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Vol 9 Idle talk 6

[9-18] Gunji Esq, Busily Engaged in Relation to Rights and Media Countermeasures


“Eh? Come again? Excuse me Sakura-san, but please say it again. Because I heard you’re going to adapt Yuuji-san’s story into a movie in Hollywood. Eh? I was correct? … Is that true?”


An international phone call entering Gunji law firm nearby the prefectural office, Utsunomiya.

The telephone call that Gunji the attorney picked up was from Sakura.

The usually calm Gunji was unusually flustered. Of course he would. It was simply not a believable story. No, the fact that Yuuji had gone to another world would usually not be a believable story either however.


That tale of Yuuji will become a movie. In Hollywood.


It was a story that anyone would naturally be suspicious of if they were to hear it.


“Yes… I see, and so they said they would like me to suppress the usage of media, images and videos even more closely than until now. Alright. There is the fact that it’s an overseas movie adaptation, so I think I will have to look for a competent attorney. I can still leave it at a study stage right? Yes. I shall put together a basic policy including our organisation, and make a proposal to you, Sakura-san”


Even if he was fifty years old and was running his own law firm, he had his strengths and weaknesses. Not to mention when it came to an overseas movie adaptation, there would be many things they ought to control and decide on like copyrights, right to publicity and its extent. Although Gunji was an experienced attorney, it was outside his field of expertise. It appears that he has decided to pursue an intermediary and search for a competent attorney.


“By the way Sakura-san… Have you told this story to Yuuji-san? Is that so, so after this then… What about Yuuji-san not being able to upload images and videos on the bulletin board from hereon? No, I’m wondering if everyone would care about it, not me. Yes, not me. Is that so, so they said they want to make it so that there is no problem with uploading things to the bulletin board itself. I will put every effort into this. Ah, no, it’s not for my sake but for everyone’s. Yes, alright”


What Gunji was anxious about first of all after receiving this story was seemingly the treatment of the images and videos that Yuuji was supposed to upload from here on. 

This attorney, he seems to have gotten greatly corrupted by the fantasy world.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


After hanging up, Gunji deeply reclined on the chair and made a deep sigh.

He seems to have subdued his agitation.

Gunji stood up, made himself coffee and pondered for a short while.

Perhaps having collected his thoughts in the end, he began to move with pen and memo book in his hand.


“The point of contact for images and news coverage as an attorney won’t be a problem if kept as is. I’ll shut it down this way. No, I should be a little more aggressive in warnings when they’re used without permission and incorporate a writing of instructions on the bulletin board. This is a matter to discuss. An attorney well-informed in international laws, copyrights and personal rights would be… I guess contacting sensei would be best. Hum”


Having filling in a note while speaking to himself, Gunji stopped his hand. He extended his hand towards the telephone on his desk and dialed. It appears that he intend to get in contact immediately.


“This is Gunji. Sensei, I haven’t seen you for a long time. Yes, yes, I’ve been in good health. You too sensei, are you enjoying your remaining lives after retiring? Hahaha. So sensei, there’s something I’d like to consult you about. I’d like to take some of your time soon. Yes, I’m seeking direction. The day after tomorrow? The day after tomorrow would be… yes, I have no problems with that. Yes, please tell your wife I said hi as well”


The one he made a telephone call to was a man who was the head of a certain law firm Gunji worked at before he went independent. Currently he had retired from his occupation as an attorney, but he has many connections. An important person in legal circles, high regarded by a select few. Enjoying his remaining years, that seems to be the standard joke between Gunji and his former teacher. Due to Gunji not changing his expression, it was something exceedingly difficult to understand.


“Now. Tokyo for the first time in a long time. I want to have a meeting with those two too though…”


Already was Gunji making sure to pass some time in the office even during his absence, looking like he could go to another world at any time. For that reason, he could move freely even when he was told the day after tomorrow by his teacher. He seems to want to have a discussion about the bulletin board with cool NEET and well-informed NEET while he was going to Tokyo, but Gunji was worried whether or not they were able to respond to a swift appointment.


But there was no need to worry.

They were 15~34 years old people who were neither attending school, employed nor in training. They may have started up a clothing/accessories design & pattern paper submission & download site, but it was now out of their hands. Whether or not they had the ability, they were by definition a NEET, people with a lot of free time on their hands.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


Exiting the JR Akihabara’s electric city entrance, towards the direction of the Kanda river.

A coffee shop chain that had been here since ancient times; four men had gathered in its rental conference room. It was dirty.


The attorney Gunji and another attorney who was introduced by Gunji’s teacher.

And then the bulletin board residents Cool NEET and Well-informed NEET.

It was a total of four men.


After introducing themselves to each other, Cool NEET brought up the subject.


“And so… Gunji-sensei. What’s the matter so suddenly? Do we have some trouble?”

“Trouble… Yes, it could become like that if we were to make a mistake in dealing with this. We wouldn’t possibly, but…”


It was unusually evasive for Gunji.

And then, he conveyed Sakura’s story that he had kept.


“ …You’re not making fun of us, but it is a true story… isn’t it? Otherwise, you would move two attorneys I guess”


Beside Well-informed NEET, whose eyes were opened wide, Cool NEET advanced the conversation without displaying unrest. He was cold-blooded. No, he was a calm man.


“Yes. It’s been decided that, after tying an exclusive contract to not build a market elsewhere, the other side would raise funds and consider the possibilities of a movie adaptation. We called you two because we wanted to discuss about an organisation that could deal with the bulletin board and the internet as well as managing the rights in Japan”


Who received Cool NEET’s remarks and began the talk was the other attorney. He was an attorney who had experience in exchanging movie adaptations of books with the US.

Gunji’s teacher’s connection seemed to be quite vast, being able to introduce such a person easily. When he heard the story from Gunji, he seemed to have roared with laughter and immediately checked the bulletin board however.


“In the past there was an instance of a book adaptation from a bulletin board post, isn’t it? I actually don’t know so much as what happened with the relations of rights between the persons concerned though… Nevertheless, everything sped up and suddenly it’s Hollywood…”


Finally returned to reality perhaps, Well-informed NEET began to talk. Yes. Since it was a story published in the bulletin board, it is highly likely that it will become necessary to have an exchange with the admin of the bulletin board.


“Yes, I’d like you to provide that sort of information. Of course our side will be investigating the particulars of the cases. The other party will properly handle it for us if we have our title of attorney. Also, Yuuji-san has told us his intention to upload new information, photo’s and videos. It seems that for Yuuji-san this is something he won’t give up, so we intend to make sure that that will not be a problem contractually. It’s just that we’d like to avoid secondary usage or its spread without permission. I’d like to hear your opinions in that area as well”


The attorney talked next to Gunji. Around the time he spoke of the intention to upload new information, images and videos, Gunji nodded “uhuh uhuh”. In no way did it mean that he induced Yuuji because he himself wanted to see it. Probably. 


“And then… Yuuji-san can expect recompense like contract money. Seeing that the person himself can hardly move it, as we said before, Yuuji-san considered whether or not to establish a proprietary company for the copyrights that Yuuji holds and personal rights etc. Either way doesn’t matter to him, he said. It’s just, he wants to continue the aid for things like the offline camping just like before”


Saying so, Gunji, Yuuji and Sakura’s representative continued the conversation.

Seeing that Yuuji was in another world, he himself could not move it. His attorney Gunji could move as things were, but the face value was unlike before. Furthermore, if the talk were to start moving, then complex tasks like the exchange with the US or media relations can be expected. It was a difficult topic for Yuuji and even Gunji alone.


“I see, that’s so like Yuuji. But… Shouldn’t we think of the earnings the movie adaptation brings and the aid for the offline camping etc as separate things? If we make a company, the aid wouldn’t be something where we can expect profit, so… No, would it hold true as a business towards those who overcame their NEET? NPO would look more fitting in terms of his personality though…”


Hearing Gunji’s words who got Yuuji’s intentions, Cool NEET mumbled and pondered.

He was saying believable things, but this man. He was a NEET.


“Gunji-sensei, I finally understand why you called these two. There are capable people even if they aren’t working now, isn’t it…”


Who spoke like he was amazed, was the attorney whose meeting with the two NEETs was his first today.


“Yes, there are also people out of office. No, in this case they’re not working in a private company either, so it’s not even out of office I guess”


It was Gunji who spoke proudly for some reason.


In any case.

As expected, they could not reach a conclusion in this place, therefore the four exchanged each other’s contact addresses and promised to discuss again.


I wish to show the bulletin board residents, who I had been indebted so far, new information, images and videos without costing time and money. And also I wish to continue the aid in money for the offline meeting.

It seems such determination of Yuuji were more or less respected. For the time being.

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