or a blessing, I’ve come up with that precisely because I’m raised in a world that’s connected with research and development for the sake of convenience of everyday life.


It became an exaggerated story, but in other words it’s the difference in environment. I didn’t mean to think deeply just by connecting plausible sentences in that topic just now. The keen character is what my loli classmate with a distinct appearance is in charge of.




Afterwards, Kanna and the others dug up a hole and buried the deceased former assassins. It is because disposing them by burning them like the magic beasts was hesitated upon as one would expect. The other party did not want to let their name known so they don’t have anything that can reveal their identity, but a gravestone of moderately piled up stone was placed instead.


This time the aftermath was finished and so they rode the carriage and left that place behind. A considerable time has already passed since noon, but they could not afford spending the night in that place. Other magic beasts who hunts the dead flesh of goblins, despite being burned, may gather. Even if it was an emotional problem, there were no such member who would be able to peacefully lie down beside the appearance of a mountain of burnt corpses.


It is the time of the night. Half a day passed since the carriage Kanna and co was riding on disappeared and the date had also changed.


A lone figure approached the side of the pile of the burnt black corpses that it’s nearly carbonized and it’s no longer possible to make any distinction.


“………… So,『String user』 woman, you’ve made a blunder. Ku ku ku, that vexing face of hers was a sight to see. That’s why I warned her. Stop using small fries like these goblins. That it would be good if she listen to someone’s warnings obediently”


The figure bore a smile and shaked.




Smiling briefly, the figure extinguishes his joy until now and faced a different direction.


“The one who permitted that person’s laziness was none other than the 『Time Reciter』. If she had said 『no』, then the string user woman should have prepared a more proper hand to play with. I had prepared even puppets as insurance for the worst case.”

(T.N. Time Reciter; 時詠み; toki yomi; literally time writer or something, looked it up on google but best I could find is the occupation of FFX13-2’s Yeul, any suggestions?)

It was exactly the place where Kanna and co had buried the bodies of the assassins. Looking at the stones substituting the gravestone. The number of stones were three. That is to say three bodies are buried under it.


“There were four puppets sent here. But, there are three bodies. Is the remaining one captured alive? But there are no reason for the 『young lass』 to not notice the treatment given to the puppets. It’s that character of hers, I’m certain she will feel pity and help her though…………”


The figure approached the place where the three were buried and pointed the hand towards the surface of the ground. A (bogori) sound was made and the ground around the place the hand was pointing rose in mid-air. Thereunder, the three buried corpses were exposed.


The figure confirmed the face of those corpses and then frowned.


“So they took along the 『Beast』 of all things. So we should have put them down the moment they failed in the town after all. I regretted it because the 『string user』 is also a useful piece even among my puppets so. Good grief, I’m letting them take too much time. It’s become like this because I’m attached to one of my pieces.”


While murmuring irritation, the hand pointing towards the ground was swung quickly. The soil floating in midair was then pulled by the gravitational force as if it lost support, once again burying the corpses.


“It would be risky if we deviate any more from the scenario of the 『Time Reciter』. Irregularities would be caused in the development from hereon if we move poorly I see. There’s no other choice. Dealing with it firsthand myself, including the 『beast』, should be certain. If I erase them without leaving behind even trash, then there shouldn’t be any evidence remaining, I suppose.”


The figure spoke of their strong decision while gazing at the direction Kanna and the others are heading towards, at the other side of the road of the ravine.


“…………I cannot comprehend this however. Since when has the scenario of the 『Time Reciter』 ever been off? I cannot count any as far as my memories serves however. Did something irregular arise in the party of 『that young girl』?”


Suddenly, the incident at the town was recalled.


“…………Speaking of which, there was an ice user protecting 『that young girl』 in town. It seems the tables of the puppets were also overturned by 『coincidence』, that person was 『small-time』 at any rate. He should be an element even if he is like trivial pebbles on the roadside. The pebbles on the roadside gives more influence on the environment than him, I suppose.”


As far as the figure is concerned, the 『ice user』 boy was nothing but an 『incompetent person』 who was not even worth being aware of. Judging from their view of life, there had never existed a 『lack of talent』 before that makes finding a person with 『no results』more difficult.

(T.N. Could not quite compute the last sentence: 彼の人生観からしてアレほどまでに『無出来』の者を探す方が困難であるほどの『無才』は存在していなかった。)


Therefore, the 『ice user』 promptly vanished from within the figure’s mind.


ーーーーWithout even knowing that that would spell the figure’s own fall.


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  6. Polularity and reviews on novelupdates show Kanna is way above other novels posted here. If only decent novels were as easy and fast to translate as dumb ones. Thx for the ride so far, this is where I leave. O/

  7. Hey Jun,

    I this is Hyouka from EasyGoing Vice TLs. I had a couple of my readers tell me that they were interested in me picking up this title to translate. I’ve read a couple of chapters and definitely find it interesting.

    I haven’t decided if I will be officially picking this title up, but I wanted to make sure that if I did decide to do so, you would be okay with it. The only thing is, if I were to pick this series up, I would probably start with translating the chapters of vol. 1 that was done by Futile Struggle first.

    If you are curious about the quality of my translations you can take a look at my site. As of right now I only have the one project; Level Up Just by Eating.

    Feel free to contact me through email to let me know if you are okay with this.

    1. Hi Hyouka,
      I haven’t decided on going back to this, but if you’re interested in translating it then I’m fine with it.
      Your translation quality doesn’t look bad either.

    1. I’m not entirely too sure imo. It sounded like that person is deciding what’s going to happen. The two kanji was time and composer/writer as far as I remember.

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