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Shachiku Yuusha, shigoto yameru tte yo (roughly translated as Corporate slave Hero said he’s quitting his job; BTW it’s written by the author of Second summon. It’s about the hero retiring into some mountain village and thee demon lord decided to do the same and coincidentally went to the same village. A slow life novel probably)

-Magi craft meister (The LN version, not the WN; only possible if I can get the raws, which I can get from GM_Rusaku. Never read the WN btw.)

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Vol 7 Idle Talk 3

[7-14] Kevin, negotiating with the feudal lord’s wife once more

7-14 means this happened around vol 7 chapter 14



Three days after Yuuji visited a city of another world for the first time and left.

Kevin, who remained in Premie city, was visiting the feudal lord’s house.

It was a meeting where he sent a letter to the feudal lord’s wife who he made acquaintance of and received an appointment.


He conversed with the feudal lord’s wife in Yuuji’s absence.

He did not come to make advances of the ample seductive H-cupped married woman, but it appears to be a business negotiation. Kevin was an earnest man who continued to think of the beloved daughter of 『blood-stained Gaegus』.


Just after Kevin waited in the same parlor as the time he took along Yuuji and was interviewed, the feudal lord’s wife turned up. This time bringing along a guard was more than enough, so it seems the magistrate would not be present.


“Mr. Kevin, thank you for waiting. And so, what will you be negotiating with me this time I wonder?”


Sitting directly in front of Kevin, the feudal lord’s wife began to ask a question. Like usual she was wearing clothes that freed her breasts so that it displayed her deep valley. However, Kevin took no notice to that area of attraction. He was an earnest man after all.


“This time I’ve been thinking about negotiating about trades which is my main occupation.”


When he informed the feudal lord’s wife as such, Kevin looked back to his personal exclusive escort who was standing behind him. “Hey, that one” he ordered.

Incidentally, when he turned his head, he captured the valley near his vision for a mere instant. It was a superhuman feat where a man’s glance would not be perceived even by sensitive women. Kevin was… supposed to be an earnest man.


What Kevin’s exclusive escort took out was an unrefined metal box that shone dark grey.


It is the prototype canned food.


“This is… what is it though? I can only see it as just a metal mass that is not even jewelry, but…”


The feudal lord’s wife who did not know of canned food was merely perplexed. Her actions of touching her cheeks with her hand and bending her head slightly was luscious. They were movements of a person who was aware of her charms.

In the first place, the feudal lord’s wife did not mean to wear clothes that exposed her breasts without thinking. If the other party of the negotiation or discussion was a man, then she would induce disturbance. If it was someone who was immune of it instead, then she would simply arrange to possess a more advantageous figure for herself. She understood that very reason which is why she displayed her deep valley. It was certainly calculated. By no means was she an exhibitionist.


“This is preserved food that is currently under development. I’ve deposited the article that will become a weapon so it cannot be opened however… Would it be fine for me to borrow a chisel?”

“No, there is no need.”


Kevin tried borrowing a tool in order to open the canned food.

Incidentally the canned food were prototypes that had not appeared in the market, so they did not use a dedicated can opener for the cans. Even if it is used, the people who use it would be few in numbers. They chose a primeval-ish method to open a can with a chisel where you strike a hammer of sort on it.



The feudal lord’s wife sent a sidelong glance to her back. It was not one of sexual appeal, but she instructed the guard standing behind her with her eyes.

Nodding once and having drawn out a sword on his waist, the guard brandished and swung downward.

The edge cut the prototype canned food roughly diagonally.


“Ooh… As expected you have a guard with a good sword arms. …now then. This is what we call canned food. We put the food inside and it is possible to do simple cooking by warming it up. And… it is still at the prototype stage, but the finished product will be able to carry it without the going bad for a full year and without its flavor changed either.”


Kevin explained with full confidence. However the feudal lord’s wife’s response was not favorable. She sent him a doubtful look. It was reward for people with specific tastes.


“That you are doubtful of it is natural. If you don’t mind, would you please bring someone who can cook or a poison taster?”


Apparently Kevin did not have that specific taste.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


“Hmm… Certainly it has neither gone bad nor is it smelly. That said, I don’t know when this food was produced. Hm…? This is! No, that’s impossible!”


Appearing in the parlor was the head chef responsible for cooking at the feudal lord’s house. The elderly head chef opened the contents of the canned food on the dish, sniffed its scentl and sampled it.

What he ate was, the 『Snow Rabbit Soup』the Catkin Nina developed per Yuuji’s advice.

Having chewed the meat, the head chef spoke his surprise with a large voice.


“What is the matter?”

“This is… this meat is snow rabbit! That such easily rotten snow rabbit could be eaten in this season… Impossible. But this is certainly the taste of winter meat…”


Kevin broadly grinned towards the head chef’s comment. Snow rabbits could also be procured outside the winter, but from spring to autumn, its fur would be dark grey and its meat would be tough and unappetizing. It was a game whose fur and meat were only profitable when hunted in the low temperature winter. It seemed to be the response as planned by Kevin who had them arrange someone who knew its taste.


“Yes, we have cooked a snow rabbit we killed in the winter and put it in the can. Currently it is still a prototype model, but once it is completed, this can be eaten regardless of the season. On top of that, the fact it would not rot for a full four seasons means…”

“It can be sold in the capital city and other cities. Right, it will be great if it succeeds isn’t it. And so Mister Kevin, going out of your way to bring this conversation even though it is still a prototype, what is your aim I wonder.”


Leaning her body forward, the feudal lord’s wife’s look turned serious. With her leaning her body forward, her deep valley became even easier to see from Kevin. However, Kevin did not waver. He was an earnest man after all.


“If I am to go straight to the point, it would be a negotiation whether you would provide funds for this.”

“My oh my oh my. If I provide funds, what sort of benefit would we have?”


Kevin showed a full smile and the feudal lord’s wife smiled like sweetly. Even though the two were smiling, a tingling atmosphere drifted about.

It was a scene where if Yuuji was here he would avert his eyes and escape from reality on the account that it had nothing to do with him.


“Kevin Company will do the sales of canned food intended for the masses. And apart from that I am thinking what about producing canned food with high class cuisine intended for the noble ladies and gentlemen? Snow rabbits can only be obtained during the winter in the large forest around the city of Premie. We could, for example, prepare them with your head chef’s recipe and pack it in cans. If we do so, then the cooking of delicious and nutrition filled snow rabbits could be eaten at any time and any place. Our side will sell wholesale cheaply so afterwards the feudal lord and you madam could humbly sell them to the noble ladies and gentlemen at the price you like. What do you think?”

“Tax yield increases and we take the whole profit from the canned food oriented for nobles? My oh my oh my, that is an extremely tasty negotiation isn’t it? And so, I wonder if it comes with a condition.”


Having asked the question, the feudal lord extended her hand to the cup on the table and tasted the black tea. She did not forget to pin down the sides of her chest armor with her two arms when she held her cup to emphasize her valley.

As if lured, Kevin also extended his hand to the cup at hand. He did not forget look at the profound valley near his eyes when he pointed his gaze towards his cup. Is Kevin… really an earnest man?


“There is just one thing beside funds. In order to protect my secret, I’m thinking of wanting to produce the canned food in Mr. Yuuji’s new pioneer land. The master smiths are tight lipped, but if someone sneaks a look, then our production method may leak out. In that respect, the secret would be easier to protect in a new pioneer land than in the city of Premie. It’s because I can hold on to a wide empty space around the smithing workshop from the beginning. If you would offer funds, then I would like you to submit permission for immigration to the pioneer land for a master smith and his apprentice.”


That is right.

Master smiths are under control of the feudal lord governing their land. Of course they are. If the master smiths who can produce arms and protection could freely migrate, then the feudal lord may not be able to procure arms. On the contrary, if they gather at the opposing force, then it can become a situation where not only would it be difficult to obtain arms, the enemies could obtain arms freely. And also if for example the only master smith in the village end up moving as they pleased, then the village will be distressed. A smithing guild existed, but because of such reasons it is the feudal lord’s permission that controls the migration of master smiths.


“Right… Well, I am fine with one master smith and his apprentice. In exchange, be sure to put these cans”?” quickly on sale, will you? And then the amount of funds…”


Apparently it had been settled as Kevin planned.


Having the male guard prepare pen and paper, the feudal lord’s wife seemingly planned to work out the de fine details with Kevin. Naturally her posture is bent forward. Her right hand held the pen. Her left hand pinned down the paper. Being pressed by both arms, the valley became remarkable. Of course the feudal lord’s wife did it knowingly.

As a result of having the necessity to look at the document, Kevin also looked on the desk. The downward direction to the paper was already hidden by the mountains and valley. However, as for Kevin who was distracted by that…


Apparently it was financially settled as the feudal lord’s wife planned.


However, Kevin received her agreement to the funding towards the implementation of canned food and the migration permission of a master smith to the pioneer land.

It was a satisfying result. Kevin was an able man and an earnest man.

Men who could fight against the valleys of a large breasted married woman who understands her own seductiveness and lays traps are rare, even if they have a companion they yearn earnestly for.


I’m glad I didn’t bring along Mr. Yuuji. On his way back, Kevin quietly breathed a sigh of relief.


However, Kevin forgot.


Kevin’s exclusive escort who traveled together with him today. He was headhunted from the capital city’s Gaegus company. Naturally he had also been under the care of the company president Gaegus.


The words ‘Give me your daughter please’ that Kevin intended to inform bloodstained Gaegus someday.

Unbeknownst to Kevin, that hurdle had become increasingly higher.



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