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Chapter 85

Adel and Isvel


A year and several months had passed.

I was living in this village like usual, making a living tending to my field and cutting wood every day.


‘I must have gone mad growing accustomed to this, the way you use me is not correct like I thought’

“Now now”


What I’m using as an axe was my former partner and sacred sword Savers.

As expected of the sacred sword.

She can cut off even firewood without resistance.

I don’t need excessive strength, it’s extremely convenient.


‘I did not think I would be used in such a way…’

“You don’t like it? I’ll stop if you dislike it in any way though”

‘… No, I will accomplish beyond what I have been entrusted with. After all this trouble that we had to get you to use me, Master Adel’

“Heh, is that so? Thanks”


I continued my work.

Recently I’ve been told I started to smile a lot.

I wasn’t conscious of it myself, but I understood those words were true in casual moments, like moments like now.

It’s not that something dramatically changed within me.

But, that something changed like it melted little by little is yet another truth.


‘I don’t wannaa! At the very least I prefer milord!’

“Are you saying you are discontent with me!? Despite being a magic sword” 

(TL: Did you know that in jp the “ma” in “mahou”(魔法, magic), “mazoku”(魔族, demon), “maou”(魔王, demon lord), “maken”(魔剣, magic/demon/cursed sword) and “akuma”(悪魔, devil), mamono(魔物, monster/apparition) all use the same kanji 魔? The demons coincidentally are very often proficient in magic too. This is also why you often see either evil, demon or magic in some places where it sounds off)


When I restarted my work, the noisy ones turned up.

While swinging Echsdarc, Isvel headed towards the fields.


“Isvel, I already said I’ll be doing it…”

“It’ll be unhealthy even for a former demon lord if I don’t move my body now and then. How about you, are you doing well?”

“*sigh*… thanks to the sacred sword I guess”

“The magic sword is going to sulk if you praise the sacred sword so much, you know?”


Echsdarc and Savers didn’t say anything, but I’ll take their silence as a yes.

I guess it’s a convenient interpretation, but it’s their fault for not speaking out when they could.


“Come to think of it, the village head said they’re sharing the reserve meat today, you know?”

“Yeah, he did say something like that. Shall we have some steak today then?”

“Ooh! In that case, the flavor from that time would be nice!”

“So the one I let you eat in the beginning…”


That would be two years ago already.

Isvel came to this village and had no house.

Reluctantly she lived in my house and enjoyed a meal.


“How nostalgic… the two years since then felt quite quick”

“All sorts of things happened, so it can’t be helped”


Really… all sorts of things happened.


After my fight with Luke, the demon country achieved an amazing revival.

It was for a limited time, but with Isvel returning to the demon lord’s throne, towns quickly returned to their former shape I heard.

In fact, there were talks that she included arrangements to the townscape on this opportunity, developing them even more.

I haven’t visited them since the problems between fellow countries haven’t been resolved yet, but that too should be a matter of time.


“I wonder if that guy is doing things properly”

“Worry not. He looks like that, but deep down he is a serious man. He should be able to manage the demon lord’s work properly”


You may not believe me, but the one who Isvel nominated and became the next demon lord was, to be frank, that Phantom Lord.

There’s nothing to criticize about his ability and merit, but they’re wasted with that regrettable attitude of his.

No matter what people say, he looked suspicious.

It seems that the other commanders had voiced their worries, but they had not uttered any complaints towards the decision itself I heard.

It must be proof that he was trusted.

Incidentally, Eleira got in the position of demon lord advisor.

It was the position Gidara was in before. 

If Eleira is there, then she shouldn’t be letting Phantom joke around.


“According to Phantom, their relationship with the humans has gotten better. If we wait a little more, then we will be able to cross to the demon continent too”

“You’re returning home then… I’ll have to greet Phantom and the others I guess”

“Ah! There is also the introduction of this child!”


Isvel said, and stroked her stomach.

――That’s true.

Inside Isvel is me and her child.

Half a year ago we became a married couple.

There’s no need to live in another house, so she’s been eating at the same table everyday.

… That’s why I didn’t want her to do any farmwork, but Isvel will be helping me with farmwork while she could still move.

A husband’s worries are everlasting.


“Then, we have to decide on a name after all”

“Yes… If it’s a boy, then how about a combination of our names, ‘Asvel’!?”

“Not bad I guess. If it’s a girl, then ‘Ideal’ or something… No, aren’t both somewhat boyish?”

“That’s not it at all! I think it’s a good name!”


When we talked like that, our beloved swords entered the conversation at the critical moment.


‘If that is the case, add my name as well please!’

‘I do not want to be left out’

‘Alright alright… Hm, I’ll think about it”


It’s because of this that we haven’t decided on a name no matter how much time has passed.

Even so, these times were unbearably fun.

These everydays are exactly the peaceful times that I had been wishing for.

 ――Someday a time may come when I will have to fight again due to getting dragged into something.

Should that time come, I should be able to put my life on the line to protect this happiness called family without hesitation.

This time not as a Hero, but as a husband, as a father.


“Well, then――――You won’t go home even if I tell you to go home right?”

“So you do understand. As expected of my husband”

“I’ll feel embarrassed so stop that. *sigh*… then, how about we go together?”



Isvel naturally joined hands with me.

On the ring finger of Isvel’s left hand which I was holding and my free left hand’s ring finger, was a wedding ring shining in reflective light.

Who would’ve thought that a Hero and Demon lord would be joined in marriage.

I’m sure that just by hearing the story you would be bound to doubt your ears.

Even so, this is a true story.


-The End


Another story done! While it wasn’t the most amazing story, it was interesting enough for me to continue on and finish. I hope it was interesting to you as well!

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