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Vol 11 Chapter 14

Bulletin board chapter 

Yuuji, consulting the bulletin board concerning his trip to the royal capital


[A summon] I kind of got to another world when I went out of my home after 10 years part 47 [from a noble!]


1: Anonymous MEAT

This is the thread where you can enjoy the information, images and videos [Yuuji] uploaded from another world!

Questions like “Is this really another world? How did he make them?” 

go to the verification thread. 

Mr Kevin had visited once it turned spring!

And there he was informed the shocking truth!

Can the piece of junk Yuuji clear the summon from the noble!?

Ah, reproduction is forbidden!

[From Gunji law office]

In the case that images/videos that are uploaded in this thread are used without permission, in any media or circumstances, I will take legal actions.

For information and inquiries, please contact Gunji Law Office.



The NEET posting >>900 opens the next thread.


819 : Anonymous NEET

Is Yuuji still not here… 



Never mind about Yuuji!

Is Riese-chan still not here yet!?

She hasn’t been attacked by humans who fully exposed their lust, right!?


821 : Anonymous NEET


It’ll be fine

You’re not in the other world


822 : Yuuji

I’m back!

Everyone came back safely!


823 : Anonymous NEET


It’s the first live Yuuji!


824 : Anonymous ETNE

We’ve been waiting for you Yuuji!

Report ASAP!


825 : Anonymous MEAT

Quickly upload pictures and videos Yuuji!


826 : Anonymous NEET

So, what is the noble like?


827 : Cool NEET

Yuuji, just like always

report while uploading


828 : Yuuji

The feudal lord is just like a knight!

He was a well-built and lively but down to earth person!

He talked about gratitude and rewards for the protection of the elf, a grant in road construction and purchase of canned food and clothing and accessory

Also I’ve been appointed as the elven escort leader!

I’m given responsibility for the stamp and official papers as substitute for Riese’s ID


829 : Anonymous NEET

Where should we start talking about…


830 : Infra worker

It’s the usual isn’t it, Yuuji!


831 : Anonymous NEET


Did Riese-chan cause any crime?


832 : Well-informed NEET

“Escorting” means chaperoning, take someone somewhere and protect

It’s used as “escorting” criminals, so

there’s a bad impression on the word, but I don’t think it’s strange


833 : Anonymous NEET


I understand that, but I have a bad impression on the word after all!


834 : Anonymous NEET


L- look, it’s a form of armed convoy, kind of I guess?

Or actually, it’s kind of like knight-like!



835 : I love big breasts

Oh Yuuji, could you please

properly show us the big breasted married woman…


836 : Yuuji


I don’t have any pictures

As you would’ve expected, I still don’t have the courage to 

point the camera to a noble


That’s right!

I’m glad I just waited, but

with Riese’s wishes, we’ve decided to go to the royal capital


837 : Anonymous ETNE

Are you serious!

… Eh?

Isn’t that risky?


838 : Anonymous NEET

Yuuji, what happened with the second pioneer groups?


I want a more proper reporter!


839 : Anonymous MEAT


You promised you wouldn’t say that, Paw.


840 : Yuuji

・Second pioneer group

… Farmer/manual laborer/defense member : five former fifth rank adventurer men. In their late twenties. All single

… Seamster/farmwork during busy days: three women. Late teens. All single. Kevin company employees

… Dominique’s wife : Kevin company employee just like the seamsters

・People who came on a business trip

… Blacksmith master and apprentices : Having a look at the planned cannery site in advance

… Woodworker master and apprentices : Busy with construction

… Guildmaster Salomon : Examined the pioneer land, greeted the former adventurers and suddenly went back


841 : Formerly talented salesman

Yuuji… Yuuji put it together convincingly!


842 : Infra worker

As expected of a pioneer leader/village head/defense captain/elven escort leader!


Yuuji, when did you get so much work?


843 : Cool NEET

But the one who overlooked that is Yuuji

Yuuji, so what is the reason Riese-chan wants to take the risk to go to the royal capital?


844 : Yuuji


About that…

When Riese returns to the elven country

she won’t be able to go out of the country until she turns adult she said


845 : Anonymous NEET


Well of course she won’t be able to

She was a 12 yo, right?

Even in Japan they won’t let you go far away alone


846 : Anonymous ETNE

Let alone the other world!


847 : Clothes group member B


You just wanted to say that, didn’t you…

Well, it’s more dangerous than over here, so yeah




I got it!!


849 : YES Lolita NO Touch

Let’s exterminate the living beings 

who expose little girls to danger


850 : Anonymous NEET


Then first you dye!

… would a 12 yo work for you?


851 : Yuuji

And elf’s “adult” is 100 yo she said

There’s still 88 years left until Riese becomes adult

We won’t be able to meet anymore once she goes back

so she wants to make memories with everyone it seems


852 : Anonymous NEET




I knew it…

As expected of long living species!


854 : Overwhelmingly dog person


So Yuuji would be 123 yo, Alice 97 yo and Kotarou 107 yo… I don’t know how much your lifespan extends by ranking up, but

as expected Kotarou would be…


855 : Anonymous MEAT

Just like always the little girls’ circumstances are heavy!

Well, compared to Alice-chan she is… 


856 : YES Lolita NO Touch

You could just exercise and eat vegetables right?


857 : Kemona Lv.MAX


It’s useless even if you live long!


858 : Cool NEET

I understood the trip to the royal capital

In that case you’ll manage the guarantee of her safety and the pioneer land during your absence I guess


859 : Well-informed NEET

Yuuji, have you learned of the travel plans?

Give as much detail as you know


860 : Camera Ossan

I’m curious about the duration…

If you don’t sort it out, then you won’t have enough camera battery, you know?

You have some spare memory so it should work if it’s not too long…


861 : Yuuji

It’s around one week to the royal capital

We’re going by carriage and it looks like there are inn towns

We’ll be crossing a mountain pass once and that’s a dangerous spot or something

Those going are

Me, Alice, Riese, Kotarou

Mr Kevin, his two exclusive escorts

Riese’s escort and Guildmaster Mr Salomon

The scout Mr Enzo

Seamster Mrs Yurshelle


862 : Citizen 1 of the tested land

Vanguard: Warrior x 3, flesh wall x 1, scout x 1

Rearguard: magical girl x 2

Unknown: dog x 1, merchant x 1, seamster x 1

Say, is a dog a vanguard? Rearguard?

Also what’s Mr Kevin’s weapon?

Is it an abacus after all?


863 : Anonymous ETNE

A dog is a mobile unit, so she should be a vanguard jk!

The seamster is a… healing job?


864 : Anonymous NEET


Dogs you know…aren’t helpful in battle, common sense-wise

also don’t assume she would stitch up wounds!


863 : Anonymous MEAT

Vanguard: Warrior x 3, flesh wall x 1, scout x 1, Kotarou x 1, merchant x 1

Rearguard : Magical girl x 2, seamster x 1

Is this surprisingly balanced?


864 : Well-informed NEET

So you’re moving with carriage, there are inn towns 

and there is the travel experienced Mr Kevin

Also Yuuji, don’t take anything of this world if at all possible


865 : Cool NEET

During your absence, Yuuji, instruct the settlers what they should do…

No, I guess it’s not necessary for just the leader to decide


866 : Anonymous NEET


This time there’s no problem with Yuuji being absent, huh!


867 : YES Lolita NO Touch


Resolve yourself to Aku Soku Zan!(Slay Evil Immediately)!

For Alice-chan and Riese-chan’s sake!


868 : Anonymous NEET

Aren’t inn towns more dangerous than the travel?

They go after elves right?


869: Citizen 2 of the tested land


If you say that then the point after arriving at 

the royal capital seems the most dangerous…


870 : My hobby is Cosplay

I just realized something grave!

What about toilets!?


871 : Prof Acorn

You have no options in places with no civilization

Outside, I guess

it’s surprisingly a good thing you know?

The sense of space and liberation that is


872 : YES Lolita NO Touch






874 : Kemona Lv. MAX


Please take the beastkin family with you!


875 : Infra worker


Shut up you stupid people!


876 : Cool NEET

Yuuji, safety first at any rate

None of this world’s objects except the camera

Make sure to listen well what mr Kevin says

Have Riese-chan the knit cap and hood

Don’t let her talk in elven language where there are people

Also, kill before you get killed

When in doubt, kill

This is feudalism, so the feudal lord couple and Mr Kevin

should do whatever they can for you


877 : Anonymous MEAT


From a meaningful advice 

that felt like telling a child

to an end-of-century view!

Is this guy truly a modern person!?


878 : Yuuji


I got the first half

The second half… I have to get ready for it, like I thought

The feudal lord had promised that I won’t be guilty

if it’s for the sake of protecting an elf

Told me this is also considered outside his territory

That’s why the gave me the elven escort leader position,

the seal and document


879 : Anonymous ETNE

Are you kidding me… a license to kill!?

What place’s Bond are you!?


880 : Anonymous NEET



Aron alpha?


881 : Anonymous NEET

I won’t respond to that, okay!?

Could it be that?

Could Yuuji’s journey of world reformation have begun?

Who do I regard this person as!?


882 : In charge of verification thread videos




883 : Overwhelmingly dog person


I wonder

Yuuji saying that line

I imagined the figures of Kotarou sitting down at the center


883 : Camera Ossan

I really want to take photos…


Huh, Yuuji. Which reminds me, what about the pictures and videos of the city?


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