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Chapter 83

The Hero and Hero


“So you’ve come, Adel”

“Just as you wish I’m here alone, Luke”


Top floor of the demon lord castle.

In the room of the demon lord stood Luke.

Behind him were two gigantic magic stones.

Within each of them was a human being.

So these were the so-called Heroes who had been erased from history that Eleira and Phantom were talking about.


“――They and I were friends. We trained and stuck through thick and thin in order to take down the demon lord. The conclusion of that is this. That is why I have vowed. I will bring them back and unite this world with the three of us”


“I hid myself, gathered associates and waited for an opportunity. And then finally I acted out my plans―― by the way, Adel, what do you believe Heroes are?”


While softly caressing the magic stones, Luke continued.


“I believe Heroes to be the ones to become kings. The saviors who freed everyone from despair would lead the future world. Heroes are people who stand above all existence”

“ … Is that your view?”

“Yes, that is right. We were Heroes. That is why I should become king!”


Perhaps remembering something, Luke poured magic power into the two magic stones behind him.

The two magic stones with people inside released light, illuminating the room.


“It is unfortunate, but I don’t intend to die! I will escape here and once again hide myself until the day comes where I can look down on this world. Before that… Adel, only you I will deal with here”


Just like I thought, it’s come to that.

As soon as the magic stone cast an even stronger light, it gradually changed shape.

Magic power particles began to overflow simultaneously, absorbed by Luke.


“I did not want to use them to this extent… but, there is no other way now. I will fulfil my ambitions even if on my own”


The magic stones, along with the human being inside it, changed shape, turning into two swords.

The sword blades shining in rich colors released a difficult-to-describe uncanniness.


“I suppose I should call them Rainbow sword G and Rainbow sword Biv”


Those two swords.

Both held unimaginable power.

Moreover Lukes strength itself couldn’t be compared to what was until now.

Due to the amount of magic power he truly possessed jumped up, his magic power leaked out slightly.


“It’s the power of three Heroes. Allow me to trample you down, Adel”

“――――Before that, let me say one thing”


“What about Heroes? I… think of myself as someone who wished for somebody’s happiness”


I unsheathed Echsdarc and Savers and readied myself.

Red recovered my wounds until now and the wounds from now on will be healed by Savers.

There’s no longer any need to hold myself back.

I poured all of my magic power into the two from the beginning.

What began to overflow was a white and black aura.

I slightly took a liking to that, seeing it wavering in front of my eyes.


“Lip service after coming here, is it… You’re a man I deeply cannot like! Adel!”


Luke held aloft his swords.


“Here we go, you two”

‘Please don’t hold me back, demon sword’

‘I don’t have to be told by you! Sacred sword!’


I ran straight towards Luke.

When I approached him up to a distance my swords could reach, I first stopped the sword Luke swung down with Echsdarc.

The impact ran through me, shaking the entire room.


“By the way…! I shall accept your sacred sword and magic sword after defeating you…!”

“That would be impossible”


I swung Savers sideways.

Luke defended against her with his other sword, but I strongly pushed back Echsdarc




I brought back Echsdarc and unleashed a thrust.

Luke dodged the sword tip that went towards his neck by jumping towards the back.


“I didn’t think you had knowledge in the two sword style fencing though”

“I wouldn’t if it weren’t for these two weapons. I cannot move so much, you see”

“I see, meaning you rely on others in the end!”


Luke is going to begin his fierce attack.

I calmly judged so.


“Think of the poor swords you are using!”

“ … It doesn’t matter even if you rely on others. You alone will become plenty alone”



I forcibly flipped up Luke’s sword along with his arm.

I then drove Echsdarc and Savers successively into his now defenseless body.




Luke fell to his knees.

Blood gushed from his wounds, building up a pool of blood around him in the blink of an eye.

However, those wounds were there for a few seconds.

His wounds immediately closed, and Luke once again stood up and assumed a stance.


“It’s not effective, you know… The me now possess the life force of three Heroes, as well as magic power after all. No matter how much you attack me, those attacks do not amount to anything!”


The magic power around Luke’s swords quivered .

This is surely that usual technique.


“Twin flying blade!”


Two gigantic flying blades came towards me.

I caught that by putting Echsdarc and Savers together.

The sound of sword edges scraping resounded in the surroundings.

Although it was good that I caught it, the weight of the two flying blades began to gradually push me back.


“It’s futile! You can never defend an attack of the current me!”

“Luke, you take me too lightly”


Luke’s blow certainly did feel heavy.

It’s heavy, but… not to the point of admiration.

With Echsdarc and Savers, I swept away Luke’s flying blade.

The destroyed flying blade dispersed into particles in the air.



“I will say it in advance, Luke”


After clearing away Echsdarc and Savers left and right, I stared fixedly at Luke.


“You will not be able to put a single wound on me as I am now”


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