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Chapter 80

Demon lord Isvel


Luke remembered.

That he, who should have been raised as a Hero, was unable to get a solid hit at all on the demon lord in front of him.

The only one who was able to fight her head-on from start to finish was Adel.

Luke was under the impression that it was thanks to the sacred sword Savers.

That was why he obtained it in desperation.


(And despite that…!)


Ice stones hit his whole body.

Pain like his body was bursting assailed Luke as he rolled on the ground.


“Haa… Haa…”

“You’re not done yet are you? Stand up quickly”


Luke raised his body.

Isvel pulverised everything Luke had attempted to do.

For that reason, Luke experienced a deep sense of defeat.

That he was able to move despite receiving this much damage, was after all thanks to Savers.

It could not be said instantly, but the received damage regenerated at astounding speed.


“Adel was much stronger with the sacred sword and had far more techniques, but… Is this really all you have got?”

“This can’t possibly be… all that I have!”


Luke released the magic power he preserved.


“Limit Break…!”


This power was a power Luke himself possessed.

He opened his magic power circuit beyond his limit and invoked more powerful magic than normal.


“This is power that Adel does not have!”


Light particles began to overflow from Luke, and took the shape of many swords.

The swords of light began to dance around Luke and constantly increased its number.


“Photon sword circle. I will not let you do as you wish anymore”

“Impressive technique”

“You can show that calm expression while you can”


Luke pointed his hand that wasn’t holding Savers towards Isvel.

When he did so, all of the light swords headed towards Isvel.


“Because I cannot adjust this”


All at once, the swords attacked Isvel.

Isvel dodged by jumping to the back, but other swords attacked the direction she dodged towards.




Isvel let an ice wall appear in front of her eyes.

Several ran into the ice wall and stopped, but swords came flying from above and the sides, where there was no wall.


“A bothersome ability isn’t it”


When she let an ice dome appear to surround herself, she succeeded in stopping all of the swords.

Those in the visible range that is though.




The ground at Isvel’s feet bulged.

Swords thrusted out towards her from right under her in her surprise.


“You cannot defend against an attack from below can you!”


Isvel’s ice dome made a sound and broke.

It was originally a dome for defending against attacks from the outside.

It was not constructed to withstand an attack from the inside.

Because of a temporary cold wave, Isvel could not be confirmed, but after that cleared up, her figure could finally be visually confirmed.




Countless cuts were made on Isvel’s skin.

It seems she had reflexively created an ice shield on her arm and defended against the portion of the attack that would become a fatal wound.

However, unable to defend against all of the swords led to countless injuries.


“The composure has disappeared from your face, I see. Are you going to make a serious effort soon?”

“ …I suppose so”


The cuts on Isvel’s skin froze.

With this, all the wound’s bleeding stopped.


“I agree that your limit break is powerful. But, you are still far off from defeating me”

“ …What?”

“If you want me to get serious, you will have to go a little bigger”

“Gh! Prattle on, you!”


The swords spread around Luke multiplied even more.

The swords, whose numbers had gotten to the point one would not even think about counting, began to revolve around Isvel.


“Sword Rain!”


The sword rain poured down on Isvel.

All concentrated to the place she was at, and rolled up a cloud of dust along with a thunderous roar.

Before long the sword rain stopped, and the cloud of dust slowly cleared up.


“If I do this much――――”

“Where are you looking at?”



Luke turned his head.

Isvel, who was right behind him before he knew, entered his eyes.


(I didn’t see her…! I didn’t see when she dodged or anything at all, you know!?)


Him not saying it out loud was perhaps thanks to his last pride.

No matter how much he turned his head around, he could not understand the reason Isvel avoided the rain in that situation.

And yet, Isvel was unscathed.

Not even signs of scratches could be seen anywhere.


“Have you exhausted yourself about now?”

“Kuh… Dance! My swords!”


The swords once again spread out.

Its number increased even further, and swords not only lined up in the skies, they were even lined up right beside him.


“This time you would not be able to avoid it! Sword Rain!”


The swords rushed on Isvel.

There was no longer enough time to create a wall of ice.

Even so, Isvel’s expression did not change.


“Allow me to specially show you. This time I will slightly raise the temperature”


Isvel only snapped her fingers once. The next instant, the sound around them disappeared.

Luke’s movement stopped with his eyes wide open.


(What is… this…)


As if time had stopped, everything that entered his sight stopped their movement.

No, to be precise, it was not as if they had stopped.

They were moving slowly, truly slowly.


“Time Freeze. My ice magic can freeze over even time. Originally it would freeze in place, but now I have slightly raised the temperature and consented to your thinking. The one who was able to move within this was none other than Adel”


Luke recalled.

That, when he was fighting her along with Adel and the others, they were blown away at the start of battle without being able to do anything.


(So this was the truth of the phenomenon of that time…!)


Isvel, while brushing away the swords surrounding her with her hands, walked up to Luke.

Even if he wanted to attack the girl in front of his eyes, Luke’s body did not move.

In front of Luke as he ended up allowing her to simply approach him, Isvel took on a stance.


“Time for your execution”


Magic power surged in Isvel’s arm.

Luke still could do nothing other than watch her.


“Ice Palm――”(氷底; hyoutei)


Her full strength palm heel hit Luke’s chest.


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