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Vol 11 Chapter 12

Yuuji, returning to the pioneer land with the second pioneer group


“Heeey, Mr Yuuji! Here, over here!”


A loud voice called out to Yuuji.

Yuuji, Alice, Riese and Kotarou headed for Premie city gates in order to return to the pioneer land.

Accompanying them were Kevin, his two exclusive escorts and the elven girl Riese’s escort, the guildmaster Salomon.

It would seem that defender Dominique and scout Enzo of the former third rank adventurers party “Dark Green Wind” had already come to the appointed place; Enzo seems to have called out to him. Dominique was locking eyes to a woman who was beside him. She appeared to be Dominique’s fiancee.

Besides the three, an additional five men and three women could be seen.


“Everyone is together it seems. So we were the last ones”

“They cannot possibly let you wait, lord Yuuji and lord Kevin. I have told them so after all”


Kevin and Salomon exchanged words.

Kevin was planning to proceed with the preparations for their trip to the royal capital as they were.

Various preparations are needed to embark on a trip, like informing the feudal lord and obtaining permission to travel, preparing the horse and carriage and preparing the food for during the travel.

Salomon planned to accompany them to the pioneer land.

Under the pretext of being the elf’s escort and checking the pioneer land where he was sending off the retired adventurers with his own eyes. Ever since subjugating the goblin and orc village, Salomon no longer seemed to be able to contain his original temperament.


“Mr Yuuji, please listen mr Yuuji!”


The former adventurer Enzo was unusually excited. He rushed over to Yuuji and placed his arm over his shoulders with a smile on his face.


“Wha- what’s up mr Enzo? Did something good happen? Ah! You don’t mean-!”

“That’s right mr Yuuji! Really, Ivonne-chan looked like she was in love with me you know, and said ‘I wouldn’t mind being paid out of bondage if it is by you’ you know! Uhehehehehe…”

“Ooooh! You did it, didn’t you mr Enzo! … Huh? So which girl is miss Ivonne?”


Either the letter succeeded, she was charmed by the money when he were to sell off the wyvern leather or it was beneficial for her that Enzo had a house planned to be built in the pioneer land. 

It seems at last, Enzo had won the heart of Ivonne-chan who was working at the night shop. His speech and conduct had gotten strange because of too much joy.

As if astonished, Kotarou dropped her line of sight and shook her head, barking “Woof woof”. Being in love, that’s not being in love, is what she seemingly wanted to say.

Yuuji, having good relations with him as a bachelor, seemed to have heard about the meaning of paying someone out of bondage.


“No, I wasn’t able to prepare the money to pay her out of it as you’d expect. Ivonne-chan is a fine girl so it can’t be helped though…”


Although the person herself gave the long-awaited OK, the sum presented by the store owner would seem to exceed Enzo’s savings and his reward of wyvern leather.

Kevin’s eyes lit up after hearing Enzo’s words.


“Eh? Then what are you going to do? Give up?”

“Of course I won’t! That’s why, you see mr Yuuji. Once we take you to the pioneer land, I will return to the city and do some adventurer work. What, I’m just going to be earning the money lickety-split!”


It seems that, in order to earn the money, Enzo is going to leave the pioneer land for the time being. 


“Mr Enzo, you won’t reach that amount. I have been searching for some escort adventurers you see…”


Kevin approached Enzo and Yuuji who joined shoulders.

It appears that one person among “dark green wind” who would go to the royal  capital had been decided.


“Lord Yuuji, here is the former adventurer party ‘Bright Red Flame Prison’ who will be heading to the pioneer land this time. By the way, they have this kind of name, but they have no spellcasters”

“Please spare us master, our party name’s youthful enthusiasm you know…”

“What are you saying, it is exactly the registered name in the guild. These are former fifth rank adventurers. They fall behind in fighting power when compared to ‘Dark green wind’ but they are all second and third sons and such from farm villages. They have also done farmwork when they were brats, so please make full use of them”

“Mr Yuuji, we look forward to working with you from now on. Uhm, by the way, those women are…”


Five former adventurers greeted Yuuji.

Two men lightly equipped and held bows and three of them held a shield. It appears that, as Salomon had said, it was a brute force type of party with defenders and scouts/archers and no spellcasters. Be that as it may, that party composition may have been the reason they had decided to retire in their late twenties and at the fifth rank however. 

The man who acted as their representative and conversed with Yuuji, moved his sights towards a group of three beside them.


“Aah, mr Yuuji. I was late in introducing them. The three girls over there are seamster apprentices employed by Kevin company. They too come from a farm village, so I don’t mind if you let them help with farm work during busy periods”


Hearing Kevin’s words, the women did a quick bow. Their eyes were pointed towards the clothes Alice was wearing.


“We look forward to working with you. Uhm, Mr Kevin, that girl’s clothes are…”

“Aah, you truly have aspirations for becoming a seamster. Yes, they are clothes produced on the pioneer land. Alice-chan, could you show them a bit?”

“Okaay~ You see this one, missus Yurshelle made it for Alice! Alice and Riese-chan helped a bit too!”


Alice said and headed to the three still young women. She was a capable girl.

“What is this, it’s amazing, I hurried when hearing about the pioneer land, but couldn’t this mean it’s going to be a hit? So- so you’re called Alice-chan, so cute, this one is Riese-chan, yeah, having a different cuteness is good, the pioneer land may be wonderful,” they quickly engaged in girls’ talk. Simply enchanting.

The five former adventurers sent passionate gazes to such a group of women.

It appears that the five bachelors will be working hard and highly motivated in pioneering.


“Now then, Mr Yuuji, we will be heading to the pioneer land once our preparations are ready. We may be taking someone from the smithy”

“Got it, Mr Kevin. I’ll be waiting!”

“Mr Kevin, I’ll make sure to be able to go any time! Don’t forget my reward please!”


Front of the gates of the city of Premie.

Yuuji and Kevin conversed. From here on each of them will make preparations to be apart from the city and pioneer land.

Who came between an ardent handshake between fellow men was the scout Enzo. He was in high spirits, perhaps because he was simply happy to have bright prospects about the money needed to pay the prostitute out of bondage.


“Alrighties you all, if you find any monsters, kill them! If you find any animals, hunt them! Time to depart!”



Enzo took along the five junior adventurers and gave them an order. His character had already changed.

And then, the five responded as though to say “We’ll follow you!”. They were eager to show the young maidens their good sides. Incidentally, the luggages of the three women was already carried by the men; the girls were empty-handed. 

The defender of “Dark green wind” Dominique silently held out his hand and received his fiancee’s luggage. As expected, the consideration of a man who won a woman’s heart despite being taciturn is different.

Kotarou, who was near Alice and Riese, cried “Wan wan!”. Hey, there are no people with the straight man role again! Was what she seemed to be crying.


Including the seamsters and Dominique’s fiancee, the nine man second pioneer group and Yuuji’s group departed to the pioneer land.

No, they departed to Houjou village.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


“Everyone, we’ve arrived! This is the pioneer land, Houjou village… eh? Huh?


Yuuji walked in front of the group, following Kotarou.

Having finished their journey of three days and two nights, he turned around and called out to the second pioneer land and Salomon.

But, he stopped midway turning around, and looked at the pioneer land for the second time.


Yuuji’s house, that he came to see after crossing the third protective wall reinforced with the metal gate and the second protective wall of wooden fence, was unchanged. The residential complex was not transformed either.


There was a building next to the residential complex with similar outward appearance.

There were two frameworks of smaller buildings.

During the three weeks of Yuuji’s absence, the pioneer land had completely changed.


Incidentally, there were no dangers at all in their journey from Premie city to the pioneer land.

Two former third rank and five former fifth rank adventurers. Moreover six bachelors excluding Dominique were in high spirits.

During the daytime, Kotarou was terribly busy searching for enemies, hunting them and showing the way, and in the night Yuuji’s mental condition was terrible from being in front of girls of marriageable age.


On the way, the guildmaster Salomon cheered on the woodcutter and ape and, perhaps inspired, the five former fifth rank adventurers cleared the bushes with all their strength, though the former third rank Dominique carried a large tree on his shoulder.

The perfect entertainment by the five enthusiastic men made it look like Dominique’s fiancee and the three seamster apprentices merely had a picnic.


“Ah! Heey, mr Yuuji! How’s it? The boss and the others worked hard-su! Really, creating it in advance and constructing it in one go’s amazing-su!”

“Eh? No, mr Thomas, isn’t this still too quick?”

“Yeah, it’s still just a part-su! Hearing that we will increase in people, boss said we’ll make wind and rain resistant buildings in advance. We’ll be starting with the interior now-su!”


Thomas explained to the surprised Yuuji that the interior will be from now on. Nevertheless it was quick.


“Oh, mr Yuuji, you’re back. Hey wait a minute, even the old man is here. So, are those the second pioneer group? Hey, don’t stand in a daze and give instructions please mr Yuuji”


Appearing before Yuuji and co after Thomas was the former adventurers party “Dark green wind” leader Blaise.

Catching those words, Yuuji finally performed a restart.


“Aah, I’m sorry everyone. Once again… welcome to Houjou village!”


Finally Yuuji announced to everyone in the second pioneer group who were standing idly.


“Let’s go Riese-chan~!” Perhaps Yuuji’s words were the cue, but Alice called out and with hands joined she, Riese and Kotarou began running to Yuuji’s house.

It appears they were happy that they had returned to their house.

Well, the two girls were humming “ba~th, ba~th” like they were singing.

It would seem that both of them had been corrupted by the bathing culture of modern day Japan.


“Erm, then first we’ll show you the place everyone will be living. Afterwards we’ll have a break and meet together in the evening”


It seems Yuuji, left behind by Alice, Riese and Kotarou, still had work left.

Yuuji served as both the pioneer leader and the village head.

It used to be only a name, but now the settlement had twenty four residents.

The people in the settlement would exceed thirty if Salomon and the woodworker group who had come for a business group were included.

Yuuji’s work as Houjou village head had increased as well.


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    1. Hojou village is slowly taking steps to become Hojou Town with Kevin’s help, it seems.

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      “Got it, mr Kevin. I’ll be waiting!”]
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      [Who came between an ardent handshake between fellow men was the scout Enzo. he He was in high spirits, perhaps because he was simply happy to have bright prospects about the money needed to pay the prostitute out of bondage.]
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