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Vol 7 Chapter 11 Yuuji, returning home one step ahead as a pioneer group leader



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“Lord Yuuji, I am very sorry!”


Northern gates of the pioneering city of Premie. There were two men with their knees on the ground and head lowered towards Yuuji.

It was the giant who picked a fight with Yuuji in the adventurer’s guild and the apeman tribe man who didn’t personally picked a fight but was his companion.


“Ah, eerr. The adventurer’s guild can even give out punishment right? If you do it properly then I’ll be fine with it, really.”


Yuuji who wasn’t really harmed gave out a naive response.


It was one week since Yuuji visited a city from another world for the first time.

It seems Yuuji, Alice and Kotarou were on their way home.


“Right, that’s what Lord Yuuji said. Work hard, both of you.”


The adventurer’s guild master Salomon squatted in front of the two on their knees, warped his fiendish looks and threatened them. It was the Yankee squat. The impact of a veteran was enough to make the likes of a yankee run away barefooted.


The punishment for picking a fight with a client possessing a letter from the magistrate and the feudal lord’s wife.

The punishment the adventurer’s guild passed down to the two was “Construct a road where a cart can pass through from Premie city to the pioneer grounds”.


“Now now Mr Salomon, it’s fine even if you don’t threaten them like that. The person from my firm who will be coming and going and the people of the pioneer group will watch over their work and deliver them food after all. Running away means they won’t be able to enter the city either, right?”


Kevin grinningly added some kind words. However the matter he was talking about were the fact that the surveillance system and food provision will pin them down and the information that prevents their escape. It was not kind at all.


“Got it. Well, that’s how it’s going to be. Aah, don’t worry about taxes. I’ll be paying it for you.”


The guildmaster struck their shoulders with a plop.

That is right.

They will be creating a road where a cart can pass through, through the forest that takes three days by foot of an adult. No matter how one lightly estimates it, it is a large undertaking that requires years.

That said, they picked a fight with a representative of a powerful person in a feudal society. It must have been rather light for a punishment. Well, the other adventurers seems to be seeing it as an “exile from the city of premie”. It’s arranged so that they can enter the city once the cart passable road is complete. Once it is complete.


“Guilmas, how much can Lord Yuuji fight? It’ll look like it will take quite some time if we’re going to have to walk through the forest while protecting Lord Yuuji and Miss Alice.”


This time the ones accompanying Yuuji was a single adventurer party. They were adventurers in the city of Premie who reached as far as third rank, but they took a member’s marriage as an opportunity and decided to retire. Incidentally the party consisted of three men and one woman. One pair became a married couple and one of the remaining two got engaged. The man with the role of a scout was left out, still single.

Their roles were the spade works of the pioneer land. Learning the route, ascertaining the location and clearing the land in advance. Their labor was dependent on how many retired adventurers would undertake it.


“Lord Yuuji is about 7th rank. Even orcs are no problems if it’s one on one. As for Alice-chan’s guard……”


Kotarou gives the Guildmaster the eye.

Wan wan, Kotarou barked. I will be protecting Alice, so it will be alright, is what she seems to be saying.


“……Don’t worry about it you guys. It’ll be fine if you just pay attention to your movement speed.”


The guildmaster looked towards Alice and showed a forced smile. O- oh, is that so…… they responded looking unconvinced, but the adventurers seems to have decided to not mind it for the time being.


“Alice-chan, use only your magic after getting permission from Lord Yuuji!”


Perhaps recalling it when the subject came up, the guildmaster called out to Alice. O~kay! Responded Alice full of vigor. By the way this exchange between Alice and the guildmaster happened three times after they gathered at the northern gate. Alice’s fire magic left a large scar in his heart it seems.


“Mr. Yuuji, let’s hurry up and go!”


The last person heading to the pioneer land this time was the young woodworker Thomas. An assistant was planned to be dispatched from the workshop, but Thomas didn’t seem to be looking forward to the excuse to go together with him in the second group and went along with them. He must have become greatly interested in the new technology.


“I’ll see you Mr. Kevin. I will be waiting over there.”

“Yes. I believe we will be seeing each other frequently from now on. Once again I look forward to working with you. Pioneer group leader Lord Yuuji.”


Yuuji and Kevin exchanged a solid handshake.

And thus, Yuuji’s first visit to a city of another world safely reached the end.


Yuuji, Alice, Kotarou, four adventurers and the woodworker Thomas. With a large family of 8 people, no of 7 people and 1 animal, they headed for Yuuji’s house.



  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □



“We’re gonna decide and mark where we will pass, so you guys clear the brushes and branches. Do it properly.”


Before entering the forest, the adventurer’s party leader called out to the two men who received punishment. “I understand!” The two responded after straightening their backs and preparing their voices.


The former rank 3 adventurer party who were going to retire, were accompanying Yuuji. In the city of Premie, the adventurers who were ranked 4-1 only amounted to 40. The adventurer party was trusted enough by the guildmaster, who had been cornered by the negotiations with Kevin, to be the first to accompany the pioneer group. They were acknowledged people, both in fighting power as well as in human nature.


On a side note, only a large built male human picked a fight with Yuuji. Naturally the plan was for only the person himself to receive punishment. However, the male apeman was partied with him and “I’m equally guilty for not stopping him” he said and took on the punishment himself. It was a moving tale. If you don’t put your eyes on the cause.


In any case, this signaled the beginning of a long, long battle for the two; the man who picked a fight with Yuuji and the male apeman.



  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □



“I think it’ll come into view soon! Ah well, even so, everyone’s so strong.”


It’s the fourth day since the group entered the forest.

Yuuji who walked with his hand linked to Alice’s, called out to the adventurers.


“Well we don’t know anything but fighting after all. To think that it turned like this……”


The party leader responded to Yuuji with such words and looked softly at the female archer. The girl returned a smile. These two married within the party and they said that became the reason to retire.


Looking at the smile of the two understanding each other, a darkish emotion welled up inside Yuuji’s heart.

“Explode, you normalfags” were the words Yuuji swallowed.

Seeing that Alice was nearby, those words were taboo. He wouldn’t put it past Alice to make them physically explode if she were to perceive Yuuji’s words as instructions. She would be like “Go booom!”.


Wan wan, the bark of Kotarou who was moving in the lead entered Yuuji’s ears. Look Yuuji, it’s come to view you know, is what she seemed to be telling him.


When Yuuji caught up to Kotarou and looked forward, the cat race Nina showed her face from nearby an animal trail.

It appears she sensed approaching presences and so she came out in vigilance.


“Ah, Mr. Yuuji and his group. Werrcome back.”


Two weeks had passed since they left home.

Yuuji, Alice and Kotarou have gotten home.


From the eyes of Yuuji who passed through the simple fence and saw his house, flood of tears ran down.


They have finally gotten back.


To his home that has a bath and a toilet that would clean the buttocks with water.



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