Hiki-NEET Vol 11 Epilogue

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Vol 11

Pioneer leader-cum-village head-cum-defense captain Yuuji also serves as elven convoy captain




“Mr Yuuji and the others must be in the city about now, aren’t they?”


The pioneer land where Yuuji and company had departed from. 

The deputy village head Blaise, who was entrusted with the pioneer land absent of the village head, absentmindedly muttered.


Both former third rank adventurer and ‘Dark Green Wind’ party leader, and existing Houjou village deputy head Blaise.

Before him, an unsightly dispute unfolded between the five former adventurers.

Him thinking about Yuuji and the others who were not here, was just a mere escape from reality.


“Hey, leave it at that, you five. We’re going to do it so you will change places by rotation, alright?”

“You’re sure right!?”


The men pressed on Blaise in unison. For them who were single, the work where they would explore the surroundings with young single women seemed to be quite attractive.


“Also don’t be so impatient. You’ll both be in the pioneer land for a long time, you know? Unlike the job of a free adventurer, you’re already a pioneer after all”


Blaise warned with a wry smile. As expected, a composed statement of a winner.

The five former adventurers suddenly realized and looked out over. 

There were the pioneers who were showing a wry smile like Blaise. Of course the seamster Valleri, as well as the seamster apprentice girl group he was leading. The three single girls, seeing the men competing for the work to conduct with them in front of their eyes, did not show all that bad of a facial expression.


Under the command of Yuuji’s slave, the dogkin Marcel, the pioneers began the farming, starting with the construction of a field.

In their free time, they would contribute to the construction of houses and workplace under supervision of woodworker Thomas and the master.

The seamster team received Valleri’s directions and were taught simple sewing work and new techniques.

The blacksmith master and his apprentices, who were here on a business trip and stayed behind, turned the gates that was made available by Yuuji and examined it with great interest.


And then, the exploration of the pioneer land vicinity that took place during breaks.

The exploration with escort showed the single girls and boys the aspects of a group date.

The most popular one seemed to be the dogkin Mark who participated sometimes however. Surely it must be his pet-like cuteness.


The spring of the pioneer land seemed to be the season of love as well.

Yuuji was not in there though.


In any case, the fourteen pioneers and the group of craftsmen on a business trip were doing well in carrying forward the development in Houjou village without Yuuji.

  □ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □


“Ooooh, so this is a covered wagon!”

“Yuuji-nii, Yuuji-nii, it’s a horse!”

‘We will be riding this to the royal capital, isn’t it!? Amazing, it’s an adventure!’


Premie city, in front of Kevin company.

The next morning, after Yuuji and company, having arrived at the city, spent a night at Kevin Company.

Stopped in front of the company was a wagon.

An employee of Kevin Company, who had been the coachman up to here, went off the wagon and began preparing for departure.


“Yes, that’s right Mr Yuuji. We will be going to Gaegus company in the royal capital after all. Besides the luggage for the travel, I intend to take with me the dress and a sample of preserved food and clothes. So, I have prepared a covered wagon”


Seeing the excited manner of Yuuji, Alice and Riese, Kevin showed a smile.

What Kevin had prepared was a two-horse covered wagon.


“Oooh,” Yuuji, Alice and Riese looked restlessly around the horse wagon while raising shouts of joy. Yuuji, set up the camera as if he just remembered and filmed it.

“Uhm, aren’t the horses kind of large and rough?” Muttered Yuuji. However, he didn’t seem to be sure of it. A horse was not a familiar living being to Yuuji, who had not done any horse racing. It’s natural for him not to be confident about it. He was not like the citizens of the tested land.

Kotarou went around in front of the two horses and barked once. Good expressions you have there, nice to meet you, she seemed to be saying, greeting them.


Yuuji went around to the back of the wagon and looked at the luggage.


“Huh? Mr Kevin, aren’t we pretty short on water and horse feed?”

“Mr Yuuji, you’re sharp-sighted! That’s because we will be basically staying at a post town on the road to the royal capital. We will replenish on water and fodder there. It’s fairly expensive, but if we don’t buy them there, we will have quite a lot of luggage. There’s nothing to be done about that” “Oh, I see~”


Yuuji nodded as if he understood. Incidentally, he heard about the information that they should require a large amount of water and fodder from the bulletin board residents of course. Well, information that they acquired on the internet, not real experience of course.


“Water? If it’s water, Alice and Riese-chan can create it! Yuuji-nii, should Alice let water out?”


Said Alice as she looked at Kevin and Yuuji. Come to think of it, the two girls could produce water. With magic.


“That’s right isn’t it! But Alice-chan, let’s do that when we’re completely in a fix. It’ll be terrible if you run out of magic power and couldn’t use magic when the time comes after all”

“Ooh…  then tell Alice when in trouble, okay!? Alice will go ‘Ei!’ and pour out water!”


Of course with magic.


While they continued such conversation, three more horses turned up.

Riding on them were Kevin’s two exclusive escorts, Aias and Ianis, and guildmaster Salomon.


“Mr Salomon! You two! Being able to ride a horse is amazing!”

“Uwaa, uwaa, so cool!”


Yuuji, Alice and Riese looked at the three with shiny eyes.

The praised men smiled awkwardly. It was the smile of fierce looking middle-aged men.


At a place away from the group holding such conversation, the Kevin Company employee furnished a two meter square flag on both sides of the wagon.


“Huh? Mr Kevin, what’s that?”

“This?… Well, it’s like the mark of a company”


Painted on the flags was a scale. The right saucer displayed goods; commodities, clothes and boxes. On the left saucer was a broken skull and bone-like thing.


“It’s kinda an ominous picture, but… it feels pirate-like…”

“It does, doesn’t it? That’s why I didn’t really want to use this though…”


Kevin had already put on the reddish-brown cloak.

The two exclusive escorts similarly were wearing a reddish-brown cloak.


“It’s the flag of Gaegus company where we studied under. Originally it has the meaning to put your life on the line to do business you see”


Kevin informed Yuuji while showing a wry smile.


“Eh? Originally means now it has a different meaning?”

“Yes, well…”

“Lord Kevin, it would be better to tell him. You will be heading to the royal capital with Lord Yuuji after all. lord Yuuji. It’s not so known in this city, but… This flag and mantle is famous in its own way among merchants and robbers”



Guildmaster Salomon began talking as if to follow up Kevin who was hesitant to say it.


“I was aware of the original meaning of the flag, but… You know this flag seemed to have this sort of meaning”

“Mr Salomon, please tell me without holding back”

“Gaegus company’s flag of a scale of goods and skulls. It’s meaning is to give up your life if you attack, you see”

“ …Eh?”


Hearing its meaning from Salomon, Yuuji looked at Kevin a little drawn back.

Kevin deeply sighed.


“Mr Salomon is correct. But that is still good retribution, you see… That’s what the gossipy people were saying. This flag is intended for the bandits, its meaning is ‘your head is profitable’ ”

“… I’m sorry what?”


Yuuji looked at Kevin, with eyes completely drawn back.

Alice and Kotarou were looking at Kevin and his two exclusive escorts with sparkling eyes for some reason. It was a look of respect.


“Lord Yuuji. The Gaegus company led by ‘Bloodstained Gaegus’. The bloodstained cloak and the bandit-hunting flag is famous in the royal capital. Enough to become a bandit repellent, you see”

“Please don’t misunderstand, okay? The one who hunts them aggressively is only its president Gaegus, you see? I’m already independent and I didn’t like appearing like that, so I didn’t want to use this, but… If our appearance and the flags would give Miss Riese even a little safety, then I’ll make use of it”

“Tha- thank you very much Mr Kevin. …Eh? Bloodstained cloak?”


To Yuuji’s question, Kevin stopped talking and did not answer.

Hoping for an answer, Yuuji looked at Kevin’s two exclusive escorts.

Aias and Ianis, Kevins’ exclusive escorts, returned a grin.

Yuuji was left speechless.

However, Yuuji did not notice. At the very least, goblin and orc blood was blue. The cloak that was said to be bloodstained was reddish brown.


“Now! Mr Yuuji, everyone! We have time to talk during our trip! Let’s depart!”


As if to dodge the question, Kevin raised his voice and declared so.


The ones riding a horse would be Guildmaster Salomon and Kevin’s two exclusive escorts.

Sitting on the coachman’s seat and driving the wagon was Kevin.

The former third rank adventurer Enzo was standing next to Kevin on the coachman’s seat for some reason. His sense of balance,where he would not wobble on the shaking wagon’s narrow space, was as expected of a former third rank scout adventurer.


Yuuji, Alice, Riese and Yurshelle were on the wagon bed. They laid out a cushion they brought on the wooden boxes and sat on it. He accepted the bulletin board resident’s advice for a doughnut shaped cushion and ordered some from the seamster Yurshelle. The wagon is shaking as expected, so I’m glad we brought them Yuuji thought, stroking his chest.


Kotarou was on the wagon bed for the time being. She was wagging her tail in seemingly good spirits. It appears that she intended to run around freely once they left Premie city. She was a free woman who did not want to be restrained. Annoying. No, she was a dog, so could not be helped.


Spring of the fifth year since Yuuji came to this world.

As the elven escort leader, Yuuji headed to the royal capital with nine people and a dog.

Yuuji, beginning his first trip in the other world.


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