Hiki-NEET Vol 7 Chapter 12

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So I found out that the word request are work you take when you don’t expect money and whatnot from it, while commissions are what you do for a fee. In other words, I’m going to change requests to commissions since it’s factually more correct. It’s what happens when Japanese uses the exact same kanji for both words. Or perhaps it’s the fault of whoever wrote the meanings for said kanji?

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Vol 7 Chapter 12 Bulletin board chapter
Yuuji, reporting this and that of the otherworld city to the bulletin board part 1



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[Yuuji is] I’m kind of in another world when I went out of my home after 10 years part 34
[still not here!?]

1 : Anonymous ETNE

This is the thread where you can enjoy the information, images and videos [Yuuji] uploaded from another world!

Is this really another world? How did he make them? This is the thread to verify it.

Four years after transfer to another world(?) Yuuji embarks on his first city!

Today’s two weeks later.

He said it’s 3 to 4 days from the city, but isn’t he late?

Are you alive Yuuji!?

Show us at least a picture please, Yuuji!

Reproduction is not allowed okay!?

The NEET landing on >>900 is to open the next thread!

21 : Anonymous NEET

He’s late…


22 : Anonymous NEET

How long should I wait in the nude


23 : Anonymous NEET


You’re too soon you know!


24 : Clothing group member B

Did something happen to Yuuji I wonder…


25 : Infra worker

Going to and from the city takes one week

It’s also his first city, so he’s going to stay for one week

If that’s the case it’ll be exactly today right?

It’s not the time yet to panic!


26 : Yuuji

Everyone I’m back!


27 : Anonymous ETNE



28 : Nameless NEET

We’ve been waiting for you Yuuji!


And are you a prophet!?


29 : Kemona-Lvl MAX

And so, how many did you buy?

There’s the dog type and cat type, what’s next what’s next?

Will it be a fox after all?

No, if there’s fluffy time then sheeps are also hard to give up!


30 : Anonymous NEET

Come on, the pics!


31 : Anonymous NEET

Okay, I’ll, also wait for him in my birthday suit!


32 : YES lolita NO touch

Alice-chan, is Alice-chan safe!?


33 : Overwhelmingly dog person

Is Kotarou safe!?

Wait, Yuuji is alright

So Kotarou is, I guess safe


34 : Yuuji

I’m putting the pics on the PC now.

Just wait for a bit please.


35 : Cool NEET



Shall we listen for the report in advance?


36 : Anonymous NEET

Pi-, pics please!


37 : Camera Ossan


Don’t be hasty.

I’m sure he must have lots of pictures.

Let’s anticipate as much as it takes time.


38 : Well-informed NEET

And so, have you reached the point of entering the city?


39 : Yuuji

Okay then, first report.

The feudal lord’s was a totally my type.

Huge tits, estimated H size, slim and erotic like seriously.


40 : Anonymous NEET

Going for that as your first report…

The sound of “married woman” is erotic right?


41 : Anonymous NEET



42 : Anonymous NEET

Not that kind of report!

No, I do want to hear it though!

I want to see pics too though!


43 : Anonymous NEET

I’m too much of an avid fan for big titted wife netori! (T.N. Netori=act of a protagonist stealing another person’s wife/lover/love interest. Not to be confused with Netorare where the protagonist’s wife/lover/love interest  gets stolen instead. Don’t ask me why I know this)


44 : Anonymous NEET

Pics, what about them pics!


45 : Anonymous NEET

Pics before I catch a cold!


46 : Infra worker


Don’t take off your clothes

Or rather, are you fine with this being the first report?

Yuuji, you’re doing this on purpose right?


47 : Cool NEET



48 : Anonymous NEET

This is fine!

Because I want to see pics!

Yeah, hurry it up, you good for nothing!


49 : Yuuji

[Sad news] no pics

As you expected, I didn’t have the courage to point my camera towards a noble.

Also if I hit on her, Mr. Feudal lord would fire me I heard.



50 : Anonymous NEET

This…this useless piece of shit!


51 : Anonymous NEET

I know that feel

Even so, the one who went was Yuuji

I’ll believe and wait for you bare-assed.


52 : Anonymous NEET

Go dash all the way to the city!


53 : Anonymous NEET

[Sad news] I, confirm I have the same fetish as Yuuji


54 : Kemona-Lvl MAX

No interest in things like humans!


55 : YES lolita NO touch

What’s the point of pics of hags?


56 : Infra worker


Team pervert should be obedient and go lurk!

If you don’t have pics then don’t mention her!

Weren’t we all anticipating that!?


57 : Anonymous MEAT


Can’t the married man go lurk too?


58 : Yuuji

And also

Are you even good with human girls having bushy arms and legs?

It was no good for me.


59 : Anonymous NEET

Again with the maniacal…


60 : Anonymous ETNE


Impossible for me!

But if she’s in her early years then I may be good with it…


61 : Well informed NEET

Must be the difference in culture.

Even nowadays that’s normal depending on the country you know?

Developing and developed countries alike.

On the other hand there’s also countries where they treat everything from below the neck.


62 : Anonymous NEET



They’re my favorite!


63 : Anonymous NEET

Aren’t there too many perverts in this thread…


64 : Infra worker


I said perverts to go lurk!

You all missed something I guess.

Yuuji said something terrible you know.

“It was no good for me”

In other words…


65 : Anonymous MEAT

This guy!

He went to the night shop in the first city of another world?


66 : Anonymous NEET

Don’t be stupid!

Don’t be stupid!

The pics!


67 : Anonymous NEET

I, who don’t even go to them in Japan.

I can’t even go near them if it’s a foreign one.

To say nothing or to the different world.


68 : Anonymous NEET

Even though you can just dye…


69 : Anonymous NEET


Calm down!

Your japanese is becoming weird! (TN it’s obv in english right now, but you know what I mean, not sure if I should change this part)

No, it works, but still!


70 : YES lolita NO touch

Whether he went together or bought them, either way Alice-chan was in danger!

I knew I have to go!


71 : Anonymous NEET


You’re the most dangerous one!


72 : Anonymous NEET

Yuuji, the report!


73 : Anonymous NEET

Public order must be bad right? In the other world

In the city he first visited

Going to a night shop without hesitation or something

Is this a man of courage

Is this a Hero!?


74 : Yuuji

Alice and Kotarou slept in Mr. Kevin’s company.

Mr. Kevin noticed I had no experience with women.

Thinking this is bad even though we will meet the feudal lord’s wife.

He showed me around in order to get used to women.

It’s to get used to them, okay?

First was drinking alcohol, sitting near girls and talking with them. If I can get along with them then we go to the second floor depending on the negotiation…

I was able to speak naturally with a very good girl.

Also she had huge tits, estimated F size.

I was invited to the second floor, but I could see the bushiness of her arms and legs.

I lost my will.

I went back.


75 : Anonymous NEET

Since a while ago

Yuuji never touched on his dignity

This is a matter where we can’t judge him with anything except cup noodles.


76 : Anonymous NEET

That’s right!

If it’s to get used to them then there’s no helping it!

You think that’s what I’m gonna say!?

Dye, stupid!

It’s a report to Sakura-chan!


77 : Sakura’s friend


Your first and second report being this is…

But everyone, understand the great efforts of us girls in Japan!

Ah, I mailed Sakura-chan.


78 : Anonymous NEET

They’re dead space to the 2D loving me!


79 : YES lolita NO touch

Huge win for me!


80 : Anonymous NEET


But if you tell a girl “It must be tough getting rid of them right?”

They’ll look at you like they’re looking at trash.

…That honestly excited me.


81 : Infra worker


Girl you say…

A 30 yo isn’t a girl don’t you think!?


82 : Anonymous ETNE

Whoa, hey wait a minute!

You got more dignity than Yuuji you know!


83 : Anonymous NEET

Are there only perverts and Heroes in this thread…


84 : Anonymous NEET

Come on, Yuuji, the pics still not done!?


85 : Yuuji

Wait a min.

Right now I finished transferring so I’m uploading them.


86 : Anonymous MEAT


Calmness in the midst of this chaos.

3000 pelika to the unknown!


87 : Well informed NEET

Yuuji, she’s forced into a corset

There’s a chance it’s serving to emphasize her waist and breasts.

How is the state of underwear?


88 : Anonymous NEET


Is this old man a natural pervert!?

Garters are fine right?

Black is good too, but white is also hard to give up on.


89 : Sakura’s friend


Really you…

We’re living in the same hometown, you know that

I can just reach Mrs Wife through a friend of a friend

Shall I…report it I wonder?


90 : Anonymous NEET

I felt goosebumps

Even though it has nothing to do with me


91 : Anonymous NEET

Me too

I should put on some clothes


92 : In charge of verification thread’s videos

They meet offline after all

That’s why rural areas are scary


93 : Anonymous NEET

Come on, hurry up with the pics please!


94 : Anonymous NEET

Couldn’t he have reported normally while it’s working on it?

Methinks we’ve been had by Yuuji.


95 : Anonymous NEET


Aw, don’t say that.

Let’s just wait patiently

If he hasn’t uploaded it then

I’ll never come to this thread again though!



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