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Chapter 113

Signs of a God


“Cease, Creasyl!”

“Why are you stopping me? Destroia”


There was a mean to stop I from trying to destroy the human civilization.

It was Destroia, the being who built this word together with I.


“Humans have lives, they have hearts! I have learned various things from humans! It will trouble me if you erase them!”

“Emotions? What is that? Is that something essential?”


Destroia single-mindedly raised her voice.

What could this mean?

She was a quiet one several years ago and yet, now――――


――――Destroia appears similar to a human.


“ … Do you understand? Humans are the sole beings birthed in this world outside of mine intentions. There is the possibility that they would completely change this world into one different form what we had imagined”

“Even if they did, do you not have the capacity to accept that either…?”

“Capacity? I do not quite understand. I am making this world that has been entrusted to I into one as shown. That would be the ideal, and also the mission bestowed to us from ‘Heaven’, was it not?”



Is Destroia not pleased with something? She grasped at me.


“A miscalculation may be a miscalculation, but humans are a pleasant miscalculation… I will not allow you to kill them”

“You have fallen, Destroia”

“Say whatever you like! Do not erase the humans! I will not let go until you say so!”

“ …Alright. If you go so far to say that, then I shall keep them alive now”

“Tru- truly!?”


Destroia’s face cleared up.

She relaxed the strength in her hands grasping at I as well.

Destroia is mine companion.

Such companion was this desperate.

I felt slightly motivated to try listening to her.


“ …However, if the humans perform deeds that establishes some sort of harm, then at that time I shall dispose of them. At that time it will be futile even if you were to stop me”

“Ah, alright…”


I would not be able to bear overlooking them and letting them destroy something like the quite nearly completed ecosystem.

That time, I ought to mercilessly erase the organisms called humans.


Even if it means separating mineself from Destroia.


“Do not forget, we are gods. Gods serving ‘Heaven’. ‘Heaven’ has bestowed us this world. We are to give this world its ideal form”

“ …I know”

“Then it is fine”


We left this place.

Destroia too should return to normal after another hundred years.

She has been living for far too long; you will have such delusions at least once.


Destroia is an excellent woman.


She will surely recover.



Collision of power and power.

Each time the sword and sickle struck against each other, the ground shook and the crater hollowed further.

Dust were blown off, and the sun shone only on the place they were in.





Setsu’s swung sickle cut off Creasyl’s clothes.


“And again!”


Turning his body around, Setsu once more swung his sickle.

Creasyl avoided that, but several strands of her hair fluttered in the air.


“You’re flapping around too much, you know. I ain’t gonna care if you turn into a buddhist monk you know”

“Hum… certainly this is an illogical situation”


Creasyl undid her stance once and then her figure changed.

Into one where her waist-length hair was cut to the tip of her shoulders.

The white garment-like clothes shrunk and clung tightly on Creasyl’s body.

They were clothes emphasizing her inhuman figure.


“This would be easier to move”

“But your majesty has disappeared you know?”

“A god who is concerned with their majesty is second-rate. A god has to show overwhelming difference, whichever figure they are in”


Setsu moved towards Creasyl’s back and swung the sickle.

And before the sickle hit her, Creasyl disappeared.


“Gh! Tch!”


The sickle that he swung and missed gouged the ground.

Setsu did not hide his surprise to the fact he could not follow Creasyl.


“You are too slow”



Suddenly an impact from right beside him.

Setsu reflexively guarded it with his arm and yet his body was slammed at the edges of the crater at a vanishing speed.

Another large crater was created at the edge of the crater.

At the center of that, Setsu groaned.


“Hey, wait a minute… This ain’t what you told me”


While getting up, Setsu looked at the arm he guarded with.

That arm was smashed mercilessly and had become warped.

The bones had not achieved its function as a bone.


“Healing this is gonna take several seconds, huh”

“And believe I will grant you several seconds?”

“ …I know right!”


Setsu swung the sickle behind him with one arm.

The owner of the voice that he should’ve from behind him, was no longer there already.


“Hey, what is wrong? Is your words the only thing you are strong at?”

(You’re just… too… quick you know!)


Creasyl moved around Setsu, but he was unable to follow her with his eyes.

However, there were no signs that Creasyl was running.


“So this is you walking!?”

“Wrong answer”



Setsu swung the sickle one round around him, but there was no effect.

Instead, the jumping Creasyl’s axe kick captured the crown of Setsu’s head. 

The impact that reached even Setsu’s fingers slowed him and by the time he noticed, he had bent down to the ground.


“Understand it. This is the height of a god”


Creasyl tread on Setsu’s face.

With just that, the ground shook.

Setsu groaned and grasped Creasyl’s foot.


“Move… it…”

“I cannot hear you”



Creasyl moved the sole of her foot and trampled Setsu’s head.


“I shall crush your head like this. Pitiful insect”

“――――Hey Stroh”


While grasping Creasyl’s foot, Setsu grumbled.

Destroia, who was at a distant place, responded to those words.


“What is it? Are you giving up already?”

“Shut up… It’s already fine about now isn’t it…!? I ain’t gonna stand a chance with this body you know”

“What are you talking about?”


Creasyl pointed her face towards Destroia.

Destroia merely showed an evil smile.


“――――Alright, very well then. You do understand the time limit do you not?”

“Of course I do… The time limit is――――”

““――――Ten minutes!””



Suddenly, light covered Creasyl’s field of vision.

For an instant she closed her eyes, and when he opened again, Setsu was gone from under her feet.


And then, Creasyl’s balance broke and she fell on her knee.


“What is this…”


One of Creasyl’s legs was gone.

It was completely gone from around the middle of her thighs.


“Are you looking for this?”



When she turned around, there stood Setsu, holding one of Creasyl’s legs.

Unhighlighted jet black eyes and expressionless face as if he had put on a mask.

At the very least a being with everything, excepting the appearance, different from human who was fighting with Creasyl until some time ago.

That sort of impression is what Creasyl received.


“ …What did you do?”


While growing a leg, Creasyl asked.


“I only cut off your leg. It’s not that much of a big deal you know”


While throwing away that leg around there, Setsu answered.


“Why… Why are there signs of a god coming from you!?”

“You know why don’t you?”


Setsu said, as he got behind Creasyl at a speed she could not respond to.


“I’m also like you”


Creasyl’s head fluttered about.

Throughout her revolving field of vision, Creasyl clicked her tongue.


“So you… became a god”

“That simply looks to be the case”


Setsu said with an emotionless voice as he cut Creasyl’s neck with a single stroke.

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