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Vol 11 Chapter 15

Yuuji, giving instructions for during his absence with Kevin


“Mr Blaise, do you have a minute?”

“Ooh, Mr Yuuji, Mr Kevin too. What’s wrong?”


Two days after welcoming Kevin and the black smith workshop master and his apprentices in the pioneer land.

Yuuji and Kevin called out to Blaise who was being zealous in the farmland construction. What to do with the companions for the trip to the royal capital, what to do with the pioneer land during their absence; they came to ask him for advice about that.


“A trip to the royal capital, huh… Dominique just brought his wife, and I too have a, you know…”

“Right? So there is only Mr Enzo like we thought. Mr Kevin, we’re alright fighting power-wise, right?”

“Yes, well, it should not be a problem. As you know, we have Mr Salomon after all. All of us with the exception of Mr Salomon would just fortify our defenses when the necessity arises”

“Eh? Is Mr Salomon that strong? No well, I did see him instantly defeat the boss during the subjugation battle though…”

“Mr Yuuji, the boss is a former first rank despite appearances. He’s at a point where he would be an equal match if we were to challenge him with our entire party, you know? If he isn’t assigned the role of an escort, he would charge into monsters and bandits on his own and then it’s over. If he didn’t care about them escaping, then he would’ve crushed that monster village on his own, you know?”


Yuuji opened his mouth wide, flabbergasted hearing Blaise’s explanation. It appears that Salomon’s fighting strength was beyond Yuuji’s imagination. His impression of him sweating cold sweat towards Alice’s magic in the guild training guild where he went to for the first time may have been too strong. But, because of it, what Salomon held in hand was a blunt weapon for training purposes and not the former first rank adventurer’s favorite sword.


“Is that so… Then Mr Blaise. I’ll appoint you to deputy village head. Please take care of the pioneer land during my absence”

“Mr Yuuji, that’s pretty sudden, isn’t it”

“I’ve been consulted by Mr Yuuji as well, but there is nobody else other than you, don’t you think Mr Blaise?


Blaise smiled awkwardly at the sudden appointment by Yuuji.

Following up on him, Kevin spoke to him as well.


“Right, well, I’ll try it, alright? It’s true that there’s nobody else”


Who would be remaining in the pioneer land would be the beastkin family, three of the ‘Dark Green Wind’, the seamster team, the woodworker team, the five former adventurers of the second pioneer group and the smithing team who had come on a business trip.

The beastkin family were veterans, but Dogkin Marce was Yuuji’s slave, and the catkin Nina was someone in the mood to do things at her own pace. Their son Mark was still not an adult yet.

Just as Blaise had said, that they had nobody else was certain.

And thus the Houjou deputy village head had been easily decided. 


“Come to think of it, Mr Kevin, what will you be doing with the supplies while we’re away?”

“The road has gotten much easier to walk on. A Kevin company employee can transport them with one of the usual adventurer trio. Well, it’s not like it’s so distant either”

“Is that so… We increased in people, so we can’t possibly do without supplies I guess”

“Yes we can’t. That’s why right now we’re spending manpower and funds on road construction, you know? I’ve said until the end of summer, but it looks like we will be able to create a cart passable road before that”

“The canned food production and clothes production pace will go up once it’s done, right!?

“We will transport the materials from the city and manufacture them here. The truth is that it would be nice if we have materials we can gather around here”

“I see… the local production for local consumption thing, huh!?”


Yuuji heard Kevin’s plans and nodded for approval. But it’s somewhat- no very different. They can’t possibly consume it locally.


“Uhm… Then, would you like to have the seamsters and the blacksmith master take some of the newly arrived former adventurers as escort and check around? There may be things that we can use”

“Mr Yuuji, that is nice!”


The response was subtle, but the proposal seemed to be valid. Yuuji made an unusual fine play.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □

“Err, and so, we begin the first Houjou village representative meeting!”


Yuuji’s voice resounded in the simple square with stumps in front of Houjou household gate.

Incidentally, woodworker Thomas touched up the stumps, having the cross-section fixed and their roots pruned. Initially he planned to manufacture chairs, but being requested, Thomas asserted “isn’t this fine as a tradition-su?”


Gathered were Yuuji, Kevin, former adventurers’ party leader Blaise, the one in charge of farmwork and being Yuuji’s slave Marcel, woodworker Thomas and the seamstress Yurshelle and Valleri.

And for some reason Alice and Riese were also sitting on the stumps, looking small and quiet. At their feet was Kotarou.


“From Houjou village, Alice, Riese, Kotarou, Mr Enzo, Mrs Yurshelle and I will be heading to the royal capital! I think we will return by summer, but I want to talk about the pioneer land during that time, so I have gathered you!”


Yuuji informed with a strained voice. As if he was the pioneer leader. No well, he was the leader though.

Incidentally this representative meeting was one by suggestion of the bulletin board residents. The camera too was properly set on video mode.


“First, Mr Blaise has been appointed deputy village head! While I’m not here, please discuss with Mr Blaise if there’s anything!”


Yuuji announced the person in charge during his absence.

For some reason, Alice was clapping her hands. Drawn in by her, Riese too clapped her hands. It was a strange mood.

Kotarou tilted her head after barking once. Fitting isn’t it? But did they consult with Yuuji I wonder, is what she seemingly said with her look.


“And so, going with the simple points… Since Mrs Yurshelle won’t be here, please give instructions to all the seamsters, Mr Valleri”

“I’m counting on you Valleri! I’ll be looking at the fashion in the royal capital, okay!? I’ll also perfectly finish up the dress Mr Kevin is going to give!”


Yurshelle said and struck the shoulders of Valleri, who was sitting next to her. It was obvious that she had gotten more interested in the fashion of the royal capital than the dress.


“Wai-, that hurts… okay, got it. Yurshelle, take care”

“Also! Just because you’re surrounded by girls, I won’t forgive you if you have an affair, okay!? I’m not like the nobles, so your wife will only be me! If you have an affair…”


Everyone watched the back and forth of the two seamsters with lukewarm eyes.

It appears there were cases of polygamy among the nobles of this world.


“I- if I have an affair?”

“I will sew it on, okay?”


Smiling sweetly, Yurshelle answered Valleri’s question. Being informed of it, Valleri’s face turned pale.

Se- sew what, the men left such mutters, and once again Yuuji proposed to continue the meeting. Did he read the mood, or was it the result of him not being able to read it?


“When something happens, Mr Blaise will organize the defense! Please consult Mr Blaise, Marcel and then Mr Thomas regarding the allocation of people on farmwork and construction!”


Yeah, Yup-su, the three each raised their voices of agreement.

The basic operations that will be carried out in the pioneer land is now complete with this. 


“Also, this is if there is time, but… I’d like several of you and the five newly arrived adventurers become escorts and guide the blacksmith master and the new seamsters the vicinity of the pioneer land”

“Mr Yuuji, I don’t mind doing it, but why?”

“Mr Thomas will be looking for useful wood, but… I’d like you to look around and see if there are herbs, soil, stone and other useful things. We may find something”

“Oh I see… What should I do…”

“Mr Blaise, is there some problem?”

“Nah, I understand what you’re aiming for, so I approve of it, but…”


Blaise hesitated to say it.

Perhaps they noticed what Blaise was thinking about, Kevin, Valleri and Marcel wrinkled their brows and showed a pensive look on their faces. Kotarou looked to be pondering about something as well. Who tilted their heads were Yuuji, Alice, Riese and Yurshelle. Setting aside the two young girls, it was a man who was slow on the uptake and a woman who goes her own way.


“The five of them are men and single. The three newly arrived seamsters are single. How should I put these together?”


“I can’t do this” Blaise grumbled in a neglectful tone.

“Girls’ talk!” so sparkled the eyes of Yurshelle, Alice and Riese, after hearing the translation.

*Woof woof* Kotarou cried twice. It’s likely going to cause some crying of blood, isn’t it. Do your best, Blaise, is what she seemingly said.


Blaise’s first issue as deputy village head was likely to be an extremely difficult problem.

And it seems Yuuji ended up missing a chance to make acquaintances with young single women.


Thus grew late the final night where Yuuji spent in Houjou village before departing to the royal capital.



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