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Chapter 49

The Excited Vice Captain


“Mr Brail!”

“Aah, it’s you miss vice captain… Here, it’s already done”

“Thank you very much. Please let me accept it immediately”

“Well of course――huh, it’s awfully noisy outside”

“Please don’t mind it! Here, it’s the payment!”


While Eleira barged in and did the exchange, I had to buy time outside.

The townspeople who had already turned into a mob as far as we are concerned, reached out their hands towards me without listening to Eleira’s words. 


“Ground Wall!”


I shaded my eyes with my hand and grew a thick wall of earth from the ground.

I was able to block the path with this.


‘It’s been blocked! Go round and cut him in!’

‘Let’s do a pincer attack!’

“ … Won’t they just give up on me?”


Hearing such voices from the other side of the wall, I hung my head.

At this rate I’ll soon be found again and chased after.


“This darling is a curved single edged sword which used technology that was spread from a Japanese country. It appears easy to bend with the thin blade, but it ain’t gonna chip even once with half-assed strength. Its sharpness is excellent”

“I see… Would you let me know at least the name?”

“It’s ‘Ryuurinmaru.’ Go make good use of her for me will you?”

“Ryuurinmaru… Thank you very much. I will resolve myself to be together with her for my whole life”

“Sure. I’ll take reparations for her anytime, alright?”

“Yes. Then, goodbye!”


Eleira rushed out of the store.

In her hand was a single edged sword sheathed in its scabbard.


“Thank you for waiting. Let’s go”



Having joined up, we began to run.

First we have to leave the town and go to the castle town that is around the demon lord castle.


“He’s there! It’s the human!”

“I’ve heard that the lady demon lord not being here until now was an act of humans!”

“I’m sure it’s all done by that guy! Catch him!”


They’re saying whatever they like.

They’re not entirely wrong though.


“Gh! Please stop! The whole thing is a misunderstanding!”


Eleira called out to the demons running up to her.



“Even Lady Eleira…! That human is surely controlling her!”

“Return to sanity please, Lady Eleira! You can’t go together with the likes of humans!”

“…Gh! Why all the way here”


I caught the scruff of Eleira’s neck in silence, turned my back towards the demons and started to run.


“They didn’t listen to you before either did they? It’s pointless”

“It’s not that all humans are enemies… Wouldn’t they understand me?”

“It wouldn’t be bad if they came attacking me knowing I’m the Hero, but they’re attacking me because I’m human. The ill feelings between demons and humans has already gone so far that they would see each other as hostile just by looking”



It would be sufficient if there’s someone who’s even a little rational like Eleira for us.

I myself don’t consider humans even the slightest to be the good ones.

Not everyone being a bad person means that not everyone is a good person in another perspective.

If you want to reject that, then you could just reject every human.

I can’t bring myself to criticize their deeds.

Both the human side and the demons are suffering the consequences of their actions.


“If only war and all could end right away”

“… You could say that again”


I let my hand go of the scruff of Eleira’s neck and began to run together with her from here.

What we call the race wall is frightening, but humans and demons are supposed to be able to walk alongside each other like this as well.

An event where a Hero was fighting for the sake of the demon lord had happened after all.


Since then, after succeeding our escape from the town, we rested inside a nearby forest.

As expected they didn’t chase us all the way outside the town, so we were able to try recovering our strength.


“Shall we depart soon?”

“Yes. We weren’t that tired from the start after all”

“I guess so… It’s just that it is somewhat troublesome when I think that we will have to go by foot”

“There is some distance after all. We weren’t able to rent a carriage either”

“Not much choice but to go there leisurely, huh”


I separated from the tree I had leaned my body on and sighed once.

It looks like it will take around four hours of walking from here to the castle town.

If we assume that our arrival would be past noon and would head to evening, then it’ll mean we won’t be able to join Isvel and the others for a full two days.

It would be nice if nothing occurs during that time though――.


“We’ve taken more time than we expected, so let’s make our stay in the castle town as short as possible. There is the possibility that it will turn into an uproar again as well”

“You’re right about that. I don’t want to fight ordinary people, in whatever shape they are in”


The road to the castletown has become a properly arranged large highway.

It’s wide enough to at least have space even if a merchant with numerous luggage carriers put together or a large pulley transporting a monster corpse were to pass through, and it seems monsters and such rarely show up.

I’ve only gone through it once, but it’s quite the nice road now that I look at it the second time.

I tried to camouflage myself here too just in case, by putting on my hood properly.


“There won’t be a problem in this sort of place, but the hurdle would be when we enter the castle town, I think. Since there will be inspections”

“Was that so?”

“Yes. It was not like this before, but it is performed regardless of day and night now”

“It must’ve become stronger in the sense of crime prevention, but it’s something troublesome from my perspective”


As known from the way I was attacked before, the fact that I am human will be exposed instantly if the hood comes off.

It is an inspection.

Naturally the hood would be taken off.


“But please be relieved. I have an idea, you see”

“Eh, is that so?”

“Yes. Mr Adel, please accompany me with peace of mind, okay?”


Eleira clenched her fist and fired herself up.

I ended up feeling some anxiety to her appearance, but right now there’s nobody who I can rely on beside her.

Let’s try leaving this part to her.


And then, after a while, we arrived at the castle town inspection.

Here is the castle town and the large wall that stands towering in order to surround the demon lord castle, and in order to go to the other side, I would have to pass the inspection.


“Please wait here for a minute”


Eleira approached the inspection with an elated face and talked to a demon soldier.

The soldier looked stiff from the fact the vice captain of the demon lord army had come.

The surrounding soldiers noticed that, and each took a saluting pose.

After talking with the soldier for a little while, Eleira was guided to the soldiers office.

Before entering the office, the instruction to come with her flew towards me through a gesture.

Would this really be alright though…


“Lady Eleira, it is over here――wait, this person is?”

“He is my companion. Let me tell you the full story inside, please”

“Ah, excuse me for this. Please come in”


When I got closer, we were smoothly guided inside with a few words from Eleira.

In the room that looks like a simple rest place with only chairs and a desk, we first sat side by side.


“First, please take a look at this”


Eleira said, and then――took off my hood.


“Wha- what are you-”

“A- a human!”


The instant the soldiers noticed my true colors, they tried to draw out the sword they were equipped with.

Eleira held them back with her hands.


“Please wait. This human is harmless.”

“However! Humans are our enemies and――”

“It is fine. Because this gentleman, is the one who will be my husband”


That time, it felt like the atmosphere of the room froze over.

Just that instant it must’ve felt cold quicker than Isvel’s black magic.

This girl, what is she saying?


“L-L-L-L-L-L-L-Lady Eleira!? What are you saying!? This man is human…”

“I have no such concern as races! This person is the man who I’ve ascertained to be my husband! No matter how much we are fellow countrymen, I will not allow denial to that!”



Alright, this woman――is intending to push this through by force.

She must be thinking that it will be our success if we were let in.

She is not wrong about that, but her way of doing it is unrealistic.

If we’re unlucky, they would distrust even Eleira――

“Eh!? The husband to lady Eleira!?”

“Are you serious! And here I am, longing for her!”

“I don’t want thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis!”


Uwah, they’re completely tricked.

Several soldiers in the room started to make an uproar, holding their heads in agony.

I see, Eleira is a beautiful woman.

It looks like she is perfectly popular within the demon lord army.


“That is how it is, so I have brought him along like this to greet my parents. You will let me through, won’t you?”

“U- uugh… I understand… if that is how it is. Hey, human! We will kill you if you make lady Eleira unhappy, got it!?”

“Please become happy! Lady Eleira!”

“I shall… ugh, root for you!”


What is, what is this scene?

While I do think pitifully of the soldier’s manner of weeping, and she may be your superior, but wouldn’t it be better to hold some more doubts towards her?

The people at the harbor were still more distrustful, you know.


“I will be alright. Because I am happy just with him being with me. Isn’t that right, dear

“Ah~, that’s right. I’m happy~”


When I tried to open my mouth, a blatant monotone line came flying out.

However, the soldiers’ awareness is no longer pointed this way, so they didn’t notice that.

Well, it means we managed it somehow with this.

Let’s thank Eleira later and at the same time question her, but first let’s enter the castle town――is what we tried, but it was at that time.


“What is this clamor. And I just arrived here and have taken the trouble to take a day off…”


The door where we tried to escape with opened, and an elderly man showed up.


“Sir――Sir Gidara…”


There was the man who supported Isvel extremely closely, the old demon sage Gidara.

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