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Chapter 82

The sacred sword and the magic sword


The darkness cleared up.

When it did, the sight where Savers was thrust in an altar spread just like before.


“Like I thought, you have obtained me once again, haven’t you. Master Adel”


When I blinked once, the sword changed into the shape of a lovely girl.

I lightly shrugged and walked towards her, towards Savers.


“Yeah, I didn’t expect it would really turn out just like you said”

“I do not get my premonitions wrong. Especially those related to you”


Savers smiled at me.

It was an expression that was difficult to get any sort of impression on like always.

I took a breath and once again locked eyes with her.


“ … We’re going to make a pact”

“Yes. Feel free”


Before I was aware of it, Savers had returned to her sword shape.

I stood before the altar and pulled out Savers.

Not surprisingly, she fit in my hand to a terrifying extent.

I made a pact like this too at the time I took Savers into my hand for the first time.


‘With this, my ownership has returned to master Adel. Please use my strength to your heart’s content. That said, the next battle should be the final one though’

“Yeah, I guess”

‘Well then, it would be better to talk with her as well, don’t you think?’


Feeling presence, I turned my head.

There stood a black haired girl wearing a black one piece.

We’ve been for a long time together so I know.

This girl is the magic sword Echsdarc.


‘Summoning a demonic sword in this space is a cause of offence, but… it cannot be helped’

“Thank you, Savers”


I walked up to Echsdarc.


“This is the first time we met like this, isn’t it Echsdarc”

“Milord… this is as far as my duty goes, is it not?”


Echsdarc smiled just a little bit sadly.


“Having recovered the sacred sword means that my strength is no longer necessary. I’m thinking about leaving you and let myself be sealed somewhere again where none would come”

“ …*sigh* what are you saying?”


“You too are a sword I obtained with trouble. There’s no way I will let you go”


Who reacted to my words first was not Echsdarc but Savers.


‘Wha- what are you saying! Master Adel! You’re saying you would own other swords while you have me!?’

“Why not? Using Echsdarc would put a burden on my body, but you can heal it. It means the risk would mostly be gone. In that case, if I wield both of you, then there will be no threats, right?”

‘I’ve… never heard of such a Hero’

“I’ll say it many times over, I’m no longer a Hero”

‘… There is no other way then’


I softly pat Savers’ grip.

She ended up seemingly pouting, but Savers seems to have understood me.


“Next would be you, Echsdarc”


“You are necessary. You can decide yourself whether you come with me or not. If you come with me, then… please take this hand”


I extended my hand towards Echsdarc.

She stiffened for a moment seeing my hand, but slowly relaxed and opened her mouth.


“I… thought I was a failure of a sword, wounding milord. Before I was aware of it, I forgot that I was a magic sword, and vowed loyalty to you as a genuine sword…”


“――――I don’t want to leave”


Echsdarc put her hand on mine.

Like a child keeping their parents from going far away, Echsdarc pulled my hand.


“If I could still be together with you without hurting you, milord… then I still want to be with you! Please take me along!”



When I took a blink, Echsdarc returned to her sword form.

On one hand a white sword, on the other hand a black sword.

These are respectively the sacred sword and magic sword, so I don’t know what will happen with my life.


“Alright, let’s go back”


The airspace began to collapse.

Before long my footing disappeared, and in order for my consciousness to emerge, I sunk into the darkness once.



When I opened my eyes, Isvel stood in front of me.

Isvel looked at me with an uneasy expression for having lost my consciousness.


“Are you alright?”

“Yeah. I just had some conversation”


With this our preparations are in good order.

Now then, shall we face him――the instant I moved towards the demon lord castle, I felt something soft on my back and arms went around me.

My mind was in chaos and I was unable to recognize that I was embraced by Isvel for several seconds.


“Wha- what is it?”

“――Make sure you come back”


“Properly defeat him, live and return to me. If you can’t promise that, then I will also go”


When I saw Isvel’s expression after I managed to turn my head, she was embracing me with a face like she was clinging onto me.


“… I promise. I’ll return to you. And then, we will return to the village together”

“That is a promise, okay?”

“Yeah, it’s a promise”

“… Alright”


Isvel let go of me.

She still looked anxiously, so I tapped and showed her the grip of the two swords.


“I’m the man who defeated you. Did you forget?”

“…! That was right! You would dishonor me if you are defeated! You absolutely cannot lose!”

“I know that, demon lord”


I smiled at Isvel and this time I began to walk towards the demon lord castle.

It doesn’t matter what is awaiting me.

I have the feeling that the current me――――won’t lose to anybody.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter. He’s assembled an odd harem a beastwoman, a demon swordsman, a demon lord, and two swords. What a lucky guy

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