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Chapter 81

 The Hero accepts


“What, you’ve already finished already?”

‘Oh, not bad, lass’


When I rushed to the place Isvel and Luke was fighting at, I came across the moment where Luke was blown away in front of my eyes.

The technique that was considered the strongest close combat-only technique among those she had unleashed, “Ice Palm”.

One’s internal organs would freeze when directly hit and simultaneously broken to pieces by the inflicted blow.

The time I caught it, I avoided misfortune due to having stopped it with Saver’s grip, but Luke was clearly directly hit.

Thanks to Savers―― or rather because of Savers, instant death should be impossible, but he would lose his life after hellish suffering.


“Hum, it’s you Adel. It seems your side is over as well”

“Yeah. It was somewhat of a difficult battle but, well, I managed somehow”

“ …I see”


Hearing my words, Isvel smiled awkwardly.

――Isvel knew my limits better than I do.

That time I clashed head-on with her, she had perceived that my body began to break down.


“Now then… As expected there are only people who can handle the sacred swords who survive. To think that you are still alive”

“Kah――――*gasp*… *gasp*…”


Luke thrashed his arm and legs as if he was drowning.

The sacred sword raises her owner’s regenerative strength.

It was not at all a recovery spell, but ultimately speeding up his recovery.

Luke’s destroyed parts were probably the ribs, spine, the heart and lungs.

Perhaps the surrounding internal organs and bones were not safe, but the problem was his heart.

His body first quickened the recovery strength of his heart, which is the most essential organ.

This made it possible at the very least to pump blood around, but the problem that came out next would be the lungs.

Without lungs he cannot breathe.

Due to its recovery strength being mostly used on his heart, the lungs recovered slowly.

It is plenty quick nevertheless, but without oxygen reaching his brains, what ultimately awaits him is death.


“Pitiful, isn’t he”



While desperately struggling, Luke extended his hands to a place with nothing.

He must be searching for help, that appearance of his was extremely――sad.


“Finish it, Adel”

“… Sure”


I unsheathed Echsdarc and walked up to Luke.

A mere dozen meters of distance felt like a tremendous distance.

He was a companion who swore to separate from us.

I felt no resistance to deal the finishing blow to him here.

Even so… there may have been an end somewhere that doesn’t result in this.

I could not help but think so.




‘I’ve called out to you many times over, you know! Don’t be immersed in sentimentality and looking at his face!’



Just this moment could probably be what I could call the biggest blunder in my life.

Luke was not just struggling around.

The hand, that was supposed to be stretching out towards the empty sky, was trying to reach Savers that had dropped before I was aware of.

In this situation, he was trying to reach out to his life with utmost effort.


‘Don’t let him take hold of Savers!’

“Gh――Flying blade!”


I unleashed a flying blade at once.

It was an attack that could certainly kill him if it hits, but it was erased by an explosion of light that expanded with Luke at the center.


“That was… close…! I was… about to die…!”


Luke, who was at the center of the light, spoke while frantically taking in the air.

The magic power that was poured into the sacred sword Savers again transformed into powerful regenerative power.

The regeneration of his lungs made it in tame due to that, saving him from death.


“Sorry Adel… it was my responsibility”

“No, I may have hesitated in some respect as well”


I never expected that a human being who had clearly sustained a fatal wound would be able to do anything anymore.

It was really no more than that foolish reason.

I coild find as many explanations for this if I were to search for it, such as fatigue from a series of battles.

I didn’t say it because I prioritized what I should be doing right now over this poor argument.


“We will take him down again! This time with the two of us!”



Isvel and I cast away all of our excessive thoughts and approached Luke.


“――Please cease”


What stopped us was Luke’s fickle restraint.

That action which clearly lost his fighting spirit reflexively stopped us in our tracks.


“I don’t have much time anymore. I have narrowly hung onto my life by relying on Savers, but the damage I sustained is too great. I have realized that now”


He dropped his sight, planted Savers on the ground and released his hand from her.


“This battle ends in your victory. I have accepted that. That’s why――would you not hear my last wish?”

“ … What is it?”

“Adel, I want to fight you one on one”


“I return you this. For my final moment I want to fight you at full strength, as a swordsman”


A brief silence ruled our surroundings.

It was time for me to think.

I once close my eyes and put Echsdarc back in the scabbard.





Isvel looked at me with a surprised look.

The conditions to absolutely win was in place now and yet I’m letting that go, so of course she would be like that.


“……Thank you. I will wait at the demon lord castle. That place where you and I separated would be most suitable as our final fight, isn’t it?”

“Its owner is Isvel though… Well, it’s fine, alright”

“Well then, I’ll go on ahead and wait. Please be relieved, I will not run away. My chivalry remaining within me won’t let me after all”


Luke turned his back on us and walked towards the demon lord castle.

I silently watched him until I could no longer see him.

When his back was no longer visible, Isvel sighed as if shocked.


“I am shocked, Adel”


“How good natured can you be? Did you come here to accept the conditions put out by the enemy who cornered us this far?”

“Well… It isn’t like I wasn’t thinking”


I pulled Savers out of the ground.

In doing so, a scabbard appears as if splitting off of Savers, attaching onto my waist.


“It’s not like I had any special relation with Luke”


While sheathing Savers, I turned around towards Isvel.


“Even so, he traveled as my companion for years, I intend to get to know more about him within limits”


I could laugh scornfully when I was unable to find out that it was him who caused this kind of trouble though.


“During these few years of journey, I remembered at least his habits well. He――”


――feebly smiles whenever he is scheming something.

The facial expression he showed at the end.

It’s the look he showed occasionally during his break with our companions when coming up with a slight prank.

There was not even once a time I was the target, the victims are mainly spellcasters though…

When I thought about it, Luke had always been an ill-natured man.


“He’s scheming something, I’m waiting for him to take action. That’s why I’m going. In order to deal a crushing defeat head-on”

“Wha-… do you understand-”

“Even if I knew that the demon lord is absolutely lying in wait for you, I have to challenge them. That is a Hero. A human being being the demon lord is a strange story though”


I carried the magic sword and sacred sword called Echsdarc and Savers in my hands.

I need to talk to them.

First off――




I pat on the grip of my dear sword who accompanied me for a long time and who I had let go of in the end. 

After a short time, my consciousness fell into the darkness.


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  1. Fuck this MC. A fucking retard. Too bad he will end up winning, because at this point all he deserves is to lose everything and just die.

    1. This guy has no chill lol. Goku did worse than that, giving Cell a senzu bean. Yet, when I saw that, I was like “welp, Goku is stupid after all”. The MC in this one isn’t even a bad dude and is definitely not as stupid as some Shounen characters wearing thick plot armors but you went as far as saying “all he deserves is to lose everything and just die”. Well, it’s been two years but I hope you’ve touched enough grass since then, and learned how not to start malding over something trivial from a piece of fiction HAHAHA.

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