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Chapter 79

The phoenix is reduced to ashes


“――You can do something like that?”

‘Yes. If you can stab him with me that is’

“Alright. Let’s go with that”


I refilled Echsdarc with magic power.

Perhaps because I’ve rested even for a little bit, the pain over my whole body has lessened a little.

Now is my only chance.

I will die here either way if I don’t try this without giving my all here.


“Here I go… Adel!”


Flames spouted on Red’s back, commencing his high speed charge towards me.

Not only was he quick, he carried enough heat for me to take a lot of damage even if I only were to get grazed.


‘This is the greatest attack unleashed by using myself. Go all out, milord!’

“I will!”


Black aura spouted out of Echsdarc, whirling around its edges.

Eventually, it took the shape of a jet black greatsword.

I raised it overhead and took a breath.


“Raaaaah! Phoenix fist!”

“ ‘――――Black emperor sword!’ ”


The entirety of the flames concentrated into Red’s fist.

The techniques that we unleashed at the end were by chance techniques of the same level.

Red and black clashed, and a shock surged.

The shock greatly tore up the ground, and in the blink of an eye changed the surroundings into a rocky area like landscape.

While our enormous strength struggled for supremacy, I poured in more than the limits of my strength into Echsdarc.


“Gh! So you’re still bold enough to raise your strength!”



The struggle collapsed.

I pushed in Echsdarc with my body and cut off Red’s arm.

Without putting my attention to Red’s arm that was fluttering in the air, I took another step.


“It’s over with this…!”


I thrust the sword tip of Echsdarc into Red’s chest.

I continued to thrust her through him, sewing him on a rock made by the impact.




On the part where Red and the edge were touching, a nerve-like vein spread.

The time Echsdarc and I encountered each other.

I recalled that she tried to take over my body the instant I held her in my hand.


“Wha- what is this…”

‘Do forgive me, I have taken over your body’


Red uneasily looked down on his body.

Did he use up his fire in that attack from before? It didn’t look like he tried to burn away those nerves.


‘With this you are under my control. And then…’

“Gh… Hey what are you- Are you serious”


Red’s feet turned black and crumbled like charcoal.

It spread and gradually continued upwards to his knees.


“What are you trying to do…You”

“That sword ordered your body to perish. She’s a magic sword that takes over people”


Echsdarc can freely control the person she encroached and controlled.

To be exact, it seems the controlled person cannot oppose her if she were to issue a command.

And an order like “die” is no exception.

And so it had been arranged that Red would part with his immortal body by the death sentence he could not oppose.


“Hah… So it means I die here”

“That’s right. You’re going to die here”

“Then, it’s my loss here”

“Yeah. It’s my victory”

“You know… losing is somehow this mortifying. I’ve never lost until now after all”


Unexpected to the words that came from his mouth, Red was laughing.

The strangely happy him held out his hand towards me.


“Put out your hands”


“I’m not going to do any vain struggle. Just listen, put out your hand”


Red’s eyes didn’t appear like he was lying.

He shouldn’t have the strength anymore to kill me even at this distance.

I put my hand on Red’s hand.


“I have to give the winner a prize right?”


Flames dwelled on Red’s palm, but for some reason or another, it was just slightly warm and not hot.

The temperature transmitted to my hand and gradually enveloped my whole body.


“This is …”

“I won’t be able to return your body to your heydays with my terribly weakened powers, but… This should make it much better”


Now that he mentioned it, the pain in my body had subsided.

I suffered whenever I used magic power, but now it doesn’t.


“It’s it now during the day, then you should be able to go all out once. Truthfully it would’ve been nice if I was the one to fight you seriously, but…Well, it’s fine. I’m satisfied”


Red released my hand.

The part that had become charcoal had already reached his upper body, and I knew his whole body would crumble before long.


“You go beat up Luke Roy”

“… Yeah, leave it to me”

“I’m counting on you, damned Hero. Disfigure the disgusting guy’s… face…”


The man called Red completely crumbled in front of my eyes.

What remained was a black mass that’s no longer recognizable.

That too was gradually blown away by the wind and vanished in the air.

Thus marked the end of the life of the only phoenix,


“――――Next would be”

‘Just that man, right?’



I pulled Echsdarc out of the rock.

I put her back into the scabbard and turned my line of sight towards theplace where Isvel and Luke should be fighting at.


Luke was bouncing on the ground.

He did not know what hit him.

By the time he noticed, he was on the ground.

It was just that his whole body was in pain.

His movements were dull due to the cold that coiled around him, not moving as he wished.


“Stand up, it is not over yet”


The provoking voice of a woman resounded.

Raising his face, he could see the demon lord standing and looking down on himself.

He had to stand up.

Luke stood up using the sacred sword Savers as support, and pointed the sword tip towards Isvel――――

And simultaneously, he was blown straight back.

The cause was an ice stone sinking into his chest.

Even if he knew it was coming, he could not avoid it.

Her power, and speed.

There was a clear distinction between both of those and Luke’s common sense.

Therefore he was cornered to a state where he was already riddled in wounds.


“Stand. I have not yet paid my debts to you”

“Don’t you… get carried away!”


Luke unleashed a flying blade when he stood up.

It was incomplete, but adding Saver’s strength, its magnitude was enormous.

It was an attack that even Adel would bear serious wounds if he were to receive it with his living flesh.


“――How irritating”


However, Isvel froze such an attack just by holding her hand out.

The ice instantly broke in the air, and Luke’s flying blade scattered away without leaving any traces.

Not even an ice crystal reached Isvel.


“Not yet. Show me everything”

“Wh… at…?”


Whenever Isvel stepped forward, ice spread on the ground.

And after reaching in front of Luke’s eyes, Isvel asserted while still looking down on him.


“I am telling you to show me everything you have. Because I will crush all of it here”


Anyone in this place must have felt the shivers in her words――――


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