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Chapter 47

The Hero is attacked


“Thank you for waiting! Here is your grilled fish set!”


The dish they came carrying was a grilled fish in piping hot sauce, an egg soup and a white fluffy bread.

This place is the fish based restaurant Eleira was talking about just before.

It’s also because it is near lunch time, but I was told it’s flourishing with people constantly entering and leaving.


“Thank you for――Come to think of it, this place doesn’t have this sort of custom”

“Manners of the human countries, isn’t it? I believe it was putting your hands together while saying ‘thank you for the meal’ ”

“It’s for showing gratitude to the blessings of the earth and the animals that have offered their lives. Not doing it feels strange, but there’s no helping it”


I put down my hands that I was about to put together, took my fork and began break the fish into small pieces.

I paid some attention to my surroundings, but it doesn’t seem like I’m being suspected.


“The cooking method of the fish here seemingly takes more time than other restaurants, and it seems that even the bones can be eaten, you see”

“Wow. It sure does break down without resistance…”


While breaking it down randomly, I believed Eleira’s words and put it in my mouth with bones and all.


There is some firmness of the bones if you ask me, but it’s soft and easy enough to eat to not mind it.

The meat part smoothly dropped into my stomach along with the sauce that was entwined in my mouth and an aftertaste remained that’s so rich that you would want to taste forever.


“It’s reason to become famous. This is delicious enough to simply cross through the race wall”

“Isn’t it? I would not go here when it is crowded and busy, but I often come here when I have taken a day off.

“ … Demons, are awfully pragmatic aren’t they”


Holidays and wages are things I’ve never had even when I was doing Hero work for a long time.

Subjugating monsters, selling raw materials and raising money――the things I’ve done isn’t really all that different from an adventurer is it.


“It’s because unlike the Hero, the demon lord is the very position of king who would unify the country. Their method of living is basically different. By the way, the one who had established this holidays and wages plan was lady Isvel”

“So there wasn’t anything like this before?”

“No there wasn’t. After the death of the previous demon lord, the demon country had  temporarily collapsed. Lady Isvel began from the situation where she had nothing”


Eleira was saying that while looking at me in the eyes.

This woman, she’s nonchalantly blaming me for it.

The one who defeated the previous demon lord was me so that’s unavoidable though.


“Really, Lady demon lord Isvel has done admirably to rebuilt the country this far. It seems that only the first generation among the successive demon lords had been yearned for as much as that lady, you know?”

“ …I forgot about it, but that girl’s amazing isn’t she”


Isvel rebuilt a country in mere six years.

From a state where she lost all of the demons who supported the previous generation, she first brought back several influential people and from there increased in people, little by little.

And after gathering talented people, she again increased in people who could believe her, little by little, and then finally she built the country as it is now.

Of course, I think she had made use of the things the previous generation had left behind and her personal connections, but it’s still a brilliant achievement.

Isvel earned a great amount of support as the demon lord who has caused such miracles.


“You are a monstrous being though, for defeating those two demon lords… Are Heroes all like that?”

“No… I don’t know it in full details, but I’ve heard it’s rare that a Hero continued to fight until now, you see?”

“Did they end up quitting?”

“No, they died”

“ …I see”


It seems that often three Heroes would fall victim to one generation demon lord.

I was lucky.

I was blessed with both companions and circumstances and had finally found my way here.

It’s no longer related to me though, seeing that I have retired.


“The miraculous demon lord and Hero had gathered and yet, the two of you ended up resigning… it’s such a waste rather”

“Doesn’t that mean that neither Isvel nor I was that much of a superman? Age is age after all”


Both Isvel and I aren’t that different in age itself.

For that reason, there’s a difference like heaven and earth between me, who’ve just been recklessly fighting, and her, who had been carrying a country on her back.

Even if we’re close in age, the responsibilities piled up on Isvel is incomparable to mine.


“It’s ironic. She is supposed to be the most distinguished and yet, to think her freedom to ‘quit’ was not granted”

“ …I think it is inexcusable and at the same time pitiful for us. That we would still have to rely on lady Isvel after coming this far”

“The second unit… was it. Someone too much to handle with just you all, does someone like that really exist?”

“Yes. The captain of the second unit Sadore is a cunning and merciless man. If it is for his purpose, then he will try to achieve it using any means. Any of the units shouldn’t be able to settle it safely if they were to fight him head-on”


I’ve learned in this time’s case that there is such a demon.

Although I’ve entered the castle once, I walked around in a way to not take on demons as much as I could after all.

My mission was ‘to kill the demon lord’, so there was no need to kill the other demons.


“The people in the second unit following that Sadore are full of insane people. Overwhelmingly more so than Sir Phantom”

“So you were aware that Phantom has some screws loose…”


Speaking ill of her commander without hesitation, I wonder if Eleira is a big shot after all.


“Among those, Onette, the second unit vice captain is special and――――” (オネット;onetto, apparently male)



We simultaneously noticed something at that time.

The hands of the demons dining around us had stopped.

All of them showed vacant eyes and were not conscious――is the impression they gave me.


“There is a saying “speak of the devil” or something, isn’t it”

“Yes, there is”

“――Right now it is exactly that situation”


The next instant, the surrounding demons simultaneously jumped at us.

Seeing the fact that their movements were awkward, they appear to be controlled by something.

Eleira and I broke away by rolling on the ground and leaped outside from the front door.


“Gh! Look out!”



At the same time we came out of the restaurant, I held Eleira’s shoulders and rolled forward.

Something hot brushed against my overhead.

In front of us was a demon with his hand stuck forward.

It looks like this guy released a fire black magic.


“Hey wait a minute… What is going on here?”


Around the restaurant were vacant eyed demons lining up in a row.

Each and every one of them had a strange magic power flow.


“Doll Magic… It’s Onette’s magic who I spoke of before”

“He uses ill-natured magic, huh…”


It’s a fiendish magic that competes with illusion magic for the first place among non-attributed ones.

It could operate people with overwhelmingly less magic power than oneself like a doll.

They’re used for making enemies kill each other or obtaining hostages; a so-called magic exclusive for group battles.


“It would seem that we’ve been exposed a long time ago”

“Yeah, let’s leave aside why we’ve been found out and――”

“Yes. Even if Onette’s controlling abilities are high, his scope is not that wide. I heard that if we are able to break through this surrounding, we can escape”

“I see, I’m thankful for that information”


I unsheathed Echsdarc and Eleira readied herself as she drew her rental sword.

Thus began me and Eleira’s escape play.

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