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Vol 11 Chapter 13

Yuuji, welcoming Kevin and the blacksmith preparation unit to the pioneer land.


The day after Yuuji returned from the city with the second pioneer group.

The settlers finished their introductions the previous evening.

The first pioneer group began each of their work first.

The second pioneer group of nine members who just came here had a tour through the pioneer land with Yuuji.


“This residential complex is both a lodging place for the women and the seamsters’ workplace. The married woman will be living together with the other girls, or if you’re fine with a temporary cloth tent we will make one available. I’m sorry, but the other buildings are still under construction, so…”


Yuuji guided the second pioneer group of nine people just like a tour guide.

In order to support Yuuji, Kotarou, Alice, Riese, former adventurers party leader Blaise and the seamster Yurshelle accompanied him.


“This is the older building, but we haven’t completed the interior of the new residential complex so…”


It appears that the pioneers had conceded the residential complex they had been living in to the women and the seamsters’ work, and the men seemed to be living in the still incomplete residential complex. Ladies first. Well, the men were mainly former adventurers, so they had no trouble at all to consider camping however.


Hearing Yuuji’s words, the women screeched in high spirits.

There were four women among the second pioneer group.

Three of the girls were from the same village and had left the farm village in order to work in the city. It seems they had not turned twenty yet either. Yuuji had a hard time approaching them due to the energy that was peculiar to groups of young women.

The fourth woman was the fiancee of the “Dark green wind” defender Dominique. It was decided that she would be working as a seamster as well. The taciturn man Dominique seemed to have negotiated with Kevin. As expected of the man who won the heart of a woman while nobody around them noticed it. Before anyone was aware of it, he had finished the groundwork to have him hire his fiancee as a seamster.


“Yes, then next I’ll guide you to the watering place, the farmland, construction site and the forest’s border fence. I guess about that…”

“A watering place! That’s right, this settlement is amazing! It is close to go to the place to draw water and in the end you can use as much hot water as you like!”


The women’s group opened their eyes wide to the female seamster Yurshelle’s announcement.

“Use as much hot water as you like? I don’t believe it” they said, doubting her. Hot water that was boiled using fuel was a luxury item.

Due to Premie city and its surrounding villages being rich in wood, it was not as much as the royal capital and the other cities, but it did not change that it was still a luxury item. It was natural for the girls to be doubtful.


After arriving at the watering place, the women were moved to tears.

A hose was connected to Yuuji’s house’s tap, and there came out water and hot water. They were overjoyed and in tears after holding their hand out to the hot water and checking its temperature. They could do their laundry, dishes and bathe in hot water.


The five male former adventurers immediately laid bare their upper body and frolickly put water on them. Filthy. No, they seemed to be making their muscles appealing to the three single women.


Incidentally, the group passed by the dogkin Mark on their way to the watering place.

Mark lowered his head with a bob and carried away the portable water vessel. 

The eyes of one of the three women sparkled. It appears that the one who had a weakness for cute things locked on to Mark.

Mark, who was twelve when he met Yuuji for the first time, was already fourteen before anybody noticed. Perhaps the day will soon come where the gentle Mark would be forcibly pushed over and lose all sorts of things.


“Oh right, we have more people now, so I have to adjust the faucet”

“Mr Yuuji, wouldn’t it be better to create the irrigation ditch drainage first? At least to a place separated from the pioneer land for the time being”


Blaise responded to Yuuji’s whispered words and gave a suggestion. It was reasonable. If a drainage channel is created, then he could fully open the faucet.


“Yuuji-nii! Let’s create a bath next! Baths feel good after all!”


Alice’s eyes sparkled and told him her idea. She was a kind girl.

Although they had no bathing culture, saunas and bathing existed. Although there was an upper limit in the hot water supply flow from Yuuji’s house, it could offer inexhaustible supply of hot water. On top of being able to enter the bath as soon as one is created, the pioneer land has woodworkers.


“Ooh, that’s right Alice! Why didn’t I think of it! Alright then, an open air bath it is!”


Yuuji, Alice, Kotarou and Riese, after hearing the translation, were in high spirits. Three people and one dog ran off to woodworker Thomas at once.

Leaving behind everyone he was guiding.

Everyone in the second pioneer group stood stock still, dumbfounded.


“Aah, that sort of thing happens with mr Yuuji at times. Well, it generally won’t turn into anything bad, so please leave him be. The next one was the farmland? Here, this way”


Blaise and Yurshelle, who had accompanied them until now, showed a forced smile.

The two who had gotten used to Yuuji’s sudden eccentric behavior continued showing the second pioneer ground around.

It appears that the pioneer leader and village head Yuuji was saved by his residents’ kindness.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


“Heey, mr Yuuji!”

“Ah, mr Kevin, welcome back! That was quick~”


One week after welcoming the second pioneer group to the settlement.

A voice called out to Yuuji as he set out to construct the drainage channel from the watering hole.

It appears that Kevin had quickly finished his preparation and turned up in the pioneer land.


“Huh? Mr Kevin, those people behind you are..? …Ah, long time no see!”

“Ah, so you’ve noticed. Yes, it’s the blacksmith workshop’s master and his apprentices. I was wondering if they could inspect the location of the smithy we are going to create in the pioneer in advance for me”


Who were behind Kevin were several short and well-built men and human men.

They were all of the people from the smithy in the city where Yuuji had them create a crowbar-like tool. The short men were dwarves with splendid beards.


“Oh, I see… Ah, I’ll show you around the pioneer land first! I wonder if they’re fine with staying in a tent…”


Yuuji pondered while murmuring.

Yuuji as well as Alice and Riese who were working together stared at the dwarves’ beards with keen interest.

Being eager about something, Kotarou began walking first. She called out with a “woof”, seemingly saying this way, follow me. She was acting like a leader. She is a dog though.


“Ooh… As expected, things go quickly when you have help doesn’t it…”

“Yes, the new people had been doing their best! The woodworkers who came for a business tree too”


Kevin looked at the new residential complex and the two buildings with eyes wide.

By postponing the interior design like usual, the two houses had taken shape as such. But then again, they still seemed to be practicing the construction technique that would not use metal fittings however.


“And so, from here onwards is the planned site of the workshop. What do you think?”


With the village settlement plans in hand, Yuuji showed the location to Kevin and the workshop master dwarf.


The planned site of the smith workshop was on the northern side, behind Yuuji’s house.

The lumbering was already done and the spacious site had been secured.

The road to Premie city, entrance to the village and the residential complex were on the south side.

The main farmland was east to the south of Yuuji’s house, and the watering place was on the west side.

In order to keep it secret and so that unrelated people could not approach it, Yuuji suggested the north side of the house.


“No problem with the size of the area. The watering place is close too”


The dwarven master nodded satisfactorily and answered with few words. 


“I’m glad about that! Then mr Thomas, master, please make this by summer”

“Mr Kevin, understood-su! But still… the building’s big, ain’t it, though it’s the same with the site-su. And two of these, huh…”


What they were constructing was a smith workshop and not a smith workshop. They planned to turn one into a canned food producing factory.

A place to process metals, a place to cook and fill it and a place to sterilize and seal it.

It is needed to divide the rooms for smithing and food preparation, but in order to keep it secret he wanted to put them nearby. Furthermore, the concept of an “assembly-line system” that Yuuji had brought up required a spacious plot.

Yuuji called out to the woodworker team who began to calculate the construction time.


“Mr Thomas, master, if you don’t make it, please call out to Mr Blaise and Marcel. I’ll get the pioneer citizens to help you. I think this will become an essential point of the settlement”


Kevin opened his eyes wide at such a statement of Yuuji. It appears that he was surprised at Yuuji’s proper statement. So impolite.


“By the way. What is the metal you used for that fence over there?”


Perhaps he guessed that the conversation was finished, the dwarven master asked Yuuji.

The third protective wall that was surrounding far outside the pioneer land.

Black lattice-shaped metal was used as its reinforcement.

The blacksmiths seemed to have a keen interest in the gate that could multiply infinitely.


“Aah, that, you see…” Yuuji began to explain.

That said, Yuuji did not know anything important about it either.


In any case.

The cannery that would become one of the settlement’s industries finally began to move.

The education of the seamstress that had increased at once had begun, and the production increase of the clothing and accessories was in sight as well.

The adventurers who had accepted the commission Yuuji and co had prepared in Premie city had begun to set about the road construction here and there.


Pioneer land Houjou village, which had shown in the second pioneer group, showed signs of a development boom.

Well, soon the pioneer leader and the main sponsor will be embarking on a trip however.


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