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Chapter 48

The Hero is Discovered


While dodging the demons leaping at us, I used Echsdarc to brush them aside and ward off their attacks.

As much as they are ordinary townspeople, it didn’t change the fact that each and every one of them are demons.

They have great strength and occasionally people that would cast magic are mixed in.


“Onette himself should be here somewhere! Let’s find him once we escape this place!”



While talking through it, Eleira and I slipped through the encirclement of the townspeople.

I could not express Eleira’s agility in any way other than as I would’ve expected from her.

While avoiding them properly, she aimed for openings and incapacitate the townspeople with the sword handle.

It’s a method that could kill if done incorrectly, but there doesn’t seem to be a problem for Eleira who excel in the technical aspect.

On a side note, it’s difficult for me to adjust my strength, so warding them off is all I did.

At any rate, we’ve gone quite far away from the restaurant, but we still haven’t been able to escape.

Looking at it closely, there were townspeople cutting in the direction of our movements while keeping us confined.

This would not happen if they don’t have considerable leadership.

But we won’t make any progress like this no matter how we try to escape.


“If I remember it right, with doll magic you can’t control the target if you can’t see right?”

“I remember it like that, but…gh!”


While repelling the attacks from the townspeople, I looked around.

Thinking about it one after the other, it should be difficult to continue seeing this many people if it’s crowded like this.

In other words, what’s left as a choice would be――


“No other places than up isn’t it?”


I avoid the townspeople’s rush and at the same time I looked up at the sky.

At the very least he wasn’t floating in the sky.

In that case, all that’s left are tall buildings.

When I looked for the highest building nearby, a lighthouse for turning on the light entered my eyes.


“Close your mouth! You’re going to bite your tongue!”



I carried Eleira by putting my arm around Eleira’s waist.

Before the townspeople jumped at us, I pressed my feet on the ground and jumped up.

I jumped on the roof of a nearby house and ran.


“What are you doing!?”

“The only place where you can continue to have this many people in your sight could only be the lighthouse around here! We’re going to the lighthouse while walking along the roof!”

“I understand you! I can run on my own feet so release me please!”

“Ah, that’s right”


When I released my hand which was holding her, Eleira too began to run while staggering a little.

Running while holding a woman in my arms is a little awkward.

I understood that, so I’d like you not to stare at me so much.


“――He’s there. On top of the roof of the lighthouse”

“So that’s him”


On the top of the lighthouse stood a man clad in a black robe.

He stood still with a blank look, and from both his hands stretched a thread made of magic power that would occasionally reflect light.

That is evidence that he is using doll magic.


“Onette! Release the people from the harbor right this instant!”

“Eleira… I will dispose of you. The other captains, vice-captains, all of them… I will dispose of here”

“Gh! I see… You’ve been waiting with the intention to erase me from the beginning isn’t it”


I see, I get it now.

I’ve been wondering if my existence was exposed, but I can understand if Eleira was the only one being targeted from the beginning.


“Eyewitnesses too… I will dispose of here”


When Onette’s finger moved strangely, multiple townspeople appeared from around the house.


“Eleira, can you kill that guy with that sword?”

“Of course. I can show you I can kill with any sword if you let me swing it”

“ …Alright. Then, I’ll launch you towards Onette’s place. When I do――”

“I can just slay him in one attack, right?”


From the vision in my head, I recalled the attack when fighting against the gigantic octopus with Leona.

That time, I was able to approach it instantly by having Leona kick me towards the Octopus.

As expected, it’s impossible for me to kick her towards him in terms of physical abilities, but I have just one method.


“Jump! And then think only about keeping your balance!”



Eleira kicked kicked the ground and let her body float, and at the same time, I swung Echsdarc towards the soles of her feet.

The method I thought upon was to launch Eleira using Echsdarc.

This way I can put in splendid amount of powers.

Together with a certain response in my hands, I successfully sent Eleira flying towards Onette.


‘Milord… I’m gradually feeling hurt as you would have expected’

“I’m really sorry for doing nothing but this. Let me polish you thoroughly later please”

‘I shall forgive you in that case!’



After launching Eleira, it’ll be my part.

I have to do something about the townspeople approaching me here right away.

I changed my grip on Echsdarc to a reverse grip and thrust her towards the roof.

In doing so, the roof broke as is and, together with the dust, the townspeople lost sight of me and could not attack.

I’ve raised my magic power perception accuracy and took care of checking if there was anybody below here.



“Demon style sword art – Sword Draw Step――”


Eleira closed in on Onette in a matter of seconds, and then set up her sword under her arm.

And then she merely swung out at the same time she drew out.

All Eleira did was just that, but by doing that, she converted just that into a superhuman feat.


“――Dragon Tail”


At the same time she sheathed her sword, I could see Onette slowly crumbling down.


“What does it mean… this”

“I don’t know. It was like this since who knows when, or――”

“It’s been like this from the beginning, huh?”


On top of the lighthouse.

On this place where you can do a sweeping view of the harbor, Onette’s corpse lay collapsed.

No, it’s puzzling if you could even call it a corpse.

At any rate, it’s because there was no substance.


“As if it was a doll made of porcelain… Don’t tell me, mari-’Onette’ wouldn’t be the punchline would it?”

“That seems possible, so please stop…. Onette, the vice captain, was a man who we had no idea of where he may be born or anything about him before he became vice captain. The reason he became vice captain was because Sadore brought him. If it was a doll from the beginning…”

“There’s one thing I want to hear, but what sort of techniques or magic does Sadore use?”

“ …I don’t know. I’ve heard that he was a magician however”


In that case, that Sadore himself is very likely to be a user of doll magic.

He is ruthless and sly enough to not trust his surroundings at all, so he would not place someone who may betray him on a vice captain position.

Surely, unless it’s something like a ‘doll’ who would never oppose him――


“Sadore is a man who became captain just with ability while not being trusted at all. If he is moving in order to take over the demon lord army, then he may have set his eyes on the captain position with that intention from the beginning”

“A suspicious guy alright… really”


Eleira and I turned our backs to the doll and went down the lighthouse.

Below us, an uproar seems to have occurred and it was full of chaos with the suddenly caved in house and the manipulated people having regained their consciousness.

Just when I ought to have run away immediately by taking advantage of this chaos, I regretted it the next moment.


“Hey! We have a human here!”


A man pointed at me and said.

I timidly checked my appearance and reflexively leaked my voice.




It seems I noticed it at the same time Eleira did.

The hood that I had worn deeply had come off.

Was it while I was running away, or was it when I dropped myself from the roof? I don’t know.

What’s important is that the current me exposed my human appearance in front of the masses.


“That guy is most likely the culprit! Capture him!”


When one person said that, the surrounding demons agreed with it and began to move.

This doesn’t really change much of the situation now does it…


“We’re running away!”



We ran off without any hesitation.

In order to first go to the smith and collect the weapon and then leave the town as is.

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